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Tuesday, September 30, 2003
WEBSITE: Imov Messenger is among the clients to have been prevented from using Yahoo IM. More details from HPC Factor

INFORMATION: The HPC Factor Internet Favourites Add-ons for Pocket Internet Explorer have been updated. Version 1.01 of the HPC Favourites pack contains updates to Handheld Addict's link. Version 1.02 of the Mobile Internet Favourites pack fixes an installer glitch and adds O2 Portal to the Search Engines & Portals section. More details and download from HPC Factor

INFORMATION: Chris from HPC Factor sent in the following in regards to yestrdays Linux PDA post. Yes, we normally cover Windows CE handhelds but we thought you may want to know every now and again about other things in the HPC and PDA world :)

"Will Sharp ever bring its latest Linux-based Zaurus PDAs to Europe? Postings on the company's own Zaurus developer web site citing Sharp UK customer services claim that the company has "no plans" to offer new models or upgrades here. However, company insiders suggest the product line's fate may not be sealed. In July, Sharp told The Register that it would not release any new Zaurus in the UK during Q3 but that no decision had been taking regarding potential Q4 launches. At that point the Zaurus was discontinued in Germany and the UK."
More details - The Register
- Chris Tilley, Editor-in-Chief, HPC:Factor - http://www.hpcfactor.com/

WEBSITE: Henri Spagnolo 700 series software site has the following updates:
Comms - Remote - Pocket Controller-Bridge updated
Comms - Remote - Pocket Controller-Enterprise updated
Comms - Remote - Pocket Controller-Professional updated
Games - Arcade - Attribute Quest added

WEBSITE: Here is an interesting site for people using the Zaurus or other linux based PDA:
http://opie.handhelds.org Opie (Open Palmtop Integrated Environment) is a completely Open Source based graphical user environment for PDA's and other devices running Linux.
- Henri Spagnolo

WEBSITE: Clamshell designed HPC, the Sharp Zaurus SL-C760 is reviewed by Larry Garfield on the Infosync website.

"The Sharp Zaurus line of GNU/Linux-based handhelds has to date sported some very impressive features and designs. Unfortunately, many of the most interesting are only officially released in Japan, such as the high-powered SL-C760 clamshell model. Fortunately for the rest of the world, importer Dynamism has added the SL-C760 to their line of import-and-translate products and offers an English-ified version of the SL-760. It is almost a laptop, but still handheld." More details

EDITORIAL: PDA Security-Not To Be Taken Lightly!!!
Exposing Your Life - the Top Facts on PDA Usage
by Magnus Ahlberg - Managing Director of Pointsec Mobile Technologies - Friday, 19 September 2003.
If one in three houses in your street were left with their front doors open at night would you think their owners were asking for trouble? One in three PDA users keep their PDA's unprotected by not bothering with passwords which could end with the same dire consequences as keeping their doors open at night.
A bit far fetched you might think but what happens when your unprotected PDA is pick-pocketed to order, lost or stolen and ends up in the wrong hands? Money could be taken out of your bank account, all your personal and business secrets could be breached, your customer databases could be stolen or worse still you could lose your entire identity. According to Home Office Minister Beverley Hughes at a recent Combating Identity Fraud Conference, ID fraud costs the country more than L1.3 billion every year and takes the average victim of identity theft 300 hours to put their records straight.
Here are 20 facts on how people use their PDAs compiled from the PDA Usage Survey 2003 conducted by Pointsec Mobile Technologies.
1. A third do not use passwords to access their PDA - and yet a third use their PDAs to store their passwords.
2. The most common place to lose a PDA or other mobile device is a taxi.
3. The second most common place to lose a PDA or other mobile device is a bar - (too many drunken PDA users maybe?)
4. Forty one percent are now using their PDA to access their corporate network.
5. Fifty seven percent do not encrypt the corporate data held on their PDA.
6. Over 25% of PDA users have lost it at some time.
7. Over half of PDA users don't bother insuring their PDA against loss.
8. Ninety eight percent do not insure the information held on their PDA.
9. Seventy three percent of companies do not have a specific security policy for mobile devices.
10. Eighty percent of people back-up the information they store on their PDA.
11. Eighty five percent use their PDA as a business diary.
12. Eighty percent us their PDA to store business names and addresses.
13. Seventy nine percent use their PDA to store personal names and addresses.
14. Seventy five percent use their PDA as a personal diary.
15. Forty eight percent use their PDA for entertainment - games/music etc
16. Thirty five percent use their PDA to create documents/spreadsheets.
17. Thirty three percent use their PDA to store passwords/PIN numbers.
18. Thirty two percent use their PDA to receive and view emails.
19. Twenty five percent use their PDA to store bank account details.
20. Twenty five percent use their PDA to store corporate information 25%
 For the rest of this article CLICK HERE
Thanks To Help Net Security
- Ron Pendleton

Monday, September 29, 2003
WEBSITE: There has been a number of changes to the Spanish site JOSE ANTONIO ROMEROHPC PRO SH3 Website today. Good to see this site updated frequently. Included in todays updates: connecting via infrared a Siemes S45 GPRS(Vodafone) cell phone. More details

WEBSITE: Handheld Underground lists a selection of Audio Books that you can download for your HPC. More details here.

CONTEST: Image 911 have given us a number of their skins to give away to Handheld Addict readers.

Now to get your hands on them can you answer the following question for me. You will need to refer to their website (found here) for the answer. How much, (special offer price) are the skins to purchase? Please give me your answer, HPC model and your address for mailing and send to sammymcloughlin@mac.com. Please put in the subject line HPC Contest then I can add you to my special folder in my mailbox, failure to do this may mean your entry is overlooked. Contest ends on Wednesday at 10am US ET, so get those enteries in please. In the meantime here is a description of the product.

"Our HP Jornada and NEC MobilePRO Keyboard Skins™ are designed to prevent damaging fluid spills and blowing dust from destroying your expensive handheld PCs!

Now you can keep rain, snow, soda, coffee, tea, your morning Danish or late night Rocky Road from gunking up your keyboard, frying the motherboard and ruining a costly personal data assistant! Made of a 7 mil thin, incredibly flexible matte finish polyurethane material, these high-quality, totally transparent Keyboard Skins™ are custom-made and vacuum molded to fit like a second skin! Our exclusive Keyboard Skins™ are easy to install and offer superior tactile sensitivity. Special adhesive strips assure the Keyboard Skins™ stay in place.

They fit like a glove & protect like armor!"


WEBSITE:HPC Factor has been updated. Over the last couple of months the HPC:Factor Hardware Compatibility list has been steadily growing. The HCL now includes a wider range of compatible hardware device information for HPC Pro and HPC2000 users as well as all the information provided for CE 1 and 2 in the original HCL. The HPC:Factor HCL is exclusivly for Handheld PC compatibility information so if your looking to upgrade your device, this is the place to look. More details at HPC Factor

Sunday, September 28, 2003
PSION TURNS TO WINDOWS CE I was talking to Chris from HPC Factor about this yesterday and although this been news for a while now I thouight I would post a reminder that Psion are to introduce Win CE to their Netbooks. Now I was going to give you the link to the Psion website but their site seems to be down, which is quite worrying to say the least. However if it is true then this would be a great thing. The quality of Palm handhelds has always been good and if they can introduce a Psion Series 7 / Netbook with Wiundows CE then that would be fantastic. However there are some people opposed to the idea. See this petition for further details. In the meantime I found this webpage on PDA Street that carried a few more details on the topic. In the meantime here is a quote from the page:

"the apparent reason for adopting Win CE.net is based on the fact that this OS is currently the most widespread in the enterprise market, on which P.T. decided to focus all its resources."

OPINION:Yahoo! Closes the Door on Third-Party IM If you've had problems with a WIN CE Yahoo Messaging Clients on your PDA, here's why. And BTW, if you don't know, MSN Messenger is next:

September 26, 2003
By Christopher Saunders
The deadline for switching to the latest version of its instant messaging software having come and gone, Yahoo! (Quote, Chart) has booted users of third-party IM clients off its instant messaging network.
Earlier this month, the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Web portal began sending warnings about required upgrades to users of older versions of its Yahoo! Messenger IM client. Users who didn't upgrade would not be able to connect to the service after its messaging protocol was changed on after Sept. 24.
Yahoo! told InstantMessagingPlanet.com last week that the protocol upgrade was designed to thwart instant messaging spammers.
However, many who use unauthorized, third-party software to connect to Yahoo!'s network -- like multi-network IM clients Trillian, gaim, and Fire -- also received the warnings. That's because most popular third-party clients rely on an older version of the Yahoo! protocol.
As a result, those users weren't able to connect to the service after the deadline. Users of those clients report seeing messages indicating that their passwords are incorrect. This occurred despite efforts of teams at Trillian, Fire, and elsewhere to patch their software before the date of cut-off.
- Ron Pendleton

WEBSITE: Jose Antonio Romero HPC website has once again been updated I have been informed. You can view the site here at www.telefonica.net/web/joseromero1973

WEBSITE:HPC Factor not only reports on our new server change but also the fact that Yahoo has now blocked 3rd party IM clients from accessing their Instant Messaging network. Read the full details on the HPC Factor website.

WEBSITE: There have been a number of updates to JOSE ANTONIO ROMEROHPC PRO SH3 website. It's an excellent site, in Spanish, however I am sure you can find an English translation through the site such as Goofle or something on the same lines. Recent updates include: ART COMMANDER. Visit the site here for more details.

WEBSITE: Raul Lucky has updated his excellent Nexio website. More updates from Raul to come which we look forward to. More details of his excellent site here

WEBSITE: Shame the oozp website did not last long. I would have thought this was going to be a good HPC website. It had the potential. I thought it was going down the the technical road for all things Handheld. It seems that it has not been updated since May of this year. Anyway you can still check in on the site here

WEBSITE: Initial the online PDA store has HPC zipped cases for £1. Not sure how many they have but Simon, the webmaster did tell me he had a few spare ;). Check out the Initial PDA Auction House for details.

SPECIAL: Remember that Ilium Software has announced a $7 discount for any purchase of their software products on the Ilium Software website now through September 30, 2003. You can get more details here.

WEBSITE: If you have not paid a visit to Mettavants HPC software site then be aware that there are some new software and links additions on the site. More details

Saturday, September 27, 2003
SITE NEWS: I think we have the forum and the logo up and running again now. The reason we had the change was because the site was running sooooo slow and a number of you had emailed into me to let me know. We were planning to do this tmrw, however we had to do it today. Thanks to everyone who helped out noone more importantly than Chris. In the meantime the Blogger server should run a lot quicker and allow me to make updates easier than ever, so hoorah for that.

SITE NEWS: Links have now been posted again

Our Handheld Addict forum can be found here.

SITE NEWS: A lot of you have donated to the site this week, can I say thank you to all those people.

Our Handheld Addict forum can be found here.

SITE NEWS: Links for the site will be returning in the next hour or so. Including our logo.

Our Handheld Addict forum can be found here.


SITE NEWS: Lets hear it for Chris from HPC Factor who has today transferred the site to the new Blogger server without you having to change url. Thank you a million times Chris. Now the site will load soooo much faster. Now dont worry, links and the full works will be added as the day goes on, plus our logo. So stay tuned.

Our Handheld Addict forum can be found here.



I am a little late with the posting mainly due to the fact I had a liquid lunch today so apologies :-). Anyway lets see whats going on in the HPC Community today and within the last 24 hours starting with

Henri Spagnolo's site, he has a number of updates on his site including:
Editors - Text - TinyEditor added

New link added to the "Related Links" page

Some broken links corrected

Next HPC Factor lets us know DejaVu Software's Ink Spot CE is a News Group (Usenet) reader for Windows CE based mobile devices and that it has been updated

Clinton Fitch lets us know that there will be further reviews added possibly in the next week and as we all look forward to Clinton's site it will be good to see what he has in-store.

Meanwhile received this email from Marco Rey y Sande from the excellent German HPC website www.fobe.de/720 "i have developed a new software called Tinyeditor It's version 0.6." It's good to see the HPC software still rolling out.

Enjoy 720, the Spanish portal website for HPC users has been updated. Lots of good content aimed at the Spanish reader. I like the design of the site, and I believe its informative at the same time.

Look out for updates on Mettavants HPC software website with new software additions to add to the site. Always one of my favourite sites

Remember Tweaks2k2 is one of the best software applications for your HPC and lets you change so much about your HPC and allows it to work to your advantage. So many features. Click here for more details, from Tweaks2k

- SJMC 26/9

WEBSITE: Henri Spagnolo's 700 Series website has been updated

Leisure - Ebook - iSilo updated

Leisure - Genealogy - Pocket Genealogist updated

- SJMC 25/9

WEBSITE: Clintonfitch.com HPC Reviews Site

Hey its been a couple of days, or has been a week since we had a new review from the guys at Clinton Fitch.com. Whats going on guys, what do we pay you for? Nah, only joking of course all the reviews on HPC Factor are free without charge and there are some excellent reviews with lots more planned so stay tuned. Visit ClintonFitch.com here

- SJMC 24/9

WEBSITE: HPC Factor has been updated

One of the very first things we reported here at HPC:Factor was the release of OpenSIMpad 0.8. The good people from OpenSIMpad have released an updated version of their Linux ROM for the Siemens SimPad Tablet PC devices. Read the full story on the HPC Factor website.

- SJMC 24/9

Henri Spagnolo's 700 Series Website has been updated

Graphic - Miscellaneous - CECam updated

Programming - Languages - PerlCE added

- SJMC 24/9

NEWS: New CF Camera Application for HPC's

NEWS: New CF Camera Application for HPC's
CECam is a tool to take snapshots from LiveView FlyCam and Pretec CF cameras with your HPC. The 300k and the 1.3MPixel models are supported.

The Pretec and FlyCam CF cameras were sold with a PocketPC software (320x240 display). These PocketPC programs are not Handheld PC (HPC) compatible and will not run on Windows CE HPC's. CECam is an independent development from WinCESoft to give you the ability to use these CF cams with your Handheld PC.

Snapshot: CECam, HP Jornada 720 version

Required hard- and software:

Windows CE Handheld PC (HPC)
CPU’s: StrongARM or XScale
10MB free RAM
Display size of 640x240, 800x480 or 800x600 pixels. 16Bit color depth.
OS: Windows CE 3.0, HPC 2000, Windows CE .NET 4.x
Pretec compact camera and/or LifeView FlyCAM CF camera
More infos about CECam and other projects at: www.WinCESoft.de

- Frank Weseloh (WinCESoft)

- SJMC 24/9

WEBSITE: Henri Spagnolo's 700 series website has been updated

The "Faq" page have been updated (FTP in Pocket IE)

- SJMC 23/9

WEBSITE: HPC Factor has been updated

"Microsoft have done it again. The Handheld PC downloads section links have been removed from the Windows Mobile downloads area." Click on the title link above to go to HPC Factor for the full story

- SJMC 23/9

Well I am sat in the middle of a Sunny evening here in Byrant Park, New York writing this entry tonight. Normal nens updates resume Tuesday needless to say I will be uploading a full report on PC Expo and reporting back my findings however I will say now it was the worst I have ever been to.

Anyway I brought my 720 with me and I have been using it to type up a number of stories for this week of which I'll post later in the week. When I'm in New York I always get some free time and I like to write up articles for the site when I can.

- SJMC 21/9

Yesterday sorry there wwere no updates as I was travelling to Washington from New York, needless to say that the weather here is fantastic, it is warm and sunny and the same has to be said in New York. Anyway a number of updates which I am going to round up in this posting. Well HPC Factor was recently discussing the threat that Yahoo will implement changes to the Yahoo IM Network that will effectively prevent people using third party clients (such as Trillian or imov Messenger) from logging in. More details here and Henri Spagnolo's 700 series website has the following update Graphic - Miscellaneous - CECam updated. Again more details can be found here.
- SJMC 20/9

WEBSITE: fobe/de 720 website has been updated

A tutorial has been posted in German on eVB Tutorial - Die Menüleiste, obviously it is German and has been posted on the fobe.de/720 website.

- SJMC 18/9

WEBSITE: Henri Spagnolo's 700 Series Website has been updated

Programming - Miscellaneous - Sapphire Buttons Utility updated

Programming - Miscellaneous - Sapphire Encrypt Utility updated

Programming - Miscellaneous - Sapphire eVB Suite updated

Programming - Miscellaneous - Sapphire FTP Utility updated

Programming - Miscellaneous - Sapphire GZip Utility updated

Programming - Miscellaneous - Sapphire IrDA Utility updated

Programming - Miscellaneous - Sapphire RAS Utility updated

Marco Rey y Sander has posted a new eVB tutorial (in German)

WEBSITE: Henri Spagnolo's 700 Series Website

WEBSITE: Clinton Fitch's HPC Review website has been updated

A number of additions to the ClintonFitch.com website including, news that, John Ottini, who has written for many years with Pocket PC Magazine and been involved in the HPC community even longer, is now writing reviews for CFDC.In addition, news that, Ilium Software has announced a $7 discount for any purchase of their software products on the Ilium Software website now through September 30, 2003.

More details - Clinton Fitch HPC Review Website

- SJMC 18/9

WEBSITE: HPC Factor website has been updated

"As if it wasn't enough for Yahoo to have withdrawn support for the HPC Yahoo IM client. They are now threatening to implement changes to the Yahoo IM Network that will effectively prevent people using third party clients (such as Trillian or imov Messenger) from logging in."

More details - HPC Factor

- SJMC 18/9

WEBSITE: JOSE ANTONIO ROMEROHPC PRO's HPC website has been updated

Look out for updates on JOSE ANTONIO ROMEROHPC PRO's HPC website. Updates include (excuse my Spanish):

16-09-03 Proximamente: migración de Autoroute(PC) a Pocket Streets 2001.

16-09-03 El Review de emuladores de consolas (GameBoy, SuperNintendo,PcEngine,...)se retrasa una semana.

16-09-03 Proximo review de EasyViewer.

More details - JOSE ANTONIO ROMEROHPC website

- SJMC 17/9

WEBSITE: Apple and HPC's talking to each other - HPC Factor

If you use a HPC and an Apple Mac then take a look at HPC Factor because he is fighting the cause and looking into sync options for us. Chris is a nice chap :) See HPC Factor for more information

- SJMC 17/9

OFFER: Keyboard Skins has a special sale

Image 911 have a speial offer on at the moment. With the price of their keyboard skins being reduced in price from $19.95 down to $16.95. Excellent value. The skins in case you are not aware are designed to fit the keyboard of your handheld like a skin. Very well received and at a good price fits most HPC handhelds.

More details - Image 911

- SJMC 16/9

NEWS: Ilium Software have a special offer

Well I would have posted this earlier but I was on a British Airways flight to New York. However, Ilium Software is having a great sale, $7.00 off any of their software - it's a special website promo. You purchasing their products would allow Ilium Software know that we still go out purchase their software and there are still a lot of HPC users.

More details - Ilium Software

- SJMC 16/9 (source: John Ottini)

THOUGHT: Taking my 720 away with me

Getting back into the swing of things here in the New Yorktakes a while. The flight over was no problem. I listened to some music and played the odd game. I also did some work all on my J720 which was great. You see everyone else with their laptops and then they run out of power or it takes them ages to power up their laptops and then by that time you could have already started typing. Now this being the case it is good companyt to have your 720 with you whenever I make it out of the country. This, to me is when my 720 really comes into play :)

- SJMC 16/9

WEBSITE: Clinton Fitch's HPC Software Review site has been updated

I popped onto the Clinton Fitch.com website has been tweaked. One thing I have noticed and it may well just be me but when the browser window opens at the top of the screen the time appears. Not too sure whether this is new but its certainly different. Anyway lots of archived software reviews and a pile coming for the future.

More details - Clinton Fitch.com

- SJMC 15/9

WEBSITE: Henri Spagnolos 700 Series Website has been updated

New links added to the "Related Links" page(Synchronization)

WEBSITE: Mettavants HPC Software site has been updated

Mettavants HPC Software is an excellent database and is on the same lines as Henri Spagnolo's site. It is very nice to have the two software databse sites for HPC's and especially two that are updated frequently. Anyway talking about updated Mettavants HPC software site has been updated with a number of HPC software titles.

More details - Mettavants HPC Software site

- SJMC 15/9

WEBSITE: Handheld Underground has been updated

I am guessing that I think they have added some more wallpaper images to the Underground HPC website. Now we do not mention this site as much as the othjer sites but it is an excellent site with some great wallpaper graphics. In general this is a very good website and has some nice content.

More details - Handheld Underground

- SJMC 15/9

WEBSITE: HPC Factor has been updated

"As yet there is no support for Handheld PC synchronisation from the program. We've spoken to PocketMac about this and -in what has become a familiar story - they aren't seeing enough demand from end users for them to justify the development cost.

PocketMac are also looking for OEM support. OEM support for a software program the likes of PocketMac is important. It provides a guarantee of sales in conjunction with hardware devices. It also shows a sign of commitment from the hardware manufacturers and they are open to the idea of addressing cross platform markets."

More details - HPC Factor

- SJMC 15/9

WEBSITE: Henri Spagnolos 700 Series Website has been updated

Comms - Ftp - vxFtp updated

Comms - Ftp - vxFtpSrv updated

Comms - Remote - MediHpc updated

Comms - Remote - pkHpc updated

Comms - Remote - vxHpc updated

Comms - Remote - vxSniffer updated

Comms - Remote - vxUtil updated

Games - Emulator - MorphGear updated

New link added to the "Related Links" page

WEBSITE: Henri Spagnolos 700 Series Website

- Henri Spagnolo 14/9

SOFTWARE: Alternative to Yahoo messenger

Anyone who wants an alternative to Yahoo messenger should try "imov messenger". With imov Messenger you can communicate with anyone who uses any of these systems: AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and ICQ. There is a free version.


- Henri Spagnolo 14/9

WEBSITE: Initial offers free credit and registering

Simon at Initial the online PDA auction house has spent a great deal of time updating and redesigning his website this week and it looks very good. Registering for the site is free and you even receive 20 Pounds or whatever the equivalent is in your country of credit to use, which is not bad. The site is also global and you should check it out. Initial is an online store allowing you to purchase and sell your HPC hardware and accesories.

More details - Initial PDA Auction House

- SJMC 14/9

TECHNICAL: Yahoo pulling HPC support for messenger

Number one question that I seemed to be being asked at the moment is whether Yahoo Messenger still works on your HPC. My answer is no and I know there have been problems with MSN Messsenger however there are other options and I will look into them over the next day or so but for the moment I am convinced as mine refuses to work that Yahoo has 'pulled the plug' on all support for HPC's

- SJMC 14/9

THOUGHT: Just think and chatting

I was sat here tonight tweaking up some important documentation on my 720 because the battery had gone on my Powerbook, it had ran out and I was charging it and how it nice it is to depend on your HPC. Anyway talking about relying on it, I am not showing off here but I now have 127 contacts in my contacts and I know most of you will probably have more but please make sure you back up so you do not lose any of your vital information. I received a number of emails this week from people saying how much they still enjoy using their old 720 and how it has never let them down, well first of all I am glad to hear and secondly can I throw this question out to you, if you have an old HPC that you still use, no matter how old it is, let me know and I will post on the site email me your details to the usual address at sammymcloughlin@aol.com. I will certainly post your stories. Right a couple of things for this week. I am off to Barcelona for a few days and then I am flying off to 'New York, New York so nice they named it twice' to the PC Expo tosee whats going on in the world of PDA's and will report back on that. Do not worry, daily updates will as ever continue and I have full WiFi access to the internet in New York, because my base there has Wifi set up thanks to the nice people at Apple. Now another question that I want to ask who has the nicest HPC cases outthere and the most practical? Lets have a vote. Drop me a line please so I can add to the site and I will certainly post it over this week. Email, me your thoughts at sammymcloughlin@aol.com. I tell you something Chris at HPC Factor has a bee in his hat. His aim is to ensure as many developers port over PPC software over to the HPC platform. Now that man deserves a pat on the back and do you know that he celebrates his fourth year on the web? Happy birthday Chris, hey I tell you what though he called me the 'Grand Daddy of the HPC Community' yesterday and I am only 27, however I think he refers to the number of years I have been running this website, which is officially since 1999. Although Ted Paulston sent me an email last week to remind me of something. In 1997 Windows CE was obviously just taking off, and I set up a page dedicated to Windows CE. I thought it was fantastic and I asked Microsoft to fax over to me three pages of technical information on the Windows CE platform and news on a HPC being introduced by Sharp (I think it was) I left the site up for some time. Anyway Ted still has a printout of the page and believe me it is ancient and I may just scan it into the site for you all to have a laugh at. If you thought my spelling was bad now you have seen nothing until you see what the webpage was that I put up the site was called 'Windows CE in your Palm'. How corny a title and we had it up until August 1999 and then set up ther 720 & HPC User Group. I thought and still do think the clamshell HPC will make a come back and as Chris from HPC Factor said yesterday, he is sure it will do too. So the lesson here is not to give up. It will happen. Just look at the Sony UX50 running Palm OS5 obviously but its a clamshell and they are coming back intoplay. Anyway in the meantime lets wish Chris at HPC Factor a Happy 4th Birthday, yep Chris your almost as old as me :)
- SJMC 14/9

WEBSITE: Henri Spagnolo's 700 series website updated

Editors - Text - TextMaker updated

Games - Emulator - PocketNester updated

Graphic - Miscellaneous - Nyditot Virtual Display updated

Multimedia - Sound - GSPlayer updated

Multimedia - Sound - GSPlayer for MIDI updated

Utilities - Files - GSFinder updated

More details - Henri Spagnolo's 700 Series Website

- Henri Spagnolo 13/9

WEBSITE: HPC Factor has been updated

Cambridge Computer Corporation has released an updated version of the must H/PC have vxUtil.

More details - HPC Factor

- SJMC 13/9

WEBSITE: HP updates HPC support sites

Picked this up from Pocket PC Thoughts. HP has updated its technical and information pages for all of its handheld computers including the following HPC » hp jornada 680 handheld PC

» hp jornada 680e handheld PC

» hp jornada 688 handheld PC

» hp jornada 690 handheld PC

» hp jornada 690e handheld PC

» hp jornada 700 handheld PC series

» hp jornada 820 handheld PC

Older machines include:

» hp 100lx palmtop PC

» hp 200lx palmtop PC

» hp 300lx palmtop PC

» hp 320lx palmtop PC

» hp 340lx palmtop PC

» hp 360lx palmtop PC

» hp 620lx palmtop PC

» hp 660lx palmtop PC

» hp 95lx palmtop PC

More details - HP

- SJMC 13/9

USER THOUGHT: A stong community

Received this email from Josh Tenton (edited):

"As a follower of the community for the last five years I have to say that it is good to see such a strong community for a great circle of HPC's. It is amazing that despite the troubled times the HPC still survives in some form or other. It is also very valuable to see so many people use the forum as a great base for all questions both basic and complex."

- SJMC 12/9

SOFTWARE: What I consider to be amongst the best software outhere

Many people email me to say what what I consider to be the most essential software for handheld users. I would say, there are many software totles and it depends what you want to use your handheld for. However there plenty of options and here are two of my fourites that I would say certainly deserve a mention. The first is Tweaks2k2. If you want to change or tweak the paremeters of handheld then this is the software. Tweaks2K2 is the ultimate easy to use software for hacking your HPC Registry, the biggest collection of hacks with 31 different registry tricks and 2 screens with important information about your pda. With tricks that nobody has seen before in any other tweaks application for HandHeld PC.

Click here to visit the Tweaks2k2 website

The second piece of software is j7xxutil. It is one of those very handy applications that outlines and illustrates information on the main battery life and power. Set the allocation of the Storage/Program Memory without the Control Panel. Set Volume adjust the volume from minimum (mute) to maximum. Display Off turn the display off, but the machine stay on. Power off, as the name says, power off the machine. Soft Reset restart the machine in case of problems (your data are safe). Henri Spagnolo is the software developer and has produced so many top quality programs for HPC's as well as the old Psion handheld. Now j7xxutil is a top program, very useful for all HPC users and is updated on a regular basis. I sometimes wish that more developers would introduce programs that were as essential as this program. There are certainly many excellent applications for the Pocket PC however it would be nice to see many of them ported over to the HPC. So lets just review there are certainly many excellent programs for the HPC that are out there. I have only chosen the two that I would say are amongst the best or at least two that I would use frequently.

Click here to visit Henri Spagnolo's 700 series software website

- SJMC 12/9

WEBSITE: HPC Factor updates

Couple of updates from HPC Factor today. We have received helpful correspondences from both the Microsoft Research Portrait team and Ruksun within the last few hours. Suffice it to say, both teams are looking into how the Messenger network changes will affect their products.

Secondly HPC Factor have released The HPC:Factor Mobile Internet Favourites sets which are collections of Internet shortcuts that users of Windows CE based Handheld PC's may find useful when searching for information. There are two packages on offer Mobile Internet Favourites and Handheld PC Favourites.

More details - HPC Factor

- SJMC 12/9

WEBSITE: New review on Clinton Fitch.com

A new review from John Ottini is online at Clintonfitch.com. His review covers My Tools 1.36 from Micro Cheng.

More details - Clinton Fitch.com

- SJMC 12/9

USER THOUGHTS: Some thoughts on how you use your HPC

A little while ago I asked a question about How you use your HPC whatever handheld model you have. Here were some of your remarks (edited);

"I use it daily. I had a PPC and a Palm for five years and then decided to go back in time with a Jornada 720 which I purchased seven months ago from ebay. Very happy with it."

"Happy with my 728. Use it daily as a logistics Manager I can track staff rota and shipments in and out of the building. I also use it daily as a PIM."

I have been using my Jornada 720 for two years. It has never let me down. Never breaks down, use it as a daily journal. Also monitors email and use it to keep my online bank balances in shape. I have the perfect Personal Digital Assistant."

Firstly thanks for keeping the community alive. I have a 728 I carry it in my cargo pants when I am out and about or in my ruksack. The best investment I ever made was to purchase the 728"
- Ian Park 12/9

WEBSITE: Handheld Underground Tips and Tricks

Looking for a page with all those keyboard shortcuts that we all love and use? Well Handheld Underground seems to have the answer with a reference webpage full of them.

More details - Handheld Underground

- SJMC 11/9

WEBSITE: HPC Factor has been updated

"I've had an e-mail back from SoftMaker, creators of TextMaker and the forthcoming PlanMaker spreadsheet application. In the e-mail SoftMaker explain that the crux of the decision as to whether to create a PlanMaker version for the Handheld PC is down to one thing. Demand: "...we will develop one if the demand is large enough.".

Full story - HPC Factor

- SJMC 11/9

WEBSITE: Henri Spagnolo's 700 Series Website has been updated

Utilities - Files - Total Commander updated

More details - Henri Spagnolos 700 Series Software Website

- SJMC 11/9

SOFTWARE: Virtual CE Version 4 scheduled for October launch

taken fromVirtual CE version 3

Here we go, we have the heads up from Larry, developer of Virtual CE, that Virtual CE 4 will be released in October. OK, I am going to list some of the features below. Remember Virtual CE 4 is still in development and may change however it has a scheduled launch date for October.

Virtual CE is a client/server application for Windows which allows remote control of one or more Windows CE devices.

Common uses for VCE include the following:
Rapid Data Entry
Presentations / Training
Automated Testing
Remote Administration / Helpdesk

Feature List

Real-time remote control

Screen capture to clipboard or file (BMP, GIF, JPEG)

Video capture

Text scripting engine

Macro recording/playback

Flexible GUI with zoom and rotate

Copy clipboard text to destination device and back

Connectivity over ActiveSync, Serial, IrDA, LAN, Internet

Custom "Skinable" window with functional buttons

Frame rate control (1-18 fps)

Support for 2, 4, 8 and 16-bit device displays

Minimal impact on target device (efficient server code)

Auto-discovery of devices on a LAN

Low-color mode reduces data by 50% for slow connections

New Features in version 4.0

Support for direct-USB (no ActiveSync) - allows up to 32 devices to be connected to a single PC and supports high speed file transfer

Manage multiple devices from a single instance of the client software

Perform operations in parallel on multiple devices (scripting, file transfer)

Proxy component bridges ActiveSync/USB connections on a LAN/Internet

Auto-connect to specific devices on startup

Transfer files to/from device (up to 10X faster than

ActiveSync on direct-USB connections)

Remote soft-reset and suspend

Manage remote processes (view, kill, activate)

Display remote system info (battery level, memory usage, OS version, etc.)

More details - Virtual CE Version 4

- SJMC 11/09

THOUGHT: In memory..........

I am posting this as the world turns to a Thursday September 11th. We obviously shoukd not forget everything that happened on the September 11th and obviously we should never forget. However lets hope for peace worldwide and our thoughts are obviously with all of those lives touched by the events of September 11th 2001. I am surre we will all remember were exactly we were on the day it happened. In the meantime here is the link for the 'Here is New York' website a collection of images that you can purchase with funds going to collective charities in recognition of September 11th.

- SJMC 11/09

EDITORIAL: My HPC thoughts

Think about this. How many times over the last two years have you ever wanted to put away your HPC and jump platforms either to a Pocket PC or to some other handheld? Yes, I know the feeling many of us have thought exactly the same thing but at the end of the day we are still with whatever HPC we originally purchased and that goes for me and my Jornada 720. It has been with me for what I would say is three years and I still feel very psionate towards it. Let me say this. Regular readers will know that I was a massive Psion fan before the HPC 720 and I used my Psion just all of the time. It was a Psion Series 5mx and I loved it. Then Psion stopped production of HPC's and I remember the general feeling. There was an awful lot of talk that the community would continue and Psion would still continue its support and to a degree yes they have but people have moved on to whether it be a HPC or a Palm or a Pocket PC, people moved on. However there is still a strong HPC community and I use a handheld that is more advance in so many different ways to a Psion machine. My 720 has been with me all this time and I have no intention at the moment of giving it up. Even if I did, I would still be a strong believer in the community and would continue to support it. So, you see, there is little need for me to even consider giving up my 720 when everything I need to do and can do will all be done on my Jornada 720. I dont just use it to keep contacts or use it as an address book, its used for more than just that however do not get me wrong it is still a powerful PIM and certainly has never let me down. However for me I use it to keep on track of my business, send and keep on top of invoices, send letters, keep notes of minutes, mobile email and internet use and a lot more besides. One day I hope it will replace my personal assistant although I am sure that she will punish me for saying that.

It makes me wonder whats in store for the HPC community? Well to be honest I think there is still life in the 'old boot' yet. Lets take Chris at HPC Factor, he to me, is the one that looks out for the community, in other words if there is a security issue he is there for us. He in my opinion and I hope he does not mind me saying this but he knows a thing or two, in a word he is a HPC Geek ;-) and we need people like him in the community. Go to his site and you will see his site is more technical and has some great tech insider information. Now Clinton, what more can I say about this gentleman. He is the one that puts all the reviews together. I have seen his reviews on more sites than anything else. Not that he pushes them on other sites its just that they are excellent quality and he is a realn reference. Have not got time to obtain an evaluation of a product but ant to know if it is of any use and whether its a great product? Clinton is your man. Chances are he has or is about to start a review of a HPC application and as I say ClintonFitch.com is your man for reviews. Now I could say lots about Henri and I will not for the one reason, the man is a genius in his own right. He has the biggest HPC software directory on the web that I have seen and whatever software is available for your HPC then he has the program listed. Every HPC newbie is told to check out the following sites that I have mentioned at least twice a week or even daily and they are:

HANDHELD ADDICT: Obviously my own, not for 'blowing my own trumpet' as I am not like that, its just that I post comments, news and opinion from other HPC websites and I point people in the right direction. I consider this site as a 'front gate' or 'information reference point' for the rest of the HPC community, and obviously updated at least once per day. We also have the busiest HPC forum on the web.

HPC FACTOR: Chris lets you know the techno stuff, his site is a well driven reference of good knowledge.

CLINTONFITCH.COM: HPC Software that is reviewed on a regular basis. Clinton reviews it so you know that you can purchase programs and applications in confidence

HENRI SPAGNOLO'S 700 SERIES SOFTWARE SITE: Database reference for all things HPC software. Every HPC software site possible is listed here.

Please remember there are other great sites on the web and the main HPC sotes are listed in the left hand column. However the sites above are the ones that I point people in the direction of because they are well established and set an example. They are leaders in the HPC community.

- SJMC 10/9

HARDWARE: Is this a new HPC from HP I see or is a .......................

We see that HP is releasing a new handheld except this time its a calculator called Name: HP 49G+ and should be available September/October 2003 with a pricing of $175.99.

More details - HPCCalc.org

- Andrew Wolstenholme 10/9

WEBSITE: Enjoy 720 has been updated

More updates on the 'Enjoy 720' site. This is a good site that is certainly coming on. Excellent portal for those speaking Spanish.

WEBSITE: Enjoy 720

- SJMC 10/9

WEBSITE: Henri Spagnolo's 700 Series Software Website has been updated

Leisure - Travel - MetrO updated

Website - Henri Spagnolos 700 series website

- Henri Spagnolo 10/9

USER THOUGHT: First thoughts on the UX50 Sony Handheld

I have seen the light or at least the newest Handheld to be hitting the block and thats the new Clie UX50. Its very very nice although I will say it is a little on the small size. The screen is very small indeed. Its also light and reminds me of a pager. It is nowhere near the size of the previous Jornada 700 series HPC's but it its still a nice design. It has built in Wifi and bluetooth. I have only had it for three hours and will give a full report over the next few days.

- Jason Southern 10/9

WEBSITE: HPC Factor has been updated

"Microsoft have recently taken actions to clamp down on the number of third party clients connecting to the Messenger Network. As part of their attempt to do this, Microsoft will disabling support for messenger older messenger clients. Only 4.7.2000, 5.0 and 6.0 will be active.
With the exception of Windows 95 users, this isn't a problem. However for Windows CE based mobile devices, this is a big problem. There are no guarantee that Ruksun Messenger Force will continue to work."

Full story along with other updates - HPC Factor

- SJMC 10/9

WEBSITE: HPC Factor has been updated

"I've updated the Windows CE history overview and thought I'd provide some trivia for you. The codename's of the Windows CE Host Synchronisation software were also based around a mythological theme, just like the CE versions themselves."
Full story - HPC Factor

- SJMC 9/9

WEBSITE: Henri Spagnolo's 700 Series Website has been updated

Editors - Text - Pocket Notepad updated

Graphic - Miscellaneous - CECam updated

Read Clinton Fitch "Olive Tree Bible Reader" review

- SJMC 9/9


The SETI@Home project is a scientific search run by UC Berkeley on behalf of the SETI institute. SETI@Home or Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence @ Home is an on going international effort with participants from over 200
country's around the world. It's aim is to search the sky's for evidence of radio (or other) signals from outer space.
SETI@Home makes use of the worlds largest Radio Telescope, the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico. (pic attached). Arecibo scans the sky's recording what it hears. The recordings are then transported to the USA where they are
broken down at UC Berkeley into 350KB chunks or Work Units. These are then distributed to the over 4.5 million SETI@Home users around the world. The users computer (or computers) then process the work units and send the results back (a 2KB file every so often). To date over 1 billion Work Units have been processed by SETI users.

A 1 GHz computer will take approximately 9 hours to complete a work unit. A 1.8 GHz computer 4.5 hours a 2.6 GHz around 3 hours. There is a screen saver version of the client software and a faster console version. We recommend that users use the console version in conjunction with SETI Driver. Information on which can be found on the Official Group info page.

Before you can join the SETI group you must download and install the client. When you first run the client you will have an account setup. We prefer that users create an account for each of their PC's / Mac's as it makes for good community discussion however this is optional users are
welcome to post as many PC's or Mac's into the same account if they wish.

Group Information Page (With instructions for using SETI Driver):

- SJMC 9/9

THOUGHT: What will PCExpo bring us next week?

Anyone going to PCExpo in New York next week? Well I will be there seeing whats instore for PDA users like myself. I will be taking a look to see what products Palm will be showing off and seeing if any of their new Palm PDA handhelds will be on offer. You can read more on our Palmaddict website however in the meantime we will be getting our hands on a new HPC the UX Clie range from Sony. It does not riun the Windows CE OS platform it runs the Palm OS platform however saying that it is a clamshell handheld and Jason Southern from our Palmaddict website will be writing a special revioew on the product for Handheld Addict next week, I will guess Thursday at the moment. I like many of you think that the Handheld will make a welcome return and it is quite obvious that we are beginning to see developers take a closer look at handheld computing and as ever we are here to cover them with obvious added focus on those that own and use a Jornada 700 series handheld and any other handheld running Windows CE.
- SJMC 8/9

WEBSITE: Jose Antonio Romero HP Jornada 680 pages

Here is a site dedicated once again for Spanish readers concentrating especially on the HP 680 JORNADA. It has been put together by Jose Antonio Romero who resides in Barcelona, that wonderful city in Spain. It is a well deserved site and deserves a mention. We will as ever let you know of site developments and add to the links list.

More details - Jose Antonio Romero HP Jornada 680 pages

- SJMC 8/9

WEBSITE: HPC Factor has been updated

The cross reference of Olive Tree BibleReader 2.20H which was originally posted on Clinton Fitch.com has also been posted on HPC Factor.

More details - HPC Factor

- SJMC 8/9

NEWS: Initial Online Auction House launches US website

Initial PDA Auction House has launched a US version of their PDA Auction site that enables you to sell and purchase HPC and accesories.

More details - Initial Online PDA Auction House

- SJMC 8/9

USER THOUGHT: Thinking of purchasing a second 720 as a spare

I have been a HPC user for five years ago and started like many users to use a Psion Series 5mx and was upset when Psion stopped making the Series 5. However when I discovered the 720 I was a happy person again although again, upset when they stopped producing this fine machine. However like others I have no desire to trade my machine in or to purchase another handheld because I am happy with my 720 and it can perform all the tasks that I need it to do. An example would be using email on the road. It is just simple to connect to a phone socket and retrieve my email through the modem. The 720 is a neat design and fits my life well. I would certainly miss it if I was to loose it and I may consider purchasing a second from ebay as a spare.

y Huge Chung 8/9

WEBSITE: Handheld Underground has been updated

A couple of changes to Handheld Underground today, firstly there are some HPC photographs mainly of the Jornada 720 also with specs information on the machine, (more details here at Handheld Underground)and secondly as HPC Factor are reporting today, Handheld Underground has posted around 120 English language maps for those users of Pocket Streets 2001.

More details - Handheld Underground

- SJMC 8/9

WEBSITE: Clinton Fitch reviews Olive Tree Bible Reader 2.20H

I wanted to let you know that a new review is now online at Clinton Fitch.com covering Olive Tree Bible Reader 2.20H. This review will also be cross-posted on HPC:Factor shortly.

More details - Clinton Fitch.com

- SJMC 8/9

WEBSITE: HPC Factor has been updated

"Windows CE 2.0 users with a mobile phone equipped with a Infrared port often have trouble connecting their Handheld and phone together. The HPC:Factor Modem driver is a Generic driver and in tests we have had good success rates at connecting phones from different manufacturers."

More details - HPC Factor

- SJMC 7/9

WEBSITE: Henri Spagnolo's 700 Series Website has been updated

Leisure - Ebook - iSilo updated

Leisure - Ebook - µBook updated

Utilities - Files - miri's Popup Filer added

Utilities - Keyboard - miri's ExWinKey added

More details - Henri Spagnolo's 700 Series Software Website

- Henri Spagnolo 7/9

EDITORIAL: I'm sticking to my Jornada 720, and have even purchased a second as a spare

Andrew Wolstenhome has been talking about how he has been using his NEC 900 for the last three months and this got me thinking how long have I been using a Handheld and too be honest I cannot remember. I have been a HP Handheld user for sometime and before that I was a Psion user. Today I use a Jornada 720 and obviously a Palm Tungsten T. For the typing and the business running it is the 720 that wins handsdown. For the contact lookup it is the Palm. There is no harm in using two PDA's believe me I have been doing this for sometime. You just need to ensure that you get the best out of your HPC. Lets face it they are no inexpensive investment. I have never bothered to upgrade my Jornada 720 for the one reason because it does whatever I need it to do. It is powerful, very to say the least and travels with me everywhere. I have no plans to update either. The new Palm powered Clie UX range is a clamshell handheld and this looks like being a fine handheld but its no Jornada and I am not even sure to be honest if can compete. It does have WiFi and Bluetooth built in and that works to its favour. So it looks lioke I will be sticking with my Jornada 720 for some time to come and to be honest I have two, one, obviously for a spare. So take note HPC handhelds may not be as popular but you and I know that they will make a comeback and we will be able to turn round to our fellow PDA friends and say "I tiold you so".

- SJMC 7/9

THOUGHT: More thoughts three months on the NEC Mobile Pro 900

It has been three months or so since I first started using the NEC MobilePro 900 and I am still enjoying it. It is in my opinion not as good as the Jornada 700 series however it is the next best thimg. As I mentioned in a previous editorial the display is not as good but the general design is of a high quality. The 900 does the job although I would like to see future HPC machines with better designs and obviously I would like to see Windows CE updated for HPC users who are now beginning to feel significantly left behind compared to their Windows Mobile cousins. If I had a choice between purchasing a Jornada 700 series and a NEC Mobile Pro and knew what I knew now I would probably stick with the 700 series. However all is not bad as I say I like the design of the 900 it is sleek and modern. It is still attracts attention, not as an an ancient PDA handheld but as something sharp, however it is whats under the hood that counts.

- Andrew Wolstenholme, Deputy Editor 7/9

WEBSITE: Enjoy720 - PalmOS on HandheldPC? Now, this isn´t impossible...

Please, read my "PalmOS en HandheldPC" page. PalmOS works excellent on my HandheldPC2000. This is very interesting information for the HPC users.

More details - Enjoy 720

- SJMC 5/9

WEBSITE: Enjoy 720 has been updated

'Enjoy 720' the Spanish HPC website has been updated with a number of new developments and graphics

More details - Enjoy 720

- SJMC 5/9

WEBSITE: Henri Spagnolo's 700 Series Software Website

Reminder that Henri Spagnolo is changing ISP and there may well be a website url change and of course he will let you know through Handheld Addict and his own site when and if a change is required.

More details - Henri Spagnolo's 700 Series website

- SJMC 5/9

WEBSITE: Clinton Fitch site has a new update, DejaVu Software's SameGame

I have posted a new review on the site from John Ottini. Some of you may know John for his writing with Pocket PC Magazine here in the USA as well as his activity in their forums and the public newsgroups. He is a great contributor to the HPC community, specifically the NEC products (and he is a Formula One fan so he isn't a bad guy at all!) John wrote a review of DejaVu Software's SameGame
More details - ClintonFitch.com

- Clinton Fitch 5/9

WEBSITE: Henri Spagnolo's 700 series website has been updated

Miscellaneous - Finance - Cash Diary updated

Miscellaneous - Finance - Zinsrechnung added

Utilities - Miscellaneous - GSBatteryMonitor TSY added

Utilities - Miscellaneous - IES added

New link added to the "Related Links" page

More details - Henri Spagnolos 700 series website

- SJMC 4/9

SITE NEWS: Links have been updated

Please note that the links have been updated today.

- SJMC 3/9

WEBSITE: Mettavants HPC Software website has been updated

Mettavants excellent HPC software site has also been updated today with numerous additions.

More details - Mettavants HPC Software website

- SJMC 3/9

WEBSITE: fobe.de/720

German readers may well note that there is a HPC website especially for German readers called fobe.de/720. I believe that it was set up in August. Has a number of pages including 'Tips and Tricks' etc. The site is still in development but has made a good start.

More details - fobe.de/720

- SJMC 3/9

WEBSITE: Clinton Fitch.com has been updated

Those who visit Clinton Fitch.com may know that he reviews can downloaded in PDF format and this is wonderful especially if you wish to print them off. So that being the case Clinton gives reference on his site how you go about obtaining Acrobat reader. If you have never visited Clintons site then you missing out on a minefield of HPC Software Reviews and knowledge.

More details - Clinton Fitch.com

- SJMC 3/9

WEBSITE: PocketMVP Review

In June of this year Clinton Fitch put an excellent review of PocketMVP together which you can review on his website.

- SJMC 2/9

RESOURCE: Where to purchase the Sigmarion III

I wanted to let everyone know about an opportunity to buy the NTT Sigmarion III at a very reasonable price. I've been following the Sigmarion posts carefully and decided to order one from a very reputable company in Japan that will ship to the U.S. (and presumably, elsewhere). I purchased the unit from www.conics.net and dealt with Brett Bennett. Details of the purchase were as follows:

1x NTT Sigmarion III ... 53,800 yen each

1x DHL to the USA ... 6,000 yen


Total ... 59,800 yen

PAYPAL payment in YEN :

(sorry I can't accept credit cards at PAYPAL)

account brett@conics.net

amount : 59,800 yen

If the DHL shipping is less than 6000 yen estimate, I can discount this on the next order or refund the difference via PAYPAL



I chose DHL over the standard EMS shipping as I wanted the SIG III as soon as possible. If you opt for Standard, EMS shipping, the price is 4,000 yen cheaper. The price I paid, using PayPal, was the U.S. equivalent of $525. Conics doesn't accept credit cards, so that may be an issue for some buyers.

I have no relationship with Conics other than as a satisfied customer. They also provided a Zaurus user group I belong to with a very nice "group rate" on a purchase of some SLC-760s I was involved with, and all transactions were handled satisfactorily. I tried to order the same unit from Amazon.com's Japan website, but was informed that it couldn't be shipped outside of Japan. If you have friends or contacts you can ship it to in Japan, Amazon's price is 49,800 yen, or about $35 less than Conics.

Warranty issues have to be handled by returning the Sigmarion III to NTT Japan through Conics (yes, they will handle that). The warranty is for 12 months, same as the NEC MP-900.

I did check with 2 other companies that ship to the US, and was given the following prices:

Dynamism (www.dynamism.com) - $799 (shipping extra)

Japan Direct (www.japan-direct.com) - $760 (incl shipping)

It isn't possible to create an English version of the Sigmarion, so what you see is what you get. The manual and all instructions are in Japanese, but the icons and other alerts are relatively intuitive, if my experience with the SLC-760 is any indication. Some bright soul may come up with a registry hack and figure it all out, but for now, the applications I want to run are in English and are designed for the Intel StrongArm/X-Scale CPUs.

- Bernie Torbik 2/9

WEBSITE:Henri Spagnolo's 700 series website has been updated

No updates for few days, or a very slow activity because I have to change provider.My storage allocation with my actual ISP is full, so it is difficult for me to upload new files on my site.I have already a new ISP and I have to transfer everything, so be patient.Please be warned that my URL will change.

More details - Henri Spagnolo's 700 Series website

- SJMC 2/09

WEBSITE: Handheld Underground has been updated

I have just finished updating Handheld Underground and it now boasts 587 megs of downloadable entertainment for HPC enthusiasts, including:

- 447 wallpapers

- 33 mpeg videos

- 23 old time radio dramas

- 6 science fiction audio books

- and a number of other sundry other files

Watch for even more of the same coming soon as well as new articles, reviews and user profiles along with a listing of recommended software.

More details - Handheld Underground

- Tari Akpodiete 1/9

WEBSITE: Clinton Fitch on j7xxMenu

If you are looking for a detailed review of j7xxMenu by Henri Spagnolo then check out Clinton Fitch.com who recently put together an excellent review.

More details - Clinton Fitch.com

- SJMC 1/9

WEBSITE: Initial extends free auction period for HPC users

Due to popular demand we are offering our free auction for 5days! Hurry because this offer must end this Friday! if you have got an old PDA HPC and want to find out how much its worth start the bidding it at £1 with a reserve of your choice! all auctions can be placed on our premier front page space for FREE!" Offer Ends 05/09/03

More details - Initial PDA Auction House

-Simon Williams 1/09

WEBSITE: PDA Auction House offers free auction day

Thought I would let you know that initial-uk pda auction house has changed slightly there is a homepage before the auction site and the auction will be moved to pdaauction.co.uk sometime in September.

On Monday the 1st of September there will be a completely free listing day including the homepage featured. All costs will be set to £0.00. So you can auction any PDA or Handheld for

Within the next month or two we will be introducing new PDA's and Parts.

More details - initial-uk pda auction house

- Simon Williams 31/8

WEBSITE: Henri Spagnolos 700 series software website has been updated

Comms - Email - HS-Messenger updated

Comms - Email - IzyMail updated

Games - Emulator - oswanCE added

Games - Emulator - VBAdvanceCE added

- Henri Spagnolo 31/8

OFF BEAT: Happy Holiday Weekend

To our US visitors have a great holiday weekend

- SJMC 31/8

REVIEW: Sigmarion III Review by a non-technical user

Thanks to Stan for recently putting together this review for us at Handheld Addict

I have been playing with my Sigmarion III for a week now. My comment of this new HPC (comparing to my J728)-

1)Look and feel: Very slick look. Thinner and lighter than J728. Screen quality is MUCH better.

2)Performance: Didn't time it but is just feels faster by a fair bit.

3)Japanese OS concern: This was my biggest concern on the usability of the tool. Some guessing work is required to go through the control panel setups (80% effective due to trial and error required initially). But once everything is setup, then it is ok as I don't touch the setting very often.

English apps for MS .Net 4.1 can run on S3 with no problem.

4)After some research and learning some tricks in hex editing, I found almost all tools/replacements that I used on J728 for my S3. Productivity tools are all in English. Most utility tools are in English with 2 exceptions in Japanese.

a) PIM: taken care of by Pocket-On-Schedule.

b) Word: built it one can be set to run in English.

c) Spreadsheet: use SpreadCE (found that it is much better than
pocket Excel.

d) Presentation: Clearview has an excellent tool for reading powerpoint files native. By the way, it comes free with my Vogager CF card for connection to an overhead projector.

e) PDF file reading: The built in Piscal Browser is first class...

f) Pocket Access is missing and I haven't found a good replacement. But SpreadCE has some DB functionality that can be used as a partial replacement.

g) Photo album: use Clearview image reader.

h) IE 5.5: use the onboard IE and reset language. No issue with language.

i) The media player: can show videos clippings now...pretty cool.

On utility tools, here is the list I have installed on my CF card. Both Japanese tools have almost idential function as their J728 brothers so using them is not difficult.

a) SQ: taskbar on battery/memory/task switch...etc (in Japanese)

b) Smalltweak: to take care of minor tweaking of machine in Japanese)

c) HiP Keys: to build keyboard short-cuts.

d) ITaskManager: to monitor machine running status.

e) MobiPocket: for news and dictionary.

f) An overclocking tool for S3.

g) PHM registry editor: to do minor tweaking of registry e.g. to get rid of the Japanese key input.

h) Total commander: the explorer replacement.

Web surfing: I haven't tried the WiFi or Lan connection yet. But with the USB connection, just set the IE option to USB, I can start surfing right-away. :)

Conclusion: All my essential needs as a non-technical user have been taken care of. Given the price is similar to a J728 and knowing the usability now, Sigmarion III in my opinion is an excellent replacement option for your J72x.

I have uploaded 5 photos to share with everybody. They are in the photo session of the Handheld PC group. (under Sigmarion III, select "show all photos")


Please double click it to see it clearer. The good quality is exactly what I see on the S3 screen.

1) Main screen

2) Control panel

3)Apps installed on my CF card

4) Screen shot of PIM: Pocket-Ob-Schedule

5) Piscel Browser reading
a PDF document.

- Stan 31/8

REVIEW: MobilePro 900

Bill posted on the forum recently his first impressions of the NEC MobilePro 900

Just received my new NEC MobilPro 900

These are my first impressions of the new NEC MobilePro 900 Handheld PC after three days.

This is my first experience with Windows CE. I've been a Windows user since 3.1. I've been a dedicated Palm user since I purchased a Palm Professional in 1997. I've had a Palm III, Diamond Mako(Psion Revo), and Sony Clie T615C. I often use a IBM ThinkPad with Windows 2000. I'm an application developer for a large investment bank. I wanted something that is light that I can read and write documents on and even might do some programming on.

I love the size and weight, very practical for me. Good alternative to a laptop. Seems very rugged and solid.
Music sounds great with my simple Sony headphones.
Performance seems great. Battery charge lasts several hours more than my laptop (somewhere around 8 hours on my first charge).

The touch screen is a little "grainy" but the size is good, bright and very readable. I think the "graininess" is from the touch-sensitive film over the screen.

The keyboard is great but it will take me a little time to get used to the arrow keys (all in a straight line, not inverted T like I'm used to.) The keyboard size is perfect for me and I can type almost full speed on it. I'm sure I will get very comfortable with this keyboard. I'm still looking for a list of all the keyboard shortcuts.

AC Power cord too short (48 inches)
USB cable too short (42 inches)

The unit is a little top heavy and unbalanced. The screen is heavier than the keyboard. It's fine when sitting on a flat surface but a little awkward to hold or sit on your lap.

I think I'm going to be very satisfied with this machine. This machine is a nice compromise for me. It will be interesting to see how I feel about this after a few months.


I have to agree with Bill that the 900 is a very well deserved HPC, one that I may say I am enjoying using. It seems to be more robust than the 720 and this is a good. I still do not think the screen clarity is as good as the 700 series but it is much faster in some applications. However in others I notice very little difference.

- Andrew Wolstenholme, Deputy Editor 31/8

Our Handheld Addict forum can be found here.

Henri Spagnolo's has updated his Psion pages for those that use a Psion HPC, or still want to knpow whats going on. It's, to be honest one of the best Psion websites outhere with software listings and general information. Go take a look - SJMC & LD 3/4

Our Handheld Addict forum can be found here.

I was travelling from New York JFK Airport on Thursday to London Heathrow, British Airways bound and at the security check in, I was asked so many questions on whether my HPC 720 was a laptop, what it was and what it was doing in my hand luggage. I spend five minutes explaining what it was and after examining the machine for some time, it was given back to me. My point is please be aware that security checks are obviously in place and are a lot more strict than ever before. Always ensure that whoever looks at your HPC, or whatever PDA that you own, they handle it with care. I was a little suprised at how rough the security worker was handling my 728. I suppose he was just doing his job and we can be thankful of this but just be careful. Just my word of warning!
- Rick Mcay 3/4

Our Handheld Addict forum can be found here.

Although you are quite reserved in the compliments that you receive for your site I would like you to post my email. I would like to say that I love the work that you carry out for your site. It's the central nerve of all that happens in the HPC community and you keep us up to date with all developments and whats happening with other websites.I really only started using my HPC fuill time when I started reading your site and believe me for the last three years it has been a bible to me. Please post my email, it is just a small gesture to say thank you and keep up the good work and may long the site continue.
- Fay Gordon 3/4

Fay, thanks for your kind words, it is my pleasure to maintain this site. I enjoy it and it's something I enjoy doing, 4 million visitors in three years obviously shows the reflection that my writers and readers contributions mean to the community and we have every intention of staying, once again thanks for the kind words Fay -Sammual (webmaster) 3/4

Our Handheld Addict forum can be found here.

I own a J728 and have to write into you guys just to say that I love it. It's the best PDA on the market, and really does a great job of not just organizing my life but helping me to run my fitness business by keeping on track of clients fitness regimes.
- Jo Jackson 3/4

Our Handheld Addict forum can be found here.

How many people receive in their inbox, that stupid email informing you that you have received an email from some Nigerian person who wishes to deposit a large sum of money within your bank account? Daily I receive between 40 - 50 geniune emails from you guys and thats great but I must also receive 15 or so of these pathetic emails a day. I suppose its the price we pay for posting our email address on the site but its still a pain. Just thought I would share that and needless to say please do not fall for the email - SJMC 3/4

Our Handheld Addict forum can be found here.

In regards to the Forum, the guys at Voy are the people behind the template behind the forum template and I know that they are doing some work on it, so at the moment it's down. They are normally quite quick at getting it up and running again, and they are making it speedier so it's quicker to load in the future - SJMC 2/4

Our Handheld Addict forum can be found here.

I am looking to migrate from my palm to a handheld pc. The major need that I am looking to fill is that I want to be able to work with web development and related programming while I am away from my desktop. I really don?t want to carry my laptop into every restaurant or situation where I need to get some coding down and see what it looks like. I need the flexibility and size of pda, but the ability to try my hand at some coding when I am not at the office. Am I asking too much, or am I still tied to my laptop everywhere that I go? Any suggestions of input that you give would be greatly appreciated. Email: waynes at sswd.org
- J. Wayne Scherffius 2/4

Our Handheld Addict forum can be found here.

I'm running a phenom - got the rom upgrade, but wondered if there is any decent software and peripherals? (in UK) or any websites for this make? Email: gtant at seemeeuk.com
- Gordon Tant 2/4

Our Handheld Addict forum can be found here.

I have an old HP 320LX, yes that one is WinCE 1.0. It may sound somewhat strange, but it is still working nicely. But now, I have a great trouble, I can´t communicate either with Windows XP Pro or Windows 2000 Pro, which are the PC operational systems that I am working. I have seek into HP/Compaq and Microsoft, but I could not find any solution. I would like to know if you can help me? One alternative that I thought, was to save the file (e.g. *.pwd) into a PC Card, and use an external conversion program, but I do not know if any this is available. Any idea? Email: arthurtw at ajato.com.br
- Arthur Theodore Westenberg 2/4

Our Handheld Addict forum can be found here.

I am a happy and satisfied 728 user having been using iot for the last 13 months, and I must say that I am very happy with it. I have no plans to use another platform. Prior to using a 728 I used a Psion and again, I was happy with my choice, except I wanted more out of my experience. My 728 gives me everything that I need and it works well with my main work PC. I have briefly tried other platforms such as Palm OS and Pocket PC, however the lack of keyboard really tends to put me off, so in the meantime I intend sticking to my J728.
- Jake Thornton 2/4

Our Handheld Addict forum can be found here.

As an owner of a 720 I would like to say that the resources that your site offers is excellent and many thanks. I could not find many resources for my 720 until I came across the Handheld Addict site. Like a previous reader I was going to consider purchasing a Pocket PC as I was unsure on the vast amount of software available, however alongside with Henri's Software Listings I was able to find a large collection of software titles. I also want to say thank you to everyone who has contributed on the forum, because I have learn't so many tips from there.
- Jay Goulding 2/4

Our Handheld Addict forum can be found here.

Well I have been meaning to do this for a while. In order for us to update the site more I wanted to give our writers the freedom to be able to post news and information on the site directly without having to email to me for editing and then relying on me to post, meaning a delay of a couple of hours. So from today my writers get the freedom, and this means more updates throughout the day. This has also meant that we come in on a new interface for the site which we hope you like. It's taking me a little time to get round the interface at the moment but I think I like the look so far. It also means a new URL, but do not worry because as you can see we the old URL just links right into this one. Easy, you can if you wish bookmark this page, or keep using the old URL, whatever way, you will still come through to the site. Finally what it means is even more updates to the site. We hope to be able to update the site on an hourly basis throughout the daytime shortly and the new interface makes it so. Hope you enjoy the site as much as I enjoy writing for the site.
- SJMC 2/4

Our Handheld Addict forum can be found here.

Set a search path for system files on your HPC - Tweaks 2k2
System Path in HPC2000. Set a search path for system files on your HPC - AW 2/4

Our Handheld Addict forum can be found here.

Site update on Henri's 700 series website
Data - Data - Field CE GIS added

Data - Data - Field CE Survey added

Programming - ActiveX - GpsTools updated

Leisure - Learning - StudyBuilder added

Utilities - Files - TPE (Tascal Pocket Explorer) added - SJMC 02/4

Our Handheld Addict forum can be found here.


  • Changed the format of the site slightly so what we have done is all new site updates will be listed below in the news section, it makes it easier for us and we can also update the site more frequently. The aim eventually will be to update the site on a hourly basis (during the daytime), by members of the site team, providing up to the minute news and information. SJMC 31/3

  • How to smooth scroll in Internet Explorer on your J700 - Tweaks 2k2 SJMC 31/3

  • Leisure - Travel - ABTravel added - Site update on Henri's 700 series website SJMC 31/3

    Our Handheld Addict forum can be found here.

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