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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude updates
  • Lots of updates on HPC Attitude today including the following -
  • Leisure - Ebook - Champagne updated
  • Utilities - Files - GSFinder updated (download made available)
  • Utilities - Files - GSFinder+ added
  • Utilities - Miscellaneous - TaskSwitch updated (download made
  • Utilities - Miscellaneous - TaskSwitch+ added
    [Handheld Attitude - http://www.yetanotherhomepage.com/j7xx/]
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    EDITORIAL: The 9500 Nokia Communicator will it live up to the Windows CE HPC?
    One clamshell device that doubles as a cell phone is the Nokia 9500 Communicator. Browse the Internet in rich full colour, on a wide, easy-to-read screen.

    Work with office documents - not just letters and memos, but presentations and databases too. Get them from your corporate network via Wireless LAN or fast mobile access. The Nokia 9500 Communicator offers high-capacity built-in memory - 80 MB, plus a memory card slot for even more storage space. Looking at the keyboard reminds me of the Psion Series 5 and its intergrated keyboard. Yes it does not run Windows CE but it runs Symbian OS. How will this fair? I am not sure as it is set to be introduced in Q4 however when it is introduced I will be comparing it to a Jornada 720.
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    EDITORIAL: Postcard PC
    Take a look at this, I admit its not a clamshell device but it sure looks quite cool and simple in design. It's called the HagakiPC. It;s supposed to be 13.5 x 11 cm x 1.8 cm, which to me is small. In fact I believe its translation means the Postcard PC.

    Now the design looks good. Inside yu get 266Mhz AMD Geode SC1200 and 128MB of memory. There are USB ports and will run Windows 95/98/2000 XP plus Linux costing around $900. It looks small enough and the design is cool. I guess if you need a keyboard you can just add it.
    [Link ]
    [Link credit to Engadget ]
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    Sunday, August 29, 2004
    EDITORIAL: The 728 never leaves my side
    sammy, i have been kept updated by you for so long now, and thought it was time to share a moment in history with you and the rest of the community. i have been inside and out of computers since a very young age and my fist truly portable unit came in the shape and form of an Atari Portfolio, 80C88, 4.9152 MHz, 128KB internal RAM, 256KB ROM, 240 x 64 graphics screen or 40 characters X 8 lines Monochrome (MDA) emulation it was the year 1994 and was thirteen years old with no real need for a palmtop but a love and fascination with all types of pc's.

    About two years hacking the portfolio to death i found in a Melbourne secondhand store my second portable unit it was a Sharp PC-3100 with similar specs to the Atari but with more communication to the outside world, plus a mush better screen.

    as time goes on and so does tech I find myself today after numerous other portable devices in the drawer with the best of the best a HP 728 as i have never had anything but clamshell devices and never will. The Jornada NEVER leaves my side and again NEVER will.
    - Matthew Rutjens

    If you could have a new HPC designed with today's components, what features would it have and what price would you be willing to pay for it?
    - Mark Gollahan

    Saturday, August 28, 2004
    EDITORIAL: My First HPC...
    My First HPC......was a Cassiopeia A-10 with Windows CE 1.0. I remember how amazed I was at how good it was and how fun it was to use. Leaving it behind when I left the house was not an option! I used the A-10 for both personal use and for tracking things at works. Since then I have also owned an HP 320LX, NEC Mobile Pro 700 and two IBM Workpad z50's. I'm still hoping to buy a J720. I just have to wait till my 4 year old is in University and I will be all set. ;)
    - Darren (Toronto, ON, Canada)
    webmaster of: www.SmartMobileAssets.com

    Friday, August 27, 2004
    EDITORIAL: The 720 is the first HPC that I have used
    Thanks Sammy for the site. My first HPC was the 720. I have been using it for two years and never spend a day without it. I do not use it with any other PDA however I am looking to the future along with many HPC users to see if anyone else will introduce a new HPC.
    - Steve Myler, Florida, US

    USER THOUGHT: Developing HPC software
    Hi Sammy, First at all, congratulations for your site. It's always very interesting. I'm also a fan of J720. I'm so fan that I decided to developp softs for it. And because I do it beside my job, all my softs are freeware. You can reach my site at : http://perso.club-internet.fr/sylverbe/

    My best soft is PocketGo. It's a game of Go for witch I improve user interface. I'm looking forward for any idea of soft developpment to improve J720 use. Very best regards,
    - Sylver Bee

    SOFTWARE: TunnelX
    Hi, and thank you for your support in the past weeks. Our TunnelX project for handheldPC improves day by day. We implemented parallax and introduced a new feature in theese days: the background transparency! we also updated the tunnelX Evoluzione page; now you can find new screenshots.

    p.s. the little operator screen you can see in the space level and in the underground level is another new feature. the operator will warn you in difficult situations and help you to understand the collision structure of the level backgrounds (in the underground level, for example, she will tell you to avoid the rocks on the floor and ceiling), all obviously with movie sequences and digital voice. Thank you
    MARRISOFT - http://marrisoft.135.it/
    - Maurizio Terzo

    Thursday, August 26, 2004
    HANDHELD ADDICT QUESTION: What was your first HPC?
    Remember I am after your thoughts on what your first HPC was. We have had a number of you comments on your first clamshell device. Drop me an email with your thoughts - sammymcloughlin@mac.com
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    SAMMY'S EDITORIAL: Spam Spam Spam 720 make it go away
    An annoying topic but I am sick of spam mail. It is annoying to see so much spam mail in my Pocket Inbox on my 720. Easy enough to delete on the 720 but it can be annoying when you open your device and met with a number of annoying messages. Thank goodness for the delet button.
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    WEBSITE: HPCFactor
    Adobe Acrobat for HPC2000 is an update on HPC Factor today
    HPC Factor - http://www.hpcfactor.com/
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    SAMMY'S EDITORIAL: Make me happy include wifi and bluetooth....
    Just a thought if we ever see new clamshell Windowes CE devices in the future I would like to see them invest in WiFi. Why? I find myself relying on wifi more and more. I have an Apple Powerbook, a Palm Tungsten C and numerous PDA's that have WiFi built in and I think iof they introduced a wifi enabled HPC I would upgrade my 720 for it. Thinking about it, I must have had my 720 for three years or so and never thought of upgrading. So if HP want to know what to include in a futture HPC then consider wifi and of course bluetooth please and you will make me happy
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    SAMMY'S EDITORIAL: Someone still wants to buy a HPC...
    You know owe my 720 still impresses. I was out in my local Starbucks today and I had my 720 open and someone came over that works in my office and asked me what I was typing on and using. I explained and he was amazed and asked was it readily available.

    Imagine my disappointment with having to say "no its discontinued".....I could have been a sales person today and recruited someone else into the HPC community.
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    Wednesday, August 25, 2004
    SOFTWARE:WinCESoft's RemoteControl II
    Frank has let Handheld Addict readers know that WinCESoft's RemoteControl II supports now CF- IR extender cards. Test versions available at: www.WinCESoft.de

    You can read in more detail at forum
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    EDITORIAL: I can envisage using a HPC for some time to come
    I can envisage using a HPC for some time to come and use it in conjunction with the Palm device, I use the Palm device to keep myself updated because it is pocketable and can be carried around easily whilst the HPC can be used for editorials for writing up longer documents, checking internet and email and it really is a beautiful device to look at. I still like the screen it is great having a larger screen so that you can browse internet pages or to work on a document. And the keyboard I can get a real good typing speed using my own method of typing on the keyboard and that's something that you don't find every day in the Pocket PC devices. I still find it quite a amazing that the HPC device is still not the standard PDA today. It has a keyboard both consumers and enterprise users can really make the HPC work for them. Its certainly rugged but that doesn't mean that you can go round throwing your computer on the floor. But I just find it very difficult to picture why the HPC is not the huge big success that it was when it first entered the market. I remember when you used to be able to walk into an electrical shop and there was no such thing as Pocket PC or in those days called a Palm size PC it was all clamshell designs with keyboards such as the Velo and of course our 720 Jornada. Today however you really cant walk into an electrical store and find a clamshell device because it is all Pocket PC's. However that's not to say that the market will move in different ways. We are already seeing Pocket PC variations with slide out keyboards, I think to be perfectly honest they are very good for updating email on the go but they are not so practical when you are typing out longer documents on the train or at an airport.
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    EDITORIAL: The HPC Community is still alive
    The HPC community is something that I think that the whole community can be really proud of. It is something that we all take part in on a daily basis whether its to update you on a particular piece of software or to talk about user thoughts or to talk about an opinion on something particular but there are a number of websites such as Handheld Addict that are here to help you and also to fill in the gaps that Microsoft have certainly left open. I first got interested in HPC's and PDA's some years ago and since then the hobby and passion has flourished considerably. For example I started putting together Handheld Addict over five years ago and since then we have grown into what we are today. As you know we are updated on a daily basis and we have a large audience of readers. It is not just the writers that make up Handheld Addict it is also you, the user who sends in your contributions and opinions. We also try and keep you up to date with whats going on in the community on other HPC websites. Consider us as a gate opener to the other sites because that's what we try to think of ourselves here at the Handheld Addict. Obviously, the HPC community has some what dwindles over years with lack of support for the HPC especially as the Pocket PC community has grown. But HPC community is still here we are still active we are still updating our websites, you know you only need to take a look at the forum to see the number of questions that have been posted and I think that the HPC device is still as functional as what it was some years ago. The Jornada 720 is still a modern device and it would obviously considerably help if the operating system was updated but the device itself is via model.

    So to the HPC community obviously handheld attitude is two years old and we wish them a very happy birthday its nice to see the handheld community as stable as it is. Obviously we have seen websites come and go in the past but the circle of sites that we have at the present time really result in a stable community which provides users like you and I an environment were we can hang out, keep up to date with news stories, keep up to date with what everybody's thinking but I think that's a good thing at the end of the day. And as far as I am concerned Handheld Addict's going to continue just because HPC's are not as widely available as they were three or four years ago doesn't mean that the community is not active because the community is just as active as ever but you have to bear in mind the question what will handheld community be like in five years time will there still be one and I have to say yes I think that there will be obviously it will be a lot more smaller than what it is today but as long as there is a community we will still be here and I am sure the other websites will still be here too. The HPC community is still alive and is still flourishing and that's the main thing.
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    WEBSITE: HPC Factor
    I've got a new review up, CNetX Flash Format 2.61. I'll have another one next week, it's all written and waiting to go. We've also got all our old reviews content from S|HPC archived live on the site, all of Clint's reviews are back on HPC:Factor
    - Chris Tilley, HPC Factor

    EDITORIAL: Two years of Handheld Attitude
    Well... today August 25, 2004, is the second anniversary of "j7xx handheld attitude". The site is still alive and the number of visitors has increased with an average of 1000 visitors per day. 1000 ? "not so much" may say some people, but at my level this is a lot. Having started two years ago with 840 software referenced, the site now
    reference more than 1470 titles (only for the software). I work alone to maintain these pages and this is a huge work. I try to keep the links updated or to find solutions to make the downloads accessible, but I must admit that more and more developers do not want to support anymore this platform or web sites are closing the one after the other one. But the community still exists and this is a good reason to continue.
    A special thanks to Sammy (Handheld Addict), Chris (HPC:Factor), Clinton (Clinton Fitch (dot) com) ans Eugenio (zona handheld PC) for their support and help and a big thanks to all the visitors.
    - Henri Spagnolo, Handheld Attitude

    Tuesday, August 24, 2004
    WEBSITE: HPC Factor update
    It's good to see Chris who puts together and runs HPC Factor back with one of their reviews that we enjoy, this time of CNetX Flash Format. It's great to see Chris back with one of his reviews. Let's see some more Chris they are great.
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    WEBSITE: Handheld Zone update
    Message from Eugenio from Handheld Zone - "I inform you that MAME for HPCPRO has been released..."
    - Sammy

    EDITORIAL: remap the external keys of the HPC
    Hi Sam, Just a thought: I wrote in my editorial yesterday that it "lacks the ability to remap the external keys" about the 720. Of course, it doesn't... The registry allows these to be edited, and I've changed mine to now invoke WinamPAQ. Not yet perfect, but I'm trying to find if there's any IPC support to allow me to write a stub which will control winamPAQ better. Cheers,
    - Nick

    I bought my first HPC in 1993. I was running a booth at an exhibition stand in Berlin, and had to supply a prize for a daily draw to entice folk onto the stand. Step forward the Psion - I can't remember the designation, but I remember it had a slide on it to reveal the keyboard. I remember that it was so cool to be able to program it to read 'Congratulations on Winning First Prize from ***** Inc.' on start-up! I was so impressed that I bought one when transiting at Heathrow on the way back home.

    Next up was the Psion 3, then 3a, then 5, then 5mx. All were utterly brilliant, if only their elegant slimline design had been matched by their robustness. I had the 5mx for the longest, and together with my Eriksson SH888 IRDA mobile phone, I was a fully-paid up Road Warrior in the mid-nineties! I was very lucky that I worked only 2 miles away from Psion's repair shop, as my 100,000 Air Miles-a-year habit took its toll on its notorious dry joints. Running on two AA batteries was the greatest brain wave of all, as I never had to worry about mains lead compatibility. When Psion withdrew from manufacture and started charging for technical assistance on a premium toll line, I decided (along with thousands of others, I think) to move to a machine with greater MS compatibility, and the closest to Psion's elegance was the Jornada 720.

    We've been constant companions for three and a half years with (touch wood) no more than the occasional soft re-set. It's a 24/7 executive assistant, and much less intimidating in meetings than a laptop, although it stores our corporate presentation and our Business Plan, as well as all our sales figures.

    My main worry is - what's next? I think the J720 is right on the limit of practical portability, snugly fitting into the inside pocket of my jacket or (just) in a shirt pocket. Alternatives seem to be odd shapes, have a Japanese OS, or no practical keyboard. Fingers crossed that it lasts another three and a half years, eh? Best regards,
    - Stephen Appelbee, Wrexham

    Monday, August 23, 2004
    WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude updates
    Remote Command is amongst the updates on Handheld Attitude that Henri has emailed today.
    Handheld Attitude - http://www.yetanotherhomepage.com/j7xx/
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    EDITORIAL: HPCs, cases, and your site
    Just a quick note to thank you for continuing to regularly update your site with news, editorials and all that stuff.

    You asked about HPC history, and it prompted me to write to you...I started off with a Psion 3a and then bought a Siena to replace it which was based on the newer . Following that, a 3C 2MB with backlight came and finally in the 3 series, a 3MX was mine. Very nice machines, and truly a well sorted OS for handhelds. The inclusion of powerful applications and a built in programming language makes these machines truly useful. I may end up buying another Siena just to relive the small form factor coolness ;-)

    From there, the natural progression was the Psion 5. This was, and still is, a great machine. The OS is just about right, there's still a built in programming language, and the applications have grown. Downside for me has always been, and remains being, the screen which is not at all legible due to the touch screen technology that Psion chose. Also, stating the obvious, it's a monochrome device which whilst functional does not excite.

    I bought an HP 620LX cheap from a friend in, oh, late 1998. This ran WinCE 2.0, and was a revelation. Sure, WinCE was not as elegant, light or generally well suited to HPCs as Psion's OS was but on the other hand it was familiar, it was Windows, and it was not that bad. Synchronisation through activesync, even in the early days, was a league above the Psion effort of Psiwin, which regularly needed TLC.

    The frustration of trying to program WinCE 2 soon reared its head, and I ended up lusting after a 2.11 upgrade kit... Which were always too expensive.

    So I bided my time, and kept watching ebay until a 680 came up cheap and locally. Soon one was mine, and I never really looked back. Nice machine, fast enough, responsive, some of the worst behaviours of CE fixed, sync'd well... In short, a good 'un. I still have it as a backup machine.

    I fell out of the habit of using a PDA for a while, possibly due to the size of the 680 and possibly because it wasn't a new toy anymore: I think I have ADD when it comes to my organisation ;-). I bought an iPAQ 3630 cheaply off a friend, and was quite amazed for a while until I tried to do useful things on it. I can say with certainty that I don't like the lack of keyboard, and carrying around a foldable keyboard makes the whole package bigger than a 680, which defeats the object of the game! Speaking of games, the 3630 scans a common key matrix meaning that it cannot detect two keypresses in the Spectrum Emulator - rendering it useless.

    I also tried a Rex6000, and was pretty flabberghasted at the functionality of something so small running off 2 small cells. There was even an emulator and SDK, and a burgeoning community... Ultimately, the thing was just too small and slow to be my "perfect" PDA, so I didn't stick with that.

    I returned to the 680 a few months back, and started appreciating it. Then a 720 came up from the same friend who sold me the 3630, who happens to work at a place developing for PDAs, at a good price... So it was mine.

    The verdict? Nippy, easy to use, syncs over USB, has a wonderful keyboard, lacks the ability to remap the external keys (at the moment), has no "lid" sensor to turn off when it's physically shut, could benefit from more memory... Oh, and the HPC2000 SDK sucks compared to the PPC SDK of the same era. And Microsoft have dropped the platform format, having killed Psion (whom they once thought of as their greatest threat!) and then going toe-to-toe with Palm...

    But the 720 is an excellent device, and I'm sticking with it for the foreseeable, as I cannot see anything on the horizon that tempts me. This is some relief to my wife, who despairs as to my addiction to all things Gadget.

    Cases? I think I tried practically every case going for both the Psion 3 and 5 series. The Vega cases are lovely, if expensive. The Palmtec was what got used most often despite being physically bulky. I bought so, so many cases... I've still got a couple which fit the 680 and 720, and my favourite is one from an american company but can I remeber the name of it? It's sized to fit the Psion and the old wired travel modem, so fits the 720 and a network card, pen, phone cable and dongle in wonderfully. I've also got a hard case for the 720 coming, and I'll write a review and take photos if that would be helpful. Anyhow, thanks for the site.

    EDITORIAL: My first HPC
    My first Handheld PC was a Sharp HC-4100 , in ... 2000 I think ... After the introduction of the HP Jornada Series I bought in 2001 my first HP 710 , this device must be replaced by a HP 720 in 2003 . So, I'm using Handheld PC for about 4 years now.
    - Bernd Dohr, Nürnberg

    EDITORIAL: Handheld Addict Jornada Stylus Stock
    Hi there, I often visit your site on a daily basis for regular updates on the handheld
    world. I have recently noticed that www.expansys.com, have recently had stock of over 1000 packs of the stylus at £10.95 including VAT for 3. Seeing as these often go missing, I have received mine this morning and look exactly the same as the HP originals. Cheers
    - Craig Ward, Northampton UK

    EDITORIAL: Emergency Call for Assistance
    Like most conflagrations, the smoldering embers sat undisturbed, until... My story begins in a quaint New England village's fire department. Here, technology mixes with the past, as computer monitors sit atop antique writing desks in rooms decorated with century-old helmets, extinguishers, nozzles, badges, alarm boxes and signage. The daily office paperwork of keeping track of apparatus maintenance, personnel training as well as documenting each fire call is still done by the Chief's Aid. More than just a lowly secretary, this individual is a full time firefighter, with the added task of being the company clerk, Ensign Pulver and Radar O'Riley, all rolled into one. True, record keeping is no longer done by hand. Today, all records are done on computer. In fact, each of our primary response units are equipped with handheld devices that allow instant access to reams of on-scene vital information, in addition to logistical and command data forms that aid in documenting each event. Once completed on-scene, the information would be downloaded when the devices were placed in their docking stations back at the station. That is... until just recently. Thus is the source of our incendiary issue.

    It seems that compliments of Homeland Defense grant funds, we were able to upgrade our aging computers with more up-to-date equipment, and - here is where the spark hits the dry tinder. No matter what we do... we just can't get the HP Jornada 720s to sync. The are connected via serial connection to the CPUs... just as they had to the previous incarnations. When they are in place, and and Active Sync is started on both devices, the HPs are all noticed, but are quickly dropped. The first notice of a smoldering issue appears when the handheld is first installed and activated. A message appears on the HP's screen, stating that there was a Windows CE Networking problem. "Error registering name on network. Change in communications control panel and try again." A second atteempt to connect to the CPU renders another error message that states it "Cannont start communications with the desktop computer. Reomte Networking could not start due to a critical error (Error 678). Please reconnect your device.. If the problem persists, restart your device using the instructions provided by the manufacturer." (...yeah, right.)

    I seem to remember that the "name" of the new computer is not the same as the one it replaced. But, still, even when the handhelds are cold booted (save for the data information on their 512MB SanDisks...) they still don't gain access. We have tried using previous issues of ActiveSync, as well as the later 3.7.1 - with no positive results. This is MOST frustrating, as we could hot sync before, either via serial port connection (in the docking station), or wirelessly - by way of our Belkin Wireless Access Cards. In fact, in the past, we could select "Wireless Network" as one of the options in the Change Connection section under the Communications Properties of Control Panel... but - now... it doesn't even exist! I have noted that two of the handhelds (that weren't cold booted) show the name of the previous device that they connected to - in the ActiveSync window, and the others show the name of the newer unit. None can connect.

    It is not often that we put out a call for assistance, but we are in serious need for Mutual Aid! Please come to Our Rescue. This is an emergency call for International Assistance!

    As an added incentive, we are offering FREE Keyboard Skins to the first party to render (corrective) aid! You see, a number of our members are also the ones responsible for the popular Keyboard Skins that Sammy and Company have been touting the benefits of for the past few years.

    Fellow firefighter, doctor, accountant, computer tech, insurance agent, contractor, student or home inspector... Whether you're a HP Jornada 720 user, or prefer a NEC MobilePRO (790 or 900), Sigmarion III, Intermec 5561 (SHARP HC-7000) or PSION NetBook PRO... when it comes to protecting your expensive handheld device from accidental liquid spills and damaging dust, dirt and soot... "We've Gottcha Covered!"

    So, you help put out our fire, and we'll help protect you from yours!

    Feel free to contact us - any time... and, thank you - in advance - for your very kind consideration and assistance. Sincerely,
    - Sandy Korda, Image911

    Sunday, August 22, 2004
    WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude updates
    Henri's (Handheld Attitude) updates for today include - Graphic - Miscellaneous - Xplanet added,Graphic - Viewer - SeePic added, Comms - Phone - PhonePal added, Comms - Remote - GoAhead WebServer added, Comms - Remote - MobTerm added, Comms - Remote - Ping added, Comms - Remote - VNCViewer added, Utilities - Files - RamFile added and Utilities - Keyboard - MyIME added. More details.
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    EDITORIAL: So what is the best HPC case?
    A lot of people I notice do not use cases. For example David Thame wrote into me to ask whats the best case to purchase for his 728 as he used it for 14 months and only just got around to purchasing one - "I wanted to get software before spending money on a case." There is no right or wrong answer to the case question needless to say get the one that is right for you.
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    EDITORIAL: What was your first HPC?
    Can you remember what your first HPC was? Have you always been using the same handheld device? I've been using the Jornada 720 for some time and never really seen an reason to upgrade to a 728. It does everything that I want except make me a cup of tea. Let me know how long you have been using your present handheld and remember to tell me what your 1st HPC was?
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    Saturday, August 21, 2004
    WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude updated
    Henri (Handheld Attitude) has emailed his updates for today and they include: SwitchDHCP updated and RPN Calculator. More details.
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    EDITORIAL: The HPC Community rocks......
    I'd like to thank the HPC community for their help. I had a bluetooth problem not so long ago. Posted it on the HA forum and waited to see if anyone helped out. The HPC community didn't let me down. We may not be in the limelight but I think that's what makes this community rock!!
    - Helen Coombes

    EDITORIAL: Losing your stylus
    Just a quick question that was sent into me from Phil. Phil wanted to know if anyone had and tips for not losing their stylus - "I think I have lost 3 or 4 in the past. I guess I'm just plain clumsy. I always lose them after I have used them. I may put it on the coffee table and then leave the room and then forget about it that's when I lose them" Does anyone have any tips and advice? Email me and let me know - sammymcloughlin@mac.com
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    Friday, August 20, 2004
    WEBSITE: Handheld Zone updated
    Updates on Handheld Zone include: "New poll in the main page" amongst other updated items.
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    Thursday, August 19, 2004
    EDITORIAL: Marrisoft is working on a new shot'em up for HPC devices
    Marrisoft is working on a new shot'em up especially designed for handheld pc. We are hardly work on this project and the result is actually very promising.

    We are looking for Beta Testers, if you are interested please write us and specify your HandheldPC model and WindowsCE version

  • STUNNING HI COLOR GRAPHICS (uses hpc GAPI to maximize performances; see http://www.wincesoft.de/ for details)






    More details
    - Maurizio Terzo, Marrisoft

  • Wednesday, August 18, 2004
    WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude updates
    If you have missed the updates on Handheld Attitude then now is a good time to catch up - Visit Handhedl Attitude
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    EDITORIAL: Conquer the world on your HPC
    Want to take over the world? You can with Pocket Conquest and there is a HPC version that has been in circulation for some time. It's a great game, I have played with both Pocket PC and Handheld PC versions and its a game worthy of a mention - " Conquest is a version of the board game Risk for Windows PCs, HandheldPCs and PocketPCs. You fight against up to 7 computer controlled opponents to take over the world before you are eliminated by your enemies. Each computer opponent has their own personality which you can customize. The Artifical Intelligence of the computer opponents is particularly strong and you'll have to fight hard to beat them! "
    - Joe Gardner

    untitledEDITORIAL: Galactic Realms
    Galactic Realms looks pretty cool. It's an action packed game that you can play on your HPC - "stunning new graphics will keep you entertained for days!  Everything has been remastered.  Now you will be able to choose between 3 races.  So you can fight battles from 3 different perspectives."
    - Joe Gardner

    EDITORIAL: Foxpop is re-born
    The website Foxpop has relaunched. I received the following email from Elisabeth today who is the editor of the website - "It is 3 months to the day since FoxPop closed, and we are back! The FoxPop workload was just too great for one or two editors to sustain, but that doesn't mean that we've lost interest, or that we want to stop writing and publishing about PDAs and mobile computing. So several of the FoxPop team have come together to create something new and also sustainable. This is a new look, a new name and a new concept for a new website, and we hope that you will check it out, and enjoy watching it develop and grow."

    So go and take a look at Foxpop. Nice to see that they have returned. The site looks fresh and the content is great - http://www.foxpop.co.uk/
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    Monday, August 16, 2004
    EDITORIAL: Bagpeddler case for the 700 series

    Bagpeddler has the E&B Futura 100 in-stock for $64.95. "The case is ideal for traveling and meetings. Holds many credit cards, PC Cards, notepad (included), 2 pen holders, space for 2 AA batteries and one pocket for checks and other documents. This case fits a machine 7.6x5.4x1.75in, 19.3x13.7x4.4cm or smaller. More details
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

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