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Monday, May 31, 2004
THOUGHT: I am on vacation
I am on vacation at the moment, almost the same week every month, normal service resumes on the site on Thursday. In the meantime thanks for all your email I will begin to post them on the site from Thursday onwards.
- Sammy (Manhattan, New York City, US)

Monday, May 24, 2004

Handheld Attitude has the following update today Keyboard, WR-Tools Umlaut added - http://www.yetanotherhomepage.com/j7xx/main.html
- Sammy (Manhattan, New York City, US)


Rich Hawley has put an article together entitled How to take your NEC Mobilepro 770 or 780 apart and put it back together again. Do this at your own risk - http://www.diverseinfo.com/necdisassembly.htm
- Sammy (Manhattan, New York City, US)

Saturday, May 22, 2004
A couple of quick updates on Handheld Attitude including - Doberman Security and Automation updated and SuperWaba updated
- Sammy

EDITORIAL: Windows 95 on a HPC?
Windows 95 running on a Pocket PC!! Go look: http://www.pdai.org/forums/index.php?act=ST&f=12&t=1312
Now how long will it take until someone can get this ported onto a HPC? I imagine very very soon
- Sammy (source- Mike Cane)

Friday, May 21, 2004
EDITORIAL: What a great website, PalmSolo life with a PDa
Matt who is a contributer to Geek.com has updated and changed the design of his excellent blog and wow does it look good. Well done Matt it looks great. The site known as PalmSolo's Life with PDA's. Matt's site is a great site and is one that I enjoy reading on a regular basis. Take a look at the new design. It takes into account ALL aspects of PDA useage not just Palm but also Pocket PC and HPC well worth a read - http://www.blarg.net/~palmsolo/
- Sammy

EDITORIAL: If your HPC works for you then thats all that matters
The color screen of my 720 was the one thing that really made me appreciate my HPC. It was one of the first color displays on a PDA that I had ever seen. I remember always having black and white PDA's such as a Psion Series 5mx or a Psion Series 3c but when I started to use a Jornada 720 I really fell in love with the color screen. OK not the clearest in the outdoors but in the indoors it works fine. The other thing I wanted to say was the ability that I could play mp3's on my device, check my bank account using PIE and send emails when I am mobile. You know today I only wanted to say that despite the fact that HPC's maybe aging, I a still proud of my Jornada 720. It may be a few years old but its still the best and I wanted to share that with the rest of you. Appreciate your HPC no matter how old or whatever device you use. If it works for you then thats all that matters.
- Sammy

Two updates to Handheld Attitude today include - "Comms - Remote - Doberman Security and Automation updated. Programming - Languages - SuperWaba updated"
- Sammy

Thursday, May 20, 2004
EDITORIAL: Your survey results
OK well the survey results are in. Yes, Sammy, Lindsey and I are behind on this but we received 462 emails and we are still receiving emails but this is the close of play. All of you believe that there is a future for the HPC community. Guess what? I think you are right and agree 100%. I will add further details on the survey results over the next day or so along with winners.

  • 1) What HPC device do you own?
    Jornada 720
    Jornada 728

  • 2) Apart from Handhelds Addict, what are your favorite HPC / PDA websites?
    Handheld Attitude
    HPC Factor
    Clinton Fitch.com

  • 3) How frequent do you visit HPC websites? eg, Daily, weekly, monthly?
    34% Monthly
    48% Weekly or twice weekly
    18% Daily

  • 4) How frequent do you visit Handheld Addict?
    73% Daily
    21% Weekly or twice weekly
    6% Monthly

  • 5) Do you think that the HPC community has a future (Yes or No)?
    100% said yes (and thats a big WOW!)

  • 6) Do you use your HPC in conjunction with another PDA device?
    84% said yes

  • 7) Are you frustrated at the lack of support from Microsoft?
    94% admitted that they were frustrated

  • 8) If you have one what is your favorite HPC software title?
    We are still going through the emails on this one
    - Ian Park, Associate Writer

    EDITORIAL: How can I use this serial port as a dumb terminal? with my Mobile Pro 770>
    Sammy, I wonder if you could help with a really dumb question for an equally dumb beginner? I have a MobilePro 770 that seems in excellent condition, so much so that the serial port adapter that allows connection via a db9 is still
    in the original plastic. How can I use this serial port as a dumb terminal? I have many ham radio applications in which 1200 to 9600 baud is required. It must be easy as the internal modem works well but I simply do not know how to address the serial port. Thanks, glad your over the flu! Still have mine. Email Cliff at cbuttsch "at" kcbx.net
    - Cliff Buttschardt

    EDITORIAL: Who are the perfered Jornada 720 IP's
    I've had it. I just purchased a Jornada 720 for 200.00 on eBay and just love it. I even like it better than my iPaq 3900. But, I have Comcast as my IP for my notebook. This is broadband. Worthless/useless for dial-up on the road. They set their customers up with PeoplePC for dial-up when traveling. Works OK. But now I want to connect the 720 while traveling because it doesn't weight a ton. PeoplePC says they don't have the 720 (or 728 etc) listed as being supported. I'm confident they don't know what a 720 is. Who are the preferred Jornada 720 IP's. My wish is to go into Comcast.net and read my email plus surf a little.Suggestions? I may try to set up my Nokia 6360 cell phone as an infrared modem later. Shoot, I'll take suggestions here too.
    - Terry Thiewes

    Wednesday, May 19, 2004
    EDITORIAL: 720 case
    I use a case originally made for the Sharp Zaurus by Isota. This is a leather case with Velcro closure flap, a nice (small) front
    pocket, side pocket for pens, and a few other features. The Sharp unit is about 1/2 inch shorter than the 720 so the end result is that the flap doesn't completely cover the Velcro when closed. I do not find this to be a problem. This case is not something that will protect the 720 if dropped. It is, however, an elegant holder to keep the 720 at hand (on belt or shoulder strap under a coat). I have used this for 5 years mostly in a factory environment. It's holding
    up quite nicely!
    - Dan Lewi

    Tuesday, May 18, 2004
    WEBSITE: New website that shows software compatibility NEC MobilePro 900C
    Here is a website that show what software is compatible with NEC MobilePro 900C - http://www.diverseinfo.com/index3.htm
    - Sammy

    Firstly incase you have not seen there is news on HPC Factor that Phatware are currently offering Visual PenCommander, version 1.1 for free. The offer is for a limited time only. I think that this is a good offer and certainly worth its value. Thanks to Chris from HPC Factor for making us aware of it. Loads of updates on Handheld Attitude including IrDa Remote Control II updated (720 version is available), Pocket Controller-Enterprise updated and Pocket Controller-Professional updated. Henri is always up to speed with the latest in HPC software. Handheld Zone informs us that they have today given mention to gsICQ v.beta7.
    - Sammy

    EDITORIAL: Keeping my HPC safe
    I find a case invaluable. When I first got my 690, it came with a case as a special offer. At first, I was put off from wearing it due to peole kidding me about the size of my "cell phone". After a few close calls with almost dropping it, I decided some ribbing was a lot more affordable than replacing the unit. I conintue to use the same case, although it's being held together with duct tape while a new case comes. The case allows me to keep my HPC with me and still have two hands free when I'm not using it. Long live the keyboards!
    - Mike Wiedman

    EDITORIAL: Your thoughts on the HPC community
    We are going to have the survey results completed within the next twelve hours or so. The hardest part of the survey is to come up with the number one software title that you guys use and that being the case this is what is taking the longest to sort out. I mentioned yesterday that all of you believe that there is a future for the HPC community and I can tell you now that 89% of you are very frustrated at Microsoft for there lack of support and dedication to developing the platform. But we will talk about this in another editorial where I will combine many of your thoughts and opinions toghether in the one editorial.
    - Lindsey Dyson, Deputy Editor, (UK)

    EDITORIAL: More on cases
    Cases, I have received a number of emails from you regarding how many of you use a case with HPC computers and also emails from those who dont use a case. In total I received 27 emails from you regarding the subject of cases and I calculated 72% of you use a case while the rest of you do not bother. There seems to be a lot of argument that handheld computers are rugged enough to with stand tumbles and falls whilst the opinion of the rest of you seem to think that cases are a neccessity.
    - Lindsey Dyson, Deputy Editor, (UK)

    Monday, May 17, 2004
    EDITORIAL: all of you say the HPC community has a future
    Whether you have entered into our survey or our contest I am sorting out with Sammy and Ian all emails. To date we had over 478 emails in regards to our survey and can I just say that all of you say the HPC community has a future. Not one of you say otherwise. Full results from Ian tomorrow.
    - Lindsey Dyson, Deputy Editor, (Lancashire, UK)

    Good Afternoon HPC friends. We recently had a debate on Palm Addict on how many of you use a case for your HPC device? The reason I ask is that some people, like me throw our 720 into my briefcase, others invest in a case and from a practical use do you prefer a case or do you not bother? let me know. Send me an email sammymcloughlin@mac.com
    - Lindsey Dyson, Deputy Editor, (Lancashire, UK)

    SOFTWARE: The first HP Jornada 720 version of the universal infrared RemoteControl II is available
    It's done. The first HP Jornada 720 version of the universal infrared RemoteControl II is available :)
  • ; Free definable control panels, layouts and graphics
  • ; Expandable IR-code library
  • ; IR- code teach in function
  • ; Macros for multi sequence codes per button press
  • ; Accoustic feedback at buttonpress
  • ; Support of the built in device keys
  • ; Press and hold button function (e.g. for the volume+/- function)
  • ; All menues could be fade out so you get a fullscreen remote control surface
  • ; IR range of 3 to 20 meters (depends on Windows CE device)
  • ; Import/Export of Philips Pronto CCF IR- codes
    You can get it at www.WinCESoft.de
    - Frank Weseloh

  • Saturday, May 15, 2004
    TPE (Tascal Pocket Explorer) updated recently has been added to Handheld Attitude.
    - Sammy

    EDITORIAL: Data Evolution Corporation Announces Windows CE Mobile Computer For Education And Government Services Markets
    Data Evolution Holdings, Inc. (OTC.PK: DTEV) announced today that it’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Data Evolution Corporation, introduced the CATHENA™, a new mobile computer aimed at the education and government services marketplaces.

    The Cathena, which runs the latest Microsoft® Windows® CE.NET™ operating system, has the look and feel of a traditional ultralight notebook computer while offering all the features and benefits of a high-performance Windows CE product, such as instant-on, extended battery life, and low support costs.

    “We are thrilled to be able to offer a cutting-edge mobile computing device targeted to the education and government services markets - markets that have a direct impact on our daily lives,” said Robert J. Sowah, Chief Executive Officer of the Company. “The Cathena will provide greater durability than traditional notebook PC’s and substantially increased functionality over PDA-style units utilized in many education curricula and government data processing organizations. Users in these niche markets will no longer have to make the difficult choice between expensive, heavy notebooks and the lack of usability of a PDA.”

    The Cathena was developed as a result of in-depth discussions and interviews with numerous elementary and high school educators, school district technical staff, systems integrators, and federal and state government service personnel. The most common complaint relayed to the Company was the lack of suitable computer hardware products between handheld PDA’s and notebook PC’s.

    The high purchase price of notebook PC’s compounded with the frequency and cost of notebook computer repairs, which effectively increases a notebook’s true cost, can be prohibitively expensive in school and government service environments. On the other hand, the small screen size and lack of a dependable, full-sized keyboard of PDA’s is not conducive to learning or productivity. The Cathena has been specifically developed to address these problems by offering most of the functionality of a notebook PC, including a large screen that enables full-format viewing of web pages and software applications, while substantially reducing repair costs by eliminating many common notebook repair items, such as the hard drive. In addition, because the Cathena runs the Windows CE operating system, the threat of viruses, which can immobilize large user organizations, is substantially reduced.

    “Schools want to prepare their students with the computer skills they will need to advance into higher education institutions and finally onto the workplace,” Sowah further commented. “Because the Windows operating system is predominate in today’s workforce, it makes sense for us to offer a device with an operating system that prepares students for a Windows environment while simultaneously removing many of the maintenance obstacles inherent with student laptops, which allows our target organizations to allocate their limited financial resources to IT purchases rather than IT maintenance.”

    The Cathena is a Windows CE.NET notebook computer with a 12.1”, 800x600 resolution, full-color TFT display, a 400 MHz Intel® XScale processor, an integrated nearly full-sized keyboard, 128MB RAM, a touchpad mouse, numerous in/out ports (two USB, audio in and out, compact flash slot, PCMCIA slot, and VGA out), built-in 802.11b wireless, and a lithium ion battery. The unit measures approximately 10.7”x 9.1”x 0.95” and weighs approximately three pounds.

    The Company expects that the Cathena will be commercially available in the third quarter of 2004.

    For additional information about the Cathena and the Company’s award-winning Clio convertible tablet computer, please see the Company’s web site located at www.dataevolution.com.
    - Sammy (source - Geek.com)

    Friday, May 14, 2004

    As I am on vacation in New York at the moment, I have not had time to go through all the contest emails so I am extending the contest until Sunday which is the 16th May so there are a couple of more days to get your entries into me

    We have a number of HPC goodies to giveaway in celebration of our new writers and of course Handheld Addict's new look. Just to point out that Handheld Addict will turn six years old this year and remains the oldest Handheld HPC site on the internet. We have also been blessed with well in excess of 5 million visitors since then and we have built up a great relationship over the years with the largest Handheld HPC websites on the internet with likes of Chris from HPC Factor, Henri Spagnolo from Handheld Attitude and of course Clinton Fitch. These sites should be bookmarked as eing the HPC websites on the internet with first for news, views and opinion.

    Anyway this week we have a small number of prizes to giveaway. They are as follows -

  • 1 512 MB CompactFlash Card
  • 2 Leather pouchers to fit HP Handheld HPC's
  • $35 towards HPC software
  • 1 Jornada 720 (second hand) my own device which is in excellent condition, no faults and I have upgraded to a 728 so rather than sell it I will give it away. Comes with leather case, bluetooth card, screen prorector, leather case, spare stylus.

    To win, send a user thought, opinion or contribution into Handheld Addict. State clearly your name and give your contribution a title prefixed with the word EDITORIAL: so that I can just paste it into the site. Email your entries to - sammymcloughlin@mac.com, please put the word HPC CONTEST in the subject line. Closing date is May 12th.
    - Sammy

    As I am on vacation in New York at the moment, I have not had time to go through all the contest emails so I am extending the contest until Sunday which is the 16th May so there are a couple of more days to get your entries into me

    EDITORIAL: Let forum be Forum
    By the way nice to see many of you drop into Handheld Addict more than once a day which is nice and I am glad that many of you are so fond of our forum. Can you believe how old our forum is and how much knowledge there is contained within the pages? Immense knowledge from HPC users of all ages and from across the world uniting to discuss their passion of all things HPC.
    - Lindsey Dyson, Associate Writer

    EDITORIAL: The HPC community in general
    With the votes that are in to-date the three key top websites that you visit apart from Handheld Addict are Handheld Attitude followed by HPC Factor followed by Clinton Fitch.com. These sites led by far. What does this say? Well this says what a close community we are. The leading HPC websites have been running for years and are normally run by more than one person. I have been following the antics of the HPC community since I started working with Sammy and remember fondly Simply720 amongst other websites. Handheld Attitude is amongst my favorite sites because of the sheer database of software available. There are some great software listings and I really love the HPC community in general. Chris seems to do a great job running his site HPC Factor and despite Clinton working on Pocket PC software we do not need to worry as he will still cover the HPC community with future reviews. It took great courage for Clinton to take a step away from the HPC community and focus a little extra time on the Pocket PC community. Anyway just a few thoughts on my favorite HPC websites and the HPC community in general.
    - Lindsey Dyson, Associate Writer

    EDITORIAL: Your thoughts on the HPC community
    268 votes are in to date regarding the survey. Lots of comments have been coming in regarding the survey. Many of you have taken it onboard to add your comments on the HPC Community in general. Lisa Thornton from Canada wants an all in one WiFi enabled HPC. Tom from London, England wants to see Pocket PC applications run perfectly well on HPC's without having to tweak the devices, which of course we all would and Harry Khan from the US wants Microsoft to re-focus on the Windows CE platform allowing those with HPC to be able to do the things our Pocket PC counterparts can do. More reaction either later or tomorrow.
    - Sammy

    EDITORIAL: Universal Infrared RemoteControl II for HP Jornada 720
    Attached some screenshots of the upcoming HP Jornada teachable universal infrared RemoteControl II:

    Button layout editor

  • Free definable control panels, layouts and graphics
  • Expandable IR-code library
  • IR- code teach in function
  • IR code macros (multi sequence codes)
  • Accoustic feedback at buttonpress
  • Press and hold button function (e.g. for the volume+/- function)
  • All menues could be fade out so you get a fullscreen remote control surface
  • IR range of 3 to 20 meters (depends on Windows CE device)
  • Free programmable device buttons
  • Philips Pronto- CCF- hex- code import/export

    Required hard- and software:
  • Windows CE Handheld PC (HPC) with IrDA port
  • CPU’s: StrongARM, XScale support upcoming
  • 7MB free RAM
  • Display size of 800x600 pixels. 16Bit color depth. Other sizes upcoming
  • OS: Windows CE 3.0, HPC 2000, Windows CE .NET 4.x
    RemoteControl II for HPC's: www.WinCESoft.de
    - Thomas

    Quite a lot to talk about regarding website updates, starting with HPC Factor which talks about Textmaker, Planmaker and news that Phatware are currently offering Visual PenCommander, version 1.1 for free. The offer is for a limited time only. Read more. Over at Handheld Attitude we have software added to the extensive list of HPC software. Good resource as ever and this should be the first stop for all things HPC but more on that from Lindsey shortly and Handheld Zone too have updated their list of HPC programs just emailed to me by Eugenio. All in all some good HPC website updates.
    - Sammy

    Thursday, May 13, 2004
    EDITORIAL: The HP CF Camera adds yet another feature of the Jornada 720
    The HP CF Camera adds yet another feature of the Jornada 720!  The software to run the device is ALREADY installed on our handy little devices and offers many great features that some of the more current stand-alones are lacking.  While researching a Kitchen ReDoux, I headed off to Home Depot for some creative motivation, and took our station's Jornada 720 and CF card camera along - to record my "research".  It was easy to adjust the lighting to allow for the fluorescents... and the images proved to be crisp and clean, including the close-up/detail shots. 
    A true plug-and-play device, this camera is often used as an attachment while recording on-scene incident report photos.  The accessory is just as important a pocket-stuffer - as an extra battery!  Each of our Jornada 720s has one as part of their deployment pack.  We even hot-swap it - for use on one of our HP Jornada 568 PocketPCs... when all we need is the camera, and sync'd pocket reference data... and not the weight and bulk (albeit considerably smaller than an NEC or PSION device) of our beloved 720s.
    - Sandy Korda

    Wednesday, May 12, 2004
    EDITORIAL: The 720 is a a member of the family
    My day job is to coordinate the lives of my 4 active children ages 4, 6, 10, and 12. Between school, sports practices, lessons and scout meetings, we are a hopping bunch! My other job is as a freelance knitting designer and writer. I bought myself the Jornada 720 so that I could write articles, edit patterns, and read e-mail while sitting at practices, lessons and meetings. For these needs and for keeping track of all our activities, this little powerhouse has been great! However, little did I know that my personal productivity tool would become a member of the family! I discovered that I am not the only one in the family who has mobile computing needs. My 6th grader uses the J720 to type homework and work on PowerPoint presentations. My 5th grader doesn't type well, but she discovered that using Calligrapher handwriting recognition is an easy way to get her homework into the computer. The two youngest do not have homework, but we have discovered some fun games that can keep them entertained for hours and I have also stored some of their favorite music as MP3 files. These days, I am considering getting another J720 because I am getting tired of sharing!
    - Linda Cyr

    EDITORIAL: I always take my J720 whenever I travel
    In the past few years I haved worked with a number of notebook PC's... a WUXGA DELL D800, a Toshiba 3500 Tablet PC (my favorite) , an IBM Thinkpad T40 and others. One thing has remained constant... I always take my J720 whenever I travel. Often the laptops get left in the bag or used simply as a hard drive to transfer files to my Jornada. It's just small enough to fit in my coat pocket and it is everything from fax machine, to MP3 player, to organizer, to chess partner. Nothing has the same combination of size and versatility. The only thing I can complain about is its poor visibility in bright sunlight. If there were an updated version with the latest Wi-Fi built in etc., I would probably buy it in a second. For the time being I find this "old one" be a more than adequate travel accessory.
    - Miles Willmek

    Grevoca has been added to Handheld Attitude today - http://www.yetanotherhomepage.com/j7xx/
    - Sammy

    Tuesday, May 11, 2004
    SOFTWARE : Try Visual CE free for 30 days
    Now you can try Visual CE free for 30 days. The award-winning database and forms software for Pocket PCs is available in an Evaluation Edition.

    Visual CE is the fastest and easiest way to create databases and forms on your Windows CE device. In minutes you'll be collecting, displaying, modifying, and synchronizing your data, with no programming required. With Visual CE you can design forms on your desktop PC or your device, then run them on any Windows CE device.

    Build perfect mobile database apps, whether for sales tracking, inventory management, or medical records. Visual CE provides full relational database functionality, an unlimited number of forms, and royalty-free distribution to end-users. No programming required.

    New features include support for SMS messaging and one-click bar code support for Socket's In-Hand bar code scanners. Alarms can be set on records and buttons can play built-in sounds. Expanded capabilities for variables allow connection to controls, use in filter conditions, and more.

    FREE Visual CE Evaluation Edition available at:

    - Lindsey Dyson, Associate Writer

    EDITORIAL: loving my Jornada 720 setup
    I have to say I am really loving my Jornada 720 setup with the extended life battery and external keyboard with Socket Bluetooth card and Orinoco Silver WiFi card. My only desire is that there was an updated version of Internet Explorer to support all web sites I visit.
    - Matt

    EDITORIAL: Making a contribution to the PDA community
    I had a couple of people ask me why Geek.com was posted in the links and I have to say that if you have never visited Geek.com then you are missing out on a wide assortment of PDA news and information. Their site has a unique personal touch and appeal and really makes an important contribution to the PDA community and regular readers will know it covers the HPC community too.
    - Sammy

    THOUGHT: The heat is on
    The heat is on, 212 emails have now been sent in regarding our HPC Lifestyle Survey. Great to see your reactions and Sammy and I will be doing a full review of the results in, so far, tomorrow. In the meantime keep them coming and wow, what a wide assortment of software titles that you have chosen as your favorites.
    - Lindsey Dyson, Associate Writer

    Website updates across the community today include a msg from HPCFactor when their site went down earlier yesterday - " Apologies to anyone who tried to drop by earlier today and couldn't find us. Our main server in Florida alas was in an area where they are having some power supply problems at the moment." Good to see them back. All the best updates from what seems to be at the moment the website topping the poll today for the most visited HPC website after HA from your opinions, Handheld Attitude, IrDa Remote Control II updated (720 version coming soon)Leisure - Ebook - iSilo updated. Handheld Zone also contains news on the Zupera Smartpad.
    - Sammy

    Monday, May 10, 2004

    The Register illustrates a new device called the VGN-U70 - " Sony will ship a keyboardless PC in Japan later this month. But it's no Tablet PC - instead, this pen-operated, wireless-enabled Windows XP machine will be pitched at mobile media consumers. The consumer electronics giant is billing the Vaio VGN-U70 as the world's smallest full-function Windows PC. The unit measures 16.7 x 10.8 x 2.6cm and weighs just 550g. Much of the machine's face is taken up by an 800 x 600 transflective colour LCD. The display can also operate at up to 1600 x 1200, but at this stage it's not clear if that's a native resolution."
    - Sammy

    This is where we are up to with the lifestyle survey so far (62 replies). Remember to get your responces in to us by email and you could be in with a chance to win a 256MB CF Card - sammymcloughlin@mac.com

    1) What HPC device do you own?

    So far around 55% of you own a Jornada 720

    2) Apart from Handhelds Addict, what are your favorite HPC / PDA websites?
    (in order)

    Handheld Attitude
    HPC Factor
    Clinton Fitch.com
    Handheld Zone

    3) How frequent do you visit HPC websites? eg, Daily, weekly, monthly?


    4) How frequent do you visit Handheld Addict?

    5) Do you think that the HPC community has a future (Yes or No)?

    Over 77% say yes, whilst 7% say they are unsure

    6) Do you use your HPC in conjunction with another PDA device?

    Again a large percentage of you say yes you do (72%)

    7) Are you frustrated at the lack of support from Microsoft?

    This is a clear Yes with so far 93%

    8) If you have one what is your favorite HPC software title?

    Not managed to pin this one yet, so many software titles coming in
    - Sammy

    EDITORIAL: Amazed with Jornada 720
    Two days ago I bought DVD burner in a computer store. People from service division were amazed with my Jornada 720. One of them told me he has a heavy notebook for all on site work and testing (especialy for network testing). He told me he was not satisfied with iPAQ and when he tried Jornada 720 with CF and PCMCIA he was crazy!!! "Where I can buy
    one?" After that another man in store looked at us and told - " I want one too"... I was happy to see people amazed with Jornada 720 in a computer store full of new high-tech stuff! I think people in HP must do something new!!! Something like Jornada 720 because demand is here.... I tried iPAQ I have Palm but I use only my 720 :)
    - Ratko

    I have been a Palm PDA user for a couple of years now and have really come to rely on my little companion. I am much more organized than I ever was in the when I was using a paper organizer. And over time I learned that my PDA was not just an organizer, but a device that could be used for reading books, sending e-mail and listening to music. Unfortunately, I have come to the realization that certain tasks that I do are just too difficult to do on the small screen of a PDA . Writing, spreadsheet work, and web surfing are all much easier with at least a VGA width screen. And while I am reasonably facile with Palm's Grafitti system, I can enter text SO much faster with a real keyboard. So when I first saw the specs for the Jornada 720 and other HPC's, I thought, "Hey, that's what I've been looking for!" The Jornada has a wide screen and a touch-typable keyboard in a package that is one third the weight of my laptop. I've spent the last few evenings reading reviews, checking e-bay prices, and learning about the Windows CE operating system. Sammy, thanks for all the great info on your website. Hopefully, within a few weeks I'll be a part of the HPC community!
    - Ted Mann

    EDITORIAL: I still remember my early years with the handheld
    I still remember my early years with the handheld. I was in my medical internship and was using a Psion 3series device. My second year in residency I upgraded to the classic 5series device from Psion. I transferred my residency to another program which gave all their residents an HP 200lx. I continued to use my Psion to track patients, record my procedures and surgeries, and reference books and notes in my field. Of course, I played games on those long and slow call nights. When the HP Jornada 620 came out, I had to have the first HPC with a color screen! To be honest, I went to CompUSA with the intention of buying the Sharp Mobilon 4000, but they were not in stock(Phew... glad I ended up with the HP!!). Applications were few, but soon grew. I knew I had made the right chouce when I saw the docs on the TV show ER using the HP 620. My next upgrade was to the Jornada 680 just prior to my graduating from residency. By then, my HPC was indespensible. As a matter of fact I converted quite a few docs(using the palm pilot) to the Jornada. Once practicing medicine, I tried using the pocket pc, but always missed the larger screen and the keyboard which is why I moved back to the Jornada in the form of the 720! I have not looked back. My 720 broke down some time ago and I picked up a NEC MobilePro780. I now have a nice balance between my MP780 and I-Mate. I wish microsoft would give the HPC platform more attention!! I am still hopeful that there will more support and newer products in the near future. Until then I will continue to use my HPC to write articles checkemail and browse the web!!
    - Gavin

    COMING SOON TO HANDHELD ADDICT - RSS Feed, Mobile Edition, International language editions
    We will soon have an RSS feed to the site and also a mobile version of Handheld Addict to allow you to read the site easier on whatever HPC you use. Thanks to Joe Gardner who is putting that together and of course Mike Rohde for the design of the website. Additionally Handheld Addict will also be available in five different languages soon including French, German and Spanish where you will be able to have the site automatically in the language you choose. Again, this is coming soon.
    - Sammy

    Good morning well lets go through a couple of things today. Firstly to date I have received 62 replies to the survey so thats going well and I will be letting you know of the present rersults shortly but keep the survey posts coming in. Your comments also make for a good read too so keep them coming. Handheld Zone has been updated with news on a review published recently on the net and updates to Handheld Attitude today includes news that DailyReader has been updated, which is one of my favourite software titles. Nice to see Henri kewep us updated. Other updates on Handheld Attitude include Ebook - Memorize updated and PocketBible updated. No posts yesterday because our Blogger template was being updated but you should now notice that the website is much faster and quicker to load.
    - Sammy

    Saturday, May 08, 2004
    untitledSITE NEWS: Links list updated / Advertising
    Updated the links list to the right hand side. Also if you wish to join our list of advertisers in the right hand column then email me as we offer good rates - sammymcloughlin@mac.com
    - Sammy

    Never seen this site before but its a 720 hacking website. It has not been updated for some time but seems to look interesting and useful. DUH HP720 Hacking website.
    - Sammy

    HPC LIFESTYLE SURVEY: Take part and win a 256MB CF Card
    We want to put together a HPC lifestyle survey together of what your opinions are of the community, what handheld devices that you own and whether you think there is a future for the community. With all of that in mind lets put this weeks survey into motion. We are also going to offer as a random prize a 256mb CF Card as a prize by random. To enter its simple if you can send back to us by email the answers to the following questions -

  • 1) What HPC device do you own?
  • 2) Apart from Handhelds Addict, what are your favorite HPC / PDA websites?
  • 3) How frequent do you visit HPC websites? eg, Daily, weekly, monthly?
  • 4) How frequent do you visit Handheld Addict?
  • 5) Do you think that the HPC community has a future (Yes or No)?
  • 6) Do you use your HPC in conjunction with another PDA device?
  • 7) Are you frustrated at the lack of support from Microsoft?
  • 8) If you have one what is your favorite HPC software title?

    Please write SURVEY in the subject line so Sammy's email client picks up your email. Remember to include your name too ;-) and email sammymcloughlin@mac.com.

    The final HPC lifestyle survey results will be announced next Sunday but I will keep you updated through the week.
    - Ian Park, Associate Writer

    RESOURCE: Purchase handhelds at discount
    Usedhandhelds.com will give you a discount when you purchase in bulk this may be good for those in enterprise -
    "We offer discount prices when you buy in quantity:

     * NEC MobilePro 780
     * HP Jornada 720
     * HP 95LX Palmtop"

    More details
    - Sammy

    RESOURCE: Windows Media Player 7.1 HPC2000
    Hi just take a look here:


    I've a Jornada 720 but didn't work yet 'cos the ARM processor maybe. But what about HPC2000 MIPS devices such Nec Mobile Pro 790 hint: use altavista.com ir order to translate to english. Also there are useful links to pocket pc dummy dlls.
    - Gary

    See posts further down the page for further resources on this - Sammy

    A little while ago, PhatWare has released an update of Calligrapher for HPCs and this is a good news. Then I have exchanged few emails with them about PhatNotes (former HPC Notes), which is not anymore available for HPCs (v 4.3 is the latest for HPC and the actual version is 4.5), see here:


    If HPC community shows enough interest for PhatNotes, they will also updated it. So in case you have any interested for this good application (this is one of the best notes taking software), send them an email and ask for an update.
    - Henri Spagnolo

    Good news, ftxBrowser version 0.9f is available in english. I have exchanged few emails with the author (Toshiyuki Furukawa) and he has updated the english version. Check my page at:
    - Henri Spagnolo

    There seems to be quite a lot of speculation on Windows Mobile Player for HPC's. ferchomovil posted details on Wednesday on our forum where there is a thread and Handheld Zone also mention details too. You Install on windows folder. If you want to save space then move the .dll files to your storage card and create a system path using this:
    - Sammy

    Friday, May 07, 2004
    ftxBrowser has been updated and of couse updated on Handheld Attitude.
    - Sammy

    EDITORIAL: Pocket PC back to HPC
    I used a 720 then moved to an Ipaq and then back to the Jornada 720 and now I am sticking with the Jornada 720. Why? Ease of use, no crashes and a clamshell design really make this device work for me. I also think that there is sufficent software for my needs but understand frustration from other users.
    - Ted Winters

    HPC Factor talks about CalliGrapher 6.6 and Windows CE 4. They also mention changes to BallShooter.
    - Lindsey Dyson, Associate Writer

    EDITORIAL - My eyes have seen the light
    I have been given the task at work to evaluate the NEC 900 and the iPAQ3850 as alternative devices for our mobile sales force. As an "experienced" employee, my eyes just cannot adjust to the smaller screen of the iPAQ. I have relayed this information back during the evaluation process however, most of our sales force is from the POST- baby boomer generation and the screen size is not an issue. I realize that my opinion is biased due to physical limitations, but isn't it true that there must always be the physical limitations of users taken into consideration? Lindsey's editorial about the increased availability of driver's linking Pocket PC applications for the HPC offers a brighter (and more visible) future for HPC users.
    - Bill Stowell

    Thursday, May 06, 2004
    Update on HPC Factor talks about CalliGrapher 6.6 for Handheld PC's. Whilst your there take a look at Hardware Comaptibity list for HPC's. I think its a very good reference worth checking in on.
    - Sammy

    Matt who contributes to the PDA / Geek.com site has published some thoughts on the Jornada 720. I think he gives it the thumbs up ;-)
    - Sammy

    EDITORIAL: Do you use your HPC for internet and email usage?
    Joe Gardner was going to introduce himself this week but unfortunately he has a Summer flu bug so he will be introducing himself over the weekend. Get well soon Joe. Joe uses a Jornada 728 and looks forward to being a member of the team. Starting from next week we will be resuming our weekly HPC surveys which out old friend Ian Park will be editing and putting together. Next weeks survey will ask -

    Do you use your HPC for internet and email usage?

    Have a think about it whilst in the meantime we will post the survey on HA next week.
    - Sammy

    Updates on Handheld Attitude include CEHTTP updated and DialupMaster updated. Henri's site, Handheld Attitude deserved acclaim as a site that should be checked daily to see what is updated. The perfect resource to find the latest news on HPC software.
    - Lindsey Dyson, Associate Writer

    EDITORIAL: Take time to get to know your Handheld
    Take time to get to know your Handheld. I spend hours looking through software titles to find what I want when I should be using my HPC. I think this goes for all PDA's not just Handhelds but I think you need to take a step back and utilize your device more. I discussed this with Sammy today and he agreed. We spend a great deal of our time looking for the right software but we have to remember that the software built in may not be perfect but it is powerful enough for most users especially myself. Take a step back and have a think about it.
    - Lindsey Dyson, Associate Writer

    Wednesday, May 05, 2004
    Handheld Attitude has been updated with Calligrapher updated
    - Sammy

    SOFTWARE: CalliGrapher 6.6 for Handheld PCs
    We are pleased to inform you that PhatWare Corp. has released today a new version of CalliGrapher 6.6, an award-winning handwriting recognition software, specifically designed for Handheld PCs. Since we've discontinued support for Handheld PCs in CalliGrapher 7.0, we have received numerous requests from Handheld PC users to continue support for this platform. The new version of CalliGrapher for Handheld PCs includes many key features introduced in CalliGrapher 7.0:

    1. Includes the same recognition engine as CalliGrapher 7.2
    2. Compatible with CalliGrapher 7 language packs
    2. New options dialog box
    3. New PenCommands added (most of the PenCommands added in CalliGrapher 7
    are now supported)
    4. Full on-screen keyboard with 10-layouts for 8 different languages
    5. Customizable 24-key keyboard

    For more information about CalliGrapher 6.6 for Handheld PCs please visit our web site at http://www.phatware.com/calligrapher/CalliGrapher6.html.
    - PhatWare Corp (Lindsey Dyson, Associate Writer)

    Tuesday, May 04, 2004
    EDITORIAL: Changing your HPC to work for you
    Over the weekend I was talking about the state of HPC hardware and whether I think that there will be a future for the platform. Thank you for the encouraging emails that have come into handheld Addict over the weekend agreeing with what I said. Sammy and I chat on a regular basis, in fact I work with Sammy on a day to day basis and one of the most frequently asked questions that we receive is what is the must have software for HPC devices? We both agree that you need to get yourself a copy of tweaks 2K2. Tweaks 2K2 allows the HPC user to modify certain aspects of your HPC. For an example Sammy cant access one of his internet banking sites so what he has done is he has camouflaged the Pocket Internet Explorer and disguised it as Internet Explorer and this now allows him to access his online banking. The same was for me to I was having a couple of problems accessing hot mail on the HPC sometimes it would connect automatically and then other times it wouldn't but every time we disguised it as Internet Explorer it seemed to work flawlessly.

    There are certainly lots of other ways to use Tweaks 2K2 including one of my favourites and that's changing the font of your handheld computer. Personally I am a big favourite of Comic Sans. It is one of my favourite fonts one that I use within my emails and obviously on documents that I type and I have used Tweaks 2K2 to change the standard font on the 720 that I presently own. Again, I works flawlessly and it is much friendlier and easier on the eye.
    - Lindsey Dyson, Associate Writer

    EDITORIAL: No NEC 900 for me, sticking with the Jornada 720
    I submitted a user thought a couple weeks ago where I talked about moving from a Jornada 720 to a NEC MobilePro 900. Well, the MobilePro 900 arrived 4 days ago and I was able to test it out side-by-side with my Jornada 720 and after a few hours I emailed the ebay seller to let him know I needed to exercise the 3 day risk-free trial period he had offered. I so badly wanted the NEC 900 to work out due to the larger keyboard, faster processor, and generous memory (64MB RAM and 32MB ROM), but in my opinion the 720 blew it away and I can see why the Jornada 72x series is so popular. The 720 display was much crisper due to the smaller size, it was brighter, the processor actually performed faster than the 400MHz XScale, and the 900 display touch display was not very sensitive. I picked up some extended batteries and external keyboards for the 720 series and kept one of each for myself and actually find that the external keyboard is incredible and will allow me to type as much as I want comfortably with the 720. I am happy with my decision to stick with the 720 and the next possibility will be a RAM upgrade from Pocket PC Techs if I find I am running into memory problems.

    By the way, I only have 2 extended battery packs left available for sale. These are BRAND NEW batteries sealed in their plastic inside the original HP box. I am going to drop the price to $115 each to any Handheld Addict reader that would like to purchase one. I ship worldwide and only charge actual shipping. Please contact me at ppcsolo@yahoo.com to discuss if you are interested.
    - Matt

    EDITORIAL: Comparing HPC to Palm with keyboard.
    Recently I purchased a keyboard for my PalmOS device to see if I could get just a little closer to mobile Nervana. I was actually a little worried that it would be such a good combination that I would feel the need to do away with my HPC. NOT A CHANCE! Don’t get me wrong, I think the combination of the Palm and keyboard are really quite good and will certainly use it a lot. But, unless (like everyone here) you have tried an HPC with keyboard you just don’t know how convenient they are!! I just open it up and type! Also, it doesn’t matter what surface I use like it does with the Palm keyboard. With the Palm keyboard you still have to dig it out, open it up, set the Palm in it and then you are ready. With the HPC just open it. ;) I will continue to use my Palm and keyboard but I will just NOT be able to give up my HPC.
    - Darren

    Winners roundup at HPC Factor naming those that were lucky enough to win copies of BallShooter. Handheld Attitude mentions IrDa Remote Control II updated and now adds BetaPlayer to its software listings. Henri is a real winner in finding out about these software titles and does well to update his site with these additions on a daily basis.
    - Sammy

    Monday, May 03, 2004
    THOUGHT: Introduction
    This week we will be introducing you to Joe Gardner who joins us an Associate Writer. He will be posting his first pieces for the site tomorrow so we look forward to meeting Joe. Joe will be sharing his HPC knowledge to readers.
    - Sammy

    THOUGHT: Lindsey posting on a regular basis
    Good news I am able to post directly to the Handheld Addict template after Sammy gave me a tutorial so I will be updating where and when I want.
    - Lindsey Dyson, Associate Writer

    LINDSEY'S EDITORIAL: Software thoughts
    For those people that say that there are not as many software applications for handheld computers as there are for Pocket PCs then you are absolutely right. But there are many applications that are useful and you can take full advantage of for both recreational and productivity. There are several games such as Doom on the HPC and there are now applications that you can use that are adapted to Pocket PCs but there are now certain drivers widely available, just take a look at our forum, that you can download onto your HPC that will allow you to play Pocket PC games and use Pocket PC applications on a handheld computer. There were talks a while ago of software being developed that would allow the Pocket PC applications to be played easily on a handheld computer. Unfortunately I have not heard where we are up to with this software and I have been unable to get in contact with the developer, however I do understand that there is more than one developer that is presently working on a way to allow Pocket PC applications to work on a handheld computer although you and I would know this is probably going to be rather difficult to achieve.

    But don't worry there are plenty of software applications out there one has to only go and have a look at the excellent software developer Henri Spagnolo. Henri has been an active part of the clamshell handheld community for many years prior to developing software for Windows CE community he developed excellent utilities for the Psion community. His ability to map short cuts for HPCs devices is an absolute must. With one or two clicks at the very most I can customise my handheld device to launch applications and insert phrases and make my 720 work to how I want it to work rather than how the manufacturer has produced the device. Also tweaks 2k2 is also an excellent application. In fact it is a certain must have utility. Tweaks 2k2 allows you to customise your device and to make it work for you by actually changing and hacking the device and applications such as internet explorer which enables me to go onto my online banking website which I would not normally be able to do using the PIE on my 720 normally.
    - Lindsey Dyson, Associate Writer

    EDITORIAL: Long live the keyboards!
    I like others have been disappointed that when you go to settings/control panel/system and look at memory, only the Storage and Program memories are shown. Where is the information on the compact flash card(s)? If you click on the HP settings icon and select memory, lo and behold, you have free and total numbers for storage memory, program memory and storage card(s)! Click on the Windows icon and you get the familiare storage/program slider. Apologies if this tip has been mentioned already - I haven't seen it. Find does work in PIE for me, at least on some pages that I have saved to look at off line. Long live the keyboards!
    - Mike Wiedman

    EDITORIAL: My HPC history, where we have been and where are we going?
    Since the first incarnation of Windows CE in 1996, I was fascinated by the idea of being mobile and ability to compute and work anywhere. I still own from each generation of CE at least one device and saw the progressive improvements;

  • 1996: Nec MobilePro 400, this device I bought it at a local CompUSA store in Plano, TX. I was rather disappointed by the rather poor quality of the display; very hard to read in many light conditions. Outdoors was completely useless. The apps were nice but rather basic. The NEC MIPS processor was OK, but was frequently struggling with some apps. The battery life was a complete joke when you entered a modem PC Card. The 2 AA batteries were dead only after 5 minutes of use!

  • 1997: HP620LX, the very first colour device, a Windows CE 2.0 machine. Had a nice keyboard and colour was great and the software suite was boosted by PowerPoint Viewer, but was rather disappointed by the sluggish performance of SH3 processor. The software scene was still very thin, but there was improvement.

  • 1998: Sharp Mobilon PV5000; a Windows CE 2.11 handheld pro device. Was very a long time the speed champ with its Toshiba TX-processor of 129MHz. I loved this machine and was great to use. The I/O expansion options were limited to only one PC Card. I especially enjoyed the PocketAccess feature.

  • 2000: With advent of PocketPC, I switched to HPC2000 with my HP Jornada 720. The reign time of HPC devices came to end by the PocketPCs. No much new models came out based on HPC2000.

  • The HP720 remained my best friend until it was stolen at Zuerich Airport in October 2002. I felt a little bit ‘alone’.

  • I decided to try with the PocketPC’s (I already experminted with HP Jornada 548) and bought the Jornada 568. It was horrible to discover that I had to buy many accessories to match up with my HP Jornada 720; PC Card sleeve, add-on battery, Stowaway Keyboard, Voyager CF card etc… I ended up that I had to carry a big bag with all these accessoires in order to have the same comfort as my 720 and the price tag was significant more. I miss my HP Jornada 720 and my HP VGA Output card is sitting idle….

  • 2004; Psion netBook Pro, what a dream machine… what a horrible price…. Unbelievable expensive…. Come on, lower this price down to a more humane $800-$900 price tag.

    Do I see a future? Yes, definitely, the Windows CE platform has become more mature and robust than ever before. The Windows CE evolution follows basically the same pattern as Microsoft’s flagship Windows. The early versions were basically useless but was more a marketing and technology preview software. It is only with the start of Windows 3.x that it gained ground against its main competitors Digital Research’s GEM and Lotus’ ill-fated Framework. Windows 95 (4.0) took the world by storm. At this point Windows CE.NET 4.2 is at a point; the platform is basically consumer ready (compared with the early attempt with Windows CE 2.0) and most issues are addressed. Windows CE.NET devices are now getting also graphics accelerators (ATI etc), more compatibility with USB devices and considerable more powerful processors (XScale new generation processor of up to 520MHz and Samsung’s ARM processors). From a technical point of view, it should be possible to port a complete Microsoft Office set to Windows CE.NET platform… Probably Microsoft is reluctant to do this just to avoid the canabilization of their high profitable Windows and Office sales. I would be already happy with a slimmed down version of Office (let us say limit the functionality to Microsoft Office 97 features only).
    - Rony

    Firstly lets take a look at website updates and what has been happening in the HPC community this weekend. Well firstly as ever Handheld Attitude has been giving us the latest news in HPC software. Henri does a fantastic job. If you want to know what HPC software is available and you want to know what software is new on a daily basis then check in on his site. Anyway new today he breaks the news on GAPI for HPC's which has beeen updated and has fixed some links. Now Handheld Zone is also a good resource with there is news on BetaPlayer being better than the HPC PocketMVP and HZ also shares the same news that Henri does on HPC GAPI v2.08 as always a site that is growing, in Spanish but if you want to see an english version then drop them a line and they may consider it. Now Chris at HPC Factor reports that Windows Media Player 9 Update for Portable Devices. As always another excellent site, and one of the oldest too. It's a site that you should bookmark because Chris has a lot of under the hood updates that he does not always reveal so ensure that this is an essential site if it is not already.
    - Sammy

    Having been away for a couple of days on holiday I seem to have quite a raft of things to go through. But its nice to be back ;-) I hope that you all had a good weekend.
    - Sammy

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