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Thursday, September 30, 2004
SAMMY'S THOUGHT: What Media Player works with your device?

Tyler pointed us to this site. If your looking to see which Windows Media Player runs on your HPC then this Microsoft web page may help .

Thanks Tyler
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

SAMM'S THOUGHT: A good place to start.....
If your looking for a good Windows CE site then I can say that Chris De Herrera is certainly a good website to view. It has some great technology write ups, traces the history of Windows CE from the days when everyone was using a clamshell device, remember? There is a lot of good information here for both experienced Windows CE users through to the beginner who has just purchased their first clamshell device.
[Link - Chris De Herrera's HPC website]

USER THOUGHT: The Cathena Windows CE laptop...my thoughts
Sammy I agree the Cathena looks good and I have seen the price and considering what you get for your money I think its good value.

It reminds me of the Psion Netbook and I think there could be competition. Thanks for the site, keep up the good work!
- Stephen Thysler

Wednesday, September 29, 2004
SAMMY'S THOUGHT: The new Windows CE laptop / Cathena
This Windows CE laptop looks quite cool. It's a great idea, not sure it will work, but it looks quite cool anyway. The specs are quite good, it includes built in wifi which I think is very cool.The Cathena was developed as a result of in-depth discussions and interviews with numerous elementary and high school educators, school district technical staff, systems integrators, and federal and state government service personnel. The most common complaint relayed to the Company was the lack of suitable computer hardware products between handheld PDA's and notebook PC's.

The specs include 64MB of ROM, 128MB of RAM, a 12.1-inch LCD screen, 802.11b WiFi, and a CompactFlash memory card slot. I think this is a great device / laptop and it will be interesting to see how it sells.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

Tuesday, September 28, 2004
BallShooter Release Ms. Parkman 2005 is the latest news blurb over at HPC Factor.
[Link - HPC Factor]
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

EDITORIAL: More on One Cat Doodler
Not only does OCD have all the capabilities of the basic Windows CE paint program, but the ability to create images and store them in user defined libraries and recall them makes this program unique. For instance, I scanned all the standard programming flow chart images, the ovals, the hex boxes, the triangles, rhomboids, parallelograms, etc...and made each of them a single image stored in a library file. Now I can call up the individual images and make complete flowcharts for my programming templates. I put them in my document, resize to my tastes, and I am done! OCD does even more.. Very nice site...keep it up.
- Rich

We have talked about the OQO before and its a portable handheld computer. It's set for release in October roughloy for the price of $1900.

More details over at Gizmodo.

Personally I think this is a cool looking device whether it will be a hit we will see, I do think its a cool device.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

Monday, September 27, 2004
OneCatDoodler has always been one of my favourite software titles. What is it? Well its simply a doodler software application where you write notes, jot dow telephone numbers etc. It also comes with a free trial too.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

SAMMY'S THOUGHT: A life saver
I had a problem in work today. Our broadband internet had gone down and my Mac was unable to access the internet meaning I had no email or internet access. Thankfully I just opened up my 720, used the IR connection to my Nokia cell phone and downloaded what I need. This proves one thing...that your HPC can be a life saver in times like this.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

Sunday, September 26, 2004
USER THOUGHT: 7xx at Airports
Sammy, I had an amusing experience at the Philadelphia airport carrying my 728 through security. I did not take it out of my briefcase like a laptop for separate x-raying since I had never done that before with any PDA. The security guys flagged it and told me they had to search my briefcase separately.

One guy said to another one, "There's something in here that looks like a laptop computer, but it's small." The other one replied, "You mean like a Palm?" The first one said, "No, it's NOT A PALM, it's like that but it has a keyboard!" The other said, "You mean you can type on it, but it's like a Palm?" "Yeah, you better check it out!"

So, they took everything out of the briefcase, searched it thoroughly and then went after the 728 in its own case. They swabbed it down on all sides, checked it for explosives, and finally declared it OK to go on the plane. They warned me that I had better treat this like a laptop in the future and take it out of the bag for the x-ray.

It delayed me about 10 minutes, but it was overall very amusing and could have been a great commercial for the HPC with that "NOT A PALM" comment.
- Brad Kent

WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude
Henri has let us know that he has updated SuperMemo to his website.
[Link - Handheld Attitude]
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

Friday, September 24, 2004
untitledSAMMY'S THOUGHT: How the Airport looks at your HPC
I forgot to post this but Customs at Manchester Airport took a fancy to my 720. They took a look at it, asked me what it was and opened it up. After checking it, they placed it back in my bag and thanked me. Anyone else had an experience like this?
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

untitledSAMMY'S THOUGHT: Travelling with your HPC
I travelled over to Ireland tonight and flew by British Airways on a flight that took no more than 30 minutes. A quick read of some saved website on my 720. Drafting up email, played a quick game of Tetris and then I arrived in Ireland. It just goes to show that the company of a HPC such as the 720 can make your flight that bit shorter
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

Thursday, September 23, 2004
SAMMY'S THOUGHT: More wallpaper for your HPC
Jason Dunn famed for his excellent site Pocket PC Thoughts has a website containing some great HPC Pro wallpapers. Some original designs here for you to downl;oad and enjoy.
[Link - Jason Dunn's Wallpaper Emporium]
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

THOUGHT: The Oregon Osaris
Sammy the Sigmarion III looks a great device and it was the first time I'd seen this device yesterday.

It reminds me of the Oregan Osaris which run the EPOC operating system.
- Paul Pwellier

SAMMY'S THOUGHT: Getting my hands dirty
One thing I will say about the Mobile Pro is that it looks a nice quality device.

The color design looks cool./ It may be me but it does not seem as buly as the 720 / 728 and I like the keyboard design. I am really looking forward to getting my hands dirty with this device
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

Wednesday, September 22, 2004
SAMMY'S THOUGHT: I am waiting for two devices to play with
I have two devices on order at the moment which I will be doing a review of and thats the NEC MobilePro 900c which is a great looking HPC and I cannot wait to get my hands on this little beauty and secondly.....

the Motorola MPx which runs Windows Mobile and is a clamshell PDA and cell phone. I should have these soon and will post my thoughts on HA.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

Sigmarion III information page for English users is a good website for those that have this device. It's certainly a good handheld although I have not used it poersonally myself.

Saying that I think the design of it is certainly very eye catching. You can purchase from Dynamism.
[Link - Sigmarion III information pages]
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

SAMMY'S THOUGHT: Motorola experimenting with clamshell PDA / Cell Phone
Clamshell design also lives on in the form of this mobile Phone / Pocket PC device that when you open up it automatically becomes a clamshell device. I think it looks quite cool. Again we are going down the form factor that clamshell devices are not dead. It's keyboard looks a little small in my opinion, of course its not running the familiar Windows CE OS that we have on our HPC device but again, it's proving the point that clamshell design is far from dead. You can read more about the Motorola device over at Brighthand and I have one on pre-order to test and I will report back in the very near future my findings.
[Link - Brighthand]
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

SAMMY'S THOUGHT: The keyboard design is still alive
It may not be a clamshell in the form that we know, or run Windows CE but Dev wrote in from Utah to let me know the idea of the clamshell may be far from dead as the concept of PDA's shows. This is the T Mobile Sidekick II which you can read about on the Engadget website it goes to show that the clamshell design is far from dead and people still want a PDA device with a keyboard.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

SAMMY'S THOUGHT: Those Pacman days
I like Pacman clones and MsPacman looks good. I remember fondly my Pacman days. I think I may have played it on a gameboy. Needless to say it was a fun game and there are several variations thjat you can play on a Palm device including the Ms Pacman variation. "This is a re-make of well-known Ms. Pac-Man game. Now on your Pocket PC. It has a lot of improvements, such as new hi-color graphics. Also here you'll find 15 new amazing levels, where we try to keep the spirit of this immortal game.

We introduce you a game of computer's childhood. There were no powerful graphic accelerators, no environmental audio, but there were a lot of great addictive games. One of the best old games is Pac-Man. This re-make is absolutely Pac-Man - but with high quality graphics, large number of different levels and 'cherries'.

So, if you like old games, but bored with they old design - it is your game. Don't miss it! if you like pacman - this will be your favorite! if you don't like pacman yet - you will! Ms. Pacman is a first member of The Pacmans family. This game is just a first episode from life of Pacmans' wife ;-)"

[Link - BallShooter]
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)


I quite like the look of Jewel, it looks like a combination of tetris and bejewelled. It is free to download although the site is in japanese.
[Link - Jewel]
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

Tuesday, September 21, 2004
SAMMY'S THOUGHT: Cellphone technology on a HPC
I wonder if we will ever the see the day when a clamshell Windows CE device will act as a cell phone and PDA combination? Why do I ask? Well I have been using a Treo 600 cell phone which is a Palm OS cell phone and PDA and there are times when I am out that I need to send a document or need to receive something that I have to edit. With my HPC, quick fly editing is easy, and I can email off no problem, but sometimes I would like to talk the person through the document and have the device open and use it as a speaker phone. The Nokia Communicator has the ability to do this but I would love to be able to do this with the 720 and have the ability to use it as a cell phone. Maybe sometime in the future we could see such a device.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

SAMMY'S THOUGHT: Sony drops more consumer computer products, theClie range are not the only computer products Sony has dropped.
Engadget - www.engadget.com reports that its not just the Clie range but Sony has dropped the U50 and U70 tablet style PC's.

All I can say is that Sony must be having a huge re-think of its portable devices such as PDA's and tablet form devices which are in the mainstream.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

SAMMY'S THOUGHT: Use your HPC for the routine tasks
Using your HPC just as a general every day PDA is just as acceptable as using it as a power device. Over the years we have had many people who have written in just to say that they have used their 720 as a PDA keeping them up to date with dates, also using it as a shopping list. If you are a power user or not the HPC can be invaluable in tackling every day tasks. A routine example would be myself I work out in the gym and I like to keep on my 720 a run down of my fitness routine and I have a permanent record of it. Another example is that I am very interested in the weather and I like to keep a log of major weather events that happen and again I have an Excel spreadsheet on my 720 with predefined columns that very easily inform me of what developments there have been and at the same time changes over the years so I can compare a certain date bench marked to last year or the year previous and then gain more information. So they are just a couple of the routine tasks that I use my 720 for and it goes to show that you can use your 720 as a power tool or just for everyday tasks.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

SAMMY'S THOUGHT: Careful with your Handheld
Jason Morris emailed in to say that he learnt the hard way and actually broke his Jornada 720 about a year and a half ago where he worked on a building site as a projects manager. He was opening up his device after it being in his coat pocket he lost grip of it dropped it on the floor and it was permanently damaged and was unusable. He was lucky that he was able to get a second device off eBay but now he has a case for it. Jason also stated that he want to sure whether it would be protected even if it was in a case but he thinks that the chances of it being permanently damaged would be significantly reduced if it had of been in some sort of protection. But he does say that you do have to be careful where you use your device whether it is on a building site in the outdoors, because accidents very easily happen.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

SAMMY'S THOUGHT: Working with the bulk of a HPC. Is it that much of a problem?
One of the main complaints that we tend to receive here at Handheld Addict in regards to clamshell designs is that they are quite bulky. The small size is fine but the clamshell isn't the most portable of devices to carry around. This being the case, many people argue that we would loose some of the features and benefits of the HPC if its dimensional size was some what made smaller. I would not want to compromise the screen size because I find that the wide screen is very useful especially when typing up longer documents. So the bulkiness and the size of the device isn't really a major problem for me and it is something that I can certainly live with. Making it more portable I don't think you are ever going to be able to fit it into your pocket, into a case of some sort shouldn't be a problem but I think it is always going to be quite bulky in ones pocket.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

SAMMY'S THOUGHT: Who would have thought?

Mike Cane sent me this which made me laugh, as Mike said must be a photoshop. A home computer system for the year 2004.

- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

Monday, September 20, 2004
SAMMY'S THOUGHT: Is the OQO WinXP Palmtop a suitable replacement for the HPC?
Do you think the OQO WinXP Palmtop device will launch on October 14th? Do you think its the perfect replacement to the HPC? Personally I do not think it is.

Do not get me wrong I like the concept and the design but I am not sure whether it works for me. The design looks like I will need to input using my thumbs, so this would not work for me because if I am spending money on a portable PC I would like to be able to type lengthy documents on it so would like something with at least a healthy keyboard. The OQO Palmtop may not be the answer to me. Still I have not used one personally and the design looks ok. Don't knock it until you try it I say but something tells me it's not the handheld for me.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

SAMMY'S THOUGHT: More on the FlipStart

I found this good article on The Register from earlier this year discussing the specs of the new FlipStart. Still think it's a great looking device.
[Link - The Register]
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

SAMMY'S THOUGHT: All work, no play
All work and no play well that's something that I tend to think about a lot. I am one of those people who take advantage of working on their HPC, especially to type up longer documents or anything that I am particularly working on at that time. Sometimes I need to get away from it all and take time to play a game. My favourite game is Thieves and Kings which you will have probably seen me mention many of times on handheld addict. I am also prone to game of Cantris. Again you have probably seen this on Handheld Addict Cantris is a good game of Tetris and as I called it over the weekend it is Tetris on steroids. I think it is really important to take time to play a game, for a little bit of recreational time and there are certainly some great games available for the handheld PC. At the moment I am trying to learn how to play chess I have always been one for checkers but chess is a game that I have always fascinated in since I was younger. And there are some great variations of chess including one that we illustrated earlier today Pocket Chess. The graphics are very good on this and it looks a good game play. I think chess is probably one of the most popular games on the planet and can be played by anybody and it is especially a more intellectual game, probably the reason why I am unable to grasp the fundamental basics of it.

But just to reiterate the point I think it is important that we take time away from our work and play a game. It is healthy for the brain and many games these days are quite challenging. Thieves and Kings is quite challenging, Pocket Chess is quite challenging the game of checkers that I have on my Jornada 720 again it is rather challenging you need to use your brain it gets the mind thinking. So my point is take time away from working and play a game or two when you possibly can. You have the advantage of a wide screen which really makes the game play more exciting than if it was on a Pocket PC or on a Palm device.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

SAMMY'S EDITORIAL: Purchasing a second hand HPC
There are many horror stories of purchasing Windows CE handheld on something like eBay. Personally, I have never had a problem and I have been able to purchase and use handheld devices using eBay and have never been stung by it. However one has to wear a word of caution that not every seller is a genuine one. In the years that I have been dealing with eBay each transaction has run smoothly and whenever I have sold anything although I try to sell them through my websites, handheld addict and Palm Addict I always try and provide as much evidence that my for sale is genuine. However whenever I put something on either site about eBay I always get one or two emails sent in from readers advising caution. All I can say is before you buy a HPC take a look at the feedback from those who have purchased from the seller before. And even then it is not always the word of stone that the purchaser is genuine. I know people who sell on eBay, genuine people but they have friends and ask their friends to provide feedback about the seller. Now I am not saying do not buy it off eBay but if you are looking to purchase a HPC which is obviously going to cost you it is worth fully investigating to make sure that it is a genuine for sale, take a look at the feedback and also take a look at the small print. If you have any questions then see if you are able to ask questions about the handheld before purchasing. As I say most of the items on eBay are genuine however there is a small percentage of people who do not use the system fairly and are out to make money rather than to sell you a reliable handheld computer.

Talking about HPC's you can get good prices for them on eBay just do a search for a Jornada 720, 720A or NAC MobilePro and it will bring up a list of devices. However one thing that I have noticed is that the sale of accessories for the devices seem to have increased and whilst the sale of actually Windows CE devices seems to have reduced significantly over the last few months. I think most people are sticking on to the HPC which is a good thing but like me I also have a back up should something go wrong. My back up device was purchased from eBay almost a year ago and I test it every now and again, keep it in the top draw just in case I should need it but at the same time just check on a periodical basis to make sure that it is running fine and there are no problems. If you purchase a device straight from eBay power it up, make sure its fully working, test some software on it make sure the operating system is sound before closing it down and putting it in the draw in case of a rainy day.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

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