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Friday, July 30, 2004
WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude
Latest updates on Handheld Attitude this morning include -
Comms - Remote - EzObex updated
Utilities - Miscellaneous - SInfos updated
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

EDITORIAL: More on ways to protect your HPC
Thank you for the number of emails that we received yesterday in regards to protecting your HPC device and I think that two of the most common problems seem to be people either spilling things such as cordial, tea and coffee onto their devices and I also received two emails from people who have experienced dropping their HPC device on the floor. Steven Philips from Arizona in the US emailed in to say that one of the worse things that he has done has dropped his HPC on a concrete floor outside as he had gotten out of his car and walking into the house. Fortunately by some miracle his 720 device was in perfect condition there was not a scratch on it and that was 18 months ago. Yes it is a real miracle that HPC devices still work functionally and have no problems at all but you do have to take precautions Lilly wrote in to say that she is one of those people who has in the past spilt fluid onto her device and she is scared that in case it gets absorbed into the keyboard. She is a house wife and she uses her device in the kitchen so obviously she is going to be prone to disaster if she is not careful by using her HPC in the kitchen so yes she has protection in the case that she has a water proof case to stop any spillages onto her device so when she has finished using her 720 she closes it folds it away and puts it in the case this prevents her spilling anything onto the keyboard or onto the screen and thank fully stops anything from being absorbed. So the message is to be careful, take precautions and ensure that you take all the safety measures possible so that your HPC can live a long life.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

EDITORIAL: Memory on a HPC is important
Memory on my HPC's is very important especially if you want to download photographs, videos and music. I know that I have quite a large music collection which I keep on both my Palm device and 720 and as a consequence I use memory cards as a routine standard. These days you can get really good memory cards bargains I am taking a look now and Expansys have some good bargains on compact flash cards with good memory and real decent prices. I think that if you want to expand the productivity of your device and really expand how you use your device and I think you should invest in a memory card especially if you are going to access multimedia features such as music and videos and films and photographs etc.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

EDITORIAL: What OS will future HPC's run?
I wonder in the future whether when new portable HPC's are introduce they will either run Windows CE or whether they will run Windows XP or one of the desk top operating systems? I am not to sure I think the advantage with running Windows XP is that you will be able to use all your modern day applications on a device that is small or maybe possibly smaller than the Jornada 720 on the other hand those that are migrating from an older operating system to one of the new devices are not going to be able to bring over there older software applications. They might be able to bring over the software but not necessarily their applications. This being the case I read on the Brighthand website that BSQUARE Corporation has announced that that it has ceased manufacturing one of its portable wireless handhelds. The wireless handheld I believe was to run Windows CE has a VGA screen and has a pull out keyboard and as a consequence production has stopped. So I am just wondering I mean there are proposals for the OQO personal computer and this seems to have been a product that has been "coming soon" for some time and to be perfectly honest with you I am just wondering whether we are going to see this as a real device or whether it is just going to be one of those that has just been proposed but will never see the light of day.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

HARDWARE: SQUARE is leaving the HPC world
I see that according to Brighthand BSQUARE is leaving the HPC world -"BSQUARE Corporation has announced that it has ceased manufacturing its cellular-wireless handheld. The Power Handheld is a GSM/GPRS device that runs Windows CE. It has a VGA screen and a pull-out keyboard. It has been available in limited quantities in the U.K. market. The majority of BSQUARE's business is providing consulting services and software for wireless device makers. By offering its own device, it had run into situations where it was competing against its best customers. "There is clearly a market opportunity for converged devices, however, we sold a relatively small number of units and the ongoing investment didn't make sense at the expense of our core business," said Brian Crowley, president and CEO of BSQUARE."

Read in full at Brighthand
- Joe Gardner

Thursday, July 29, 2004

What's your favorite HPC software title? Well we need to know. On Palm Addict, our sister site started an award which was called the Palm Addict Pick Of The Crop award this was award to the top two of each category. So we are now on the lookout for the best of the crop in the HPC Community. The categories we are looking are as follows -

The two top best HPC websites (other than Handheld Addict) -
The two top HPC software games -
The two top HPC utilities -
The two top technology websites -
The two top HPC accessories now these can include anything from keyboard skins through to HPC cases -
Email me your nominations at - sammymcloughlin@mac.com
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

Just a couple of more days of this left please - so get your nominations in

EDITORIAL: Clamshell thoughts to the future
There has been much speculation of growing rimors of a new Psion handheld device. I have to say that I was a major fan of the device especially the 5mx and then the Revo and then I tried the Psion Series 7 and thought that it was a little too large. Never mind I thought but was disapointed when all went bust and Psion decided tom stop producing PDA's. Well, it seems that there are rumors of a new Psion are being reported on the forums and Nokia seems to be developing its own clamshell communicator. It is all looking rather quite exciting from a previous Psion user. Of course I will be sticking to my Pam TC but it will fun to see what clamshell devices appear off the shelves of Psion and Nokia. Will the clamshell design make a come back? There is a strong probability however we will await and see what happens.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude
These are the updates on Handheld Attitude today -
Leisure - Travel - Métro updated
Utilities - Miscellaneous - SInfos added
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

Jean-Michel Frouin's SInfo and CESD are amongst the updates on HPC Factor
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

EDITORIAL: Be careful with your HPC: Ways and preventions to protect your HPC
Protecting your device is something that should be taken seriously. Here is an example I have aiding 720 which is probably a couple of years old now and obviously I have a back up which is another Jornada 720 just in case however there has been times when I have accidentally dropped it on the floor spilt things on it, gotten marks on the screen but it's a survivor. One thing I would say is that probably the most common problem that people email to me asking me for an answer for is that they have either got water on the keyboard or dropped there device into something that is wet and so the internal parts of the device are still damp or they have spilt tea and coffee over there handheld or the computer and they want to know what they can do about it. My answer to that is simple just be a little more cautious to how you use your HPC. Now it is easy for me to say that because I am sat at this present time writing this editorial with my computer in front of me, my bottle of evian water to the right hand side of me and the chances are I think that I am not going to spill my water all over my keyboard but what about yourselves can you take that chance? Are there any security measures that you can take to protect your device? Well obviously you will need to get yourself a case but probably a case appropriate here to protect your device obviously be cautious when you are using your device the last thing that you want to do is to scratch your screen. I know somebody who dropped there computer on the floor and the screen shattered and obviously they tried to get a replacement from HP but obviously HP were aware that a screen is not just going to shatter on its own but would probably take some enforcing to do that. I get a lot of emails from people who say well I have dropped my device in a bowl of water. I asked myself how do we get into this situation where you do drop your HPC in a bowl of water and to be perfectly honest the answer is I am not to sure but one thing is for certain people do use there devices for some unusual things. They take them everywhere they go so there is a couple of lessons in order to keep your computer handheld safe I think what you need to do is to get yourself a case try and ensure that you are not going to be spilling things all over it so obviously you know don't juggle a cup of tea and use your HPC at the same time because you just know that you are going to be spilling your tea or your coffee all over your keyboard or over your screen, obviously something you cant afford. And just in general just be careful ensure that you are not going to be dropping your device on the floor. It is all easy for me to say this but one has to be careful not to go spilling ones cup of coffee all over their keyboard and just being generally careful with there device.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

EDITORIAL: It's not just the end of the HPC they are talking about but the end of the PDA
A lot of people talk about the end of the HPC I think we need to look at it from a wider point of view and take a look at the wider picture. People are talking about the end of the PDA in general and a lot of people are going to go for a telephone/PDA combination. I for one of those people are not one is tempted away from using either my Jornada 720 or my Palm device for the one pure reason I don't need a cell phone combo. If I am going to have a cell phone I want it to be separate away from whatever PDA that I am using whether it be my Jornada 720 or my Palm device. That being the case it is particularly useful that people should be given a choice and looking at the forthcoming Nokia communicator it looks like people will get the choice of both a communicator/PDA/cell phone all in one. Now there is nothing wrong in choice but my preferred opinion is that I like my cell phone and my PDA to be two different devices but all this chat about the PDA becoming extinct I think cannot be justified at the present time. Yes we have seen a severe diminish of the HPC over the last two to three years but we still have HPC's in circulation such as what Psion NEC have in operation.

There is also a wide diverse HPC community and not just for the HPC but for PDA's in general Palm and Pocket PC's are thriving the HPC community is larger than what it has been before and as far as I am aware I cant see any signs of the end of the PDA. Looking to the future whether this will change who knows one thing is for certain though I think everybody should be given a choice whether you want a PDA with a cell phone or not then obviously something like the Nokia communicator would be a good bet if you want your handheld to be completely separate from your cell phone then obviously probably sticking with a device such as the Jornada 720 or 728 is probably your best choice for me I am sticking with what I know best it is better the devil that you know.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

Wednesday, July 28, 2004
WEBSITE: The Gadgeteer
One of my favourite websites - The Gadgeteer, should know that they have a great mobile version of their site. Well worth pointing out again.
- Sammy (New York)

SOFTWARE: PhatNotes 4.5.1-Updated Graphics-Renaming of Notes Databases
Just to let you know the following should it be of use - PhatNotes 4.5.1-Updated Graphics-Renaming of Notes Databases

PhatNotes 4.5.1 Lite, Standard, and Professional Editions - the new release of PhatWareâ??s popular notes organizer - is now available. With many powerful features, such as rich text editing and formatting, file attachments, hyperlinks between notes, multiple notes database support with tree-like views, hierarchical notes organizer among others, and many awards (including Pocket PC Magazine Best Application Awards for three consecutive years) PhatNotes is "THE program to have"* for any Pocket PC user! Our newest version now has an added feature which supports Pocket PC 2003SE full-VGA devices, allowing renaming of notes databases and featuring new updated graphics.

PhatNotes 4.5.1 is a free upgrade for all registered users of the corresponding Edition of PhatNotes 4.x (a.k.a. HPC Notes). Registered users of older versions of HPC Notes can purchase an upgrade to the latest version of PhatNotes at the reduced price. The upgrade information can be found at http://www.phatware.com/support/upgradeinfo.html
- Joe Gardner, Associate Writer

EDITORIAL: My trusty Jornada 720 joined me on a recent working Holiday
EDITED: by Sandy We planned the family's vacation for well over a year. A most welcomed escape from the usual sight of my monitor, cluttered desk, and the occasional fire and rescue calls that interrupted our daily routine. Although I knew that I'd be away from the office for more than a week and that the monthly reports were needed for the upcoming business meeting, all I needed to do was take my notes with me, and once transcribed - I'd just have to email the completed document - via our handy HP Jornada 720 - to the Chief. See... I didn't have to be in the office - ALL the time - to get work done. I could actually take a vacation... or, at least, that was the plan.

An easy 5 hour drive east - Old Orchard Beach, Maine was shrouded in a thick blanket of fog by the time we arrived, that Friday morning. Typical weather, I understand, for this time of year. It was still very early, as the local coffee shop hadn't opened yet, nor had the bundle of daily newspapers been dropped off... a keen sign that the day hadn't officially begun. The kids and my wife were still soundly asleep in the cruiser when I pulled into the parking lot adjacent to the Beachwood Motel. By my watch, it was just shy of 5:30 AM... surely way too early to secure our room. As I didn't wish to wake anyone and was too restless to doze, I slipped my (actually, the Fire Department's) Jornada 720 out of my case, along with the required documents needing final preparation for its presentation. Selecting "silent mode" for the typing, the only noise anyone would hear would be that of the seagulls, announcing that morning had arrived. By the time the tied stacks of newspapers had been dropped off, a hot cup of coffee was already cooling in my cup holder and I was putting the finishing touches to the report. The sun began to burn through the dawn fog, a sure sign that this was going to be a great day! I imported the last of the images to the report, with but a few quick key strokes, and saved the missive as a ".doc file". "Cool. This was time well spent" I thought, as I packed away the pile of paperwork that had been completed - while I sat in my car. I now had the whole week (save for about a collective hour's time of checking and answering emails) to spend on vacation!

True, I do travel with a required laptop, but it usually spends its time in the case, never exposed to the therapeutic salty air of the seashore. Good thing, as I could never balance it on my lap - the lid tight against the steering wheel - and expect to do any constructive typing. The laptop's limited battery life is a pain, and the "clickety-click" of the keys make a distracting trespass to the quiet dawn. With the Jornada 720 nestled in the bottom arch of the steering wheel and my seat pulled back to a comfortable distance, typing my department's monthly business report on the Jornada 720 took nearly no time at all. Actually, credit needs to be given to more than just HP... Not only did the Jornada 720 make it possible, but the software made it happen! Although we do use the CE version of WORD (that came bundled with the HPC), I opt to prefer TextMaker, as it's such a GREAT program... rich in its offerings - thus, making importing the department's logo art, incident scene photos and graphics, as well as modifying the typeface & color (something simple that WORD doesn't offer) really easy to do. The commands are nearly identical to what we use in our desktop programs, so there is no learning curve.

By 11:00 AM, the family is out on the beach and by the pool, and I - armed with an external Belkin Wireless Access Point (as well as my trusty 720 and attached Belkin Wireless PDA Network Card slipped into a PC card converter) - headed out on foot to "Surf Boys" - the local Internet Cafe that's run by a couple of local college kids I befriended a few years ago. As my "fee" to use their high speed cable access, I offered to bring one of our extra wireless connectors (and suggested that they advertise that they now provided that connection for folks like me... you know... who travel with their WiFi'd laptops, handhelds and PDAs). Truly, a "fair trade" all around!

Three easy-walking blocks down, in a near century-old store front, Surf Boys was doing a bang-up job! Vacationers looking for something other than the arcade, shopping and escape from the day's high-noon-time sun were already waiting in que for online time. Some were toting their PDAs and laptops. Within 5 minutes, we had them up and running (and the kids' till rang with an additional $165 for the end of the day's tally). Open from noon til 11 in the evening, customers would come in and out as if in sync with the nearby surf, and like seagulls on the shore during high tide... clutches of teenagers would arrive in waves looking to chat-up and check-in with family and friends back home. Many were sending digital images - taken just moments before - of their summer vacation! Ah, the advances of technology - keep us all "in touch".

As for me... well, as soon as we had a good wireless signal, I connected to AOL - via TCP/IP connection - and "pop"... up went the files - slick as you please. I checked my emails, sent a few to my mates back at the Station and headed to the beach. Once there, I removed the Belkin device and replaced it with the HP Pocket Camera. (It's MY turn to take pictures, now!) The orientation takes a second to adjust to, but the quality is near equal to other digital cameras... only this fits right into the handheld, which can import the images into a document (as I did in my incident report) or, they can be simply emailed as an attachment. Granted, it's an older model camera - at 640 X 480 - it can still take some great photographs. Too bad it didn't have a flash - for night shots. Still, I got some GREAT photos of the family, feeding gulls (near inches away...) and a wonderful early morning sunrise - AND July 4th fireworks - over the OOB historic pier! Using my portable Canon 85 bubble ink jet printer, I used the IR port to beam-over and print up a couple of images, (and mounted them in frames decorated with sea shells, etc.) and gave them to accompanying family - as a memento of our annual family trip, before we even left!

As careful as one can be - this side of an operating room - beach sand gets EVERYWHERE... especially when you are at the source! (Don't believe me - check your luggage when you get home...!) Good thing at my OTHER life - as the marketing director of a company that specializes in unique products for the EMS, Fire and Rescue industries... we developed the very Keyboard Skins for handheld devices that Sammy is so kind to often mention. Whether it's due to sweat, sun screen lotion or sea air... sand WILL stick to your fingers, and - if you must type - it WILL find it's way into and behind the keys. As an actual user of our products, I get to enjoy - first hand - their benefits even more! Much like the hundreds of US and foreign soldiers that use our Keyboard Skins in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, I had no worries of any damage from the shifting sands - or, spilled coffee. Either way, "trouble" simply wiped off.

The ONLY down-side was... (as we all know by now) the Jornada 720's actual screen image isn't really visible in direct sun (as it is, for example, on an HP Jornada 568's Pocket PC screen - which, I might add - is a dream in the sunlight, as well as in the office or at night). I guess using the 568 would have been all right, but I would have had to lug along an external/folding keyboard (as there is NO way I would/could have tap-typed or scribbled my way through the report). Then, once stored, I would have had to add the external PC card sleeve to handle the PC card required to accept the Wireless Belkin CF card. Besides, it doesn't have a built-in modem - when wireless access is not available. Clearly, as simple as the HP Jornada 720 is... it really IS all we need!

Anyway, once we got back to the office, I simply slipped the 720 into its docking station and instantly uploaded my holiday images to my desktop computer... (and off of the 720's 512MB CF card, stored in the underbelly compartment - that also provides access to the backup battery).

Now - rested, tanned, blonder (if possible) and safely nestled back in my office, in Vermont - it's back to work and business as usual... and looking forward to next year's family trip to the shore.
- Sandy Korda from Image 911 creators of the keyboard skins

WEBSITE: Handheld Zone
Eugenio from HPC Factor has let me know that PocketUAE Amiga Emulator now works on HandheldPC's More details
- Sammy (New York)

WEBSITE: Handheld Zone
Eugenio from HPC Factor has let me know that PocketUAE Amiga Emulator now works on HandheldPC's More details
- Sammy (New York)

Microsoft have released the first major update to Office 2003 suite today. Service Pack One (SP1) includes critical security enhancements to the main office applications as well as stability and feature improvements. More details

Tuesday, July 27, 2004
EDITORIAL: My history of HPC's
I started with hand-helds about 5 years ago with a Philips Velo1. I still have it but the screen went phut! a year or so back (a common problem, apparently) and I asked my wife to get me a replacement as a wedding anniversary gift. She chose an EPOC machine called an Osaris. It is excellent, although I prefer the Windows CE environment. It is light and very portable with a good, big keyboard despite its tiny footprint (palm print?) so, for all kinds of reasons, I shall hang on to it. Nevertheless, I looked for a replacement Velo 1 on eBay. I saw an LG Phenom colour model and splashed out £100 on that which I got to like – only to have that screen go phut! about three months later. This led me back to eBay and I decided to take trip down memory lane and found and bought myself another Velo 1. I still have it and it’s performing well. Whilst I was looking, I saw yet another Phenom. Greyscale rather than colour but a nice little item at the price I paid. I still have it, I use it and I’m very happy with it.

I wanted a PCI card for the Phenom and decided to look at what eBay had to offer. I saw a MobilePro 880 and it was exactly what I wanted. To cut a long story short, I got it for £85 and the only thing missing was a PC sync cable. A company in the States called Gear Micros had one and broke their house rules to send it to me (they normally didn’t ship overseas). Good bunch of guys – I still chat to them via e-mail. A couple of days ago, somebody picked my precious up from my desk AND CRACKED THE TOUCH-SENSITIVE SCREEN! I am devastated and looking for someone to repair the screen or for a replacement. What on earth do I use these hand-helds for? I’m a military historian specialising in the Napoleonic war in Spain (The Peninsular War) I take one of my trusty hand-helds to make notes and catalogue the pictures I take. That’s it – no happy ending yet, but I’m hoping.
- Mike

EDITORIAL: Summer use of your HPC
With it being the summer season a lot of us will be taking our handheld computers away with us and for every summer the same subject seems to pop up and that is protecting our screens against dust and grit. It is very easy to get a grain of sand under the stylus and start writing and then smudge the screen. This being the case it can prove to be rather in convenient when you have got scratch marks on your handheld PC screen. So it is always best to see if you can get a screen protector for your handheld computer furthermore sand also gets in between the keys and the simple solution to this would be to get yourself some sort of protective skin for your keys which are widely available on the internet and in fact I know that Image 911 sell them at a good value prices. The aim when you take your handheld PC away with you is to obviously stay productive however you do need to be careful and make sure that you don't scratch your device and you keep it in a good condition. I know when I take my Jornada 720 away with me it tends to stay in a case if I go to the beach I will tend not to take it to the beach with me but I will only use it in places like hotels or at the airport. We will I am sure receive emails and stories from people who take their PC's with them on holiday so if you are one of these people please do get in contact with me and obviously we will publish your story on the site.
- Sammy (New York)

EDITORIAL: There is still a large Psion community
Those with a Psion device will know that the Psion community is still quite large. It was only today that I was reading about a new magazine that is issued on the internet for Psion users so the community for the Psion hardware is still quite large and again this is the same for the HPC community. An example is we have been running handheld addict for just about five years or so and there are other HPC websites that have been in existence for a number of years and this shows that the popularity of these websites means that the HPC community continues. One of the things that strikes me is that a lot of people have more than one handheld computer. For example I have a Jornada 720 and I also have a Palm device to. If the truth be known I would have a Pocket PC device which I use as a back up or an emergency or for comparison. However the Jornada 720 remains my priority work horse device and it allows me to compile editorials and to conduct my work on. If you are one of those people who has more than one device or uses your HPC in comparison with another device please feel free to email me at sammymcloughlin@mac.com
- Sammy (New York)

WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude
News of the following on Handheld Attitude, sadly:
ClearVue Office - HPC version has been discontinued
ClearVue Presentation - HPC version has been discontinued
ClearVue Suite - HPC version has been discontinued
JetCet Print - HPC version has been discontinued
JetCet Print Professional - HPC version has been discontinued
- Sammy (New York)

WEBSITE: Clinton Fitch.com
I notice that Clinton Fitch.com is going through a site redesign at the moment - visit. I miss Clinton's HPC reviews and wish him well and hope he comes back with new content soon.
- Sammy (New York)

EDITORIAL: PC in your pocket. Now its time for a clamshell design
JK on the Run has a good review of the U70 and it seems that you will be able to put a PC in your Pocket with this one - "It was into this climate of consumer clamor for ultra-portable devices that Sony entered and surprised everyone with their announcement of their U-50 & U-70 UPCs. Slightly larger than a PDA yet packing an entire Windows XP powered laptop smashed inside it's small case, the two Sony UPCs were not only announced without prior information leaking but Sony has actually released the devices in Japan. The first units hit the market in Japan months before the other two UPCs mentioned above are expected to be released. Unfortunately, if you don't happen to live in Japan then you'll have to obtain one of these little PCs from an importer like the ones mentioned above." Personally I think it is nice and if this is the future I wonder if we will see the deminish of the Pocket PC? I am not sure but there has been quite a lot of speculation recently about how small these devices are getting and whether that one day they will take over the Pocket PC. I am not sure as of yet but this certainly looks a beauty I am just awaiting for a small version to appear that will be the size of a clamshell with a keyboard. We will await and see what happens.
- Sammy (New York)

Monday, July 26, 2004
EDITORIAL: Technical and under the hood of the HPC
As always some excellent updates on HPC Factor recently and take a look at some of their 'under the hood' technical information that they have which you will find in the right hand column of the site. This is a great site for those with the technical side of the HPC world in mind however as always look out for Chris and some of his great editorials and news content. Always worth a visit. Chris is one heck of a clever fella and his knowledge should certainly be celebrated as well as his work in the community.
- Sammy (New York)

WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude update
The guys at Handheld Zone have let me know that they have released news on JMF HandheldPC Software (4 upcoming hpc softwares) for the HPC. As always a popular site and feel free to use the Google translator which converts from Spanish into English.
- Sammy (New York)

Sunday, July 25, 2004
WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude
On Handheld Attitude, Henri has sent me the following update that QMAIL3 has been updated and some broken links are fixed -
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

EDITORIAL: Being free of the laptop
The 720 always whilst I am away proves to be of use especially if a deadline arises. An example would be this wekend its easier when I am out and about to leave my Mac at home so I take my 720 out with me and this is ideal. Why? Well I mange to find time to write up notes, work on editorials. Sit down in the local Starbucks here and work on a document with a decent sized keyboard whicj is important to me like I know it is to many of you. Its a way of staying mobile and with the 720 it allows me to be free of my laptop and too me that is important.
- Sammy

EDITORIAL: Being free of the laptop
The 720 always whilst I am away proves to be of use especially if a deadline arises. An example would be this wekend its easier when I am out and about to leave my Mac at home so I take my 720 out with me and this is ideal. Why? Well I mange to find time to write up notes, work on editorials. Sit down in the local Starbucks here and work on a document with a decent sized keyboard whicj is important to me like I know it is to many of you. Its a way of staying mobile and with the 720 it allows me to be free of my laptop and too me that is important.
- Sammy

EDITORIAL: The 720 a cooking aid
One thing I do like to do at the weekends is cook and I am in New York this weekend and I'm going to be cooking for some friends tonight. The one I do is to keep a list of some of my favorite receipies on my 720 for times like tonight when I know that I will need them and as the same I can also enter any dietery requirements at the same time.
- Sammy

Friday, July 23, 2004
EDITORIAL: How fast can you type on your HPC?
I wanted to take a look at typing speeds. How confident are you at typing on your HPC? Me with my 720 I can type at a fair speed and you will find that one of the questions that I receive that are sent in from newbies includes how fast can you actually type with your HPC? I would like to post your thoughts on the site and lets see what you think.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

WEBSITE: Handeld Attitude updates
Updates on Handheld Attitude includes:
Multimedia - Movies - Pocket TV Browser updated
Utilities - Miscellaneous - WR-Tools ResInfo updated
More details
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

EDITORIAL: Compare the HPC screen with that of a Pocket PC
Sammy and I were talking last night about the screen clarity of HPC devices and forwarded me three emails sent in who agreed with my opinions, however, Sarah Wiltson emailed to express her opinion that she does not have any screen problems outside. I must confess that I am the opposite and Sammy agreed to and I would like to hear what our fellow writer Lindsey Dyson and Ian think. The screen on my 728 may not be so crisp in the outdoors however compared to some Pocket PC's that I have used in the past is comparatively better. I think that many Pocket PC's users experience the same problem. Give us your views
- Joe Gardner

EDITORIAL: Thieves and Kings games for the HPC
One of the good things with owning a HPC is that we can take advantage of the wide screen when game playing. A company that specializes in so many different games and produces some fun variations is Thieves and Kings who produce games such as Fortitude, Thieves and Kings Corner amongst others. The best advantage is that these games have an extensive trial period and with that in mind offer us, the consumer an extended period to evaluate the game. The company is Thieves and Kings, great solitare games that can be played for hours and their website can be found at http://thievesandkings.com/
- Joe Gardner

Thursday, July 22, 2004
EDITORIAL: A better screen
One desired request I would like to see in a revised hp device is a screen that allows you to use in bright sunlight. My 728 although, in principle is better than the 720 is really still poor to use in bright sunlight. I hope in the slimmest chance that hp introduce a new hpc, a much improved reflective screen will be top of their list.
- Joe Gardner

EDITORIAL: A message for hp and Microsoft
Trying to stay mobile and in contact with the office can not always be an easy task so why do so many of us do it? I have a 728 the last clamshell handheld designed by hp. It works fine, no flaws, just fine and I'm able to stay connected when necessary. I don't need WiFi I have just simple IR and that works fine for me. However hp please listen to the concerns of us the consumer. Many of us have spent a small fortune with you. Please consider giving us a revised and updated hardware solution. Pocketable and portable. A message to Microsoft don't abandon your first generation of users.
- Joe Gardner

FOR SALE: COMPLETE MINT Jornada 720 wireless package
I have a MINT Jornada 720 and neoprene carrying case, NEW docking cradle, Orinoco PC WiFi card, Socket CF Bluetooth card, regular battery and NEW extended life (3x) battery, and a NEW external keyboard with carrying case that I am selling. This gear is easily worth over $650 in today's costs (much more for original costs), but I am asking only $450 for Handheld Addict readers. I only charge actual shipping wherever you are located throughout the world. I am looking for $500 on other forums, but know everyone here would take good care of this package and put it to good use. If you are interested, please contact me at palmsoloATgeekDOTcom. I can send photos too. Thanks,
- Matt

Wednesday, July 21, 2004
EDITORIAL: EMail what we do before?
Email seems to be the communication tool that we all tend to use and whether or not it makes our life easier on a day to day basis then I will leave that down to you but for me it does. A lot of people complain that email really has taken a personal touch away from communicating but I think otherwise. It is very convenient for me when I am mobile to open my
Jornada 720 send an email and receive emails because I need to have access to them wherever I go so I may use my Palm device or a may use my 720 wherever I am email is always accessible the one thing that I would like to see is IMAP access within the inbox because I am one of those people who when I have deleted an email I want it deleted off my server completely. Saying that the Jornada 720 is a great device because of its keyboard and I am able to send lengthy emails, attach documents and send them off almost instantly using my 720 and it is a good means of staying in communication when I am away from my Apple Mac. Just wondering what everybody else thinks about email? Do you use your HPC to
access email? For me it is essential and will always be essential and it is actually quite difficult to remember a time before we had email and internet how telephone calls and faxes were the main ways of communication and now email just
seems to be quite a standard everyday way of life that I can never think how we got by before the introduction of email.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

It has been a busy week this week for me hence yesterday, no updates the main reason for this is that I have just purchased a new car and was out test driving it so I didn't really have that much time for website updates via the PalmAddict or HandheldAddict however one thing I did do as always is take my Jornada 720 with me like I normally tend to do so. And the question that I wanted to try out to everybody today was do you take your HPC with you everywhere? Or is it the case that the HPC is a little to bulky to be taken with you? I know that I take mine around with me in whatever carrying case that I have at that present time and I still think that it is quite a small device, obviously the thickness means that it is not easy to fit into your pocket but what one has to remember is what a HPC can do. HPC such as the Jornada 720 has so much power in it, it is like a mini PC crammed into a small device and it is amazing how pocketable and portable it is and saying that I know that many of you were frustrated that we have not had a system update for sometime. However for me the operating system is adequate enough for what I needed to do. But it was really just a question of portability and I was in communication with one of out readers by email the day before yesterday about how portable handheld computers really are.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

Monday, July 19, 2004
SITE NEWS: This weeks contest extended

This week we have the following up for grabs -

  • 1 512mb Compact Flash Card,
  • 3 keyboard skins copurtesy of Image 911
  • 2 of Henri Spagnolo's software titles see Handheld Attitude
  • $50 towards software for your HPC
  • 1 leather case to fit a Jornada 720 / 728 etc

    Send in a contribution / user thought / opinion to us at Handheld Addict and we will choose a person by random on the 14th July.
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    Extended whilst I catch up with everything until the end of this week Saturday US midnight

    WEBSITE: Website updates
    Here we go for website updates for today well lets start with HPC Factor well they have news on Fobe 720 release SoccerManagerCE and a virus threat for HPC's. Well there has been for Pocket PC's so do not exclude the HPC. Meanwhile your alternative favourite HPC site, HPC factor is always first to list new HPC software and has a mound of software applications it has updated which you can read on HPC Attitude and last but certainly not least HPC Zone, once again has quite a lot of HPC software news, again a site that is certainly growing in popularity and always worth a visit.
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    EDITORIAL: Smile please
    I really wish we could get a better camera for HPC devices. They are sufficent but hardly practical. I hope that when HP produces its next device (if) they take a camera on board.

    I am sure that this is just one of many new features Harry that they will take on board
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    EDITORIAL: Wide screen on the HPC it comes in handy
    After a long weekend its nice to be back. Lots of website updates to go through in the meantime let me ask you this question. Do you take your HPC with you everywhere? I do. I went away for a few days this weekend coming home briefly but managed to take my 720 with me everywhere I went/ Why? Not sure I think its the I cannot live without it factor. I use it for everything. Including of course all idea's for the site both Handheld Addict and our sister site Palm Addict. Also I have foun d more and more uses for using the excel spreadsheet on my 720. How many of you control your finances on your HPC? I am one of them. I am like a financial freak and I can see everything that I need and want thanks to the wide screen on the 720.
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    Thursday, July 15, 2004
    WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude
    Todays updates to Handheld Attitude includes:
    Games - Miscellaneous - SYatzee added
    Utilities - Miscellaneous - STweaker2004 added
    More details
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    WEBSITE: Handheld Zone
    Eugenio from Handheld Zone has informed me that he has announced some great news about STweaker 1.15 stating that it really is fantastic. He advises that if you want to know the news then take a look at Handheld Zone.
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    EDITORIAL: Welcome to the HPC community
    One of the sites that I have spotted recently is Smart Mobile Assets. The reason why I like this site is the fact that they look at not just the PDA community but also the HPC community from a professional and technical point of view. Thats what the community lacks our HPC sites with a technical angle. Chris from HPC Factor has done a great job in carrying the tourch from a technical angle and now Darren joins him by looking at the HPC community from a technical and professional point of view, well not just the HPC community but also PDA's in general. Darren also ensures me there are more reviews, news and topics that will catch the eye of HPC users and I for sure certainly look forward to readin g about them. Welcome Darren to the HPC community.
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    EDITORIAL: I want a camera on my next HPC
    I want a camera on my next HPC. I have decided that. I never thought that I would use a camera however on my UX50, it came in handy and now I do not think that I can live without a camera on my next HPC device. Although, yes I admit that you can get yourself an add on camera I would like one built into my next device. Someone please put that down on my desired requirements for my next HPC
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

    Wednesday, July 14, 2004
    WEBSITE: HPC Factor updates
    HPC Factor has been updated talking about Jean-Michel Frouin's STweaker2004.
    HPC Factor - http://www.hpcfactor.com/
    - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

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