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Tuesday, April 30, 2002
EDITORIAL: Bringing the world together – Nelson Atkin One of the greatest delights of using a Jornada 720 is the fact that we can do so much with such a great little palmtop that can offer so much (if you know what I mean). Take me for example there is so much I love about my 720. Especially the thought of wireless email through a mobile telephone, which I think, is one of the greatest breakthroughs for handheld users. 10 years ago I had never heard of email, let alone be able to access it wirelessly through the joys of a 720. My point is that I class my 720 as one of the greatest wonders in my life. I have lots of friends who are all on email. I like to take a newspaper, buy a coffee from my local Starbucks and sit down and respond to my emails. To me the thought of sitting down and doing this really makes me think that Palmtops such as the Jornada 720 bring us together, and makes the world that bit smaller.

NEWS: More keyboard skins for your Jornada 720 and NEC MobilePRO - Andrew Wolstenholme Prevent Serious Damage to your Expensive HPC!
HP Jornada Keyboard Skin (style #HPJ) fits all models: 680, 690 and 720, as well as the new 728 series!
NEC MobilePRO Keyboard Skin (style #MP7) fits all models: 770, 780 and the new 790 series!
Now you can keep rain, snow, soda, coffee, tea, your morning Danish or late night rockyroad from gunking up your keyboard, frying the motherboard & ruining an expensive handheld PC! Made of thin 7 mil clear silicone - these high quality, totally transparent Keyboard Skins are custom-made & vacuum-molded to fit like a second skin! The exclusive Keyboard Skins are easy to install and offer superior tactile sensitivity. Special adhesive strips assure Keyboard Skins remain in place. Spills just wipe off! The Keyboard Skins are affordable "accident insurance"! When you call, you need to specify which style you're ordering. The skins are priced at $24.95, plus $2.50 shipping and Image 911 accepts: American Express, Discover/NOVUS, MasterCard and VISA, as well as personal and company checks. Dealer Inquiries are Welcome! To get in contact with them call:

Fire-Rescue Products, International
Call Toll Free: 1-888-432-7393

or e-mail: sales@image911.com - or - image911@aol.com

NEWS: Bluetooth for your Jornada 720 - Samintharaj Kumar HP might have temporarily forgotten about us when it comes to Bluetooth. But hey...
SOCKET has remembered that we might want to join the "blue scene" as well. Take a look here. Remember to buy a version with the PCMCIA adaptor when you buy it. This card doesnt work on a laptop though. You have been warned !!
Anycom has beta drivers for the J720..but they have not formally released them click here or contact them to see if they want to hurry up with it.You can get these cards at www.expansys.com They currently have stock of the SOCKET Bluetooth compact flash card. It's a connected world out there..The question is : "Do you want to be part of it ?"

Monday, April 29, 2002
EDITORIAL: My 720 love affair - Sam Recktor When a new handheld comes out it's great to see all the pre excitment before hand. The gossip, comes before all the facts. Yes we all know that the 728 will differ ever so slightly from the 720, but what is all the excitment about? Well it's the fresh smell of a new handheld computer, everything from the box to the instruction manual, the smell of the casing and the keys, through to the touch of the stylus on the screen. The excitment also lies in the fact that when you have ordered your new handheld and expect to get it delivered within 48hours, or next day for some people. How many of us look through the windows anticipating the post master to walk up the path with a good sized box. When you see him coming your way, you get those butterflies in your stomach. You know what it is. The dissapointment is terrible when he knocks on your door to deliver something different tan your expected handheld. But when it does arrive, you carefully open the box, remove the snow packaging, and handle the HP out of its box and place o the table to admire. You then break the seal open the box, clear away the junk documentation and lift your handheld out of its packaging. And there it is, in front of you, gleaming, just wanting to be used.....the start of your relationship. Just you and your handheld (or maybe me and my 720) Forgive me if this sounds a little over the top, but my 720 and I have spent some precious moments together, including a 14 night cruise in the Mediterian. One thing is for sure even though I expect to upgrade to the new 728 I will miss the fond memories of my 720. However as they say "on to the next".

EDITORIAL: Running a small business with the aid of a Jornada 720 - Jake Jestle I just thought that I would write in and tell you guys how I use my Jornada 720. I arrange for visitors to stay in residential apartments to "get a taste" of living here in New York and use my 720 as the main communication between clients and visitors. Clients being property owners. All properties are logged within a special pocket excel spreadsheet, which I update daily with availability dates, and details of the tenant. I communicate by email to both parties and often I have to email when I am away from my home office. This being the case I use my Jornada 720 to communicate with everyone. I save all my emails and even have template word documents to attach to the email as both letters and invoices. Without my Jornada I can certainly say that my business would not be the success that it is and advise anyone with a small home business to invest in a handheld computer.

Sunday, April 28, 2002
EDITORIAL: Changing the orientation of your handheld screen - Lindsey Dyson For $19.95 you can rotate the orientation and run virtually any resolution of your HPC screen, simply by using Nyditot Virtual Display by Nyditot.

Nyditot Virtual Display 2.0 (NVD) enables your Windows CE device to display at virtually any resolution, including industry standard VGA, SVGA, XGA, etc. You can even define custom resolutions such as 900x300 or 2000x2000! Output can be viewed at full-scale or compressed to fit your display. An innovative, onscreen control allows the virtual display to be dynamically panned and zoomed.

Some 720 users have spotted small problems but the deveopers are aware of these. All in all this is a handy application and worth the money. The picture below shows it being used on a Pocket PC platform, which should give you some example of what it can do.

To get the full download and further information then click here.

Lindsey Dyson is a contributer to the 720 & HPC User Club

EDITORIAL: Using the 720 whenever I have spare time - Andrew Wolstenholme How many of us get those looks when you open up your 720, and start using it and there are those people who give you those "nerdy" looks. They are using a laptop and you are using a 720. Thats what happened to me recently. I was flying domestic from Washington to New York, I was doing business. I do not normally get those looks but on this occasion it had happened. I ask myself wha is wrong with using a Palmtop computer a quarter of the size of a laptop, with no "boot up" time, you can go straight into your work. Flying domestic does not give you that much time, so I will take what I can and get on with the work.

I normally find myself on planes and trains replying to those emails that I have received that day, or catching up on the last details of that report that I was working on. I am used to both the size of the keyboard and the small color screen, it makes little difference to me, I can type almost as quick as I could on a normal keyboard. I like to fill inall those free gaps that I get by opening up my 720, and getting on with it.

Flyng into New York last week, I am still amazed with the number of people that use Palm handhelds with a small select number of individuals using Pocket PC's. I was in a taxi travelling towards Manhatten, whe Rosie my assistant emailed me to inform me of my hotel booking, so I knew exactly where I was going. yes she called of called me but she knows me too well, she knows that if the mobile was engaged I would have been accesing my emails. My biggest frustration is the Pocket Internet Explorer, I sure hope that they can get something sorted out there. Yes it is possible to access websites that I want, but I find it dreaadfully slow.I prefer to use WAP or access "text only" websites.

My fellow 720 friends have asked me whether I will upgrade to the 728, I think that I will. I love the look of the sleek new casing, the two tone color. I think that HP should be congratulated in bringing out a new machine and I know that many of my friends agree. One thing is for certain, the Handheld communit is here for some time longer.

Andrew Wolstenholme is senior contributer to the 720 & HPC User Club

FEATURE: 720 Fitting in within the office environment - Ian Park Jenny Faulkner works for Impotech in Washington, her boss gave her a Jornada 720, in order to keep on top of his diary and to help organize the office functions within the company. "I'm 52, I can use a PC, but when it came to using what I thought was an oversized organizer I thought different. I was not prepared to carry this with me all the time." Nine months later Jenny loves her 720, in fact she uses to organize her staff rota's, she keeps her bosses contacts safe and organizes the finances all by using a Jornada handheld. "I was forced to eat both my words and my thoughts" says Jenny, "as the adverts say, I could not live without it now"

Steven Iabiz is head of administration affairs for Jackson Rhodes, Carpet Dynamics in Perth, Australia, and loves the 720, but getting to grips with it took some time as Steven explained. "I hate computers, always have and the 720 tome was difficult to grapple ith, but after some time I have learnt to use it. I would say that it has made my job easier and I use it all the time. I will not touch a PC and get my admin staff to do all the hard work there. My assistant, Ruth will back up my 720 for me incase of data loss, but an excel spreadsheet keeps hold of targets past and present and it is very handy to show the MD and staff the ratio margins of carpets sold, and the number of orders still to pass through. Yes, I have learnt to enjoy using the 720, and agree it is help rather than a hinder, but the hinder was caused to my ignorance rather than anything else. I think I have gottenover the technology barrier thanks to the Jornada."

Finally Stefen Losburke from Oslo uses her 720 as a PA's assistant, she reports to her boss, Managing Director of Locbertern Industries, a transport manufacuring business. "It's hectic, he drives me mad with where he goes, and half of the time he forgets to tell me. I use a 720 to keep o track of his diary. I encouraged him to purchase one but he just says that it's too organized for him and whilst I have one, there is no need to purchase two. He also argues that it may even replace me". We can only hope that none of us are replaced by handheld computer of the future. Many thanks to all those interviewed and we're willing to take part for this week's feature.

Ian Park is a contributor and writer for the 720 & HPC User Club

NEWS: Thanks - Sammual (webmaster) Thanks to those who have provided a donation to the website, and as promised half of what you donate to the site will be given to a charity, which we now intend to rotate on a monthly basis. We will update you in the third week of May with how much we have provided for charity so far. So if you wish to buy us guys 720 & HPC website guys a beer, (including the girls :-) ) and give to charity at the same time click the the paypal logo below. As I said I will remind you how much the site has given to charity in the third week of May.

EDITORIAL: How long it took me to decide I wanted the 720 - Philip Ryson Why should I purchase a 720? That was certainly the question I asked myself when I heard that Psion were to discontinue manufacturing its range of handheld computers. I knew that I had to move on I had looked at the Jornada 720, when it hits the shops here in Glasgow whats now seems to be two years ago, and fell in love with the colour screen. The size was just right, and it was smooth, and looked good. It made my 5mx look prehistoric But I still loved my 5mx and the 720 was just that bit expensive, so I decided to go away for a week and think about it................The next day, I went into Dixons electrical store and passed over the money, the rest as they say is history.

Now I love my 720, it's sleek and regal and does everything that a journalist needs to. It lets me know whenI have those all important sub editing meetings, reminders for Star Trek Voyager and more importantly what time the wife gets home :-)

It doubles as my thinkpad/notebook and word processor. I have almost 942 contacts listed in the 720 somewhere....I'm not showing off, three of them I can class as friends, the rest are simply industry contacts. So if you are considering whether to upgrade from a Series 5mx or other Psion handheld. Do it, the only regret that you will have is not soing it sooner. Oh by the way, if someone asks me whether I will upgrade to the new Jornada 728, I simply have to say...........YES! Happy handheld using my Jornada friends.

Saturday, April 27, 2002
EDITORIAL: Make a donation and give to charity at the same time - Sammual (webmaster)

As many of you know, we run this site in our own time. We do not advertise apart from the blogger graphic at the top of the page. So if you enjoy the site and wish to make a donation, (and it's your decision) then that would be great. For whatever we receive we will donate half of the monies to the New York Fire Fighters charity, which I am looking into now, whilst the rest will go to buying the team a beer ;-) We will let you know how much we raise as we go along. So if you enjoy the site feel free to make a small donation, if you wish, and in the meantime many thanks. To make a donation, just click on the Paypal logo above.

Sammual is both the webmaster and editor of the 720 & HPC User Club

NEWS: You can now download Doom beta - Sammual (webmaster) A couple of hours after my previous mentions and Doom beta is now ready for download. Simon Williams has been working hard on this all day, he has a website available for you to download the beta's. They are not without problems, but Simon tells me they do run a lot smoother now he has "tweaked" them. He will also be continue to work on the to get them "just right". To get your download, for the machine you use then click here. Good luck and enjoy. As Simon is a developer, he has a 'suprise' in store for handheld users once he has finished Doom. We will let you know what it is in the near future.

Sammual is both the webmaster and editor of the 720 & HPC User Club

NEWS: Still some refurbished 720's for sale from Expansys - Sammual (webmaster) I was at the 'expansys' offices yesterday, the UK PDA and Palmtop specialist and they informed me that they still have a number of refurbished 720's still on offer for £500.84. These low cost refurbished units with 1 year warranty are an ideal solution to your mobile computing needs. Supply is limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Check their website for further details and purchase information.

Sammual is both the webmaster and editor of the 720 & HPC User Club

SITE NEWS: Updates - Sammual (webmaster) I have updated the left hand navigation information bar with some updates; firstly user information on the new Jornada 728, to compliment the commentary that we have been giving it this month, which you can catch up on by clicking here for the archive section for this month. Secondly, some informaton on reference information from HP on the Jornada 720.

Sammual is both the webmaster and editor of the 720 & HPC User Club

EDITORIAL: Communicating by IM on your Handheld - Theresa Digson Jabber CE is excellent. If you IM to a multiple of various clients such as Yahoo or MSN then this is perfect for you. It is free to download and use, which is brilliant, works well and is stable. It can be used with Yahoo, MSN and ICQ, it also says AOL, although I have experienced one or two problems communicating with AOL users. Although the picture below shows Jabber CE running on a Pocket PC, it will run fine on a handheld such as the Jornada 720.

As I said the download is free and you can get further information and the download from the Jabber CE website.

Theresa Digson is a contributer to the 720 & HPC User Club

Friday, April 26, 2002
EDITORIAL: Cases for your 720 & other handhelds - Ian Park I thought that I would gather a little information on cases for your trusty handheld. Lets face it, we use our handheld computers in the varied environments. I want to take a look at just one or two examples that people have emailed in to us over the last few weeks. Firstly Incase has both a good looking website and a good product.

This case has room for everything, including the kitchen sink. The case does not compromise on function, portability or design. Built with protective materials that are ingeniously designed this one shouldf last a while. The size dimensions are 7.8 x 4.1 x 1.4 inches - however it is currently only available in Red. I am impressed with what it packs in, see the diagram below:

You can purchase the case from Incase for $30, whilst you are there take a look at their great website.
Other handheld users are not left out either, Extreme Limits seem to produce cases for all forms of PDA, and handheld computers. Take a look at the picture below, this is the NEC MobilePro, encased within a lovely leather bound case.

....and yes they produce cases for other handhelds including the Jornada 720, see the picture below. (my 720 would look lovely in that case) Prices can be found from their website, and their are special sales for those that own the Jornada 680/690. Here is the link to the Jornada 720 section.

The Jornada 720 case closed

The case open showing the 720 in all it's glory

Photographs credited to both the Incase website and the extreme limit website. We will be taking a look at more cases for your Jornada 720 and other handhelds over the forthcoming weeks. So if you would like to comment on any case of your own fancy, then please feel free to email at the usual address. Furthermore take a look at the Foxpop website which also has a fine review of handheld cases.

Ian Park is a columnist for the 720 & HPC User Club

Thursday, April 25, 2002
NEWS: Keyboard protectors for your Jornada 720 - Theresa Digson The Image Group are introducing new protective skins for your 720 keyboard.

"Much like the latest issues of popular computer software, the upgrade of our keyboard skins for the HP Jornada 720 is now even better!

Now made in a 7 mil thickness, and completely transparent - the Jornada 720 keyboard skin is practically invisible, yet still provides all the protection from fluids, dust and food as our original 10 mil version... only better!"

More information can be obtained from The Image Group by telephoning direct on (802) 948-2290 or fax (802) 948-2015

Theresa Digson is a contributer to the 720 & HPC User Club

Wednesday, April 24, 2002
NEWS: More tetris for your handheld - Mikko Kankainen I have introduced a Tetris clone for HPC2K, called "CanTris", as I've programmed it especially for HP Jornada 720. I couldn't find any decent Tetris for it, so I did one myself.

CanTris is freeware. It has all the usual single player goodies. It has also 2-player support through TCP/IP and IRDA, and you can play among all supported platforms, they being PPC (ARM), HPC2000 (ARM) and Win32. CanTris also comes with a Java-based portal server that can be used to search for an opponent. How this functions is that you register into the portal server,
after which you can continue to play single player game. The server can be queried for a list of all players (and their 2-player rankings) looking for an opponent. When someone chooses to play against you, you will be presented with a confirmation message box, asking whether you want to play or not. The portal server also features global Hi-score synchronisation, so you'll
be able to sync your Hi-scores with the server. I'm working on getting a portal server running somewhere. Meanwhile you have to run your own server.

Well, I'm not going to bother you with this any longer. If intrested, CanTris is available from www.pdagold.com. I have also made a simple
homepage for it at http://sivut.koti.soon.fi/sodacan.

Tuesday, April 23, 2002
NEWS: More stable Doom coming soon - Sammual (webmaster) As we were saying a number of days ago, a number of people have expressed that they wish that Doom could be ported over to the 720 and HPC community. I was talking to a enthusiast/developer Simon Williams today who has managed a stable version of Doom and ran it on his 720 today. Now I know he has been working on this for a short while. There still needs to be work done on it. He may also need some beta testers so drop me an email and I can pass them onto Simon for when he is ready: sammualjames_mcloughlin@yahoo.co.uk

This should be a good one once its completed and been tested and as ever I will let you know. Simon will also have his own website promoting Doom and again I will let you know.

Sammual is both the editor and the webmaster of the 720 & HPC User Club

Monday, April 22, 2002
EDITORIAL: Handheld software - Sammual (webmaster) A small number of applications for your handheld, available here. The author's english is a little poor so please bear with him. Amongst the software includes SQversion 4.10 (2002.01.12) which displays certian information about your handheld including:

Display memory status and battery status.
Program memory
Data memory
A battery residual quantity
A date
A timer
Close button

........and on the site you can download an image viewer,

To obtain the downloads or simply get more information then click here to go to the Mono-Q website.

Sammual is both the editor and the webmaster of the 720 & HPC User Club

EDITORIAL: Using my 720 for browsing the web - Andrew H. Hochheimer I recently (Three weeks ago) purchased a Dlink 713P Wireless Gateway Router and a DCF-650W CF Wireless card for my Jornada. This combo works great.... I can be anywere in my house, or on my back porch and be surf'n'the web, or checking email. The card has worked better then I would of expected. It works FAR better then my laptop did with either the D-Link or Linksys PCMCIA Cards (I think the attenna is just to small on them.)

When I opened my DCF-650W I was eager to put it into my 720, but it would not slide into my Kinston CF adaptor, or my kodak one... I waited a few days, made some calls and found out the D-LINK CF Adaptor for it was not available in Canada yet, that answer rather "Sucked." That night I did some surgery on my Kingston CF Adaptor to see if I could get it to work. I removed the metal "top" of the Adaptor, and broke off both of the plastic tabs that guide in a memory card. The Dlink CF card fit snug and perfect. I slid it in and it works great!

The internet is very fast. I use Aventgo a lot, and some times when in a rush to get to leave my house to catch the train or plane, I did not have time to turn on my PC, wait for it to boot, plug in my 720, and wait the 1.5-3mins to have ActiveSync update my Aventgo Content. Now I just turn on my 720 and click on the icon in the control pannel. Myh contect is now updated in around 25-30seconds!

I no longer use ActiveSync to transfer my email for the same reasons now. Everything works pretty good. I just wish there was an update for the IE4 that came with my 720. Most web things work, but some stuff like playing cards on yahoo is not possible, or is using ICQLite. I assume it's just a java engine problem, but for now no go... Kinda sucks that anything new (softare/IE6, etc.) seems to be all Pocket PC. I find the 720 much more usable...

All I need now is to find a way to play/stream my MP3's from my desktop to my HP in the back yard connected to some speakers for outdoor music once in a while... rather then using my protable cd player and changing disks all the time..

Well I probably bored most of you into a comma by now, Just thought some of you would like to hear how this product works.

Sunday, April 21, 2002
EDITORIAL: Have a mobile Phone? Have an HP Jornada 720? BVRP Software and Hewlett Packard offer FOR FREE the essential elements of PhoneTools - Andrew Wolstenholme

If you are not aware then this may be good news to you. Enhance the communication of your HP Jornada Pocket PC or HandHeld PC. You have a mobile Phone? You have an HP Jornada PDA? BVRP Software and Hewlett Packard are very happy to offer you FOR FREE the essential features of pocket PhoneTools specifically adapted for your HP Jornada PDA:

Pocket PhoneTools will optimise your communications:

All in One: a Fax module and an SMS feature for sending and receiving fax and SMS directly from your HP Jornada 720.

Powerful: a Phonebook management feature for rapid access to all your contact details.

You can get the download and further information from here. For your information, BVRP Software is the world's leading publisher of communication software.

Andrew Wolstenholme is a senior contributer to the 720 & HPC User Club

NEWS: Here come the reviews and comments on the Jornada 728 - Sammual (webmaster) The guys at Infosnch have posted their comments on the new Jornada 728, with a good close up picture of the case shell, in the two tone colour. I have also posted my own comments on the machine in the user comments section. Click here to go to the Infosync page.

Sammual is both the editor and the webmaster of the 720 & HPC User Club

NEWS: Yahoo sends you 720 emails as part of their 720 club - Sammual (webmaster) The 720 Yahoo Group is going strong and allows for an almost daily digest of emails sent to you on the Jornada 720, everything from assistance to tips. To subscribe and get more information click here to go to the Daily email digest on the Yahoo 720 Club home page.

Sammual is both the editor and the webmaster of the 720 & HPC User Club

EDITORIAL: Trying to gain more memory on your handheld - Winkee If you save documents or keep any kind of files in the default My Documents in RAM, naturally it will use some storate RAM (Which also affects available system RAM size). If you save large (MP3 etc) files or lots of smaller documents to default RAM in My Documents you can end up using most or all of your RAM.

Also, if your 720 runs out of both batteries you will loose all of the contents of RAM My Documents and you would have
to rely on a backup copy for restoral. Currently, the My Documents folder that I use have approx 300 megs of files therein. In system ram, there are about 22mb available for the system and a few MB left over for storage.

You can create/rename files and folders in the Windows Explorer program that came with your 720. I've created a folder on my CF called My Documents. I've then used Windows Explorer to create a shortcut on the desktop. I've trashed the origingal My Documents desktop shortcut because I am not using that folder.

Some programs save by default opening the RAM My Documents so I've placed a shortcut there to point to CF as well. One good thing of saving to CF is you can place the CF into a PCMCIA sleeve and do a quick transfer to a PC. It's really very fast-many times faster than serial or USB. However, you do have to be careful when deleting files/folders from CF as they do not end up in the trash can. If you delete them they are gone.

Also, you may not know this....

You can also create a Program Files folder on CF and install most, if not all programs onto the card. That will also keep RAM use to a minimum. I have TONS of programs installed and still have all the ram described above.

Just create a Program Files folder on your CF and when you run the program installation, select NO to the default folder and browse to your CF folder & install there. The main memory-soaking programs will go onto CF, while the smaller files that need to be in RAM will install properly.If the program MUST reside in RAM then it will install in RAM anyway. If you use the CF My Documents and Program Files scheme that I have just mentioned above, then the HP backup/full restore file is fairly small.

Remember trying the above is at your own risk

Thanks to Winkee who is a regular contributer within the forum

EDITORIAL:Get your handheld to talk back at you - Andrew Wolstenholme How about a program that converts text to speech on your handheld? Do not get too excited it's not the most advanced program around, but it certainly has potential and is a clever idea. Flite as the program is called can be downloaded from here, when used in conjunction with TalkEditor again from the same site, it will allow text to be spoken back to you. Remember it may be rather "buggy" but its a clever idea, and could be developed further.

Andrew Wolstenholme is a senior contributer to the 720 & HPC User Club

Saturday, April 20, 2002
OFF THE TRACK: The White House - Sammual (webmaster)

The West Wing pic credited to NBC. If you are a fan, check out The West Wing, NBC website.

Lets see if anyone can help me out here. As many of you know I travel to New York a lot. Well when I am over in June, I want to make a stop in Washington, and was wondering if The White House is open to public viewing, ie tours etc. Many of you will know I am an avid "West Wing" fan so thought that I would go and take a look at The White House. So if anyone can give me any further information. I will be over in New York in the last week in June, I'm over next month but I will be in New York for eight days in the last week of June, and need to plan my Washington trip. So if you know anything or can get me the information then please either Instant Messege me or email me at: sammualjames_mcloughlin@yahoo.co.uk

Thanking you in advance

EDITORIAL: Doom for your handheld - Andrew Wolstenholme Lots of people asking for Doom at the moment. Jimmysoftware does have a version, but I believe there are problems. I know I have had people saying they may wish to "tweak it" so we will try and keep you posted. However if you want to play it and give it a go on your handheld then here is the website: http://www.jimmysoftware.com/Software/Doom4CE/default.asp

Andrew Wolstenholme is senior regular contributer to the 720 and HPC User Club

EDITORIAL: Customer for life - Theresa Digson Lets face facts, both curiousity and enthusiasm will ensure that I upgrade to the new 728 when it hits the shelves in the early Summer. I was talking to Ian Park one of the other writers to contribute to this site. He eas tyelling me that it's natural for him to want the latest handheld that he has normally used. For me I was like many readers an avid Psion user and upgraded from the 3a through to a 5mx. I loved my Palmtop computer and if they were still manufacturing Psion Palmtops I would still be an avid customer. But all good things must come to an end and that is the same with the Psion and I upgraded to a Jornada 720. I was glad that I did so, although I still miss some of the old features. However the natural upgrade to the 728 is something that I am looking forward to. I can not weait to see what one looks like in the flesh, and until that time I arrives. I will have to be happy with the photographs being posted in the newsgroups. One thing is for certain, now that I have been captured by HP, by using the 720, providing that they keep me happy with their Jornada Palmtop 728, then they have a customer for life.

Theresa Digson is a contributer to the 720 & HPC User Club

EDITORIAL: Its time that developers extend their arm to handheld users, now that we have a new Jornada handheld on the way - Jay Thomas Well I will be purchasing the new model...I cant wait. I honestly thought we had seen the end of the line for Jornada machines. Well done to HP for not giving up on us. It seems God is looking down on us. I hope it means that more developers will get their finger out out and produce more software for us folk. We deserve it. We shell out all this money on our handheld, and what do we get back? For all the people who have provisded software for us 720 and other handheld computers.....thank you very much. For those who just produce software for Pocket PC's, you may want to shed some light on us handheld users, considering that the number of users will be increasing. More users mean more $$$$, and with the best in luck this will hopefully mean better software for us users.

Friday, April 19, 2002
NEWS: More software is on the way - Chris Papadopoulos I just wanted you to know that i am watching your requests for what software you would love to see developed on the Jornada range of handhelds, (720, 728 etc etc), by the way you can still post your requests to this subject on the forum. In about 3 weeks or so I am going to publish some software (hopefuly) and the great news is that all of them will be in Visual C++ as I promised. What's the benefit of that? Well... programs developed in Visual Basic (&other languages) are slower and unstable compared to the ones developed in VC++. Unfortunately I do have a heavy university schedule so the 3 week timeline may extend to 1.5 ~ 2 months. I'll do my best cause I love programming and also I love this tiny but powerfull machine ;)

Chris lives in Greece and is a regular contributer to our forum

Thursday, April 18, 2002
NEWS: All Yahoo users please make note - Sammual (webmaster) For those who are not aware, Yahoo is to charge for using a thirdy party application to access its mail accounts, such as Outlook etc, or if you plan to forward it on. It will cost $29.99 per year but if you subscribe now you get it for less. You can get the full information and details of the pricing from the Yahoo website.

EDITORIAL: Crossword for your handheld - Ian Park

Crossword lovers will be pleased to know that they can compile and finish of those all important puzzles on their handheld. The software is brought to you by Jimmysoftware

"has been designed specially for Windows CE machines. It supports the two most popular crossword file formats, "USA Today" and "New York Times" allowing you to find many existing puzzles on the internet

Here are some of the benifts:

Automatic updating between the grid location and clue lists.
Scaleable grid board and clue pane. You can zoom in and out.
Context menu. On the Handheld PC, you can press the ALT key and your stylus to bring up the context menu to easily activate a command...
3 styles of hints. If you get stuck, you can choose one of three types of hints - a character hint, a word hint or a puzzle hint.
Resizable pane. On your Handheld PC you can use the stylus to drag the thick vertical line (between the grid board and the clue list pane) to adjust the board pane size.

Purchasing crossword will cost you $16.00 and is available from their Jimmysoftware's website.

Ian Park is a columnist for the 720 & HPC User Club

EDITORIAL: More comment on the new 728 - Doug

This is great news! Other than the expanded memory and cosmetic changes HP's newest Joranda is basically the same. Same weight, same processor, same screen, same design. So why is this good? Two reasons: It reinforces HPs commitment to the keyboard PDA and ensures that any new software and development will work on three HP products now - 710, 720 and 728 (same processor). This should give further incentive for software companies to consider this platform. Secondly, the introduction of this will bring the price down on the 710 and 720 models - they're classics now - which will bode well for getting more into the marketplace. While I dont think there's enough of a difference to warrant an upgrade from a 720 to 728, this could get others who are considering a Joranda for the first time the incentive to buy it. On the whole, good news. But I'll await a significant shift upwards in the next model from HP.

EDITORIAL: Needing to go out and purchase the new 728 – Lindsey Dyson Firstly it’s good news to hear the latest handheld to hit the market will be a Jornada 728, the successor to the Jornada 720. This is good news, and as other people have mentioned it is bound to lower the pricing of the 720 models, allowing a better opportunity to be able to afford to purchase one. Furthermore what we will be looking at is a greater awareness and market of handheld users. I think the relevant computer companies such as HP and Microsoft should be congratulated. I am looking forward to the upgrade. You know that when these companies make announcements it’s very rare that they stick to the dates they set. I will be upgrading to the new handheld when I get the opportunity, there is no doubt there. I am looking forward to the new colour, and being an ex-psion user I hope that the computers themselves look better quality that previous models such as the 720. I have always thought the 720 looked a little plastic, although the machine itself is excellent. So I will be very curious to see what the new machine looks like. There is something inside me that says I need to go out and purchase one of these new models and I am sure that the forum pages on this website will have a surplus amount of 720’s for sale.

Lindsey Dyson is a columnist for the 720 & HPC User Club

Wednesday, April 17, 2002
NEWS: Today is a good day - Sammual (webmaster)

Yes I know that it sounds like the name of an episode from the West Wing, by the way what a brilliant programme that is. Now I'm not going to tell you anything else apart from:


Told you enough? Well read todays features, news and editorial pieces from the guys and I hope that it gives you some idea's. Oh when your done, post your thoughts on our forum page. Today is a good day, Mr President.

NEWS:Simply HPC updates - Sammual (webmaster) Simply HPC are in the process of one or two facelift changes. They will be introducing a Jornada 720 handheld specific design.The pages are being developed and will aloow easy accesson your 720. Keep a look out on the Simply HPC website.

..............by the way Bill, like the intro door opening page - Sammy

EDITORIAL: What should I do now the Jornada 728 has arrived? - Theresa Digson When I heard of the new handheld I was overjoyed, that is the new Jornada 728. At last light at the end of the tunnel for us handheld computers. One by one they seemed to vanish but now we have a new innovative, sexy looking (I think from what I have seen from the photograph). I can not wait to get my hands on the machine. But I wonder whether it would be worth the upgrade? I know its packed with extra money. I didn't really expect an upgrade to Pocket PC 2002, well certainly not at this stage. Both platforms are different to each other in various ways. Remember HP reckon the handheld computer is aimed at corporate users. I really wished that they knew how many satisfied 720 users there out there. Well never mind, its not thye time to moan. It's time to think what to do about this upgrade, should I upgrade my 720 for a 728?..........................You bet I will be.

Theresa Digson is a columnist for the 720 and HPC User Club

EDITORIAL: The Jornada 728....good work guys!!!!!!! - Ian Park

What a turn up for the books, but it is brilliant news.....what am I talking about? Well read below for details on the new Jornada 728. Just when you lose faith in the Handheld community, Jornada release a brand spanking new handheld. OK I must admit I was hoping for more but it sure looks nice. The two tone looks cool, although I agree with Sammy and Andrew (see below) that it may take a while to get used to the color scheme. But hey I am excited. People will be able to go out and purchase the lower end models such as the Jornada 720....yes I know I called it a lower end model......but now it is......

Look out for great savings as soon as the 728 hits the shelves, 720 and 710 machines will be available at great prices and I am glad for the memory expansion. This is certainly good news. With the new model out there will be still a need for software, and believe me this is good news. So its cheers to HP and Microsoft....good work guys and welcome to the latest handheld to hit the streets......the Jornada 728.

Ian Park is a columnist for the Jornada 720 & HPC User Club

NEWS: Here is the next Jornada Handheld computer.....INTRODUCING THE JORNADA 728- Andrew Wolstenholme & Sammual (webmaster) Well here it as last the new HP product the latest in the line of Jornada products and the follow up to the 720. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce the new Jornada 728 Handheld PC. Yes thats right 728.

Yes, this is a picture of the Jornada 728

Ok we have a new memory upgrade to 64mb RAM. Colour wise it is slightly lighter in colour and seems to have a metal effect, slightly plasticy but nice, although the two tone looks a bit strange but I'm sure we will all get used to it. Before you ask does it run Pocket PC 2002? Let me tell you now , it doesn't it runs what we have come to love and that is Microsoft's® Windows® for Handheld PC 2000. We have installed all the usual software, no suprises there including Microsoft Internet Explorer for Handheld PC Version 4.1. A PC Card Type II and Compactflash Type I slots, and built-in smart card reader. I am please that we have extended battery life thanks to a new rechargeable removable Lithium Ion battery (up to 14 hours autonomy). This is very pleasing. Somehow I wanted more. The development seems to have stalled. Although it is a lovely machine, there could have been more done to improve upon the 720 and the 710. I feel that Microsoft and HP could have gone that extra mile longer. But I'm not going to harp on and moan. What we have is an extension to the 720 and the HPC community have another great handheld to contend with. When can everyone get their hands on the little beauty? Well actually according o HP from June. So you shouldnt have to wait too long. This is the link to HP which tells you more about the 728.

To try and keep you up to date with the features, this is the full list taken from the HP website:

The HP Jornada 728 Handheld PC features:

Memory 64 MB RAM
New rechargeable removable Lithium Ion battery (up to 14 hours autonomy)
New look bi-tone colour casing
32-bit Intel® SA1110 206MHz application processor with StrongArm technology
56kb V90 internal modem
Rich-colour 1/2 VGA screen
full size touch-type keyboard
PC Card Type II and Compactflash Type I slots, and built-in smart card reader
Docking cradle supporting serial or USB connectivity
189x95x34 mm; 515g with removable battery
Microsoft Windows for Handheld PC 2000 software featuring:
Microsoft Pocket Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access
Microsoft Pocket Outlook
Microsoft Internet Explorer for Handheld PC Version 4.1
Microsoft Windows Media Player for Handheld PC

If you wish to comment on the new 728 or feel free to talk about it,add your views to the forum and lets see what we have in-store. One thing is for certain that I am sure we all agree on is the fact the Jornada Handheld is not dead.

Tuesday, April 16, 2002
EDITORIAL: Office management - Ian Park I am putting together a piece on using handheld computers in Office Managemnt. You may remember we recently covered teaching in our last featured profile. I have interviewed a number of 720 users so far, thank you very much to those people. I would like to use just acouple of oher users. If you wish to be involved. Please email Sammy at: sam_jamesmcloughlin@mail2web.com

Ian Park is a columnist for the 720 & HPC User Club

EDITORIAL: The joys of using a handheld - Ray Datlan I've used handheld and pocket computers for a number of years and just to say that the 720 is the best of the bunch. You see lots of peoe complaining about what it doesnt do, its lack of software and its bulkiness. I have to call for people to realise what we have is a great portable computer much smaller than a laptop. Allowing me the freedom to not just to move away from desk but also to alow me to leave my laptop at home. So my message to critcs is to give handheld computers the chance that they deserve.

Sunday, April 14, 2002
SITE NEWS: User stories - Sammual (webmaster) I have a slight backlog of user stories so bear with me whilst I get through them and post them on the site. I have had a rush of them emailed through to me..............many thanks and keep them coming. Just one word, please remember due to size and detail, I may need to cut and edit them from time to time in order for them to be formatted for the site.

Sammual is both the editor & webmaster of the 720 & HPC User Club

EDITORIAL: Flying controls -Jack MaherJack Maher controls flight staffing operations at London Heathrow Airport. He is responsible for staffing levels for ground crew for his particular regional "British Regional Networks".

My day starts at 07.30am when I check into Heathrow, I already know which staff will be working as I have already have the rota inputted into my Jornada 720, I have names, times and working bases all detailed into an excel spreadsheet. The parcular flights, and games each member of my ground crew are responsible for are all recorded and planned. I have a timetable which has all the flights fully listed for not just for the day but also for the week, courtesy of my airline. This is in the form of an excel sheet, tailor made and chopped specially for my 720. I like to keep track of my own rota for the month ahead and my 720, helps me to plan this in advance.

EDITORIAL: Wedding preperations - Paul Crawford This may be one of the strangest uses for my handheld, which by the way is a HP Jornada 720, but ended up beingone of the greatest reasons for using my 720. Last October my girlfriend and I, Julie got married in Germany. I work for IBM and was recently took up a post after living in New Jersey. All our friends and loved ones were all back in New York and after the events of September 11th we didn't know whether to pospone the arrangements. Luckily none of our friends or loved one's were caught up, we consider ourselves very lucky. So after long discussions we decided to go ahead with plans. We drew up a wedding list in the form of a spreadsheet on Julie's 720 and emailed them to everyone we knew. Again we saved on paper and designed invitations on my 720 and again emailed them to all those associated. It must have been love if we had matching 720's. I am pleased to say that on October 17th we were married at Our Lady's church in Frankfurt. We both love gadgets and rely on our 720's daily, I am pleased to say that they played an important part of our lives.

Saturday, April 13, 2002
EDITORIAL: Changing the color scheme on your handheld computer - Ian Park

If you feel the color scheme on your handheld is a little "boring" or "drab", you may want to look at Display Colors from Xoanan Industries. You can change the color scheme on your Windows CE 2.0 device! Once installed, this applet can be launched from the Windows CE Control Panel. You can either choose a pre-made scheme or make your own. All color Handheld PCs are supported (Windows CE 2.0 and higher). It's priced at $9.95 and you will not be able to make any permanent changes until you have registered. Click here for the download and further information.

Ian Park is a columnist for the 720 & HPC User Club

EDITORIAL: What software do you want to see developed? - Sammual (webmaster) Chris Papadopoulos, a regular forum user was chatting to me this week and is looking at developing software for us handheld users. He is looking for your input on what software users would love to see developed. Help him out and add your request to the list here at the our Forum. You never know ;-) At the same time keep your eyes on the guys at Simply HPC (which is a great website in it's own right), who I am sure will be introducing their own range of HPC software products fairly soon.

Sammual is both the editor and the webmaster of the 720 & HPC User Club

INFORMATION: For your reference, should you need it - Andrew Wolstenholme For some strange reason we have received about four emails from people asking what the HP site for the Jornada 720 is. Whether the site has been down, I am not sure but on the times that I have checked it has been running quite normally. So for those that are either new to the world of handheld computing or simply just want the info as reference here is the relevant links, (which by the way we will be posting within the reference section at the left hand side of the page).

Main HP Jornada 720 Home page can be found here

The User Guide in PDF format can be obtained from here.

Set up and installation of your 720 can be found here

Using and mantaining your Jornada 720 can be found here

Again as I mentioned we will keep these links as reference within the left hand side of the page in case you need the information

Andrew Wolstenholme is senior columnist for the 720 & HPC User Club

SITE NEWS: Welcome to Theresa Digson - Sammual (webmaster) An Irish welcome to Theresa Digson who lives in New Hampshire who has requested to join us as a columnist on the site. Theresa is a cookery writer working for New Age Media and will be expressing her views on the world of handheld computing.

Sammual is both the editor and the webmaster of the 720 & HPC User Club

EDITORIAL: A cookery writer falling in love with her handheld - Theresa Digson I wanted to put together some words on why and what I use a Jornada 720 for. Well I am a writer in the truest sense. I write cookery books and in fact have had a number of them published. Recently I began to put together my book text on a handheld computer recommended by a friend. That handheld was simply the Jornada 720 and I must say that I love it to bits. I keep all my deadlines together and using Pocket Word in any place that I want to is a real joy. Inspiration comes at the strangest of times and I can just open up the 720 and type away. I must admit I really have fell in love with the design of the handheld, and it simply is georgeous, although I really feel HP could have designed the base of the machine better. Anyway we cannot have everything. I look forward to adding my views of the world of the Handheld computer.

Theresa Digson is a columnist for the 720 & HPC User Club

EDITORIAL: A Jornada 720 and other handhelds is simply a Pocket PC in the "real term" - Theresa Digson In response to the future of handhelds, I believe that there really is scope for a handheld computer suich as a Jornada 720. When at first my friends set their eyes on the machine, they believe that it is an overpowered organizer. It is not until I take five minutes out of my time to show them what it really can do. When they see that it can talk to other Yahoo users through Yahoo messenger, send and reply to email messages and browse the internet I think that they are taken aback and rather suprised. It is not just a digital organizer like the ones you could purchase in the 80's andf early 90's. It is simply a Pocket PC, in the real terms!

Theresa Digson is a columnist for the 720 & HPC User Club

Wednesday, April 10, 2002
SITE NEWS: Postings - Sammual (webmaster) In light of both a computer problem posting editorial content (which has now been sorted out) and the death of the British Queen Mother, we have not posted for a day or two out of respect. However as they say, service will now be resumed.

EDITORIAL: Combining the best of both worlds – Lindsey Dyson I was in Staples the other day and noticed the new Palm i705, and I must say that this looks to be a great handheld. Oh I wish that my 720 had some of the great features that the Palm has. The biggest advantage is the fact that email is pushed to you, whenever and wherever you are, even if the Palm is switched off. How I would love this to happen. I am not saying that I dislike the present email feature of the 720. I mean I can download all my email with attachments. I like the idea of a handheld always being “on” and available for when I need it, but at the same time I love my 720. I wish that it could be possible to merge both the Palm and the handheld together.

Lindsey Dyson is a columnist for the 720 & HPC User Club

EDITORIAL: The future for handheld users - Ralf Jackson After owning a 720 for over a year I wonder at what the future of this great handheld will be? I have been very happy with it so far but I am wondering whether we are going down the same line as the Psion range of computers. I mean take a look at from this view. The Psion was a fantastic computer. I loved it, I used one for many years and then moved on to a Jornada 720. I love the features, the shape, what it can do, the complex functions, and the ability to email and browse the Internet. What makes me think is why such a fantastic machine that can help so much really not appeal to the general market? A Pocket PC yes does have its appeal but I am curious as to why someone would want to use a computer without the aid of a keyboard? Yes I know third party hardware is available but why invest further when a 720 has this ability? This is my opinion and Pocket PC owners should not take it to heart. However what is the future for handheld owners? Is there a future? Well we will and see, one thing is for sure I will be keeping hold of my 720. It is a perfect companion that really does assist and help me a great deal. We spend a lot of time “tweaking” our machines so that they run to their best ability and so we should but maybe we should stand back and take a look at how our 720’s interact with our lives. There is now a great deal of third party software available out there. It is time to stand back and marvel at these great machines. This is the end of my lecture for today ;-)

Friday, April 05, 2002
EDITORIAL: Universal Instant Messaging for your Jornada 720 and Handheld PC - Ian Park

Jabber runs just as well on a Handheld PC

Those that like to communicate with other Instant Messaging clients may well wish to use Jabber CE.
Benifits include:
Communicate with AOL, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Chat users!
Easy setup and use
Wireless capable
Support for most Windows CE devices-including the PocketPC!
Automatic new version notifications
Offline message queuing
SOCKS5 proxy server support

The good news because its a beta, it is free!!! Get more information from here

Ian Park is a columnist for the 720 & HPC User Club

NEWS: Microsoft Portrait enables full mobile video conferencing your Handheld PCs such as a Jornada 720 for the first time with more features added today!!! - Andrew Wolstenholme

A benchmark day has arrived for Microsoft's well praised portrait software. Pocket PC and Handheld PC version 1.2 was released on April 5. Microsoft Portrait enables full mobile video conferencing on Pocket PCs and Handheld PCs for the first time in the world. This means with Microsoft Portrait, a Pocket PC or Handheld PC can not only display received video, but also capture and send video in real-time. So what is it in a bit more detail? Microsoft Portrait is a research prototype for mobile video conferencing. It supports MSN Messenger and Internet Locator Service (ILS) on PCs, Pocket PCs and Handheld PCs. It runs on local area networks, dialup networks and even wireless networks with bandwidths as low as 9.6 kilobits/second. Microsoft Portrait uses portrait-like video that always delivers the most important information in a video for a given bandwidth. In low bandwidths, portrait video possesses clearer shape, smoother motion, shorter latency and much cheaper computational cost than do conventional video technologies. Microsoft Portrait provides basic chat/voice/video functions almost anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Think about the benifits to this, think about the possibilities and it can be diwnloaded to your handheld computer Although running on a Pocket PC, I quite like this image taken of a Pocket PC running the software, but remember you can use it on a handheld ;-) More information and the download is obtainable here

remember you can use it on a handheld computer such as a Jornada 720.....the possibilities are endless what we can do on our handhelds

Andrew Wolstenholme is senior columnist for the 720 & HPC User Club

NEWS:Software listings - Ian Park There is a great website for all those handheld software listings and even better it has just be updated, with great graphics, (take a look at your cursor when your on the site). Claude Mettavant's website really is excellent, with good listings, and screenshots, and well worth bookmarking. The site is constantly being updated and can be viewed here.

Ian Park is a columnist for the 720 & HPC User Club

EDITORIAL: Plus Pack - Lindsey Dyson Those who have just purchased their first handheld computer please remember that Microsoft have released a great "plus pack" entitled Plus! Pack for Windows CE Handheld PC Pro Edition Version 3.0, its amazing the amount of people who really do not know that this exsists!!!!!!! Everything from a Pocket Word Count through to Plus! Background Image. To get the free download and more information, click here to go to the official Microsoft site.

Lindsey Dyson is a columnist for the 720 and HPC User Club

Thursday, April 04, 2002
NEWS: New game for your 720 - Doug Alexander Just to let you know that a beta of a great game called Snails has been released for the 720. Details are on the pocketgamer.org website (second item down), which includes the links to the beta demo. Snails itself has a website, but so far there is no mention of the 720 version (probably because it's still beta). This beta demo has only two working levels and the screen isn't full-sized, but after trying it out myself today I'm sufficiently impressed by this game.

EDITORIAL: Memory Lane - Ian Park Can you remember all those old computers that you used to use all the time? What was your first PDA? Was it a Psion or wasd it a HP? Well now you can walk down that road and take a peep at those computers. Old computers.com is the website. I loved it and found myself there for a good two hours yesterday. Take a look. Such a good website.

Ian Park is a columnist for the 720 & HPC User Club

Monday, April 01, 2002
EDITORIAL: Viewing PDF files on your handheld - Ian Park Those wanting to access PDF documents on their handheld computers would do no harm in checking out Ansyr's PDF Viewer The software allows you to access PDF files, add notes, customise the display and allows plug-in's where possible, edit the toolbar, supports bookmarks and features good tips to allow you the best out of the software. Now it's not cheap, with the download price at: $79.95, but the good news is that there is a 30 day trial version. Get the download, and more information from here.

Ian Park is a columnist for the 720 & HPC User Club

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