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Wednesday, June 30, 2004
EDITORIAL: We are a robust community
Looking at the advancement of clamshell devices running anything other than Windows CE makes me think that we are a robust lot of people attached to our devices. The new Nokia that I am talking about below looks fantastic and although it has sass appeal it makes me think whether this is an ideal replacement for my 720. Personally I think not. I am used to the 720. It works well for me. Why fix something that is certainly not broken.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

EDITORIAL: MY thoughts on the Nokia clamshell communicator
I do love the look of the new clamshell Nokia 9500 Communicator in fact looking at it reminded me half of a Psion and then of a J720. It looks secy and is also a phone too although a little large it looks brilliant I will say however that the keyboard is supperb. Take a look at it. I like the mouse function it looks 'ab fab'. I am going to get one I think, I also believe that it has intergrated wireless. Anyway I will be looking out for reviews of it over the next days and considering investing in one just as an additional PDA. In the meantime there is a great review of it at My Symbian.com
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude
Pocket Genealogist has been updated and added to Handheld Attitude today.
Handheld Attitude - http://www.yetanotherhomepage.com/j7xx/j7xx.html
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

EDITORIAL: Is it worth it
It makes me think whether computers such as the U50 will kill off the HPC and indeed the Pocket PC. Yes, I know that this is a site for HPC's but one has tho think that this thing is a beauty and personally I believe it is but one wonders whether if you want to watch a DVD can you possibly do this on it? I knopw obviouisly that you are unable to do so with a 720 unless you get specific reipping software and for the price is it worth it? Now there is a question to think about
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

.... ah, the Mega Millions lottery is over $250 million. Time for me to buy a quick pick this Friday so I can afford this! The U50 and Gizmodo had this write up about it.

"It catches eyes, that's for sure. I had forgotten to load the Sony VAIO U50 with any software before our flight home to Kansas City for the weekend, but since an unexpected storm front was blowing in from the north, we had almost two hours to kill while our plane sat, stranded on the tarmac of LaGuardia. Even scrolling through empty file systems was better than the airline magazine." Read in full
- Mike Cane

Tuesday, June 29, 2004
WEBSITE: HPC Factor Update
SoftMaker GmbH have released a trial of their latest application, PlanMaker for the Handheld PC. PlanMaker itself was release on the 9th of this month, however a trial version of the final release was not available for the Handheld PC. Read the full story only at HPC Factor
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude update
Handheld Attitude has been updated with the following today -
Comms - Email - nPOPw added
Miscellaneous - Converter - PocketSteam added
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

WEBSITE: Smart Mobile Assets
Yesterday I posted an announcement from Microsoft that they will be making Windows CE very attractive to developer partners by allowing them to make changes to the OS without having to make the changes available to their competition. A developer can license Windows CE for only $3 to get started. While Linux is free, any changes you make to the OS must be made available to all. This is pretty interesting and makes it very compelling for hardware manufacturers. If a manufacturer were to use Linux as their OS they would need to make it the changed OS generally available to all which just invites copycats and does nothing to protect intellectual property. I think OEM will like this scheme from MS very much.

Our article: http://smartmobileassets.com/cgi-bin/Blah/Blah.pl?,v=display,b=news,m=1088475701

Also, the Inquirer has an article about a rumour of a Nokia PDA, maybe with a keyboard, a la HPC??

Our article: http://smartmobileassets.com/cgi-bin/Blah/Blah.pl?b=news,m=1088493909
Sounds like a good idea. If Nokia was to jump in with an HPC device I might draw more manufacturer attention to the segment, and THAT'S good for all of us. :)
- Darren

EDITORIAL: The HPC Community
In my last editorial I was just talking about the HPC community and I want to now emphasise why I feel that the HPC community is as strong as it always has been. We have been running the site for five years or so and in that amount of time as our regular readers will know we have seen so many changes. We have seen the HPC websites crack and then diminish in a fraction of time. I am proud to say that both myself and my small team and you the community have stuck by us in the five years that we have been in existence. That's why obviously, we are the oldest HPC website but at the same time we are also a gateway to the other fantastic HPC resources on the internet such as Handheld Attitude, run by Henri who just on a daily basis checks to see what HPC software has been updated or is available and add it to his database. And I check in on the site on a daily basis and it is a great resource. My other favourite site is HPC Factor. Chris does a fantastic job from a technical point of view. Many other things that he talks about sometimes can go completely over my head and but that's only because he is so skilled and knowledged in HPC industry that he is an excellent resource for technical issues. His site is always a pleasure to read and he always get the most up to date news regarding technical issues and technical aspects of the HPC community and again we like to link into Chris because we feel that Chris' site is a perfect resource and obviously where we feel that you will benefit then obviously we will link in with this site and also where we think you will benefit we will point you in his direction. Another site that has emerged is the Spanish site Handheld Zone. Even though the Spanish portal site has emerged over the last few months as a good resource. Unfortunately the Google language translator isn't the best but you can interpret most of the information as a lot of it is in English again it is a growing site one that I am sure will be popular especially for the Spanish community but one where everybody can read and take note of.

Finally that brings me back to my own site Handheld Addict. We are five years old and it has been a pleasure to serve the HPC community and it will continue to be a pleasure to serve the HPC community you have seen many faces on the site we have seen many HPC websites on the whole as the HPC community come and go and they have all contributed to the centre of appeal that the HPC is certainly not dead. We look forward to continuing to be the resource that you all rely upon for many years to come and at the same time, our forum which is packed with fantastic knowledge from a whirl of HPC users will continue to be the ultimate private HPC forum that we are extremely proud of. Final note, just continue to support the HPC community, do what you do as always contribute check out the websites and most of all enjoy using your HPC whatever device it is.

Handheld Attitude - http://www.yetanotherhomepage.com/j7xx/j7xx.html
HPC Factor - http://www.hpcfactor.com/
Handheld Zone - Handheld Zone Google translator

EDITORIAL: HPC is still alive
I cant believe it happened yes it is probably an over statement as per usual but I still think to this day that back in the late 90's when we first had our first ever HP devices I cant help but think that the HPC was the pioneering Windows CE device that was ever so popular and now there has been a complete turn around with using Pocket PCs however obviously clamshell Window CE devices. As we have discussed in the past I don't think that it is going to be the end of the clamshell devices there will always be a need for it. The Jornada 700 range obviously is the strongest HPC product and in its form factor was sold for many years and in fact when we conducted a recent survey on what HPC device that you actually use it was observed the fact that many of you still continue to use or have a 720 or one of the 700 series form factor HPC's in your possession. But as we move on I think obviously we have NEC and Psion in the market the handheld line will continue to be in the for front of the HPC community and as I stated in the last few days I think it is very important that if you want to continue to use a HPC device that you need to ensure that you get a back up device. The product is a firm, robust device that isn't going to brake easily. Goodness knows how many times I have dropped my Jornada 720 on the floor or on the table and it survived and to be perfectly honest with you there is hardly even a scratch even after all of these years. The range of uses that I get out of my HPC really varied for example I like to play MP3's through to typing a lengthy document and obviously at the same time backing up my calendar and contact information with my PC and then obviously at the same time with my Palm. So even after this amount of time it still quite difficult to believe that the HPC community really has diminished from being the most popular clamshell PDA that it was four of five years ago to now being in the shadow to the Pocket PC. On an optimistic note our HPC community is as strong as ever we have some great sites and I have still got a couple of more to add into the link on the right hand side including Clinton Fitch which I took his banner down and I have only just realised that I have not put it back up again so Clinton, my apologies and your banner will be back up in its rightful place on the right hand side links of our web page just as soon as I get a free minute which will be at some stage today. In the meantime I hope that everybody is enjoying the new look to the site and obviously getting the most out of their HPC's through the active memories of this fantastic community.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

EDITORIAL: Loving the 720 but pondering the Psion?
It has been probably, five years since I first started using HPC's. Now I am still using my Jornada 720 and even now the thrill of using the device has still has not gone away. As many of you will know I also use a Palm device as well, in fact it is another clamshell which is the UX-50. Again, many of you may know that Sony has actually pulled out of the PDA market and have decided to, for the time being abandon the future evolution of Clie devices. But despite this the HPC lives on and we still obviously have a very strong and powerful Jornada range including the 720 and the 728 suspectively. Psion have just recently come into the Windows CE market by producing there own version of the Net Book which believe me at this present time I am extremely interested in looking at. I know that Darren from Smart Assets recently reviewed one and yes, they do look exceedingly nice saying that though it does look a little large for me but I am sure that I will overcome this. I did use for a time a Psion Series 7. And although this was quite large it was a great device, flexible and I was able to perform a lot of my every day duties on this device. The appeal of a clamshell really doesn't go away once you have used a clamshell and you are used to it you want to stick with it because you will find that it is productive and powerful enough to do your everyday tasks, and be work productive. I am considering upgrading from a Jornada 720 to the Psion Windows CE device and if I do that then I will let you know how I get on.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

EDITORIAL: Do you have a spare HPC in case of a rainy day?
Recently Matt who also writes for PDAGeek put together a great comparison of the NEC MobileProp 900 comparing it to the Jornada 720 - "When I bought the NEC 900 on ebay I paid about $50 to $75 more than what a few other devices were going for because the seller offered a 3 day risk-free trial period. I wanted so badly to love the 900 due to the reasons I mentioned earlier; larger keyboard, large memory capacity, and faster processor. I received it and was quite impressed. I then was talking with someone about buying my Jornada 720 and did a side-by-side comparison with the 900. This resulted in me deciding to return the 900 and keep the Jornada 720. The 720 is snappier even though it has an Intel ARM 206Mhz processor vs. the 400 MHz XScale in the 900. This reminds me of when the first 400MHz Pocket PCs came out and were slower than the 206MHz models. Also, the 720 display is much crisper and a bit brighter. The 900 touch panel is also not very sensitive and required a few taps to register on the display." It's a well rounded view which you can read here but one has to ask if you purchase a HPC are you not going to stick to the one you purchased? Well I have to say that by spending the money that I did with the Jornada 720 when it first came out I wanted to make sure the device that I purchased was right for me. Well it was in the end and I never have seen a reason to make an upgrade to a 728. It's the top question that I get asked a million times, why do I never get a newer model? A better device? Simple why fix something that is not broken? Exactly/ The 720 to me has been like a life saver through the good and the bad times and I have another on stand by just in case something goes wrong with this one. But (touch wood) nothing has and I hope that nothing will, but like all good things, something will happen that will no doubt make me realize that it is time to get out of the drawer the newer device and with this in mind its always there. My advice is, if you can, get a back up HPC. If your so fond of your 720 or whatever HPC that you own and you have the finances then make the investment. What do you have to lose because you may fid yourself one day regretting it. In my case I have the 720 as a backup to my primary 720 just in case that rainy day looms close.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

EDITORIAL: Well done to last weeks Handheld Addict winner
Congratulations to Helen Thornton for being the winner of last week's contest. Well done Helen, well deserved.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

Monday, June 28, 2004
WEBSITE: Next release of Windows CE on July 9th
Microsoft will release the next version of Windows CE in early July, according to various sources. Version 5.0. Windows CE is the platform that the Windows Mobile operating system is based on. Both Pocket PC Thoughts and Brighthand have details on the new and upcoming release.
Pocket PC Thoughts
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

EDITORIAL: HPC Skins are on special offer

HPC Skins are on special offer at the moment. They have been reduced to US$16.95 and are available for a wide range of HPC's. To check if they are available for your HPC check the Image 911 website. "Our HP Jornada and NEC MobilePRO Keyboard Skins™ are designed to prevent damaging fluid spills and blowing dust from destroying your expensive handheld PCs!"
Handheld Skins - Image911
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

EDITORIAL: Why I will not my getting rid of my J720
Many people ask do I still use my 720 and I have to say yes I do. It is used for me to type up long text documents because its simply easier for me to take it with me than my Apple laptop. I wished though that someone would come out with software that would allow my Jornada 720 to connect to my Mac, however saying that I use my back up PC just in case. Would I be without my J720, no I would not but I am looking very closely at the new Psion HPC running Windows CE.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

WEBSITE: HPC Factor / Macallan
Leading HPC website, HPC Factor reports "Due ot be released in Q4 2004, Windows CE 5 code name Macallan continues the Windows CE lineage with a substantially more powerful OS core at the heart of the release. Catering for the newer and broader generations of increasingly powerful mobile devices." The screenshot shows the opening screen desktop. It looks good and remember that HPC Factor also has MobilePro 900 Series - New USB Drivers for you to download
HPC Factor - http://www.hpcfactor.com/
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude
The latest software updates on Handheld Attitude today are as follows -
Graphic - Viewer - EasyViewer added
Leisure - Sport - AladinPPC added
Leisure - Sport - pDiveLog updated

As ever an excellent site with up to the minute breaking news on software.
Handheld Attitude - http://www.yetanotherhomepage.com/j7xx/j7xx.html
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

WEBSITE: Handheld Zone
Handheld Zone have let me know that they have news on the Nokia9500 Communicator and have let me know that they mention that nPOPw beta2 now is now compatible with HPC2000.
More details - Handheld Zone
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

EDITORIAL I miss the Psion RevoI miss my Psion Revo+, my first pda. It had a delightful shape and style which I have not seen in any other device since, even though it was monochrome, had no backlight and a rather short battery life. It was fantastic, I loved it and it was glued to my hand for months. I expect the Sony Clies will become objects of nostalgia some time soon and we will be hunting them out in ebay etc. Even if I really look after it, the battery will surely stop charging one day and then what? I want another one some time, I like them, they look beautiful and they do nearly everything I want. Buying second hand is no good really as the available supply just gets older and older. I shall just go and buy a filofax and a pen and that’ll show’em.
- SJB (Yorkshire UK)

WEBSITE: HPC Factor website update
As always marvelous update from Chris at HPC Factor this morning.

"HPC:Factor is very pleased to announce the immediate release to the community of the HPC:Factor Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) version 3.0. The HCL has been with us since our days as ce320 where it served support for Windows CE 1.0 and 2.0 Handheld PC users."
HPC Factor - http://www.hpcfactor.com/

EDITORIAL: The revival of the HPC? Is it on the cards?
In the five years we have been running Handheld Addict we have seen the community change and wow has it changed. From the early beginnings where the HPC ruled to now where the HPC is surviving but only just. However that's not to say its dead because of course its not. There is a lot more to come. With Psion moving into the field we are looking at a possible revival of the HPC. Psion always did produce excellent PDA's and in fact my first PDA was the Psion. However now with them moving to Windows CE what will this do for the impact? Will market share increase? There is no denial that the HPC share has somewhat diminished over recent years but it will be interesting to see what the future has in store. I would like to see the price of the HPC be reduced significantly. I think that this may help to increase sales but at the same time I also think that a major upgrade in the operating system is needed. We shall await and see what happens.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

Sunday, June 27, 2004
EDITORIAL: Thank you's
I am now able to update the Handheld Addict template from bed and post directly from my 720 using nothing more than internet, email and my 720. Now that's convenience. Thank you to everyone who was posted in their compliments on the revised site design. I still have a little further to do with the design and I will integrate these changes through the week. Thanks to Mike Rohde and Lilya for their help in getting the template sorted. It's beginning to come together anyway that?s all I wanted to say
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

USER THOUGHT: 2 different experiences of the Mobilepro 900C
Here are two different experiences of the Mobilepro 900C for Handheld Addict readers to read: http://www.diverseinfo.com/900review.doc
- Rich

WEBSITE: PDA Buyers Guide reviews the Sony Vaio U50 and U70 Ultra Personal Computers (small and compact)
PDA Buyers Guide has a good review of the Sony Vaio U50 and U70 Ultra Personal Computers - "It's a rare pleasure to review something that's so innovative and unique. The Sony Vaio U50 and U70 are full Windows XP computers in a near-PDA form factor. The U models measure 6.6 x 4.3 x 1.0 inches and weigh 1.2 pounds. While it may look like an overgrown PDA, it runs Windows XP, has a Celeron 900 MHz (U50) or Pentium M 1GHz Centrino processor (U70), a 20 gig hard drive and 256 or 512 megs of RAM. Like a PDA it has a transflective touch screen, though it does not run Windows XP Tablet Edition. Fascinating concept, no? While the OQO ultra-personal computer has made the rounds at various trade shows for a few years, it has yet to reach production."
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

WEBSITE: Polls in the HPC community
Both HPCFactor and Handheld Zone have the same poll asking what HPC Operating System do you own? Not sure who had the survey first needless to say that HPC Factor has over 200 responces back.
HPCFactor- http://www.hpcfactor.com/
Handheld Zone - handheld zone's website
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

WEBSITE: Yahoo Group for Spanish HPC's users
There is a new Yahoo Spanish Group for HPC's again it is Spanish based but you can use the Google translator to translate - details. Accordingly we have added it to the links list.
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

WEBSITE: Review of the SL-C860 by SmartMobile Assets
The excellent SmartMobile Assets gives mention to the clamshell device SL-C860. "I got my review unit last night from Dynamism and hence begins my 2 weeks of bliss." Read in full
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

EDITORIAL: We are getting there with the site revamp
Well we got some time today and we are now 75% of the way there with our new look, more to come including contest this week and the HPC contest winner from last week
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

RESOURCE: New Handheld PCs from NEC and Psion Using Windows CE NET 4.2 OS as in Pocket PC Mag
In case you have missed it in Pocket PC Magazine there is an write up on NEC’s MobilePro 900c and Psion Teklogix’s NetBook Pro - "There are a small but significant number of users that just don’t like palm-sized, pen-entry devices. They don’t want all the power and expense of a laptop PC, but they do prefer a clamshell design with a larger screen, a built-in keyboard large enough to touch type on, instant ON, long battery life, and software in ROM. This article briefly reviews two such devices, both of which run the latest version of the Windows CE operating system—Windows CE .NET 4.2."
- Sammy (Manchester, UK)

EDITORIAL: Never be separated from my 720
Sammy the HPC 720 should never have been discontinued and I still wonder why today. I have no intention of swapping to a Pocket PC or any other platform. The 720 has always been with me. It travels everywhere with me. It contains countless contacts and appointments that I need to back up daily with my Dell. If I was to lose my 720 I would be distraught because it is used so much. An essential device that may have been discontinued but I will never be separated from.
- Helen Thornton

Helen's email to me was over 1362 words explaining why she would love a 728 and although it would be impossible to post the whole email I would like to thank Helen for all the kind things she says about the site and in fact what she thinks of the HPC community in general - Sammy

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