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Tuesday, December 30, 2003
USER THOUGHT: I have a Jornada 690 and I use it mainly for my
writings. Poetry, short stories, prose...whatever! ;)
I'll either jot it down on a scrap of paper and type
it in later or I'll go directly to the J690. I also
have a few spreadsheets on there as well.

Also, since I don't have a laptop, I use it as a
subnotebook. When traveling, the built-in modem and
IR port (for use with my cellphone) keeps me connected
for my emails and light webviewing. Even the IRC chat
client isn't bad at all to use.

I think that Handheld Addict is cool in that it's such
a great website for h/pcs. There are a few sites
dedicated to the h/pc (not many!), but it's nice that
you guys haven't given up on the discountinued h/pc.
Also, having archives allows new h/pc owners to look
back on things they may have missed.


USER THOUGHT: My HPC (an HP J720) were inseparable during the last part of law school and
my early practice. Class room notes, later client notes and schedules were
always close at hand. This relationship ended suddenly when my trusty J720
was taken from my briefcase while it was ever so briefly unattended.

I have enjoyed HANDHELD ADDICT for many years and always have found it most
informative, especially the for a which usually have the answer to any
questions I might have.
- Walter

USER THOUGHTL It is exactly two years now that I acquire a 720 device and I was (and still
I am) very pleased. But certainly as many of you, I fight a lot to find
softwares that work on this incredible machine (arm, mips, sh3, sh4, PPC,
HPCPro, ce2.0, 2.11, 3.0, etc... what a jungle). I decided to collecte the
maximum of applications and answers for this machine. This is why a desktop
PC and a 720 in its cradle for almost two years. The web is incredible and
even if you think that you have reach the end of your search, there is
always something that have been missed. Search never ends.

So how do I use it? Simply by mistreating it. Yes, I know this is not
something to do, but two years of daily installations (more than 2000
programs have been installed), test with softwares, developments, registry
modifications, programs not intended for this machine, daily soft resets and
an incredible amount of hard reset and you know what? I do not know between
the machine and me who is more timeworn... But what a pleasure to see a new
discovered application (intended or not for this machine) that runs on it
and to share it with other users.

Since two years, Handheld Addict has been one of my first web page that I
visited daily, so I simply regret that I missed the first two years of life
of this huge resource of information, news and tips for HPC. But I won't
miss the following ones.
- Henri - j7xx handheld attitude

USER THOUGHT: Greetings! I am an avid hpc user, with a nec mobilepro 780 as my main machine.  I am a full time student and pastor and use this machine anytime I am not at home.  At school it is my notetaking and essay writing tool, while also having great capability on the school network to surf the web.  My Bible software from pocketBible enables me to do sermon writing and research on the road as well, greatly enhancing my productivity throughout the day.  As a tool I consider my hpc to be indispensable.    Handheld addict has over the last couple of years become my first stop on the internet.  The clear summaries of upcoming software, hardware and other information from around the web is as much a time saver as the mobilepro is, and I wouldn’t willingly be caught without either one.    Keep up the great work!
- Geoff deJong

USER THOUGHT: I got my J720 almost 2 years ago. I am a music missionary, traveling the country, playing music in coffeehouses. I used my J720 last year for 5 months straight to get on the web and keep up with e-mails. I also write a monthly newsletter and post it on my website. Now I am home and writing a book. I write on the J720 and save it to a CF card. I sync it with my desktop so I always have another copy of it. There’s no way I could write a book on a PDA! Plus, with the relatively small size of the Jornada, I can take it anywhere. I find that I write better when I’m surrounded by activity, so I often go to the mall and sit in the food court to write. The battery lasts a long time. We are getting ready to go back out on the road, so the J720 will need to come, too! Of course, I use it as a PDA for gigs and directions. I will be connecting the J720 to my Siemens S46 via a digital phone card so I can connect anywhere I have cell service. I found Handheld Addict a year ago after we got back from our travels. I check it at least twice week and really enjoy the updates. There really isn’t a better site for Jornada users. Happy 4th and here’s to another 4!
- Carol Berubee

USER THOUGHT: I won an HP820 several years ago and was very impressed with it's instant
on, battery life, and form factor. Unfortunately that was when the
applications appeared to be moving to the pocketPC units ARM processor and form
factor rather than the SHO etc and I was worried it would be a nice unit with
no applications. I sold it on ebay and bought some patio furniture.
I'm thrilled you are keeping us current about HPC developments and OS
alternatives now that MS has seemingly dropped interest in the HPC.
- Kev

USER THOUGHT: I having been coming to your site for a long time now and I appreciate the fact that you update the content with new material regularly. This is one of the few sites I can still get news oriented towards HPC. Good Job throughout the years. I sold my Jornada 680 for a new Ipaq with WM2003, I thought I could get by using the new transcriber which was not available before to me. I really do miss a keyboard though, the price for a pocketable device isn't worth the inconvenience of the input methods used in them. When I had it, I used my Jornada for note taking. I find I don't take as many notes anymore with this Ipaq. :( Thanks again, love your site!
- Andres

USER THOUGHT: I love the Handheld HPC!!  It takes the place of the laptop, is light, functional, and with no moving parts, completely reliable!  Why did the industry give up on this versatile device!!

Thanks, Handheld Addict for keeping the news coming on this wonderful device, and for keeping it alive for our band of enthusiasts! Happy Birthday!

- William Spalding

USER THOUGHT: I use my old HP 620LX to check email, maintain my
calender and contacts. I type word and excel documents
to be used in medical reference articles. Also use it
as a medical reference with many medical texts and
articles. Of course I carry photos of my beautiful
family. Sadly, the screen just died on my unit. I
realize that it is time to upgrade. A HP Jornada 728
would be great!!!

Handheld Addict is great for me to read the latest
handheld gossip!! Also keeps me up to date on the
latest software releases and updates!! Keep up the
good work!!

- Gavin Henriques

USER THOUGHT: Howdy, and Happy 4th Birthday Handheld Addict !!

I use my Handheld everyday at work (and play)- couldn't image being without it. I keep track of tasks, clients, do my email, I use Excel a lot and even use it to get on the internet.  It's my trusty buddy who is always there when I need any type of information.

I really enjoy Handheld Addict. The site gives all the latest news and information to keep me and my Handheld up to date and running well. There aren't too many sites left that are dedicated to the HPC, -and I consider this one the best. If I run into a snag, the forums always have an answer to my questions.

Thanks for all the hard work.

Scott Campbell

USER THOUGHT:…Years ago, I had an IBM WorkPad Z50 – I only used it a short while – I soon realized it did not have the power to be my laptop replacement.  I had bought some and sold them on e-bay for a tidy profit, and did the same with my beloved (but relatively useless, to me) workpad z50.

Fast forward a few  years….I met Hal Goldstein, the publish for Pocket PC Magazine (for whom I write) in June at CeBit, and he whipped out (stand back) his NEC MobilePro (I think 900?) – well, Daddy wanted!  His little wonderdevice basically did everything my iPAQ could, with a wider (useable) screen, functional keyboard, and he had a wifi card in it.  CeBithad wifi, so he showed me some quick web browsing and e-mail.  I wanted one – but not for the roughly $900 or so they were going for.  Plus, I was a bit turned off the device was limited to H/PC 2000.

I did a quick e-bay search, and soon found beloved WorkPad Z50s for about $100 – so I took the plunge – bought a wifi card, Z50, extra battery pack, and eventually, an MP3 player that came with what I wanted – a 340 meg IBM MicroDrive (can you say, “FreeBSD?) – well, that didn’t work out for me, and the whole experience did not work quite the way I hoped – the WorkPad, even after a memory upgrade to the max of 48 meg, was still stuck with H/PC 3.0.  The batteries would drain after a while, losing all my software installations, and I was sorely disappointed.

I did manage to enjoy it for a while though – I was able to SLOWLY browse the web via wifi, the battery life was phenomenol, and after hours, I was able to send and receive e-mail with nPop (as the built in e-mail could not authenticate, I could not send natively) – also, the keyboard was awesome, so I could write text, which is what I wanted the thing for anyway – the only problem – pocket word was, err, disappointing.  I got TextMaker, which was nice, but the processor was choking, so my text would appear a line after I’d type it (fast touch typist).  So as a hybrid system, the WorkPad Z50 did a bit of what I wanted, but not enough – and after the last time the batteries died removing my software, I said, “Screw this” and sold it on e-bay.  So now, I’m H/PC-less once again. In my enthusiasm, I did create a forum for the WorkPad on my website, www.gadgetaddict.com that was not very visited – nor was there much demand in the Pocket PC Magazine forums.
- Gary B. Garland, Esq.

USER THOUGHT: Well, my HPC is one of the original 'tablet PCs'--the Sharp Mobilon Tripad, a/k/a Vadem Clio 1000; it features a reconfigurable screen that you can fold up like a clamshell or flip around like a tablet. I purchased it from a student in California a few years back after losing an eBay auction, and have been pretty happy ever since. While the screen isn't quite as pretty as the newer HPCs, the processor's not the fastest, and I do need to recalibrate the screen a little more often than I'd like, the functionality is great.

At home, I've got a wireless network set up, and use a Siemens PC card (and the Compaq drivers) to surf from the living room. Workwise, I'm a 'spy'--or, more officially, I work in competitive intelligence. My work involves traveling to and covering the major global autoshows for one of the big automakers and reporting on all the hot, new, and scary competitive products. I can bring my Tripad to a show, and, with a decent sized keyboard and great battery life, type up my reports on the fly! It's rather convenient and relaxing to sit at the Citroen stand, enjoying a croissant and glass of champagne, getting a little work done, and meeting new people who want to know what kind of strange machine I'm using.

I'm fairly new to Handheld Addict, so I think the nicest thing I can say is that, in the frenetic, fragile, fly-by-night world of the technology-oriented website, you guys have managed to survive four years (which I think is, like, forty years in realtime), which is more than a lot of other sites can claim. Happy Anniversary!
- A.D. Bernard

USER THOUGHT: (a)     How do I use my HPC: I have owned a Jornada 720 since Sept 2000, over three years now. I wanted to have a unit compatible with Windows and with a keyboard built in. This was quickly a winner in my eyes at the time. I am a researcher and professor at the University of Miami, and I do a lot of field work (hydrology of wetlands), where I collect field data (punch it into an pocket excel spreadsheet), and have it logged in real time  (via GPRS on a Sierra 750 card plugged into my Jornada PCMCIA slot) into a web data base we have at the university; we share this data, again in real time, with some colleagues in Brazil with whom we are doing research. I also use my Jornada for teaching with a Voyager VGA card (also plugged into the PCMCIA slot), with my lectures in pocket power point. I can’t get over people just gawking at me when I pull out my Jornada for presentations and lectures (where is your laptop? they ask, I laugh…), even after three years. Why does it take so long for people to start catching up??? The other use I have for my Jornada is as a phone (with the Sierra 750), although its not as great for receiving calls, but it is fantastic for making them. I use the Jornada to play music while driving in my car (I have a 512 MB CF card permanently in the CF slot, and there I have about 200 MB of MP3s). I also use it to check/respond my emails on the go.

Now, here is the kicker, a true story that happened to me: In June of this year, I had scheduled (months in advance) a week long vacation into Disney World with my wife and two daughters. It also happened that at the time, I was working on a big research proposal. To make a long story short, I worked very hard and sent the proposal out the day before we left for Disney. The next day, I was walking with my family into the park, and my phone rings. It was a woman from the agency to whom I had sent the proposal, indicating that they were missing a couple of documents in the package I had sent. Well, my files were sitting in my desktop computer in Miami (250 miles away), and I was in a park!!! So, what did I do? I asked this woman that called me if she would be so kind to email me the package that I had emailed her the day before (some word, some figures, some spreadsheets). I told her I would make the corrections/additions and send it right back. I asked my wife to take the girls to see one of these live Disney shows (the little mermaid) while I sat down on a park bench with my J720, got the email from this woman, made all the corrections in about 20 minutes (I knew these documents inside out!!!), and email her back. I called her to make sure she had received the updated package, she said yes “everything is OK now”. I thanked here profusely, said goodbye and proceeded to KISS my J720. When my wife came out of the show, I was already sipping some lemonade and relaxing. This was awesome…

And to top it off, I am writing this email from my J720 now that I am on a holiday break.

(b)     I like Handheld Addict because I feel it is one of the most complete discussion forums for HPCs. Most of other HPC sites (I won’t say any names) have wilted over the past few years, perhaps because of the “explosion” of the pocket pcs (can’t figure that one out yet, to me it isn’t even a contest). But Handheld Addict has stayed strong. I keep coming back to read stories and pick up tips that further my enjoyment of my J720. BTW: I am still in denial about HP dropping the handheld line (they’re the best!!!).
- Prof. Fernando R. Miralles-Wilhelm, PhD, PE, DEE

USER THOUGHT: Handheld Addict,

Happy 4th Birthday indeed.  Nowadays, something that lasts for 4 years on the internet is a rarity.  I attribute your longevity to the tons of help and advice you guys have given to the addicts of the world.  I am a physician and intend to use the HPC's to keep track of patients' health status and progress.  Also, the extra memory will help keep my resources handy, for precise point-of-care decisions. 

Again, happy birthday and may the future be as bright as the past was.


Quang Le, MD

USER THOUGHT: I use my Jornada 720 for work - I'm system administrator, to organize my
private life and for fun (there are fine games on HPC). Also, call me
crazy, for emulation of various platforms, mostly M.A.M.E. :)
Oh, I forgot to mention that I use it in my bed every night listening

This is 4th Birthday of Handheld Addict and I want to be here even for
14th Birthday of this great site.
News and links on your site makes my Jornada 720 to live longer and with
your help it is more usefull than ever.

Thanks for news, updates and forum. Keep up with good work!
- Ratko

USER THOUGHT: I have been enjoying my IBM Workpad z50 for a long
time now. The keyboard is just SOOOO nice. I use it
mostly for reading, writing and editing work
documents. With the great battery life it will beat
any laptop for doing this.

Unfortunately I don't have it right now. I leant it
to my brother-in-law for him to use while he is taking
a night course. It was only going to be until he got
a laptop but he is now saying he likes it so much he
may not bother with a laptop. Oops!

Thanks for "carrying on the faith" and all the best
for the future.

- Darren

USER THOUGHT: Hi, here are the answer to those contest quetions:
1- As a developer to have a HPC has opened a wider market to me, a
market that I thought was small and weak and that proved to me that I
was wrong when I thought that.
2- HandHeld Addict is the best source of information about HPC that I
visit almost everyday. If I have to say in a few words my opinion
about HandHeld Addict I would say that: it's fresh and easy to read
but at the same time loaded of tons of information.


Frank J. (ctitanic)
Home of Tweaks2k2

USER THOUGHT: I manage an R&D department, so I have a variety of uses for my 728. Most
importantly, I maintain my schedule, contacts, and to-do list, synced with
Outlook on my company laptop (which rarely gets taken out of the office
thanks to my 728). Research project status reports are all in Excel format,
so I have Ptab to update and view these. Our product literature and internal
reports are mostly in PDF format, so I have the modified Adobe Reader to
access these reference documents wherever I go. I have the 728 with me in
all meetings for taking notes, referring to the PDF and XLS files as needed.
I also use Pocket Slides to give my PowerPoint presentations without
bringing the laptop to meetings or customer visits. For entertainment, I use
iSilo and MobiPocket for reading e-books and I listen to MP3's and stream
Shoutcast stations at home via my wireless router and GSPlayer. Wireless web
browsing around the house is convenient and I can access Outlook Web Access
for company e-mail on the go. Overall, the 728 is the most useful small
computer I have owned. Handheld Addict is the best HPC site with frequent
updates and an active discussion board. I rely on Handheld Addict to keep me
updated and to help me resolve any issues that might come up.

- Brad Kent

Monday, December 29, 2003
CONTEST: Win a HPC to celebrate our 4th Birthday OK this week Handheld Addict reaches 4 years old, yes thats right 4 years old. To celebrate this week we will be giving away
  • Two slighly used Jornada 728's (in excellent condition all working fine and having been used as a test machine for Handheld Addict) with a HPC leather case
  • One slightly used NEC MobilePro 780 (in excellent condition all working fine and having been used as a test machine for Handheld Addict)

    To win this is all you have to do -

  • Let us know how you use your Handheld HPC device
  • Tell us something nice about Handheld Addict in light of our 4th Birthday
  • Consider donating $1 dollar to Handheld Addict to help purchase future prizes with a percentage going to charity on a monthly basis. Use this link to donate
    Email your contest emails with the words "HPC Contest" in the subject line to - sammymcloughlin@mac.com. The contest is open for a week and a winner will be drawn on Sunday 4th January at 12 noon US ET.
    - SJMC

    SITE NEWS Handheld Addict was featured today on the busiest Pocket PC Website - Pocket PC Thoughts. Here is the link
    - SJMC

    USER THOUGHT: First off, I do not currently own an HPC.  I am an up and comming fan of portable electronic (specifically computing) toys.  I currently work in Real Estate, and use a standard HP Laptop and HP 1945 iPAQ to get me through my days.  Basically, I am looking into options for a happy medium, in both performance and size.  In my day to day work, I am constantly on the road, and treking from one persons house to anothers.  There is a particular program we use which allows us to make all of the contracts computerized.  This makes a world of difference, making it both simple to write up a 10 page contract, and impressing the clients by how clean the paperwork is when I type it up and print it out on my Canon i70 portable printer.  Unfortunately, I am more than tired of lugging around my 15inch laptop with me everywhere I go.  By looking into HPC's, which I! began doing while attending Comdex in November, I am finding that the ultra-portability along with the power and long life batteries would be the answer, allowing me to use this technology. Last month I purchased a bluetooth gps system for my ipaq on ebay from Jason Dunn, which is how I discovered his site.  From pocketpcthoughts.com, I have found your sight, which is really assisting me in my hunt for HPC information.  I think the amount of time both you and he put into these sites for the toy amateurs (and pros) is just great!  
    - Jeff

    USER THOUGHT: I've been a HPC user for many years. Started with a Philips Velo1, then the Velo 500, after suffering 2 Velo 500 units with hinge problems and cannibalizing a 3rd to create the PhilipSchlepp FrankenVelo 500, I moved up to the HP Jornada 720. I've used my J720 daily( no, make that hourly) for the last few years. I create schedules for work, inventory product at work, print memos for staff, fax and email paper work to the office, browse the web, check email. Sometimes if I have time I might read an e-book or 2, and maybe get in a game of FreeCell. I've even ripped and re-encoded movies for my kids to watch on the plane to Papa's house. All on the J720. I use my J720 in so many parts of my day; that it seems to be an extension of me. Everybody always wants to see what it is and what it can do. And they are impressed every time. I have been reading Handheld Addict for a while now.(maybe at least 2 name changes). I check it in the morning before work, sometimes in the afternoon from work, and always in the evening before I got to bed. It seems to always be on top of the latest news and updates. The forum is full of great posts, and the members/lurkers seem to really want to help each other. I hope that the next 4 years brings as many innovations and "just plain cool" gadgets/toys as the last 4 years has brought. All the best and more.
    - Schlepp

    USER THOUGHT: q: Let us know how you use your Handheld HPC device
    a: I would use it as a portable writing machine and for light web surfing as well (if I could get a wifi card to work!)
    q: Tell us something nice about Handheld Addict in light of our 4th Birthday
    a: The nice thing about your site (which I only found a few months ago) is that it's the only HPC site out there that is really active and useful! HPC sites are few and far between. It's nice to have a site that's useful and has up to date news!
    Thanks for the contest!

    USER THOUGHT: How I use my HPC
    7am, I wake up and go to my desktop computer, there I sync my HPC to Avantgo and my emails for the day.

    8am, I pack my Jornada into my backpack with some work clothes, my lunch (packed into a very worn, green lunch cooler), and another black travel bag containing my wallet and cell phone.

    8:30am, Get onto my Gary Fisher Supercaliber mountain bike and ride for the next 25-45 minutes to work. Some days the ride is warm with a nice tailwind, other days its 32 degrees, raining, and absolutely miserable. It saves me gas (which saves me money to buy my next handheld) and is safer than my car (which is worth half as much as the mountain bike I ride)

    9:30am, I am changed and at work at the bike shop. First thing I do is check what I have planned for that day as appointments and tasks, then I use Visual CE databases I have created to take and check inventory, to test my new idea for a customer database, write a memo, take notes of ideas to make our shop more efficient, or work on a spreadsheet of pricing. When there’s some spare time, I read Stephen King’s IT, or check up on my favorite Avantgo Channels, or watch my favorite short movie, Molly Star Racer, or read and respond to my daily emails, or play Handmark Monopoly. Right about now I am very thankful for the large screen and excellent keyboard my Jornada has.

    6:30pm, reverse 8:30am and get myself home.

    9:00pm, having eaten dinner and spent time with my wife and son, I enter my ride info from my bike computer into my VisualCE database, reconcile my checking account, load any new pictures of my son, update my appointments and tasks, and then lay down on our bed and browse the net with my cell phone to use up my weekend minutes, visiting Handheld Addict to catch up on the latest news in the HPC world.

    Having owned various handheld computers (my love of them started with my Psion 3a, and having used Cassiopeia HPC, E-115, and EM500, HP Jornada 540, 568, and a 690, NEC Mobilepro 780, Psion 3a, 3c, Series 5, Revo, and Series 5mx, LG Phenom, Palm III, IIIxe, IIIc, M100, M505, and the Tungsten E, and most recently, a Toshiba E755). Of all the handhelds, I liked my NEC Mobilepro and the HP 690 the best. My Mobilepro had a small problem with me using too powerful of a charger one day and ruining the screen. (I had a Microdrive in my NEC, and the battery was critically low, I was at work and could not find my charger anywhere, desperate, I found that the charger for our HP scanner fit, but didn’t realize it was way too powerful for the NECand ruining the screen forever.) The only thing about the NEC I did not like was the arrow key layout, playing games with it was terrible!! The HP Jornada 690 I had was cool. Nice screen, good keyboard, and small size were great. I had gotten mine from eBay, and everything was going fine until one day the stylus and the screen didn’t seem to want to work together. This problem got progressively worse until the touch screen stopped working completely. I had to get rid of it, hence my Toshiba e755. With my new son and life, and don’t have the money to get a new HPC like I really want. So that is why I am entering this contest. During my tenure with handheld computers, I have learned how to really take advantage of the portability and use of these computers. Now I use it as a supplement to my desktop, as an almost stand-alone machine to do things anywhere I go, at anytime. I have gone through every operating system there is, finding Psion’s OS to be the most robust and stable, Windows CE the most versatile and media-friendly, and Palm’s to be the least usable for what I do, not having the power or the software to be true stand-alone machine. My regular visits on the net include stops at PocketGamer, PocketPCThoughts, Handheld Addict, and Handango where I like to keep informed of all the latest releases in software. In light of your 4th Birthday, I will say that I have enjoyed visiting your site and keeping updated with the latest happening in the HOC camp, very informative and thorough.
    - Mark Cesal

    USER THOUGHT: Hi! I'm a big fan of one of the few hpc sites that are updated regularly. Due to the popularity increase of pocket pcs, it seems more and more sites are dedicating their web space towards pdas equiped with the more recent pocket pc os rather than win ce 3.0. Luckily, you guys are still here, and loyal to the wonderful handheld pc! I always preferred hpcs over ppcs because they resembled more laptops. It was always very easy to transfer my desktop word/excel documents and view and edit them on my hpc. The keyboards are always a neccesity for me, and area that the ppcs are lacking in. However, i wish they would upgrade their OS, since its getting sort of outdated. Alas, my jornada 680 is ancient, and thats why i'm here! If i'm lucky, maybe i can win me a new jornada! Yipee!! Well, heres hopin'!! Keep up the good work guys, and don't ever give up on the HPC! thanks a bunch!
    - Orazio

    USER THOUGHT: I use my good 'ole MP780 for just about everything from watching episodes of "The Simpsons" to editing invoices to typing up documents to drawing plans for my combat robots. I still treasure my HPC, even after all the other geeks I know have shiny new Pocket Pc devices. I love browsing the Handheld Addict forums and usually find answers to any problems I may have. (And the forums were especially helpful when I was still a newbie :-) Happy Birthday Handheld Addict, keep up the excellent work!
    - Oscar Guevara

    USER THOUGHT: I use a Handheld HPC device for schoolwork. Keeping track of assignments, taking notes, etc. Even occasionally playing games in a boring class to stay awake. ;) Handheld Addict is the most informative HPC site there is, it's the best by far! It's been a great 4 years and I hope there's many more to come..
    - Joe Olson

    USER THOUGHT: I have been an HPC and PocketPC user for years.  I use it mostly for work to reference and create spreadsheets and Word documents.  I also track contacts quite extensively.  I have enjoyed your very informative website for auite some time now.  Thanks for all you do for this community!!!
    - David Mulliner

    USER THOUGHT: I'm a journalist so I rely heavily on my Jornada 720 for work -- basically editing, some writing, keeping track of contacts and my agenda. It's an excellent companion to my laptop, letting me be more productive and efficient 'in the field', so to speak. The keyboard is a vital component for me -- something a PocketPC could never provide. And combined with my Ericsson T68 mobile phone and WiFi card, I'm able to check email and file stories from anywhere.

    I discovered Handheld Addict some two years ago and it has become my 'first stop' for monitoring the pulse of the handheld PC community. It's been a fantastic and informative website, often being the first to break news and announcements on the handheld industry. I've also found the forums invaluable, providing great tips, shared experiences and explanations to problems that aren't easy to find elsewhere. Happy 4th birthday and may there be many more!
    - Doug Alexander

    USER THOUGHT: - I use my HandheldPC HP Jornada 720 everyday at work and at home. I lisen my MP3 and movies but especially I use my 720 to visit Handheld Addict. It really runs very fast in my jornada. I visit Handheld Addict eveyday because it also help me when you are announcing new releases, apps, news... etc.
    - Eugenio, Handheld Zone

    USER THOUGHT: In the fire service of the 21st century, we employ far more than just putting the cold wet stuff on the hot burning stuff...!  Pocketable data recording has entered the fire ground with welcomed arms (hands and fingers).  PALM and IPAQ style Pocket PCs are often found in many a Line Officer's turnout coat pocket, these days.  They contain the usual mix of personal infomation, but in some cases - the address of each residence and place of business, the amount of and information on each occupant (and, if a resident - vitals on each one - such as if they are elderly, handicapped, live in a second story back bedroom), and any hazards (that were reported) that we may encounter.  Some even contain CAD programs that provide illustrated and detailed layouts of each structure.  As a firefighter (18 years), EMT (27 years) and Chiefs Aide (8 years), at most incidents, I am often called upon to provide important contact information, and to record viatal on-scene incident data... be it a patient's medical report, vehicle accident report or structure/wildland fire report. 

    With the department's HP Jornada 720, I can start typing (yes, typing... NOT tapping or "thumbing") my incident report - using familiar software (like, Word and Excel) and templates - and can include highly detailed photographs, simply by slipping in the handy HP Pocket Camera into a 'CF to PCMCIA adapter' and inserting it into the PCMCIA slot on the left of the keyboard.  True Plug and Play... once in place, it is ready to go! 

    In addition, we rely on our HP Jornada 720 to check our  email, and interdepartmental IM's.  I use it to also type all monthly business meetings, as well as most major on-scene correspondence, including incident accountability reports (listing which personnel responded, what mutual aid agencies came, what equipment was required, etc.). 

    In addition to the onboard software, we often rely on the resources of Handheld Addict (as well as Handheld Attitude and Handheld Underground) for the latest in product information (off-duty entertainment) and software developed espressly for the 720!  Although these handheld units are no longer in production... they are FAR from being considered "dead devices".  On the contrary, a new or upgraded program or adjunct product is introduced - often daily - by many of the brightest software developers and product designers around the globe... each one designed to be used on the Jornada 720.  If these devices are to be considered "has been"... well, the message is sure to have been missed here, as a number of members have traded-in, given away or eBay'd their Pocket PCs - for the HP Jornada 720.  (The keyboard is the clincher!  Who wants to "jot and tittle", anyway?)  Yes - we use our Jornada 720s as handy-extensions-to-our-office on a daily basis - kinda like our electronic version of a Leatherman's Wave Tool (but, that is yet ANOTHER testimonial...)!
    - Sandy Korda

    WEBSITE: Handheld Zone's updates today include -
    Handheld Attitude: j7xxUtil 1.3
    - Handheld Attitude: j7xxMenu 1.4
    - SoccerCE ManagerCE is upcoming
    - PocketQuake: All you need to Know
    - SJMC

    WEBSITE: Update for December 29 on Handheld Attitude
    Participate to the contest. 5 Keyboard Skins to win. Answer until December 31, 2003
    The "j7xx handheld attitude" greetings for X-Mas and the New Year
    Games - Card - j7xxpoker updated
    Office - Spellcheckers - j7xxmultispell updated
    Utilities - Keyboard - j7xxkeys updated
    Utilities - Launcher - j7xxmenu updated
    Utilities - Miscellaneous - j7xxutil updated
    - SJMC

    Sunday, December 28, 2003
    SOFTWARE: Just to inform you that a new version of "j7xxutil" (1.3) is available for download.
    Please read the "installation_readme.txt" included in the package.


    What's new:
    - 1.3 (December 28, 2003)
    - The Display Off and Soft Reset functions have been disabled for Nec devices because
    it was not working and create some trouble. The Jornada 7xx devices are not affected
    - Added in the main screen a button to call directly the "Display" function
    - All the references to my old web and email addresses have been changed in the help

    In addition.......

    Just to inform you that a new version of "j7xxmenu" (1.4) is available for download. Please read the "installation_readme.txt" included in the package.


    What's new:
    - 1.4 (December 28, 2003)
    - The Display Off and Soft Reset functions have been disabled for Nec devices because
    it was not working and create some trouble. The Jornada 7xx devices are not affected
    - Corrected a problem when launching TexTMaker documents (".tmd")
    - All the references to my old web and email addresses have been changed in the help

    In addition.....

    Just to inform you that a new version of "j7xxkeys" (1.2) is available for download. Please read the "installation_readme.txt" included in the package.


    In addition.....

    Just to inform you that a new version of "j7xxpoker" (1.2) is available for download. Please read the "installation_readme.txt" included in the package.

    - SJMC

    SOFTWARE UNDER DEVELOPMENT: Hello Jornada fans, here a short state of the things during the development of the SoccerMangerCE:
  • -Bank businesses added (Up to 3.000.000, - credits are possible. This to
    different interests.)
  • -Training warehouse added. (Here can be booked by the simple soccer
    school up to the luxury island of everything. The more expensively the
    training, the more highly the dot improvement of the players.)
  • -Soundkulisse added with the games. (Fun power, and nevertheless the
    correct atmosphere is decisive, or not ;-))
  • -The Stadium must be equipped now with a floodlight. Here it gives from
    the wall exciter up to the floodlight Maxi of everything what craves for
    the heart.
  • -In addition to must worry one at the Stadiun also around cleaning and

    There are new pictures and details here: www.fobe.de/720 under Development
    - Marco

  • Saturday, December 27, 2003
    WEBSITE: Update for December 27 on Handheld Attitude includes -
  • Participate to the contest. 5 Keyboard Skins to win. Answer until
    December 31, 2003
  • The "j7xx handheld attitude" greetings for X-Mas and the New
  • Graphic - Drawing - UltraG updated
  • Graphic - Viewer - EzViewer updated
    - SJMC

    REMINDER - CONTEST: Now for the next five weeks we will be giving away keyboard skins for your handheld device on a weekly basis thanks to the guys at Image 911, and 128mb Compact Flash Cards as part of our December contest. So all you need to do and we will choose winners to win either a keyboard skin or a Compact Flash Card is to - Tell us how you use your HPC. It does not matter whether its a paragraph or a user thought, it's up to you. Just email me your thoughts to - sammymcloughlin@mac.com. Saying something nice about the site may help too ;-). Please add your mailing address, the type of HPC that you use and ensure you put in the subject line HPC so my mailbox does not put you in the junk folder. Skins fit the following HPC's
    HP Jornada Keyboard Skin fits all models: 680, 690 and 720, as well as the new 728 series
    NEC MobilePRO Keyboard Skin fits all models: 770, 780 and 790 series
    - SJMC

    Friday, December 26, 2003
    USER THOUGHT: I had a great Christmas and received a second hand 728 after the screen on my original 720 cracked. Buying from ebay was not all that bad I am glad to see that the 728 arrived with me in perfect condition and works a treat.
    - Simon Anstell

    USER THOUGHT: Merry Christmas to all Handheld Addict readers. I am hoping that I get a new case for my 720 now that its showing the odd slight scratch on the case. Apart from that it works fine.
    - Rick

    WEBSITE: Update for December 26 on Handheld Attitude
  • Participate to the contest. 5 Keyboard Skins to win. Answer until December 31, 2003
  • The "j7xx handheld attitude" greetings for X-Mas and the New Year
  • Added a page for Sigmarion III users and a new section in the links page
    - SJMC

    WEBSITE: All CE.Net 4.x device users: Good News! I have completed listing 100 softwares of various categories in the Handheldpc Yahoo Group Software database (for CE.Net 4.x devices). At this point, majority of them are for Sigmarion III due to my personal interest and also the software availability by various developers. I believe Sigmarion III (among various devices on .Net 4.x platform) currently probably has the highest number of softwares running. Now the database is opened up to all users for browsing and input. Please feel free to submit when you find new softwares for ANY .Net 4.x devices as the knowledge could be shared with other 4.x devices and this will benefit the HPC community moving forward. The URL of the database: (you would need to sign-up for the group first)

    To browse, you can double click the table, then click the sub-category heading to group the items OR click submit date to see the latest additions or even type in a software name in the search box to look for the app that you want. To submit, just click "add record". Wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
    - Stan

    WEBSITE UltraG v2,39: New version is detailed on Handheld Zone
    - SJMC

  • Tuesday, December 23, 2003
    WEBSITE: Update for December 23 on Henri Spagnolo's 700 Series website includes:
    Participate to the contest. 5 Keyboard Skins to win. Answer until December 31, 2003
    The "j7xx handheld attitude" greetings for X-Mas and the New Year
  • Comms - Remote - Pocket Controller-Bridge updated
  • Leisure - Genealogy - Pocket Genealogist updated
  • Multimedia - Sound - GSPlayer updated
  • Utilities - Archive - Xacrett updated
  • Utilities - Memory - Windows CE Task Manager updated
    - SJMC

  • Sunday, December 21, 2003
    WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude has been updated including the following - http://www.yetanotherhomepage.com/j7xx/
  • Participate to the contest. 5 Keyboard Skins to win. Answer until December 31, 2003
  • The "j7xx handheld attitude" greetings for X-Mas and the New Year
    - SJMC

    WEBSITE: Handheld Zone has been updated including the following - http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.todopocketpc.com%2Fzonahpc.asp&langpair=es%7Cen&hl=es&ie=ASCII&oe=ASCII
    The latest news at HPCZONE:
  • FM v3.73 for HandheldPC
  • CQ Version 1.41e: Clipboard history tool
  • Chrismas Runner for HandheldPC
  • Benchmark test for Jornada720
    - SJMC

    HARDWARE: Tablet PC that runs Windows CE Here comes the MA1000 thanks to Chris Wilson for pointing this out. The MA 1000 is a ruggedized web tablet PC; a portable wireless Windows CE-based information appliance that combines data capture and wireless communication technology. The MA 1000 brings high performance, low power consumption and rich communication support to set the standard for portable information access products. With the Intel XScale 400MHz processor and Windows CE .NET support, the unit enables the new generation of connected 32-bit devices and allows developers to build flexible and reliable designs quickly with a seamless integration to the Internet. The device is ideal for applications in retail, healthcare, warehousing, home networking, manufacturing process monitoring, hospitality, logistics support and on-site service. And with its low price tag, the MA 1000 is the most economical ruggedized, tablet PC on the market.


  • Wireless-Featuring mobility and boundless communications, the latest 802.11b-based wireless technology has been built in to the MA 1000. It also has tremendous flexibility by allowing other WAN or WLAN, and PCMCIA adaptors as options.
  • Fully-Integrated I/O-To maximize connectivity with peripherals like barcode scanners, printers, digital cameras, keyboard/mouse, projectors and large displays, the unit is fully equipped with IR, USB, PS/2 VGA interface ports as well as RS-485/422/232 protocol COM ports.
  • High Brightness Display-The high-bright 10.4” TFT LCD allows the device to be used in an outdoor environment and is ideal for displaying graphical content in web-based applications.
  • Rugged-The MA 1000 is ruggedized and constructed for working in harsh environments.
  • Spill and Dust Resistant-The I/O ports, LCD panel and internal circuits have been designed to resist spills and water damage. It is also dust-resistant with a protected LCD, sealed ports and card slots for extra protection. These features all meet or exceed the IP53 standard.
  • Shock and Vibration resistant – the magnesium housing and internal shock-absorbing design is built to industrial durability specifications and can withstand a 3-foot fall onto a concrete floor.
  • Prices Starting At: $1,630
    - http://www.groupmobile.com/product-ma1000.asp
    - SJMC

  • Saturday, December 20, 2003
    SOFTWARE: Put your brain to play with "Chukchi Kerling".
    Ballshooter Games are proud to announce of their new Pocket PC game "Chukchi Kerling". You don't know who the Chukchi are? The Chukchi (singular - Chukcha) is the Eskimo brother nation located on the other side of the Bering Straight. Chukchi Kerling is a fun and challenging game based on the traditions of these people. This board game adaptation for Pocket PC features very simple rules which makes the game that much more exciting and popular. Colored ice cubes are located in the center of the playing field. When two blocks of the same color get side by side they melt. Clear the playing filed and you will win! Sounds simple? It is! But simple does not mean easy, remember that. Hurry up to get your copy to start playing kerling - details
    - SJMC

    WEBSITE: Updates on Handheld Attitude today include -
    Participate to the contest. 5 Keyboard Skins to win. Answer until December 31, 2003
    Utilities - Miscellaneous - CQ added
    SQLite made available for download because of broken link
    - SJMC

    SOFTWARE: If your looking for a top quality Handheld IRC client then this is a good choice. IrcCE which is an IRC client for the Windows CE platform. It currently runs on all Windows CE devices, including Windows CE 1.0, 2.0 and 2.11 and both Handheld and Palm Size and Pocket PC's - http://www.movsoftware.com/products.htm
    - Lindsey Dyson

    SOFTWARE: New software saves valuable memory space on your Psion handheldIt is the only tool for EPOC32 that can save disk space without losing any system functionality. zExe compresses executable files (applications) and libraries (dlls) written on C++ language. They are, for example, some Neuon and RMR programs, Opera, Web, WAP Browser, eshell, eDoom and many others (.exe, .app, .dll, .ctl, .opx, ...). Overall compression ratio is about 50%, thus you can save some MBytes of space by compressing such applications.

    Details and download from - http://www.mypsion.ru/zexe.php
    - Lindsey Dyson

    SOFTWARE: Hatman is a Pacman clone, simple and it runs ok on my HPC. May not suit those wanting a little more from a Pacman game.

    You can get the download from here
    - Dex Rawton

    SOFTWARE: Another favourite game. Sichuan Majong is a popular traditional board game. The aim of the game is remove all the blocks, two-by-two, before the time runs out. To remove blocks, you must select two identical blocks which are valid (see rules), then these two blocks will disappear. Unlike other similar games, this game is in landscape for Pocket PC and Palmsize PC, and it now supports Handheld PC. Enjoy this game, and relax in style while on the road! Download and details
    - Dex Rawton

    Friday, December 19, 2003
    WEBSITE: Handheld Attitude has been updated. Updates include -
  • Participate to the contest. 5 Keyboard Skins to win. Answer until December 31, 2003
  • Office - Speadsheet - SpreadCE updated
  • Thesaurus CE made available for download because of broken link
    - SJMC

    WEBSITE: Look out for some recent updates on HPC Factor
    - SJMC

    USER THOUGHT: I started on a Jornada 680, made a year stop with a Casio Pocket PC, moved to a Jornada 720 and when I had a failure with it and a helpful (for me) mess-up on the warranty was upgraded to a brand new Jornada 728 (see, their mistakes were helpful in the end) :) What do I do with my handheld? From the early days on the Jornada 680 I surfed the internet from modem and sync'd with NE2000 network card. Quite a trip in those days. With the advent of wireless and my trusty Orinoco PCMCIA card I now use broadband to surf the web and use PockeTTY from Deja Vu Software (.com) to ssh to my Linux servers. I use terminal software for serial links to routers, and Teletype GPS to keep from getting lost on the way there.

    While it isn't always a substitute for a laptop, it edges it out about 85% of the time. I use perl to test apps, and HPC Notes to store source code and note. I own the old 90% keyboard, and until last July regularly carried the VGA PCMCIA card to test monitors (was stolen/became missing from a hotel room :( )

    A lot of applications, and a little rambling, This is my Handheld's life!
    - Charles McKinnis

  • Wednesday, December 17, 2003

    SOFTWARE: CTDrugs is a tool designed to display the drug data information compiled by Dr Jason Wolfe. This tool allows you to import the .csv file from his site www.jwolfe.clara.net , so every time that a new version of that database is released you can have it in your Pocket PC with only a few clicks. Jason’s database file contains selected information on all of the drugs in the British National Formulary, amounting to almost 600 entries. For more details about this database and the restrictions on it please visit www.jwolfe.clara.net More information on how to buy this program can be found at document.
    - ctitanic

    WEBSITE: Update on Handheld Attitude includes:
    Participate to the contest. 5 Keyboard Skins to win. Answer until December 31, 2003
    Comms - Remote - Pocket Controller-Professional updated
    Miscellaneous - Health - CTDrugs added
    - SJMC

    WEBSITE: Handheld Zone has the following updates today including -
    - CTDrugs v1.10: 582 medical registries in your Handheld.
    - Music from Internet with GSPlayer.
    - SJMC

    Tuesday, December 16, 2003
    WEBSITE: Good to see our friends, HPC Factor has been updated - "Unfortunately, no we've not struck it lucky here at HPC:Factor. But I had you going. One of the things that we provide here on the site is information on how to keep all aspects of your H/PC life, including your Host PC's in tiptop condition. Microsoft have released an update to Jet (Service Pack 8) that covers most of our Patching & Update guides." Read in more details
    - SJMC

    SOFTWARE: It is good to see that one of my favourite ebook readers was updated recently. µBook is a simple and lean, yet powerful ebook reader for your HPC that can read HTML, TXT, RTF, PDB and PRC (not secure) ebook files. It can read directly from inside ZIP files, and supports BMP, GIF and JPG images. It offers many customization options including: Portrait and Landscape display, Choice of font type, color and size, etc.... It Also has a resizable/skinnable User Interface. µBook is improving on a regular basis and best of all it's free! You can download it from Handheld Attitude's website.
    - SJMC

    Monday, December 15, 2003
    HARDWARE: A company called Syrontec has announced that it will be creating a HPC Hard Case for all leading HPC's including the 700 range of HPC's. It is expected that they will see release in February / March.
    - Andrew Wolstenholme

    WEBSITE: Update for December 15 on Handheld Attitude includes -
  • Participate to the contest. 5 Keyboard Skins to win. Answer until December 31, 2003
  • Programming - Miscellaneous - e-PocketSetup updated
  • Programming - Miscellaneous - Natural Installer updated
  • Some broken links corrected
    - SJMC

    SOFTWARE: A reminder that D7EEB7 is the discount code to get 15% of Tweaks2k2 and 3X HangGirl at the Handango store.
    - SJMC

  • Sunday, December 14, 2003
    WEBSITE: On Handheld Attitude, updates include -
    Participate to the contest. 5 Keyboard Skins to win. Answer until December 31, 2003
    Data - Pim - Project Professional added
    Leisure - Ebook - µBook updated
    Utilities - Backup - TFS (Tascal Folder Sync HPC) updated
    - SJMC

    OUR 4TH BIRTHDAY: As we approach our 4th Birthday I wanted to take some time out to thank a few people and take a look at the community in its present state. When we started this site in 1999 little did we think how Handheld Addict would grow. We have grown with the community and have been an ideal base for the community to discuss their thoughts and express their comments. Over the years we have seen many HPC come and go. Many will remember sites like I do do such as Simply HPC. However we have at present an excellent community with a strong feeling to keep the community growing. The success oh Handheld Addict is down to you the community. By the middle of January we will have reached six million hits since 1999, not bad considering the state of the HPC platform. So I would like to thank you the user. All the other HPC sites that have remained in contact with Handheld Addict over the years such as HPC Factor, Handheld Attitude and Clinton Fitch.com. These are all great sites and offer their own view on the HPC world. We have always been the gate opener to these sites, updating the HPC community on their updates and alerting you on any significant developments in the HPC world. So make sure you check their sites out. So lets look forward to another four years of Handheld Addict and thanks again to all our readers.
    - SJMC

    WEBSITE: Handheld Zone features UltraG v2,37: Fantastic visualizer of images.
    - SJMC

    SOFTWARE: SockOut - a high-speed "ball and paddle" arcade game. With many unique levels to conquer and an assortment of special "fun-bricks", SockOut will keep you coming back for more.
  • Great colors
  • Cool sound effects
  • Speed control
  • Many exciting levels of brick layouts
  • A variety of randomly placed "fun bricks" (some helpful, some destructive).
  • Top scores saved in "Hall of Fame"
  • Versions for H/PC Pro and H/PC 2000
    Now this looks like being a good game. It's a little expensive at almost $10 but if you think the game play is good then it may be worth the money - details
    - Keith Warren

    WEBSITE: Shades720 has been given a facelift and has some excellent content especially if you wish o connect your HPC wireslessly to the internet. Well worth a read and I am sure that many people will find somethiong of use on this site - details
    - SJMC

  • Saturday, December 13, 2003
    RUMOUR: Psion Revo gets bluetooth and color screen?

    Those of you who used to use a Psion I thought you would like to hear that a British company called POS Limited, are working on various variations of the Revo made by Psion. The company has also produced re-conditioned Revo devices and rumour has it that they are working on a new Revo with a colour screen and bluetooth built in. You may wish to keep an eye on the POS website Thanks to Henry for the information
    - SJMC

    USER THOUGHT: Congratulations to your site for being the best HPC site. I have been using a 728 for a year and adapt it to everything. I have a six years old daughter Beth, who just cannot stop playing Tetris on it. Anyway thanks to you, the readers and your forum I have learnt many things except to get myself a good case for my 728 which I plan to do soon. Warm wishes from Germany to you and the rest of the community.
    - Studdt

    USER THOUGHT: I enjoy the Handheld Addict site because it keeps me up to date on CE 3.0 developments!!! I am a 7th grade Math Teacher and I use my HP Jornada 720 everyday. Everything from keeping track of student attendance, grade keeping, note taker for parent conferences etc......

    I can only afford to purchase 2nd generation technology equipment so I bought my J720 used on Ebay and it has been a Godsend. My J720 is a poor man's laptop. I couldn't live without the keyboard and it's portability. Thanks, for the heads up on TEXTMAKER carnival sale !!!!
    - Pedro Orduno

    USER THOUGHT: If you have never played this before then its addicting with a capital "A" it's called Bubblets. I first came across this game when the game came with the Psion Revo. When I moved to the HPC 720 I downloaded the game and started playing it in color and took a shine to it. I do get work done but I have to lock my 720 away : ) So read no further if you have deadlines to meet. Bubblets is a puzzle game for Windows CE that is simply addicting. Match similar bubbles together in order to burst them from the board. The more bubbles you burst at once, the more points you receive - details
    - Keith Warren

    USER THOUGHT: We may all have a lot of time on our hands as we come up to Christmas so how about a great game of tetris? Well remember the free version CanTris is still downloadable and is free. CanTris is a simple Tetris clone. It has all the usual single player goodies, as well as a support for 2-players through IR and TCP/IP. CanTris also features a portal server, which is a Java-based server that maintains a list of players looking for opponent. The portal server also maintains a Hi-score and 2-player ranking list. Now the last update was last year but it works and plays great and I have it on my j720 and it looks good and is rather addicting so please give it a go and if you don't like it its easy to remove - details
    - Keith Warren

    WEBSITE: Updates on Handheld Attitude today includes:
    Participate to the contest. 5 Keyboard Skins to win. Answer until December 31, 2003
    Data - Pim - Project Professional added
    Leisure - Ebook - µBook updated
    Utilities - Backup - TFS (Tascal Folder Sync HPC) updated
    - SJMC

    WEBSITE: Updates on Handheld Zone today includes UltraG v2,37 and EzDownload v1.13 - details
    - SJMC

    WEBSITE: Remember those of you who own a Nexio HPC should check out the Yahoo Group dedicated to the HPC which can be found here. I know from emails that come in that it has a loyal following so check the site out.
    - SJMC

    Friday, December 12, 2003
    USER THOUGHT: I first discovered HPCs back in High school. Back then, I had a PsPC (Nino 200) and overheard my computer teacher giving advice to some other students regarding buying a PDA -- "be sure to buy one with a keyboard, as that's the best way for students to enter information!" That advice stuck in my head as I too realized that my Nino 200 just wasn't doing what I wanted. After some hunting, I picked up the NEC MobilePro 770 for its full-sized keyboard.

    Despite being only a high school student, the device was a veritable godsend. I can work whenever and whereever I want; I can do powerpoint presentations; I can graph and do excel; and a flashcard program that I bought was invaluable in the various academic endeavors that I had pursued at the time. I spent 3 happy years with the MobilePro as my main machine -- right up to my first year in University, where it was in my bag every day as I took notes with it in lectures. The small size of the unit was great for portability, and the battery life enabled me to go a whole week without recharging.

    In the end of last year, I picked up the Intermec 6651 on eBay at a steal of a price. The tablet mode was essential for me to draw diagrams while taking notes in lectures; the TFT screen was easier on the eyes; the 800×480 screen made for easier word processing than the MobilePro's narrow screen. The USB port allowed me to use a mouse.

    I've had the Intermec for only half a year, and I can already say it's the best purchase decision I've yet made. The hero story for me is bringing it with me to the University of Michigan for a summer job term -- it became my main machine for everything. And if I needed anything from "home base" I'd just start a terminal services client session with my Windows XP desktop at home and remote activesync through the resident internet connection. I never skipped a beat in productivity, and for the two months I was there, the Intermec was my full-fledged computer -- just as powerful as a desktop.

    I use it everywhere now, in the subway, in classes, in cafe's as I read and type notes. And at least once a week I have people glancing at my machine, asking me what it was, or just simply telling me that it was "cool." For my purposes, the HPC does everything that my other friends uses laptops to accomplish. But I've got the task done with a smaller unit, longer battery life, and cooler to boot!

    I come to this site (Handheld Addict) every day to check out any new developments in the HPC world. It was from this site that I found out about using Adobe Acrobat on CE 3.0 machines, or the big TextMaker sale (where I picked up my copy of TM). Awesome site, and I'm glad it's still going strong!
    - Marvin Chum (aka felixdd)

    USER THOUGHT: First of all .... Handheld Addict is my number one information pool about HPC, a huge archive , links at one click, and almost every day news about the HPC community. Now, what I'm doing with my HPC ....

    I'm using a HP Jornada 720, with 5 GB Toshiba HD, CF Lan Card. The 720 is my external brain , the following tasks are done with the

    - Playing games (especially Chess)
    - Hear music and voice books
    - reading e-books and PDF Files
    - Managing timetracking information about my work / projects
    - PIM (Tasks, contacts, calendar)
    - email
    - managing my personal finance
    - managing sports results , (soccer, basketball, icehockey, table
    - instead of paper i use my 720 to collect informations during business
    - watching vidoes with pocketMVP
    - softwaredevelopment

    So, I hope you will let your site be living for a long time !!
    - Bernd Dohr

    WEBSITE: Website update on Handheld Zone today includes -
    - Tascal Folder Synchronize v3,01
    - FM 3.71 for HandheldPC
    - SJMC

    Thursday, December 11, 2003
    CONTEST: Now for the next five weeks we will be giving away keyboard skins for your handheld device on a weekly basis thanks to the guys at Image 911, and 128mb Compact Flash Cards as part of our December contest. So all you need to do and we will choose winners to win either a keyboard skin or a Compact Flash Card is to - Tell us how you use your HPC. It does not matter whether its a paragraph or a user thought, it's up to you. Just email me your thoughts to - sammymcloughlin@mac.com. Saying something nice about the site may help too ;-). Please add your mailing address, the type of HPC that you use and ensure you put in the subject line HPC so my mailbox does not put you in the junk folder. Skins fit the following HPC's
    HP Jornada Keyboard Skin fits all models: 680, 690 and 720, as well as the new 728 series
    NEC MobilePRO Keyboard Skin fits all models: 770, 780 and 790 series
    - SJMC

    WEBSITE: Handheld Zone discuss how Sim City now works on a HPC - details

    PROTECTION: Thanks again to Image 911 the makers of the keyboard skins. "Our HP Jornada and NEC MobilePRO Keyboard Skins™ are designed to prevent damaging fluid spills and blowing dust from destroying your expensive handheld PCs! Now you can keep rain, snow, soda, coffee, tea, your morning Danish or late night Rocky Road from gunking up your keyboard, frying the motherboard and ruining a costly personal data assistant! Made of a 7 mil thin, incredibly flexible matte finish polyurethane material, these high-quality, totally transparent Keyboard Skins™ are custom-made and vacuum molded to fit like a second skin! Our exclusive Keyboard Skins™ are easy to install and offer superior tactile sensitivity. Special adhesive strips assure the Keyboard Skins™ stay in place. They fit like a glove & protect like armor!" Get more details on these excellent skins - Image 911
    - SJMC

    Wednesday, December 10, 2003

    SPECIAL: Christmas time comes once a year and its nice to see that there is a great discount code for all readers to take advantage of for the excellent Tweaks2k2 and 3X HangGirl at www. pc-counselor.com/j720.htm. Just use D7EEB7 at the Handango store when you go to checkout. You save 15% discount at Handango and the offer expires 2nd January so get to it.
    - SJMC

    USER THOUGHT: Just wondering how often regular 720 and 728 users do a hard reset. If you have had your unit for a year or two or longer, did you do a hard reset just to clean out the gunk and resolve and issues? I have somehow deleted the Sockets ethernet driver which is built in and I think I need to do it, but it's still a pain having to re-install the powertoys and plus pack, plus other software you use. But I think it might be helpful in resolving a few problems. Just wondering what others have done. Oh, for a great case for the 720 see my web site page: http://home.earthlink.net/~freighter/case.htm
    - Chris W

    WEBSITE: Update for December 10 on Handheld Attitude - http://www.yetanotherhomepage.com/j7xx/
    Participate to the contest. 5 Keyboard Skins to win. Answer until December 31, 2003
    - Leisure - Travel - OziExplorerCE updated
    - Office - Presentation - Pocket Slides updated
    - SJMC

    WEBSITE: Sim City 2000 now works on a HPC, read more on this translated version of Handheld Zone
    - SJMC

    Tuesday, December 09, 2003
    SOFTWARE: A number of people have emailed in mentioning the PocketMVP(Pocket Music and Video Player). I thought I would go to thewir site and take a look at it further. "So what is the PocketMVP(Pocket Music and Video Player) ?  Well it's an open source movie player based on the popular "Divx" format from Divx Networks.  Recently the player has been enhanced to support the original DIVX video format as well.  You're asking: "What good is video without audio", well we also have incorporated the MAD decoder ,which is one of the higher quality and best performing opensource MP3 decoders available.  Currently this project is hosted by ProjectMayo in their CVS library and official releases can be obtained there.  This site is dedicated to providing more information about this project and as a hosting site for current alpha releases of the player, as ProjectMayo can only release new binaries intermitently at current.  The project is now at a stage where enhancements and improvements are frequent and they need to be tested on all the supported device prior to official release.  So that's what you'll find here aside from general information about PocketMVP." Obviously we HPC users can take advantage of this software. Here is the link
    - Andrew Wolstenholme

    RESOURCE: I have just been onto the ebay site and there are a great number of Jornada 720 devices up for sale at the moment. So if your looking for a well priced device then ebay has some good prices at the moment. Here is an example - $185 for one bid with 13 bids. Now that is not bad - details
    - Andrew Wolstenholme

    SOFTWARE: It is good to see further software updates and now they are taking the Psion Net Book into account. Handheld Zone talks about GAPI now being available for the Psion Netbook which now runs Windows CE - details

    Update for December 09:


    Handheld Attiude has the following updates today - Participate to the contest. 5 Keyboard Skins to win. Answer until December 31, 2003
    Added a new "Battery" page in the "Accessories"
    Added the "Handheld Addict Forum" to the "Quick Links"
    Graphic - Miscellaneous - GAPI for HPC's updated
    Leisure - Ebook - iSilo updated
    Multimedia - Sound - GSPlayer updated
    Some broken links corrected
    - SJMC

    USER THOUGHT: Has anyone managed to get their hands on the new Web Book yet? It certainly looks like a nice HPC. I think that 815,60 EUR is an ok price to pay however what annoys me is that giuys who produce these HPC's should be looking at getting them cheaper to help sell them. I really like the look of it and think that the black design makes it stand out. I have a Jornada 720 and its wearing well but I think that it is now time for a replacement and now would be a good time I think. You can get details on the Web Book here
    - Stephen W

    Monday, December 08, 2003
    SOFTWARE: GSPlayer (MPEG Audio) the audio player for HPC's has been updated. It appears to have gained a "volume slider" function - more details
    - felixdd

    WEBSITE: Hello, just to inform you that there is a small contest at
    "j7xx handheld attitude"

    5 Keyboard skins to win:
    1 skin for Jornada. Fits: 680 - 690 - 710 - 720 - 728
    2 skins for Nec MobilePro. Fits: 770 - 780 - 790
    2 skins for Nec MobilePro 900
    - Henri Spagnolo

    USER THOUGHT: You have been posting user thoughts and I wanted to explain that as a Primary School Teacher using a portable PDA such as a 720 assists me so much. The 720 I have been using is at least two years old but shows no signs of wear and tear. Prior to this I was using a Psion Series 5mx and thought that I would be using this for life, unfortunatly it was stolen and I went out and and parted with some more of my cash and got myself a 720. It has been a blessing and I never thought that it would replace my 5mx however it did so and I quickly got used to it. If I was ever to part from my 720 then I would be lost and goodness knows what would happen.
    - Elisabeth Reynold

    RESOURCE: The NEC MobilePro is on special sale for the price of only $299.95 at usedhandhelds.com
    - SJMC

    Sunday, December 07, 2003
    USER THOUGHT: You have the best and busiest HPC Forum for any HPC website that I know. I know you set up the HPC forum three years or so and it's amazing to see all the information from experienced HPC users there. I have been using a 720 for the past three years without any problems or broken hinges and I am pleased to say that I refer to your site for reference and to read and to try and help other users who may be running into difficulties. Keep up the good work.
    - Saundy

    CONTEST: Next weekend I will be giving away Compact Flash Cards in a giveaway contest for you to get your hands on, simply by answering a quick question. We will be giving further details this week. So stay tuned.
    - SJMC

    WEBSITE: Doug Alexander who has contributed to Handheld Addict has won the Clinton Fitch HPC User of the month - read more, in the meantime Clinton has some great reviews of HPC software and applications. I am sure we are all looking forward to a new review soon.
    - SJMC

    USER THOUGHT: First of all I love HA (Handheld Addict) and have been visiting for years. I have to admit however that I am a newbie to the HPC despite being a visitor to HA for over two years. I recently followed advice from the site and purchased a 728. I am looking for a case and also something to protect the keyboard. I recently spilled some juice on my Pocket PC that I was using prior to the 728 so I am looking for some protection. Anyway just thought I would let you know that I enjoy HA and I love the news, stories and user views posted. Best wishes to you and to the readers.
    - Sarah Norton

    SOFTWARE: There is a new release of PocketMVP for HPC's. This is now compatible to the NEC MobilePro 900 and other ARM- CPU- based Handheld PC's. Find it here - http://www.WinCESoft.de/. You need also GAPI for HPC's, v2.0


    v0.8.120103 Changes from v0.8.112203 (WinCESoft release)
    Play- and audiothread synchronisation enhanced (now works also on NEC MobilePro 900)
    Bugfix: File open dialog doesn’t pop up sometimes
    PocketMVP can now start multiple times with "double click" on an mediafile in the file explorer
    Filelist- and file open dialog- columns matches the HPC screen now
    File open dialog fits now the screen
    Playlist editor bugfix
    Audio bugfix: Wavedevice was sometimes already opened with the wrong audio parameters
    Some keyboard shortcuts added
    240x320 HPC skin added
    Some other bugfixes
    - Frank

    WEBSITE: New review of Image 911 keyboard Skins has been posted on Handheld Attitude - details
    - SJMC

    Saturday, December 06, 2003
    USER THOUGHT: I recently read a good article in Pocket PC mag. I'm very late in reading it, but just purchased a slightly used Siemens Simpad SL4 handheld PC. I didn't know what I was getting into with the CE world until I began to try and find software. My device runs Windows CE 4.1 instead of Pocket PC 2000 (huge difference), and when I purchased it from Ebay, I bought it from a person who has been very helpful since. Basically I was told that anything CE compatible the ARM processor should run. The Device is called Siemens Simpad SL-4, (www.my-siemens.com), very cool design, 8" screen for full web page view, with one of the best active matrix screens I've seen.

    Next I wanted to go completely wireless and use the device to find hotspots around the city and a month later and after 3-Com finally coughed up their products did not support HPC, I found an Orinoco Silver card which turned out to be plug and play,(plug and play is wonderful as you all know in the CE world. So that took care of my wireless setup. I now roam all over the city and connect to the internet wirelessly using other wireless hotspots to get on the net. This was great, I felt like I was finally on the cutting edge of the HPC world mainly because every Computer Company, Computer Store, Computer Programer that I spoke with didn't know anything about how to accomplish this goal. In fact, very few computer stores technicians knew what I was talking about, so that made me feel that I could go where no man has gone before to the cutting edge of the wireless world. I forgot that it took a month to accomplish this, and valuable time.

    Since then, I decided to use Pocket Streets & Trips and went out and bought the latest version 2004. I still run Win 98 on the desktop as it does what I need, and Pocket Streets installed fine. Then I tried to sync over to the HPC Simpad and it wouldn't install. So I remembered an email I recieved from Poland speaking aboutthe subject of installing by use of "CAB" files. So I extracted the setup.ext file, and then copied the cab file for the ARM processor over to the HPC and installed the program. Then it said that it couldn't find components of the program when I tapped on the .exe file on the Start Menu. I spent days, then weeks surfing the web and figure out why. After reading many articles, including everything on the support site from Microsoft, asking questions on many forums, I gave up on the 2004 and have since slowly figured out what Microsoft has done with HPC support, totally moving to PPC and Cell Phone support with Mobile Computing. I then got an email from a kind person saying that the Pocket Streets 2002 version had HPC cabs and would install fine in the Simpad. So I managed to get a credit for the 2004 version and found an old dusty 2002 version at the friendly Radio Shack store, (god bless them, they always seem to bail us out when we need them). So I installed both on the desktop, extracted the setup for Pocket Streets and saw the HPC cab files there, and I now have Pocket Streets running on the Simpad.

    Next I decided I wanted a GPS to help me find my way around. Since I am a Realtor, I get lost in many ways, lost mind, and lost direction and sometimes lost clients. So I felt that the GPS would solve a time management issue when I am showing houses and finding my way to the many small neighborhoods that we can get totally lost in. I saw that Streets & Trips 2002 had GPS support on the Desktop version, but when I clicked on the Tools menu on the Simpad, there was no GPS configuration menu. So I asked questions in the forums again, wrote Microsoft, and they phoned from INDIA, to try and help install the patch. The only patch I found on the Microsoft Support site was called English Update 2002 which when installing shows the title "Service Release 1". I was informed that to get GPS support in Pocket Streets 2002, I had to install this patch. When it tried to sync over to the HPC, same old problem occurred. The Software doesn't support the device error. So I copied the Pocket PC Cab file for the ARM processor over and same old problem, could not find the missing components when tapping on the .exe file. I had forgotten about the necessary HPC cabs, and found myself trying to install PPC cabs and spent another week with Microsoft support (from INDIA) who could hardly speak English, and knew less than I do, (so much for Microsoft support lately), however they are cutting costs with off-shore support desks, I thrilled about that.

    Anyway I finally woke up and extracted the Setup.exe component of the downloaded patch to find that there ARE NO HPC cabs in the patch. Why not??? So I wrote Microsoft again asking the same question, "why introduce a 2002 version with GPS support, and then offer a patch that only works for the Pocket PC? This meant that between the introduction of the desktop version and pocket version which had HPC cabs, Microsoft must have decided to quit supporting HPC devices. What kind of support was this I felt? Well, point in fact, Cell phones and PPC's are popular, and HPC's are just too efficient and sales just didn't take off for the average consumer. However, I am dissapointed with Microsoft's lack of support for a platform that people buy in good faith, so now it's TomTom's Route Planner, or Teletype's HPC platform hoping one of those will work. Shame on Microsoft, and I'm sure they really care. So that's my story for now, to add to the experiences of the HPC world. If you have any knowledge about this, or know anyone out there who has a solution I would sure appreciate any feedback.
    - New Discoveries

    WEBSITE: Handheld Zone has been updated with -
    - CalliGrapher for H/PC is still alive.
    - uBook 0.8q
    - SJMC

    SOFTWARE: SYWARE, Inc., a leading developer of intuitive database tools for business and personal productivity, today announced Version 8 of Visual CE®, the award-winning rapid application development software for database and forms development on Microsoft® Windows Mobile and Pocket PC handheld computers. Designed for a wide range of applications, from patient tracking to field force automation, Visual CE Version 8 provides a powerful array of mobile development tools, all within an easy-to-use, 'no programming required' environment. The latest release enhances the software with an emphasis on flexibility for both the developer and the mobile user. New features include a significantly expanded array of uses for variables, additional alarm functions, support for sounds and the creation of image maps, built-in support for 'one-click' bar code scanning using Socket's ultra-small In-Hand Scan Cards™, and the ability to send SMS messages directly from within a database application. Visual CE 8 applications can be created on any Microsoft Windows Mobile, Windows CE, or Pocket PC handheld - details
    - SJMC

    HANDHELD ATTITUDE: Update for December 06:

    06/12 Editors - Registry - TRE (TascalRegEdit HPC) updated
    Graphic - Miscellaneous - GAPI for HPC's updated
    Multimedia - Movies - PocketMVP for HPC's updated
    - Henri Spagnolo

    Friday, December 05, 2003
    SOFTWARE: As we reported a week or so ago, PhatWare Corporation is happy to announce the release of CalliGrapher 7, the company's award-winning handwriting recognition software for Pocket PCs. However all is not lost for HPC's because although my email press release received read "The new version of CalliGrapher does not support Handheld PCs (such as HP Jornada 720)." It did say "We will continue shipping CalliGrapher 6.x on Handheld PC platforms and plan to release CalliGrapher 6.6 for Handheld PCs in the near future." So some good news - details
    - SJMC

    Thursday, December 04, 2003
    HARDWARE: BSQUARE and Vodafone deliver a new handheld device

    BSQUARE announced that Vodafone is the first wireless operator selling BSQUARE Power Handheld devices. Power Handheld devices are now available in limited quantity to enterprise customers and mobile professionals through select Vodafone stores in the U.K. market. The device was developed under the code name "Maui".

    BSQUARE's Power Handheld is a turnkey solution enabling wireless operators and OEMs to bring highly differentiated mobile devices to market. The very small handheld form factor allows for great portability with powerful functionality. In addition, Power Handheld is a platform allowing wireless operators and OEMs to grow their customer base by providing line of business applications and messaging solutions leveraging email, SMS and voice.

    Power Handheld features integrated email with no limitations web browsing, a comprehensive suite of productivity software applications, a full VGA resolution display, a retractable QWERTY thumb-type keyboard, integrated GSM cell phone, and built-in wireless data via access to high-speed, always-on GPRS data networks. This allows enterprises to immediately extend their productivity applications to a wireless device without additional development to fit a small screen.

    The Power Handheld is based on Intel XScale and Microsoft Windows CE .NET technologies. The basic software comes with Pocket Word, Pocket Outlook, support for Microsoft .NET and ActiveSync technology. Read in full at Geek Zone
    - SJMC

    Wednesday, December 03, 2003
    WEBSITE: Update for December 03 on Handheld Attitude - http://www.yetanotherhomepage.com/j7xx/

    03/12 Data - Data - Visual CE updated
    Data - Pim - CE Agenda added
    Leisure - Sport - pdaGolfPro Problems&Fixes (short game) added
    Leisure - Sport - pdaGolfPro Quick Tips (long game) added
    Leisure - Sport - pdaGolfPro Quick Tips (short game) added
    Leisure - Travel - Métro updated
    - SJMC

    Tuesday, December 02, 2003
    News on Handheld Zone today includes this article called - Some reasons to continue working - details

    USER THOUGHT: Sammy I have had the same 720 for three years and it has worked for me without a problem. A friend of mine tried to pursuade me to 'jump ship' and try out a Pocket PC. No way I said as I need the wide screen and the keyboard. It maybe dated but its still hot and there is still a big need for a HPC now than ever before.
    - Tyler

    Monday, December 01, 2003
    Handheld Zone website updates today include -
    - WinCESoft PocketMVP for HPC's v.8.120103
    - WinCESoft HandheldPC GAPI v2,00

    Handheld Attitude update today includes -
    01/12 The "j7xx handheld attitude" surprise for Christmas
    Editors - Registry - TRE (TascalRegEdit HPC) updated
    Games - Mind - TSG (Tascal Same Game) added
    Leisure - Genealogy - Pocket Genealogist updated
    Multimedia - Sound - GSPlayer updated
    Some broken links corrected
    More details

    This on HPC Factor - "Clinton Fitch's user of the month competition has run into a small problem. A technical error has caused the entry's of past applicants to have been lost. Clinton apologises for the problem and requests that applicant resubmit their entries as soon as is convenient."
    - SJMC

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