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Sunday, February 29, 2004
BRIEFING: SYWARE's Visual CE® Software Adds Rapid Mobile Forms Development to SQL Server CE Databases
We received this press release from the makers of Visual CE on Friday but because I was in London all day yesterday I did not get time to update HA with it - "SYWARE, Inc., a leading developer of intuitive database tools for business and personal productivity, today announced that the company's award-winning rapid application development environment, Visual CE®, now allows creation of fast, flexible forms using data from Microsoft® SQL Server CE databases. Working in conjunction with sqlceEnable™, an add-on software tool from SYWARE, Visual CE can use data from any SQL Server CE database to create mobile forms for a variety of applications, from patient tracking to inventory management. Together, Visual CE and SQL Server CE allow developers to quickly design and deploy mobile applications in exactly the format required, whether the task is monitoring property transactions across multiple realtors, or building a mobile inspection system for the police or fire department.

Powerful Development Functions
Visual CE provides a powerful array of mobile development tools, all within an easy-to-use, 'no programming required' environment. Intuitive forms design, a flexible interface, and support for an unlimited number of controls means developers are up and running quickly. Complete applications can be built and deployed in weeks rather than months. Visual CE also supports GPS devices and bar code scanners, as well as the ability to send SMS messages directly from within a database application. The software also works in conjunction with Report CE®, the world's only report writing tool for Windows CE and Pocket PC handhelds.

sqlceEnable is an add-on to Visual CE that allows mobile professionals to create custom applications using data from SQL Server CE databases. sqlceEnable can be seamlessly integrated into new or pre-built applications, significantly shortening development time and increasing the efficiency of end users.

Pricing & Delivery

Visual CE applications can be created on any Microsoft Windows Mobile, Windows CE, or Pocket PC handheld, as well as on any Windows-based desktop system.Visual CE Lite Edition is priced at $79, quantity one. Visual CE Personal Edition, with full forms design, relational database, and synchronization capabilities, is priced at $129, quantity one. Visual CE Professional Edition includes all the features of Personal Edition and royalty-free distribution rights; it is available for $399. Visual CE Enterprise Edition includes all the features of the Professional Edition plus SYWARE's Report CE software; it is priced at $599.

The sqlceEnable SDK packaged with 10 run-time licenses is priced at $499. The sqlceEnable SDK packaged with 100 run-times is priced at $1999. Both Visual CE and sqlceEnable can be purchased from the SYWARE store at http://www.syware.com.

Additionally Henri Spagnolo also wrote an excellent review of Visual CE which you can read here - http://www.yetanotherhomepage.com/j7xx/reviews/visualce.html
- Sammy

WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude

Updates on Handheld Attitude today include - Comms - Remote - Cybercontrol updated (now free - was shareware), Miscellaneous - Converter - ohmslaw added, Utilities - Miscellaneous - Ce Monitor added, Utilities - Miscellaneous - Sysinfo Retriever added.
Handheld Attitude - http://www.yetanotherhomepage.com/j7xx/
- Sammy

THOUGHT: Where Windows CE is running
Windows CE is now available on a mass of appliances not just HPC of course. However Joston sent me this link to a website which lists forthcoming and some present Windows CE devices and believe me there are some unusual devices running Windows CE and then again, not so unusuial products. Take a look.
Windowsfordevices - http://www.windowsfordevices.com/articles/AT6150933075.html
- Sammy

RESOURCE: NEC Mobile Pro 900c User Guide can now be downloaded
The User Guide for the NEC Mobile Pro 900c announced on HPC Factor yesterday) (which was can be downloaded fromthe NEC website so that you can get a grasp of this great HPC device and what its all about. This is downloaded as a PDF file and so can be read on most devices. Click on the following link to start the PDF file download which is just over 2mb.
NEC Mobile Pro 900c User Guide - http://support.necsam.com/mobilesolutions/hardware/handhelds/MobilePro900/819-201032-000low.pdf
- Sammy

RESOURCE: Release notes for the NEC MobilePro 900c in PDF Format
You can download the release notes I believe for the NEC MobilePro 900c in PDF Format by clicking on the following link which will automatically download as a PDF to your computer.
- Sammy

EDITORIAL: The NEC MobilePro 900C and my favourite HPC
Some excellent content on HPC Factor yesterday including the release of the NEC MobilePro 900C.

Now its great when you wake up to see a new hardware release and I think NEC products are actually well designed and of quality. I remember having a NEC HPC a few years ago and liking the design of the device then. Personally one of my favourite HPC PDA's was the Sharp Mobilon 4500 which you can read an online review at Pocket PC Magazine about it here - http://www.pocketpcmag.com/reviews/Sharphpc.htm

At the time I was amazed at the camera slot in and of course the great color screen. I remember ordering all the promotional material on the device and reading up on it and thinking wow that was going to be, for me the best next PDA device of choice. Turned out I was wrong and it was the Jornada 720 which was my next purchase but I still thought a great deal about the new device. Happy thought with the 720. Anyway back to the point of the NEC MobilePro 900C it looks a great device and from the snippets of info available around it is going to be a great device as always.
HPC Factor - http://www.hpcfactor.com/
- Sammy

Friday, February 27, 2004
NEWS: The HPC may not be dead yet
Speculation is growing that an update to Windows CE for the HPC is viable. Although nothing is confirmed Microsoft are busy at work with other versions of its operating system and so I would not count the HPC dead yet an email source we received reporteed that an update has "never been ruled out". Watch this space.
- Sammy

Clinton Fitch.com has posted a great piece called "A Concise Guide to the NEC MobilePro 700 Series Handheld PC: What are the differences? " written by John Ottini.

" What is the difference between the MobilePro 770, 780 and 790? I’ve always had a pretty good idea (off the top of my head) on what the answer to that question might be, but I decided to checkout the NEC website to get the actual facts. While I found many similarities between the 3 handheld models, this chart only focus’s on the differences."
As ever good editorial, give it a read - http://www.clintonfitch.com/
- Sammy

A couple of web site round ups this afternoon, firstly HPCFactor, talks about the Windows Mobile Device Chat. Updates on Handheld Attitude today include, Comms - Remote - IrDa Remote Control II added and Leisure - Ebook - AView updated.
HPC Factor - http://www.hpcfactor.com/
Handheld Attitude - http://www.yetanotherhomepage.com/j7xx/j7xx.html
- Sammy

EDITORIAL: The 728 that smashed and broke
I love the 728. I had used one for about a year and was very happy with it before it got dropped and the screen broke. I replaced the screen with one from Ebay and the thing still wouldn't turn on so I had to cut my losses and let it go. The Jornada 728 is a real workhorse, it is a much more powerful tool for document editing and data collection than a simple PocketPC or SmartPhone device. It is truly a laptop replacement for most of my everyday activities.
- Sean Murphy

EDITORIAL: HPC's whatever the weather
I am back in ther UK and I am typing away and its snowing outside which is sweet because its a little like Christmas. This year I have never seen so much snow than I have this year. I was in New York three weeks ago and there was some artic chill and it was -22 which was soooo cold that I honestly thought the HPC would freeze up. Did it? No way I am using it now to type up this editorial. Anyway which I think shows that no matter what weather conditions, except for the rain, you can use your HPC wherever you are.
- Sammy

Today I have been playing around with a Pocket PC, yes gasp I know, wash my mouth out. But its not all that bad its the HP 4350 with a keyboard. It has problems in the sense that I cannot type as fast as I can with the 720 but its a good device. If you go over to Palm Addict my Palm website you can read up on it compared toa Tungsten C but I often think will a Pocket PC ever replace my Jornada 720 and from all acoounts I have to say NO. I need something with a good keyboard and I can type at some speed on the 720. The 720 also has the best screen that I could ever hope for and thats another reason why I prefer the HPC. To be honest with you I also think its more attractive than the conventional PPC too. Anyway just a brief editorial on the matter from my good self ;-)
- Sammy

Thursday, February 26, 2004
HARDWARE: IBM Core (Pocket-Sized PC)
Pocket PC Thoughts seems to have some more details on the IBM Core (Pocket-Sized PC) - "More news on IBM's Core system: "IBM Japan has developed a tiny prototype PC that measures just 16 x 8.2 x 2.2cm (6.4 x 3.3 x 0.9in) and weights a mere 300g (10.6oz), the company said today. For now dubbed the PC Core System, the (literally) pocket PC is based on a 1GHz Transmeta Crusoe TM5800 processor. Inside the case, you'll also find 256MB of memory - it can take up to 512MB - and a 20GB 2.5in hard drive. The machine runs a variety of versions of Windows." How very usefull! "
- Ian Park

EDITORIAL: IBM Z50's on eBay
If you are looking for an HPC and are on a budget you may want to consider an IBM Workpad z50. These are extremely well made units with an exceptional keyboard. I have owned two of these and they have been good to me. They are an HPC Pro and as such, have a VGA screen rather than half VGA. Certainly, some of the newer units with HPC 2000 are better but the price of the z50's are still quite good. There are currently two listed on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3462551386M
They have been selling for about $150US.
- Darren

A number of website updates today including HPC Factor which lets us know Microsoft today will hold a open discussion on "Mobile Devices". Details and times at HPC Factor. Handheld Attitude updates today include Comms - Remote - IrDa Remote Control II added, Leisure - Ebook - AView updated. Whilst Handheld Zone has details on OpenBeta HPC PocketScumm 0.6.0.
- Sammy

EDITORIAL: Handheld Attitude Concluding this weeks series of favourite HPC websites we focus on the great Henri Spagnolo and that is Henri's website entitled Handheld Attitude. Personally speaking this is a great resource of all software relating to HPCs. If you are looking for a particular piece of software that you can use on your Jornada 720 then take a look at Handheld Attitude because it is bound to have it listed. Henri is a great guy he has been running his site for a couple of years now and prior to him using a HPC he used a Psion and he had some great software titles that he devised himself which really did take great advantage of the Psion. He has some great software titles that you can use for your Jornada 720 and I think we touched upon these last week including JXXkeys which is a fantastic utility. But we are focusing on websites and Handheld Attitude is a great site if you really want to check out the number of handheld software applications that you can download. He gives a brief description and that also links to the software titles as well it keeps a quick round up of what is going on in the handheld community which is also of good reference. Although English isn't Henri's first language the way he comes across on his website is extremely clear and his sire is a real credit. I like to check Henri's website at least once a day because there is always a software title that I am bound to have missed and I can certainly recommend if you have never taken a look at Henri's site to go and have a glimpse.

That concludes this weeks round up of what I class and I know of speaking to a hand full of HPC users would say out of the top three handheld websites out in the community. The good thing about the three websites which consist of HPC factor, Clinton Fitch.com and Handheld Attitude these websites are updated on a frequent basis and what you also have to remember is that these guys have day jobs at the same time. They update these websites on a part time basis but you only need to check in on them on a daily or twice weekly basis and you will find a lot of new information has been updated. If you took away both my site and the three other guys then I can pretty much guarantee that the HPC community would certainly be a community that would be a lot quieter. So lets applaud both Henri, Clinton and Chris for all there hard efforts in the excellent work that they do to maintain there websites.
Handheld Attitude - http://www.yetanotherhomepage.com/j7xx/j7xx.html
- Sammy

There is an article in the Register regarding IBM new PC in your palm. http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/53/35824.html

So now we have two approachs. I was mentioned on my user thought a while ago that our current PDA can act as a PC with proper accessories. It seems that IBM came with a different approach (IBM doesn't make any PDA at the moment). They downsized their PC to the size of PDA.
- Harry Rianto

EDITORIAL: Protecting my 720 against damage
I have been emailing Sammy for at least two years ever since I found out about Handheld Addicts and admit that the site is my first source for news and updates. My 720 recently died but I purchased a back up from ebay over Christmas and it was delievered within two days. I am taking extra care with it and have to admit that I do not carry it around with me as much in case I accidently break it. Despite the problem its still the best HPC I have used and have only touched a PPC once. Keep up the good work.
- Michael O'Neil

HPC Fctor Update

Look out for some fab updates as ever at HPC Factor including firsth thing this morning - Some new wallpaper images added 4 stand alone and a collection. Chris is doing a good job as ever.
- Sammy

Wednesday, February 25, 2004
READ: Radixs shows a handheld running the first universal mobile Operating System
Wireless solutions company Radixs is showing a new handheld device hich offers users the power of the PC alongside the ability to create information and be entertained while "on the go." The launch of the Motion eXperience Interface (MXI) OS signals a significant change in the way consumers can use wireless devices for computing and communications. The MXI OS was announced in September 2003."Personally it looks very nice. The MXI Platform offers distinctively unique benefits to users:
Launches operator-hosted applications from the MXI Servers without needing to download or install locally
Executes Palm OS, J2ME, built-in and downloadable applications locally
Plays all multimedia formats supported by the MXI Servers without the need to install new plug-ins
Fully customised skins with sound FX themes
More details over at the excellent Geekzone website - http://www.geekzone.co.nz/content.asp?contentid=2397

EDITORIAL: The old days of HPC
I've been an avid user of my Jornada 720 for three years now, after upgrading from a 360LX. While I use my Joranda primarily for work -- keeping track of contacts, contracts, writing and editing -- I do once in a blue moon break down with the need for mindless fun. The Jornada has been neglected when it comes to entertainment and games, but there are a few gems worth checking out. By far the best game is Snails. It's a turn-based game like Worms that takes advantage of the Jornada's full screen. The latest version even allows you to connect through the Internet with other players and create your own levels. The graphics are brilliant - very cartoon like - and the humour and animations are enough to make even the most jaded laugh. For those looking for a little more aggressive games, check out the HPC versions of Doom and Quake. Both have ports that work on the Jornada's screen. Those who remember the old NetHack days of graphic text adventures, it's worth checking out Winhack for the HPC. It's updated with a bit of colour now, but the premise remains the same. And I don't know anyone that's managed to get to the lowest level. G-Pod is a good space arcade game that has been modified to fit the 720 screen. Plenty of levels and great sound. For those who don't mind tinkering with the PocketPC patches, there's some great success making SimCity2000 and a real-time strategy game called Warfare Inc., both of which use full screen. Solskia also works with patches, but no luck making it full screen (too bad, looks good) Other older programs worth trying out include: Handheld Conquest, Leo's Flight Simulator, PocketChess, Sabotage, Slay, and CanTris. All these should keep an HPC user busy -- and provide a good alternative to Solitare.
- Doug

EDITORIAL: Another HPC site fan
I, and many others are sure to agree with the plaudits given to Chris in Editorial: HPC Factor. Countless times he has helped me solve my delusions related to the HPC, a few directly but mostly, by my perusal of postings from those equally distressed with this technological fecundity. Helpful and hypercognant as Chris may be though, an inadvertent slight has been foisted atop his mantle and festooned upon the very pedestal supporting his graven image. By this I mean that the HPC community itself has been negligent in the recognition and utilization, and most assuredly, the expression, of one of the finer talents in his possesion, a sense of humor. I do hope all are sufficiently enlightened.
- R.S. Moser

EDITORIAL: My Thoughts on Handheld hardware
I've now had four handhelds beginning with the wonderful HP 95LX. In my mind these machines beat any palm device hands down (pun intended). I've currently got a 720 which I use for appointments, contacts, e-mail and for note taking at meetings. The machine beats a laptop for portability.

Why isn't this kind of device more popular? In my opinion there are two reasons. One is the cost. HP handhelds were always overpriced compared to the palm devices. Secondly there was the WOW factor of the palms. Being able to take out a small device reminiscent of something out of science ficition was/is a great way to impress your firiends. What the friends never find out however is that most users quickly hit the "limits" of their device.

Is there a future for handhelds? I hope that that as the shortcomings of palms begin to become known, that people will begin to lobby the big companies to take another look at handhelds.
- Bill Reid

WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude update

Programming - Miscellaneous - Natural Installer updated - http://www.yetanotherhomepage.com/j7xx/
- Sammy

EDITORIAL: Clinton Fitch.com
Continuing with our series of some of the best HPC websites I would like to take a look at Clinton Fitch.com. Clintons site has been a favourite of mine for some time. It has a slightly different orientation than the other HPC community sites. Clinton works along side with John his trusty colleague to review some of the excellent HPC software titles that are available on the internet. If you go and take a look at Clintons site you will see archived reviews of many of the great HPC software titles and these are available to download. Now the great thing about the reviews that Clinton and John put together is the fact that they are in a pdf format so not only can you read them on your computer no matter whether you have got a PC or a Mac but you can also download them to whatever handheld device that you are using at the time. And I find this to be terribly useful. The other great thing about the reviews is that they are non bias so whenever John or Clinton put a review together they really do so both fairly and constructively. You have also got to remember that both Clinton and John are HPC users so they are looking at every aspect of the software and especially the ease of use and they really look at the ease of use for the HPC users perspective. Again I find this to be terribly useful. The good thing about Clinton's site is that it is updated on a monthly basis and in fact many of time you will find more than one review posted per month so what that means is that you can go back and look through a rich selection of archives and again I get emails from new users asking what are some of the best resources, reviews of HPC software and I will always say go to Clintons site take a look through and obviously you will be better prepared to choose software for your HPC. You will also find top ten lists of software titles there too and it is always good to take a read of this because you will know that these guys are experts on the software that they recommending is going to be some of the best HPC software available. As of yet HPC software has not dried up yet and you will always know that Clinton will review some of the best software titles available. So congratulations to Clinton and John for such a great website that is updated on a regular basis and please ensure that you go and give them a visit because out of the three favourite sites that I am going to mention this week Clinton and Johns is certainly in the top three. Tomorrow I will be taking a look at Henry Spagnolo website and how his site is such a very valuable useful tool  for the community.
Clinton Fitch.com - http://www.clintonfitch.com/
- Sammy

EDITORIAL: Clamshells like the Jornada 728 are the closest thing to mobile computing nirvana
Clamshells like the Jornada 728 are the closest thing to mobile computing nirvana yet! I know whereof I speak, from a Palm Vx and then a Dell Axim X5, and I'd love another shot to win one of those beauties, 'cuz 3 or 3.5 inch screens without keyboards which are past their day and short on features (not to mention batteries). Mark my words, one day soon...the clamshell shall rise again!

Too many power-users agonize over their choice of road-machine every morning, but with an HPC, you have the best of PDAs and laptops, integrated PC-card support (nice not to have to buy 2 versions of NICs, GPS, miniHD's, etcetera!) and a built-in modem for parts of the world without broadband. And then there's the keyboard: treestump-fingered folk can type on them, and I CRAVE that functionality. An old PDA with a dying battery just doesn't cut it, and carrying it along with a wheezing stowaway keyboard - takes up far more room than an HPC ever would.

So why do people bash? The older OS? Meh! I know people happily chugging away on Win98-SE who complain they don't have the 2004 version of this or that, so forget that argument. No, the handheld is not perfect, but it's closer than the rest I've seen from Symbian, Palm, Linux, Microsoft... and I'd walk a long way to get one for my pocket!
- John M

WEBSITE: Pocket PC Thoughts on Coxian Webbook Pocket PC Thoughts is running an article on Coxian Webbook. "Looks very nice. I don't like the battery life, though. Give me a HPC-sized device that will give me 6 hours with GPRS always on... and then you've got a deal. "
Thanks to everyone that has emailed in about it ;-)
- Sammy

Tuesday, February 24, 2004
The HPC community has some fantastic and resourceful websites and through this week I will be taking a look at them and pointing out some of my favourites including HPC factor, Handheld Attitude and Clinton Fitch.com. Today I am going to start with HPC Factor.

Chris who is the webmaster of this great website is such a nice person, such a great guy to speak to and he has helped out with Handheld Addict on a number of occasions. Personally I am the most un-technical person regarding HPCs. Personally I would like to use my HPC rather than getting bogged down with all the technical side and issues. However Chris knows the ins and outs and is very technically minded in regards to HPCs and he ensures that his knowledge is always available on his website. He produces some excellent drivers allowing your HPC to connect with a wide range of peripherals. He also contributes some excellent editorials to which are posted on the site, on a regular basis. Chris also has many tutorials, again from a technical perspective but also covering some of the basics too. There are a wide range of training videos to aid HPC users as well. Chris has been running his site for a good number of years and it has always been one of my favourites and I would say that Chris is probably out of the community leaders, the most technically minded which covers across in his website very well. HPC Factor is a great site and should be applauded for its great work, whether your a newbie or more experienced go and take a look - http://www.hpcfactor.com/
- Sammy


24/02 Utilities - Miscellaneous - 3Com 3C589x HPC2000 driver added
- Sammy

THOUGHT: Motorola MPx While this isn't a Handheld PC, I think it is interesting to see the Motorola MPx device coming out later this year. This Pocket PC Phone Edition device sports dual hinges with an integrated keyboard. I am a huge integrated keyboard fan, although I actually never had the cash for a Handheld PC, and like my iPAQ 4350. I will be taking a serious look at this MPx since it may be a great all-in-one solution.
- Matt

EDITORIAL: This writer prefers an h/pc over a laptop
Ok, so I'm a budding writer! :) I have a desktop pc and although I've been curious about laptops, I'm glad that I have my Mobilepro 780 when on 'the road.' My needs are met with a machine that has instant on, is light compared to a laptop, has a great built-in word processor, as well as having the ability to connect to the internet. Plus, there's not too much fuss toting the complete package (h/pc, ac adapter, memory cards, etc...) with me when I'm away from home. It takes no time to whip out the h/pc, plug it in, and start typing. If I had to set it up, wait for it to boot up and all, then it becomes a chore.
- Jacqueline

EDITORIAL: Unwise decision
Don’t you think it unwise that companies such as HP dumped the idea of handheld pc.  I know that the prices for them were very extreme, but the fact is they’re the closest thing to the portable desktop, because let’s face it, pocket pc screens are nice but too small to view webpages, you have to spend 100 on an extra keyboard and some devices don’t have any protection over them so they could easily bust.  Frankly, since the release of the hp jornada 728, technology in the mobile department has drastically decreased in price enough to make new handhelds that are possibly compatible or interconnected to the pocket pc OS.  Wouldn’t it be great if the hp made a jornada just like the hp ipaq 5555, imagine a handheld pc with actual good amounts of ram and memory, with built in wifi networking and Bluetooth, not to mention a biometric fingerprint scanner.  If handhelds were released again at an affordable price, not only would industrial and business people use them but students as far down as middle school taking these babies around with them in a shirt pocket or in a backpack.  Also, the handheld pc 2000 needs to be updated, and frankly pocket pcs will eventually see a decrease in sales since they often don’t meet all the requirements of true mobile person.
- Kevin Speer

EDITORIAL: Handhelds are a wonderful idea
Let's just say that I was born in the age of handhelds, from the embrionic Sharp through them Zaurus. Eventually I bought a Compaq 2010C handheld which I still have but don't have a battery for it. It still works and when I first purchased it I loaded it up with all kinds of software including Pocket C. Eventually I transitioned into the Jornada 720 as I really liked the keyboard among all the other features. Besides my Compaq had a broken hinge and had also been discontinued. Who would have thought that the J720 would have followed the same fate.

What a wonderful idea the handhelds have been! I travel quite a bit and instead of hauling my laptopwith me, using my J720 has saved me one more piece of carry-on. I listen to my music on it, compose my powerpoint presentations, write my documents, create the beginning of spreadsheets for work, even update and send my resume. Having a built-in modem and a PCMCI card was another great feature. Alas, I think my J720 is nearing the end of its life though, as the hinges creak dangerously and the air card does not work anymore, even though the card slot works just fine. I wish HP, or someone else for that matter, would put their heads together and create another handheld equally as good as the J720. I don' think the tablet PCs would fly - they could have been useful in the medical field or as a replacement of the Newton on the exchange floors - as they don't have the portability of a handheld. I will continue to push my J720 to its limits and will enjoy it till the end!
- Nick

Monday, February 23, 2004
CONTEST: 728 to give away

This week we have managed to secure a HP Jornada 728 as a prize give away. Purchased from ebay and in excellent condition. Ian Park, a regular writer for the site has tested the device to ensure that it works and it is in perfect condition.

For anybody who does not have a Jornada 728 and wants a little bit more information about it then let us just say that it was the last edition to the HP Jornada series. "The HP 728 enjoys a refresh design featuring a stylish new bi-tone casing in metallic granite and charcoal. The device ways in at 550grams even with the battery included. Estimated battery life is 14 hours but will vary based on usage."

HOW TO ENTER: For a chance to win the HP Jornada 728 please send through to us a user thought or opinion through to us a Handheld Addict to the following email address sammymcloughlin@mac.com

The contest will be drawn on a random basis and the closing date will be next Wednesday. The 728 comes with leather case and a 64 megabyte compact flash card to go with it as well.
- Sammy

EDITORIAL: The market is now ripe for Handhelds
As I have watched various new machines come out, nothing has quite excited me as the 720/728 once did. Somehow the magic is gone from many of these new machines; either they have "chicklet" keyboards, or square screens or something else that makes them a bit odd. Perhaps the newest entry from NEC comes closest to the 720. I think there is STILL a great market for a new handheld; give me a good keyboard, a bright screen, newest software, upgradable ROM and RAM, good storage for memory cards, network cards, etc. The 720 still strikes me as an elegant machine--a work of art. I'm waiting for something new that just compels me to think about buying it. Naturally, it would be nice if the price range was around $ 500-700 US. I think that over $1,000 is too much for most people and propels them into buying a notebook. Frankly, if HP was smart, they'd be they one to come up with a new box. In the meantime I still use the 720 and I wait....
- ChrisW

THOUGHT: The 720 rocks
I have been using my Jornada 720 for about 3 years.  I recently bought a tablet PC but still find myself using my 720 for sheer portability nothing beats it.  And the Calligrapher Software is outstanding for handwriting recognition.
- Miles Willmek

WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude Updates

23/02 Data - Pim - CE Agenda updated
- Sammy

EDITORIAL: Come on manufacturers! Let's see some new HPC's
Hey, I just thought of something; with the new Windows Mobile that is coming could we be seeing HPC's again soon? The new OS will allow for landscape and portrait and for higher resolutions. Sorry if I am little late with the speculation and if it has already been discussed but I am synced! Like everyone here, I have been wishing that MS would do something with the HPC again. Well, maybe they are. WOW, imagine not just having new units again but actually being able to use any PocketPC software!! WOW! Come on manufacturers! Make sure you pay attention to what people like us are asking for. Let's see some new HPC's!!
- Darren

EDITORIAL: Why the Jornada 720 is the best
First of all, sorry for my bad English (this is my third language). I used to be a Psion5MX user for a year or so and then switched to the HP 720 after having found my first full time job:)

My big brother has a PPC device but I have never been interested in that. I really love my Jornada 720 and I even could not sleep the day before getting it because of the enthousiasm:)

I use my HP720 to take notes at the office, synchronization emails, transferring business files and so on...

I think it is really a very good device although it is always possible to improve it: weight, I sometimes miss the Psion5mx keyboard, the speaker which is under the device and other details like that... Also I would perfect to be able to switch to a PPC OS plaform keping the existing device (this is only my personal opinion...) Since the price of an HPC is higher than a PPC, there are much more PPC users and therefore there are more PPC softwares available at the market...

Despite all of that, I really enjoy having my HP720 for all it provides me, and I really consider it as amini laptop... Also, I would like to thank HANDHELD ADDICT, HANDHELD Attitude and other HPC sites for their excellent work and considerable efforts they are doing to keep alive this huge HPC Community... It really units and bring together all the HPc users under a unique platform...Once again thank you for all of you who keeps alive this fantastic HPC Community...
- Habib YILMAZ

Sunday, February 22, 2004
WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude Updates

Graphic - Drawing - EzViewer updated, Leisure - Genealogy - Pocket Genealogist updated, Added a link to pdaPortal.com into the Links page
- Henri Spagnolo

EDITORIAL: The Community is more active
It is really great to see that all the major actors of this community are doing all what they can do to keep this platform alive. All the main sites are very actives and a lot of news and editorials are available on a daily basis (more than in the latest months). So fingers crossed and maybe we can reverse the death process.
- Henri

EDITORIAL: The Handheld Community is alive
I am writing to you from Poland. I was looking for a Jornada 680 in a good shape. I visited many auctions. (Jornada 720 is too expensive for me) Simultaneously, I started to build a link collection of sites about handheld PCs. Then I got to Handheld Addict. Man, THE HANDHELD COMMUNITY IT IS ALIVE! I've already abandoned hope that I will find a site that lives! I found many old, older and dinosaur-old web site containing many interesting information, but dead. Dead news, dead forums. Your great sites looks like there was no Palms (this is funny, how many people are using these no-keyboard handicapped computers, or maybe rather smart calculators). Now I need like 2 week holiday to browse through all the information on your site. And - unbelievable - I can win a great handheld too. Impossible!
- Konrad

EDITORIAL: The Jornada 720 is my companion but what's next?
I've been using my 720 for 3 years now. A little over a year ago, my 720 quit working (backlight, I think) and I agonized over replacing it with a less expensive Pocket PC device. No way could I not have the keyboard and the wider screen. Then I found out HP had a replacement program so I spent less than any Pocket PC and still have my beloved handheld! Last fall I was in an accident and the screen of my 720 was smashed! (My 720 goes everywhere with me!) Replacement program to the rescue again! Remember to back up your data regularly. My experiences show you never know when you might lose the services of your handheld. In my case, VirtualCE helped me get my data backed up AFTER the fact because in both cases, the computer was still functioning. During my recovery from the accident, I was unable to get around for three months and my 720 was the perfect companion. Ebooks, games, news. Thanks, HP. What's next?
- Dan Lewis

EDITORIAL: From a Psion to a Jornada 720
Taking my HPC with me everywhere means one thing that I need to use it everywhere and I guess that’s what's happens. I remember when I got my 720 for the first time I was amazed at the wide screen. One thing I remember is that thinking that the keyboard was good and I missed a good keyboard from my days of using a Psion Series 5mx.

My Psion Series 5mx was the best device that I have ever used and then I came across the Jornada 720 and thankfully I thought that I would never come across a Handheld device like it but the 720 filled the gap thankfully. However saying that there were many gaps to fill glad to say that Henri Spagnolo's applications started filling the gaps especially with hot keys. I wonder how many people were previous Psion users before they were HPC users? Maybe I will hold a survey to question this?
- Sammy

EDITORIAL: There are plenty of reasons to choose a handheld over a anything else
There are plenty of reasons to choose a handheld over anything else. Portability, for one thing. Although PocketPC's are more portable. But if that is the discussion, than why not take a Palm? For me, I've already accepted the fact, that pocketability will never be fully accomplished in my case. I own a SX45i, the godfather of convergence. This device you can call a lot of things, but you can definately not call it pocketable. But it does what it should, which is of much more importance than anything else.

But than there is the mobile office. To have a real-time mobile office, you need to meet a few minimum requirements. Mainly you need a keyboard, a clam shell design that autimatically protects the screen, "landscape" support for better browsing and document editing, etc. And it does need to be portable. Although that is not simular to fitting in a shirt pocket.

Does this discription fit a notebook? Somewhat, but if the mobile office is the glass shoe, the handheld is cinderella. But somehow all those reasons are not why I'm so keen on using such a device.

What I enjoy the most about a handheld, is it's instant on. I already have a LG Phenom Express, and I own a Libretto and a Dell notebook. Both the Dell notebook and the Tosh Libretto take ages to boot, make a lot of noice while doing, it is a pain to have them get into and out of hibernation, and battery life sucks; moreover the Libretto needs a dock in order to support a mouse and the Dell is huge and not suited for the road. My beloved Phenom than comes to rescue me from those agonizing pains of work and travel. It is instant on, shows me what I need to see, I don't need a mouse and therefor a flat surface: the sreen can be touched to show the way. I could imagin a life without a pocketpc, but I definately cannot imagin a professional life without a handheld. But professiona! l life progresses, and hardware has it's own short life span. In order to be able to work with new services like wireless and UMTS, an upgrade to HPC2K is needed. And the 728 does a remarkable job. Not only does it provide ample juice, power and memory, moreover it carries the crown of CE with pride!
- Jan Willem van de Gronden

From checking my emails; reading the latest?fire, medical and rescue dispatchs; checking the morning Shift/Project ToDo Lists; typing out the last month's minutes; looking up some vendors' information; working on a series of spread sheets; catching up on some articles I recently downloaded - via WiFi connection -?AND - writing a press release on our Department's recent annual Sweethearts' Ball... ALL before the?"tones" sound from?the first duty call of the day... and ALL done on?the?Department's handy HP Jornada 720!? Honestly, we thought the Compaq laptop we bought a few years ago was the "cat's meow"... but, it hasn't seen more than an hour's action since?we got the 720!??

This little device goes with us - EVERYWHERE, and has become as important a part of our?turn-out gear - as?is our helmet, Bunker coat, pants and boots!? I don'know about?the other popular clam-shelled keyboard devices... the tactile keys of the Jornada 720 are VERY user friendly, and are just the right size for most of us.? Full finger typing, good spacing and no need to use the thumbs!? The screen image is more than twice the?footprint of the most expensive and fully stocked Pocket PC.? We keep a 2+ GIG CF Card in the bottom port, and a Belkin Wireless?Card in the PCMCIA slot - by way of a CF?card?adapter.? Guys can check their schedule with?us, my son and daughter can check-in from school (unless I'm on a "call") and I can research a training article or surf the State's EMS exam schedule page... from where ever I am...?when I think about it... and not when I am back in the office. Sites like Handheld Addict help to?keep us handheld fans well informed and up-to-date with the latest in articles, programs and updates.
- Sandy Korda

REVIEW: Foxpop reviews the Netbook: Oh dear our friends at Foxpop have just reviewed the netbook Pro. Mike Bell explains why he is disappointed by his first encounter with the netBook Pro in this two-part examination of starting to use the machine and the OS.

"Here is a very quick synopsis of my first 36 hours with the NB Pro.   This is in no way a full review, rather it is a general rambling of sorts. As of this writing the machine completely discharged itself last night, all apps lost, and the touchscreen does not work anymore. I have removed both sets of batteries several times to do a hard reset to no avail.   Currently I have the batteries out.   I'll wait an hour before putting them back in.  I'll try to be objective, but this may not be pretty......... Read on
- Sammy

NEWS: Larger range of Keyboard Skins to fit more HPC devices now available
Fire-Rescue Products, International announces the immediate availablility of three more Keyboard Skins - designed to fit these popularhandheld devices: NTT/NEC/DoCoMo's SIGMARION III, Psion's Netbook PRO 3100, and Intermec's 6651 (Sharp's HC-7000).

These make 6 Keyboard Skins that this creative group of firefighters, medics and rescue folks have created - when they are not putting out fires, responding to?emergency medical calls and saving errant snowmobilers that go through the ice! The original Keyboard Skin fits the HP Jornada 680, 690, 710, 720 and 728... and sold via word of mouth, the company web site (www.image911.com/p1332.htm) and on ebay.

Soon, other designs were added. In the months following the deployment of troops to Afghanistan and Iraq ,these quiet heros answered the "call of duty" when the US government contacted them to come up with an easy to apply yet-resilient-transparent-protective-membrane-to-keep-the-damaging-blowing-sands-of-the-desert-out-of-the-keyboards of their extensive/expensive inventory of NEC MobilePRO 770, 780 & 790 devices.

Less than 6 months later, they introduced their custom moulded?Keyboard Skin for the newest 900-series MobilePRO. True to their word, the advertisment says...

"They Fit like a Glove, yet Protect like Armor!"

No more dead devices and lost data from a few sloppy drips of hot coffee (or condensation "sweat" that rolled off of your favorite icy-cold bottled beverage)! These handy little "life savers" are not only easy to install, but prove to be worthy of your investment, too! At only $16.95 each (plus $5.95 shipping within the US, $10 to International destinations), Keyboard Skins truly are affordable dust, dirt and liquid "accident insurance"! They accept: Money orders, (personal, business?& cashiers)checks, American Express, Discover/NOVUS, Master Card and Visa. Corporate purchases are welcome... as are dealer inquiries.

For more information, or to place an order, please contact:
FIRE-RESCUE PRODUCTS, INTERNATIONAL 400 Main Street? Orwell, Vermont 05760 USA
Toll Free: 888-432-3793 Direct: 802-948-2290 FAX: 802-948-2015

Personal Note: I remember when Sandy sent me a skin for my 720 and it works like a dream to the point that he sent it me over a year and a half ago and it still works great now - Sammy

THOUGHT: I don't know why I ever bothered with laptops
I don't know why I ever bothered with laptops - they are cumbersom and don't seem to last.  With all my travels I would wear them out in around 14 months (2 months beyond warranty).  A great solution is found in the handheld.  They have all the power and extras I need without the problems.  I recommend the Jornada 720 to anyone whose business has them out on the road.  It is definitely the King of the Road!
- Wendy Lambert

Saturday, February 21, 2004

HPC Factor has been updated today - "Older device users in the community which have monochrome displays will be interested in this. Expanding on our text article, Nicolas has created a video to explain the Japanese translation's of bmp2bp's menu functions."
- Sammy

WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude updates

Leisure - Travel - ArcPad updated, Leisure - Travel - HGIS updated, Programming - Languages - SuperWaba updated, Utilities - Miscellaneous - WR-Tools ResInfo updated, The "j7xx" 2004 monthly calendars wallpapers added (see top of
the wallpapers page), Some wallpapers added (see bottom of the wallpapers page)
- Henri Spagnolo

EDITORIAL : The idea of having a keyboard on the PDA is coming back
It really seems like there has been an increase in interest in keyboarded PDA's. I started years ago with the Sharp Wizard, then Zaurus, before going on to WinCE handhelds. The versatility of these devices was overwhelmed by the high pricing and the market push for "Palm Pilot" clones. Now, with the Sony UX series and the popularity of imports like the Sigmarion S3 and the Zaurus C860, the idea of having a keyboard on the PDA is coming back. Hopefully, the new version of Windows Mobile will allow hardware makers to return to the HPC concept with better software and peripheral support.
- Brad Kent

EDITORIAL: Is the trend returning to clamshell devices? Personally I think it is
I happen to admit that after I read Elizabeth Liddell's review of the clamshell Sharp Zaurus C750 I thought to myself that I wanted one, and I am going to try and get my hands on one shortly for the site for a review and personally speaking her review is excellent which you can read here. I want to say a couple of things about the Jornada 720 device tnhat I have been personally using for a couple of years. I am very happy with the 720, and its a great device to type on although I feel that the keyboard is maybe not as good as the Psion Series 5mx, I do believe that it is a very close second. I have never seen such a brilliant screen on a PDA as I have on a 720 and that I think is why I have stuck wit it for some time. Pocket PC screens are great but what you get with a HPC is a wide screen full image screen that you need to see when you are browsing a full web page. One of the things that I miss with using a Palm device as a supplement to my J720 is the positive great screen and the a small Palm sized PDA does not even come close to the experience of viewing websites on a HPC such as the 720. I can see why more people are looking at clamshell devices because they offer better flexibity and also are a lot easier to carry around than a bulky laptop. Anyway concluding my thought, I can see the growing trend of more and more people using clamshell devices and as the HPC community has been saying for sometime it was eneviable that the day would come when we would see more clamshell devices hit the streets and whether its Linux, Windows CE or whatever we will remain passionate, like the community about all things HPC. For me I am sticking with my Jornada 720. In the meantime read Elisabeth Liddell's excellent Foxpop review of the excellent The Sharp Zaurus C750 -
- Sammy

EDITORIAL: The year of the handheld is here
I'm glad to see all of this information being passed but as of late, I have been reading a lot of information about the demise of the HPC because a lack of support and how we are not supporting the devices or the software.  Im not really sure I'm buying into all of this.  I may be a little naieve but you gotta think.  When I purchased my J680 it already had all of the programs I wanted, or needed.  The few that I have purchased have been really silly programs because I didn't feel like coding them.  As I read the news in most of the columns as of late everyone seems to be producing some kind of clam shell handheld.  Japan usually gets these things before we do because their consumer base is more willing to accept inovative idea's. The hottest selling PDA on the market recently has been the Sony UX50, a clamshell device albiet smaller than the HPC.  The Vulcan group announced its new Handheld the Flipstart computer with XP, Antelope technologies has its MCC devices with full blown Windows. OQO (oops) MAY be producing a device (we'll leave that one alone).  Sharp's new line are all Linux based machines and are all clamshell devices.  Sony is producing subnotebooks, slightly larger than the HPC, at about two or three new models every year, unfortunately they only sell in Japan, along with the UX40 & UX50.  Even Apple is rumored to be producing a new Clamshell handheld using their OS X and 40GB HDD's due out July of this year.  It seems like there may have been a slump in terms of the HPC for a while but phones are not good HPC's and HPC's are not good phones.  It looks like the industry has looked at what the people want.  HPC's are on their way back, (if they ever left).  Maybe I'm an Optimist but I don't see the demise happening anytime soon. Be Happy, This may be the year of the handheld. I love my J680 and I'm still using it, every day. Handheld Addict - thanks for the support and info, keep up the good work on keeping us informed if you want to check out the info on the Apple rumor check this site on Mac2 Net -- http://www.macnet2.com/more.php?id=455_0_1_0
- Tim Tomey

SITE NEWS: As we seem to update Handheld Addict on a frequent basis here are the editorials that you can read below that you may have missed that were all published within the last 24 hours -

  • Handheld Addict Review of Bubblets by Lindsey Dyson
  • Handheld Addict Editorial of What Ruksun Messenger and what they have said regarding MSN Messenger by Sammy McLoughlin
  • Handheld Addict Editorial of What happens if the HPC support dries up? by Gary
  • Handheld Addict Editorial of My opinion on the future of HPC's by Lindsey Dyson
  • Handheld Addict Editorial on Protection for your HPC, why make it an essential priority by Lindsey Dyson
  • Handheld Addict Editorial entitled Microsoft, Microsoft, wherefore at thou? by Darren

    All can be read below
    - Sammy & Lindsey Dyson

    REVIEW: Bubblets
    Samegame, I remember talking about Samegame earlier this week on a Psion device, but I wanted to put together a brief review of Bubblets for Handheld Addict. This variation is called Bubblets as stated last week but I wanted to describe to you what a fun and addictive game it is. Now I thought that I would probably play for an hour but how wrong I was, in fact I seemed to play for a lot longer. The aim of the game is to remove a board full of coloured balls and to pair three or more balls of the same color and remove them from the board. The more colors you remove the higher the score. Now in theory this sounds simple, get to play it and you will find that it is rather more difficult.

    Now although the above screenshot shows the graphic on a Pocket PC, it does play on a HPC and plays well to say the least, in fact because you have a larger screen you can play the game much better and achieve a higher score. The higher the score the further on the high scores you get. I am addicted to this game and I blame Sammy for this game. Addictive it may be but fun it is and its a great way to spend those boring hours.

    It costs a small price of $15 from oopdreams.com and is a worthwhile download with a trial. I will say this please do not play this game if you have things to do because you will never get anything done. Out of five we give this game five out of five. Please do not let the Pocket PC screenshot put you off the game can be played easily on a HPC device.
    Score: 5/5
    Download from - http://www.oopdreams.com/ce/bubblets/
    - Lindsey Dyson

    THOUGHT: Powerful future handhelds
    Well this time I have to let you know about the good idea of showing the incoming HPC devices in your site. I'm talking about devices like OQO or Culcan ones. I think they be my future handheld or at least something like that less expensive... I think WinCE has no future with platforms like Vulcans one. Just imagine the powerful of your desktop in your pocket, sounds amazing... However I still believe that the HP 720/728 HPC is the best hpc WINCE at these days, and we are talking a device that remains in the market since at least 4 years!
    - Gary

    Friday, February 20, 2004
    EDITORIAL: Ruksun Messenger, what they have said
    After a number of attempts (to say the least by Chris from HPC Factor) to try ad get an answer to when Ruksun would update their Messenger Force application from HPC this is the reply that he received -

    "As part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with the best possible experience using Ruksun Software's products, we would like to give you an update on the usability of MSN MF. Microsoft Corporation recently upgraded their protocol version for the MSN Instant Messaging solution, as a result of which third party clients' access to MSN servers has been blocked. In effect, along with other similar products, Ruksun's MSN Messenger Force products have stopped working. While we did make it explicitly clear when you bought the product, that Ruksun would not be able to guarantee uninterrupted access to commercial IM networks such as MSN ( please see http://www.ruksun.com/mobile_im/messenger_force/index.html ), Ruksun is working actively towards attempting to resolving the issue. As and when we do find a workable solution, we shall keep you posted and updated. Any upgrades, if at all available, will be free of charge."

    I remind you that Chris had to write to Ruksun a number of times to get this answer. I hear that a Pocket PC release has been issued but not as yet for the HPC. We shall await and see. As always thanks to Chris for the 'heads up' at HPC Factor
    - Sammy

    EDITORIAL: What happens if the HPC support dries up?
    The recent opinions on the HPC community and its lack of support for developers left me feeling a little uneasy. My feeling is that most people who purchased an HPC got more or less what they wanted out of the box. I have purchased Visual CE, since I needed a relational database, and Textmaker since its just so damn good but I'm not looking for anything else now (well, except Planmaker). But the device itself + its built-in apps matched my expectations. If no-one ever develops another piece of software for my J720 I don't think it will change the way I use the device or how often I use it. I suspect I'm not alone in this (Jake Fisher makes the same point much better than I do on HPC Factor). Of far greater concern to me is the lack of hardware for the discontinued models, the lack of OS developmen and my suspiciion that if my J720 died there is nothing out there I could replace it with and feel totally happy.
    - Peter Baker

    EDITORIAL: My opinion on the future of HPC's
    We have seen many new HPCs being introduced over the last few months and thats good but what I think what we are tending to see now is Windows XP and PC operating systems being transferred into a device thats just a small or possibly even smaller than a conventional HPC. I tend to think to myself is this what is going to happen are we going to see Window CE being abolished and the introduction of Windows XP in to small devices.

    Now if this is the case thats not always a bad thing but I tend to think that Windows XP and other operating systems should be kept with a larger counterpart such as PCs and laptops and Windows CE should be retained with smaller HPC devices, again such as Jornada 720 and other such devices. Now there also seems to be a lot of speculation on whether these new devices that are going to be small and compact and run a Windows XP will ever hit the shelves and I know that there are two at the moment which are theoretically supposed to be introduced whether we will see this or not is another thing but at the same time it is good to see that portable HPCs are evolving and that the use of portable computing is certainly being continued. So I always think that there will be a market for mobile computing such as HPCs and thats a good thing because as long as these devices are still in existence and still circulating, you will always find that handheld Addict will be too.
    - Lindsey Dyson

    READ: USA Today
    USA Today have written some commentary on the Vulcan's compact 1-pound FlipStart which is billed as the smallest always-connected Windows XP computer.
    - Ian Park

    WEBSITE: Look out for design changes to the HPC Factor making it look even better. Always excellent content.
    - Sammy

    EDITORIAL: Protection for your HPC, make it an essential priority
    We have been talking a lot about the old Psion handheld PC and its been great to read some of your emails that have been coming in regarding it. I remember when I first used a handheld PC I remember switching it on and the first thing that amazed me was the fact that you could get a mini PC operating system and cram it into such a small device such as the Jornada 720 and I thought this was absolutely fascinating. The once thing that I was also amazed at was the way that you can customise all papers like you can do on a PC and I know that for the first week I think I went on virtually every HPC website that there was at the possible time to try and find different customised wallpapers so I built up a collection. The other thing I tended to do in the first week that I had 720 was to look for as much software as I possibly could do and you do when you get your first HPC you look for as many software titles that you possibly can do so in order to make yourself more productive. There is a lesson to be learnt in this because what you should do is really use the built in applications on your 720 before starting to look for other software titles because I personally think that the software that you already have built to the HPC is actually quite powerful and I think that you should certainly make use of the powerful applications. I think the other thing that you need to do when you first get a HPC again no matter what device it is, is to get yourself a good case for it because obviously a HPC is an expensive purchase and I think that you have to invest in a case because it's a good sum of money that you are paying and to repair the device it is going to be quite costly. That in mind companies such as Proporta sell quite a extensive range of cases suitable for all PDAs the other advice that I know more experienced users of HPCs will say if you can afford to get a second back up device because they become more rare and rare as the manufactured HPCs have now seiced so take a look on sources such as eBay to see whether you can get a handheld at a more convenient price.
    - Lindsey Dyson

    EDITORIAL: Microsoft, Microsoft, wherefore at thou?
    I find it sad and frustrating that MS has abandoned the HPC. While sales volume had to be a factor I think it was also that there was no carrot to lead MS on. For pocket devices there was and continues to be the Palm-shaped target to aim for but there is no such target for the HPC. Could it be that MS just needs to have someone to conquer?

    Obviously, everyone here is very enthusiastic about HPCs and I have seen on many boards that there are MANY people who would like to see further development for these devices. The initial OS for HPC had some serious memory leak problems but I think MS got this mostly figured out in HPC 2000. Price was also a big problem. I can remember when the first IBM Workpad z50's came out, I think they where something crazy like $1600US. When IBM decided to dump the product and the price came down to $400 there was a frenzy to snap these units up.

    I'm sure that if there were development by MS on the OS that manufacturers would show some interest again and start to release new units. The promise of smaller laptops replacing the HPC might eventually become reality but you just can't beat the instant-on, durability, long battery life and portability of the HPC. If the price was decent I think sales could be enough to support the platform. At least, that is what I am hoping for.

    I have been use HPC's for a while now and just love the format. Like everyone else here, I wish there was continued support of the platform from MS and manufacturers. I have owned a Sharp Zaurus 3500, Casio A-10, HP 320LX (which I upgraded), NEC MobilePro 700, Psion 3a and two IBM Workpad Z50s. I recently lent my z50 to my brother-in-law to use for nightcourses and am really missing it. Do you think I am being too transparent by suggesting to my brother-in-law that he really needs a more power system, like a laptop or something...? I don't believe it, I just MISS MY Z50!! ;)
    - Darren

    THOUGHT: Long live the HPC
    I love my HPC(which happens to be a NEC780, I wish it was a 720 or 728 Jornada). I find that I have been using it more lately. Probably because I am doing more writing and the screen on the pocket pc is just too small! This is why the HPC form factor will continue to exist and probably make a resurgence. Landscape with built-in keyboard is far easier to use than stylus entry(at least for me). I look forward to some innovative designs, such as the upcoming Motorola MPx300. Until then, long live the HPC!!
    - Gavin Henriques

    WEBSITE: News at HPCZONE - UBook 0.8l update
    - Sammy

    WEBSITE: In the update of today on my site Handheld Attitude, there is Palm Reader Pro which has been added (for PocketPC), this is a good news, because users were complaining about the old version which was not supporting the new encryption method. It works on a 720 without using the fake DLL, I have also made available a small instruction for the installation.
    - Henri Spagnolo

    Thursday, February 19, 2004
    SAMMY'S EDITORIAL: HPC's from days gone Last night I got out my old Psion series 5MX just to reminisce about the old days of using the Psion and I switched it on and it has not been used for a while and obviously the familiar resetting beep occurred and I had a play around, downloaded a couple of software titles for my PC and looking at the Psion I thought to myself what a wonderful device it really was. It really did help me to stay organised and for its time personally I think it was way ahead of anything else. Now I dont think there has ever been a PDA that has matched it apart from the Jornada 700 and I think that the Jornada 700 and the Psion range are probably in my opinion, the best PDAs with a keyboard to be produced. If Psion plan to introduce a HPC and obviously it is going to be planning Linux I think it is going to be a popular choice and I think that obviously that a lot of die hard Psion fans will certainly be going back to using the device because the Psion handheld has really been missed over the last couple of years and I know personally, quite a few people who still do use Psion devices and after my experience last night of just playing around with it for an hour or so I can certainly see why it is still so much of an appeal because in certain ways it is way ahead of any other PDA. Take a look at the agenda application I see why the agenda is one of the most favourite applications on the Psion because you can actually do so much with it. You can customize it to however you work and assign icons and customize it to how you like. Some people complained that the Psion was a little bulky I dont think it personally was I think it was just the right size and obviously it is a little lighter than a normal conventional Window CE handheld such as the Jornada 720.

    When Psion discontinued the series 5mx I went over to using a Jornada 720 and I have stuck with using a 720 for a number of years and it really has been an easy transition. And I see why there are so many Psion users now using a HPC and thats why I think that there will always be a market for HPC devices for the one pure reason that they are popular, people will always need a light weight, small alternative to a laptop or a PC and a Jornada 720 is seen as more than just a simple personal digital system, it is seen as a replacement to a PC or a laptop. And it takes no time at all to switch on and get straight to work as compared to a laptop or a PC where you would just need to wait for it to boot up and obviously that takes up valuable time so they were just thoughts that I had when I was reminiscing about the Psion series 5MX last night and obviously what I tend to think about using a HPC in general.
    - Sammy

    WEBSITE: Update on Henri Spagnolo's website - Handheld Attitude today includes, Comms - Remote - EzOBEX added, Graphic - Drawing - UltraG updated, HPC:Factor Editorial - The Community from a users perspective, HPC:Factor - Filling some gaps, Handheld Addict - Editorial and Tweaks2k2 review, Read John Ottini's review of BizCalc.

    WEBSITE: New editorial on HPC Factor today - "Concluding the recent series of editorial and opinion pieces here on HPC:Factor (as well as on other sites) on the state of the Handheld PC community. Jake Fisher takes a look at how he sees the community from the perspective of being a general Handheld PC user."
    - Sammy

    EDITORIAL: Thoughts on j7xxkeys - Henri Spagnolo from Handheld Attitude has an excellent programme called j7xxkeys and it is an excellent programme that is shareware and it allows you to create an modify hotkeys (in other words keyboard shortcuts) in order to assign them to certain applications that can be launched when the key is pressed.

    Now this an excellent software that really does save time and I would class this as one of the most essential HPC software applications that I have on my 720. It saves a lot of time for example hotkeys can be assigned to internet explorer, email, word because these are my top three applications that I refer to on a daily basis and so obviously hotkeys can be assigned for these. I am going to be giving a more in depth review of J7xxkeys over the next few days but for anybody that is new to using a HPC then I would really recommend this as a starter application because I think that it is certainly an essential programme to have and will also save a lot of time.

    The good thing about Henri's applications is they are so reasonably priced for example this is actually $5.99 and has an excellent keyboard utility which will save time and for $5.99 you really are going to get your moneys worth out of it. So conclude before I put together more in depth review of j7xxkeys it is an essential software application that I think all HPC users should have on their device.
    - Lindsey Dyson

    EDITORIAL: What I think of the HPC community As I normally write for our sister site PalmAddict I thought that I would write an editorial for Handheld Addict being a fan of the HPC community and Handhelds on the whole.

    I have been a following the development of the handheld community for a number of years having used a Psion Series 5 and also being a user of a Jornada 720 . And I am going to focus on a topic which you have to be rearing its head as of late and that is the diminish of the HPC and the community. The community by no means is dead in fact it is far from dead and is quite alive. There are many HPC sites that have been going for a good number of years obviously Handheld Addict has been here for four and a half years and other sites such as Handheld Factor and Henri Spagnolo's Software Resource sites. When I read the other websites it shows how much alive the community is. I recently have been thinking about whether I should also be using a HPC more often than what I do normally.

    The Jornada 720 is a powerful device and I think what we will see in the future is a revival of handheld computers with a keyboard because the Pocket PC operating system is powerful in itself but you cant really take full advantage, personally in my opinion, of the built in applications unless you have something such as a good keyboard. Now obviously Pocket PC users can go out and purchase a keyboard but why go out and spend that extra money when you can have it already built in and that's what you get with a HPC such as the 720.

    Yes I admit there is not as much software as there is for Pocket PC and Palm users but at the end of the day we have some powerful applications already built in to the HPC which we should take full advantage of. There are word process applications, excellent email applications and obviously you can take advantage of both Bluetooth and wireless having a HPC so we are far from the prehistoric ages where HPCs have become white elephants. You can also purchase a good price HPC from sources such as eBay or if your lucky win one as part of a handheld Addicts contest but at the end of the day if you have a HPC you are quite lucky because a lot of people who are trying to get their hands on them as they seem to be making much more of a revival. I think what we will see in the future is we will see the possibility of more HPC devices coming onto the market and that includes devices that will run different operating systems such as Linux and possibly Windows XP but is till think that we will see Windows CE being an important element of the operating system, whether or not Microsoft invests and updates it is just another thing. However to say that the HPC community is dead is far from the truth.
    - Lindsey Dyson

    SAMMY'S EDITORIAL: I am sitting here this morning with a cup of tea and I have got my 720 at my side and I am just checking in my email on it at the present time and it is amazing the things that I actually do on the 720 that I could probably could do on a normal computer. The biggest gripe for me is the fact that I cant sync my 720 to my Apple power book because obviously there is not any software that allows this to happen and yet there is a great sync software title for the Pocket PC called The Missing Sync. It is a great title because it allows you to sync your Pocket PC to your Mac and also at the same time transfer any contacts and diary events over to it as well and I really wish that a developer would create something on the same lines for the HPC that would allow us to sync with a Mac. However saying that I seem to survive and where I need to I will sync with an old PC that I have running Windows 98 and again that seems to work absolutely fine. In the future I would like to see companies invest in the ability to sync with a Apple Mac because although it is not as popular as a PC the Mac certainly has a good following and it would be a shame not to take advantage of the percentage of people who do use an Apple Mac.

    Is it me or has there been a revival in HPC software. Over the last few weeks I know I was speaking to Lindsey Dyson about this there seems to be a revival in the number of software titles for handheld computers and that is a great thing because I already feel personally that all my software requirements have already been met but it is great to see additional software titles being introduced and I am sure that with the revival that I have personally have seen I think and I hope that we will see more software titles being adapted to the HPC.
    - Sammy

    Wednesday, February 18, 2004
    RESOURCE: As I have not posted on this for a while I thought I would give it another post as it is something the HPC community have been active in for some time.

    SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data.

    The SETI@Home group, #58786 has been around since the year 2000. It originally started out as a group to run my own computers in, eventually becoming a group for people I know to compare SETI@Home statistics in. In 2002 it became the ce320 SETI group, and later that year, due to the number of users joining from TT-Forums.co.uk. The Group became a Co-Group run between the Handheld PC community and the Transport Tycoon community.

    In March 2003 ce320's resources move onto a new project in the Handheld PC community, becoming the Official HPC:Factor : TT-Forums SETI@Home group. The much respected HPC community resource Handheld Addict responded to the call in 2003 and has joined as the groups third collaborative member. In the latest step in the groups evolution, the Handheld PC community cornerstone and site of our very own Reviews Editor Clinton Fitch joined to make a fourth group member.
    SETI@Home can be run on any of the following Operating Systems:
    Windows 95, 98, 98SE, Millennium
    Windows NT4, 2000, XP, 2003
    Mac OS 7.5.5 and above
    Mac OS X
    Open VMS
    Free BSD"

    You can get more information from HPC Factor - http://www.hpcfactor.com/
    - Sammy

    SOFTWARE: Tweaks2k2 Tweaks2K2 is a fantastic software application that I really just spoke about very quickly yesterday. Why it is good is because it is a collection of great packs in fact over 31 different registry packs that allow you to tweak the operation of your handheld computer and adapt it to the way that you want it to be adapted to and there is lots of things that you can actually do to make your HPC run more effectively. One of the great things that you can do is pocket internet explorer does not necessarily render web pages exactly how you like them because the identity of pocket internet explorer is not recognised by the source of the website that you are trying to view. That being the case tweaks2K2 disguises and changes the identity of pocket internet explorer to either internet explorer 5.5 or internet explorer 6.0. And this is and has been one of my favourite reasons to use this piece of software. Now there are lots of other great features apart from identifying pocket internet explorer as internet explorer you can show or hide the my handheld PC icon in your desk top which is great and the same goes for things like the control panel icon, the recycle bin icon and also a database icon as well they can all be shown or hidden in the desk top as one chooses you can also change in the calendar the start of your working day in a number of views again a very handy tweak.

    There are lots of other tweaks that you can do you can change the system font size if it is a little difficult for your eyes to pick up on, why not change it by using the built in tweak and you can also move pocket internet explorer temporary files to any of your storage cards that you have plugged into your handheld. To conclude tweaks2K2 is a very useful and I would say certainly most essential software for your HPC. A lot of work as obviously been pumped into this by the developer and it also continues to evolve as there has been a number of updates to tweaks2K2 over the last year or so, if you send the developer an email in regards to support he is also very quick to respond back to you as well but all in all for $9.99 this is an essential application that when people send me an email to ask what is the first software that I should download for my HPC I always say take a look at tweaks2K2.
    - Sammy

    SAMMY'S EDITORIAL: Many people are questioning the future of HPC and personally I have seen over the last few months an increase in interest in regards to HPCs and that's good because recently I have started using my 720 a little bit more often than what I would normally do. An example would be editorials, I have had a lot of editorials to do I dont want to be carrying my Apple power book around with me all of the time, not that it is heavy because it is relatively light weight but I want something that is quite small and I also use a Palm Tungsten C with my Jornda 720. But my 720 it is light weight and obviously just fits into my pocket or into my bag. So wherever I am I can just open it up start typing and I am quite happy with the keyboard.

    I think the keyboard is of quality and the keys are adequately spaced so that I can pick up a good speed in typing. It is with added interest I am becoming more productive by using my 720 and so that can only be a good thing. We are also seeing a lot more activity on HPC websites and also a lot of new software updates and new software being released so I certainly feel that the Windows CE platform for HPCs is certainly not dead by all means. As I said last week the HPC community is certainly growing strong and that is a good thing. When I first started handheld Addict although the site was called another name, the community then was only relatively small but HPCs had really been the for runner of the Pocket PC today. It really is a shame that HPCs have dried up but they have not dried up completely and that is a good thing because what I think we will see is clamshell designed PDAs certainly make a come back whether they are running Windows CE or whether they are running something alternative such as Linux.

    There seems to be a lot of speculation at the moment that Psion is going to come out with a new HPC and we certainly talked about this a little while ago that Psion was thinking about re-introducing a clamshell PDA although we said Windows CE it now looks likely that it is going to Linux but whatever the quality of a Psion product is certainly going to be top quality. But at the moment and the for seeable future I am going to continue to use my Jornda 720 as it has been as a HPC that I have personally used over a number of years and why fix something that is not broken.
    - Sammy

    RESOURCE: For those of us that use netfront, and for those of us that want to use the intermec to scan for wifi networks, or for anyone who wants to use PPC programs, but get the infamous "foo" menu, this will be pertinent.

    A individual named "geared2003" on Yahoo's HPC User group recently hooked me up with an alternate version of aygshell.dll, mfcce300.dll, olece300.dll, and doclist.dll (the 4 dlls needed to run most ppc apps on the hpc). I found that with the exception of olece300.dll, they all play well with existing ppc programs (i.e. acrobat), and also allow for PPC menus in other programs that would have otherwise given you a "foo" menu (netfront, pocketwarrior, sim city, and others).

    Kudos for geared2003 for finding this important file, and DIC -- the russian programmer who made this happen. Supposedly this was originally made for the BE300 -- a Casio device running Casio's own iteration of CE 3.0. You can find the files on my file server as well as on yahoo's user group. One more thing -- this has been proven to work well for the Sigmarion III, which runs CE 4.2 on a XSCale processor. My test platform was an Intermec 6651: runs CE 3.0 on a MIPS processor. For the ARM version of the DLLs you can find this on Yahoo's HPC user group -- the one I'm hosting is the MIPS version.

    - Felixdd

    WEBSITE: News at HPCZONE. METRO v5.1.3 update. New reviews are also on the way.
    Click here for Handheld Zone
    - Sammy

    WEBSITE: At HPC Factor all technical articles have been fully brought up to scratch and primarily all their outstanding video tutorials are now updated.
    - Sammy

    READ: Pocket PC Thoughts continues the Psion debate - "Heads up all you Psion fans, the UK firm could be back in the PDA business again! Now that Psion has sold it’s share in Symbian to Nokia, they may be getting back to the business of cranking out PDAs again. "Symbian is the property of Nokia - and (to a lesser extent) three other phone makers, Panasonic, Siemens, and Sony Ericsson - and Psion thinks there's more to life than phones."

    Only thing is, they may well be Linux PDAs: "… we see it as going way beyond Microsoft, being much wider than that. We see Linux as being very interesting, not only in terms of technology, but also in market dynamics"."

    - Sammy

    READ: Tony Dennis at The Inquirer writes - "THE FOUNDER OF Psion, David Potter – has told The Business that his company is planning a series of mobile products that will utilise Linux as their OS.

    Potter was quoted as saying, "We believe that the open-source operating system Linux opens the door to new possibilities in the mobile sector." This statement comes mere days after Psion has sold its share in Symbian to Nokia and its software arm, Psion Software, to Visto."

    - Sammy

    Tuesday, February 17, 2004
    SOFTWARE: CTDVDDataCTDVDData Now available for HPC2000 devices!
    " CTDVDData is a database tool that will allow you to keep track of your DVD and VHS collection. You can save in it's database all the information about your DVD and VHS including the name and the due date of anyone who has borrowed one of your DVD/VHS and even more, you will be able to set an alarm so when you open this program the next time it tells you of any over due return date."

    Sounds good and as ever download from the pc-counselor.com website where you will find more HPC giidies including one of my favourite apps Tweaks2k which allows you to change and adapt your HPC to the way you want it to run.
    - Sammy

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