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Thursday, November 18, 2004
WEBSITE: HPC's are coming back

This over at Infosyncworld today. Yep more HPC's are making a come back "Making an unlikely comeback, Data Evolution is reviving the five-year old Clio line of palmtops with the introduction of the Clio NXT, offering a high-end feature set."
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Here is a question from Mark and if anyone can help email him at waswhatwer "at"hotmail.com "Hi Sammy, You have a great site - its been a huge resource for me in expanding the usefulness of my 728.  I have a question for you or your readers - has anyone figured out how to download audio-books from Audible.com onto the 720/728?  The site appears to provide audio books in some sort of altered MP3 format, but most MP3 players are compatible.  Any tips on making this work on the Jornada?  Also, I don't think this is possible, but has anyone been able to get Vindigo (vindigo.com) to work on the Jornada? Thank you! Mark B"
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude Update
Here is Henri's updates for today on Handheld Attitude:
  • GSFinder+
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

  • Monday, November 15, 2004
    WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude Update
    Here is Henri's updates for today and there is quite a lot updates on Handheld Attitude:
  • Utilities - Files - GSFinder+ updated
  • Some broken links corrected (especially the KSE Software)
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    SAMMY'S THOUGHT: More on protecting my 720
    This week I am off to New York and I will be taking my 720 with me. I guess I am going to need my case to protect it. On a flight to New York a year or so ago I accidently stood on my Palm tungsten C screen. The advice was too not stand on my PDA bust also to have a case for your device. So for me and my 720 I'll be taking my case.
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    Friday, November 12, 2004
    USER THOUGHT: The 720 is the best PDA

    Hi Sammy,

    Have visited your website many times, have just bought a 720 on eBay and Im loving it! Have Textmaker and just ordered Planmaker in the Madness sale so it should be smoking for business use. Have bought an external keyboard and it makes a huge difference.

    This has the potential to displace my previous favourite PDA the Psion 3a! I still remember it fondly. Why do the best OSs seem to be neglected?! Best regards for the future,

    - Nik Jones

    USER THOUGHT: Any Help with Wireless Adaptors

    Autumn is now bedding for the winter, and fall is upon New England in a crisp cold snap like frost on a lamb shank in the deep fridge. Like it or not, it's gonna be with us for the next 6 months - til it's warm again!

    Mate, I have a question for you... we have a fellow firefighter who has a Jornada 690... and wishes to get on the wireless here at work, and we're not sure which device to stear him toward. Now, I am strictly a Belkin man... using the Wireless PDA Network Card (F5D6060) with an IBM Card Adapter for Microdrives. Another mate uses a Compaq iPAQ Networking Card (with a software crack that actually gets the card to actually work, but you can NOT access the device or modify the settings - still, what does anyone care if you can get online, right?!) Anyhow... what word do you have on wireless adapters for the "younger Jornada sibling" to our 720...?!? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Image911"at" aol.com

    - Sandy

    untitledUSER THOUGHT: Wireless
    Sammy, I recently was given a "new" (to me...) wireless card for one of our Jornada 720s. I tried to download the driver and Prismsta.exe application ends up with a fatal application error each time I attempt to access it. It will not work at all... and I hear that there is a recent updated driver that allows this Pocket PC card to work on our precious little device. Any help here? Email Sandy at Image911 "at" aol.com

    - Sandy

    Wednesday, November 10, 2004
    WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude Update
    Here is Henri's updates for today and there is quite a lot updates on Handheld Attitude:
  • Graphic - Miscellaneous - CECam updated
  • Leisure - Travel - Métro updated
  • Utilities - Files - Executability Check updated
  • Utilities - Miscellaneous - FakeCursor added
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    SAMMY'S EDITORIAL: Softmaker offer
    This over at SoftMaker "It is customary to do harebrained things on the day Carnival starts (see above). Following this tradition, we will slash prices of TextMaker, PlanMaker, and Nyditot Virtual Display. You'll be able to get many of our programs for pitiful amounts of money – starting at just US$11.11 and EUR 11.11!"
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    Monday, November 08, 2004
    SAMMY'S EDITORIAL: Personal Internet Communicator (PIC), a Windows CE-based computer

    Here is a press release from SoftMaker "American chip-making giant Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has an ambitious goal: Through its "50 by 15" initiative, it plans to connect 50% of the world's population to the Internet by the year 2015.

    The centerpiece of this initiative is the Personal Internet Communicator (PIC), a Windows CE-based computer with a price tag for emerging markets: The full device will sell for just US$185 (~ EUR 145), and AMD's resellers will accomodate customers with financing and lease options.

    The PIC offers not only web browsing, audio and video capabilities and instant messaging, but also high-powered word processing and spreadsheet capabilities - and this software has been created by SoftMaker: Instead of licensing Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, AMD decided to ship TextMaker and PlanMaker, the flagship office suite applications of Germany-based SoftMaker, with every PIC computer worldwide.

    This means that millions of users worldwide will be able to work with TextMaker and PlanMaker and use this powerful office suite in their native tongue. AMD has just introduced this computer, in cooperation with TATA Indicom (VSNL), in India, and other large markets will follow soon. Announced so far have been contracts with telcom providers in Mexico and the Caribbean."

    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude Update
    Here is Henri's updates for today on Handheld Attitude:
    07/11 Some broken links corrected (especially the dmdSoftware)
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    SOFTWARE: A New WinCE Port of an Old Game...
    Remember the 80s? Aaah, the halcyon days: Top Gun, power dressing and dodgy haircuts, electronic music from the new romantics, Amigas with Microsoft Basic and text adventure games.

    Infocom were the main proponents of the genre, releasing consistently playable and entertaining games, however Magnetic Scrolls were like a supernova to the scene: they burnt brightly, and quickly, producing excellent games with a quirky British sense of humour, and fabulous static graphics. So not really like a supernova, but you know what I mean. Maybe.

    Magnetic is an interpreter for the Magnetic Scrolls games which allows you to relive those days where imagination was a necessary part of gaming. It is available for many platforms, and the list of platforms has just expanded with the Windows CE port of Magnetic.

    You will find information about the games at the Magnetic Scrolls memorial (http://www.if-legends.org/~msmemorial/memorial.htm), and the Windows CE port of Magnetic at http://www.chiark.com/techie

    MagnetiCE, the Windows CE port, was written by Nick@Chiark.com and is released under the GPL. It's his first Windows CE application, so be gentle. If you enjoy playing the games and would like enhancements, or possibly a more complete application, please drop him a mail to kick him into life. It's in a sort-of beta state at the moment.

    It is designed for Handheld PCs, and should work on anything running HPC 2.11 or greater with an ARM, MIPS, SH3 or SH4 processor. It's been somewhat tested on a Jornada 720.

    SAMMY'S THOUGHT: Preventing life's little accidents
    It's nice to be back. I have been away for a couple of days. Right, going through email Jeff from Shefiield in the UK was talking about cases and the fact that they are supposed to help protect your device. Jeff says that when you purchase your HPC there should be a case already supplied, this coulp help pro-long life and help deter of any of life's little accidents. Jeff I could not agree more

    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    Wednesday, November 03, 2004
    WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude Update
    Here is Henri's updates for today on Handheld Attitude:
    Games - Misc - Leo's Flight Simulator updated (added download for MIPS, SH3 and SH4)
    Leisure - Learning - MCards added
    Leisure - Learning - PCards added
    Leisure - Travel - Leo's Void updated (added download for MIPS, SH3 and SH4)
    VGA Adapter PK201 and PK203 discontinued, see the Accessories page
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    SAMMY'S THOUGHT: Renewed enthusiasm
    Well I have been catching up with election news on my 720 via my sick bed today. I like to read the BBC news, text only service which has kept me mostly uptodate. It is times like this that I have to say that a HPC comes into play. I have been using my 720 a lot more this week and relied on it to stay ion contact with friends, update my websites and of course keep up to date with the election. I seem to have renewed enthusiasm in using the 720, something which I am pleased with.
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    SAMMY'S THOUGHT: My 720 is medicine when I have the flu
    The flu bug seems to have hit me so I have been down and out for the last day or so but seem to be much better today. I have to say that one game that I have been enjoying playing on my 720 has been thieves and kings. Good fun and it's always a game that I have liked. It's Golf Solitaire and is one of those games that you normally play on your own but on wide screen on a HPC it's great fun. A HPC, medicine for when your sick in bed
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    Monday, November 01, 2004
    SAMMY'S THOUGHT: Thoughts on cases
      Scott sent me this great user thought on cases "I am so happy that someone at this site suggested the soft case sold at Target (in school supplies for about $7 on sale) that I thought I would provide link to pictures of this and another case I use. http://www.geocities.com/scottfromboulder/Jornada_cases/index.html
      The hard case is the Otter Box 3000 series. Leak proof to at least a depth of 110 feet. Boxes have been placed under the wheels of vehicles with no effect to the box whatsoever. Made with a fiber-glass reinforced ABS resin. The case is padded inside. For the Jornada, it is a SNUG fit on all sides.  These can be found in most scuba shops and maybe some camera stores (I live in Boulder, CO more than one mile high and we have several scuba shops locally!) Mine cost $17 on sale. I would take your Jornada to the store to see if the fit is too snug for your comfort. I have used this case for my j720 for 7 weeks with no problem. My j690 rests in peace in the soft case. See also http://www.styluscentral.com/otbox30watca.html for more details about the Otter 3000 case. You would swear that both cases were made specifically for the Jornada Handhelds."

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