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Sunday, March 31, 2002
EDITORIAL: Happy Easter - Sammual (webmaster) Whatever faith you are, have a great Easter. This is greetings from my home in Ireland. All the best from the rest of the team, Andrew Wolstenholme, Lindsey Dyson, Jack Williamson, and Ian Park.

Sammual is both the webmaster and the editor of the 720 & HPC User Club

EDITORIAL: Keeping on top of those shares - Rogez Sandev I use etrade to keep on top of my shares and although AI cannot directly browse on to my account through the internet browser on my handheld, I can keep track of my shares using my Jornada.I have the shares recorded of when I purchased them and the present price at what they are worth. I just wish Microsoft could update the internet browser so I could access my account live, apart from that I love my Jornada.....oh did I say it's like a mini office away from the office.

Rogez Sandev, uses his Jornada 720 in Barcelona, Spain

NEWS:Smartcard reader coming soon?- Henri Spagnolo Browsing the forum, I have seen people searching (like me) information for the Smart Card Reader for the Jornada 720. So I have emailed HP and I have reveived an answer.

"Hello Henri, Thank you for contacting HP's Customer Care e-mail support. I understand that you would like to obtain a compatible Smart card for your Jornada 720 unit. A Smart card slot on your Jornada unit is an added functionality.
However, there are no Smart cards available for your Jornada 720 unit. At this time, the SmartCard driver has not yet been released. It is slated to be released soon but we do not have any definite information to offer on a release date. For information driver updates and software as well as support information, we invite you to keep an eye on the HP Jornada 720 CPO Support Site at:http://www.hp.com/cposupport/prodhome/hpjornada720967.html"

Friday, March 29, 2002
EDITORIAL: A students life - Sarah Kane As you have been talking recently about teachers using handhelds, I am a student and wanted to give you the alternative. I use an excel spreadsheet to plot a planner for deadlines. The first column illustrates the date my deadline begins. A second column gives me deadline dates the third column illustrates the deadline title whilst a fourth column looks at more detail. A fifth column provides me the space to provide progress detail, and a final sixth column gives details of whether I have completed the deadline or not. When I am in a lecture I tend to type up my notes on my 720, I can then print my notes and refer to them in my studying. Without my 720 I am not sure if my studying would be as effective or as organised.

EDITORIAL: Looking for an alternative when playing MP3's on your handheld? - Andrew WolstenholmeThere is a good alternative to the in-built media player if you wish to listen to your MP3's on your handheld. It is brought to you by Utopiasoft. It looks good on your handheld screen and has many great features.

The features include the following taken from the website:

set the MP3 playback quality to High (44kHz), Medium (22kHz) or Low (11kHz).
set the channel level to Mono or Stereo
turn off [ AdaptivePlay] (although we strongly recommend that it be left on!)
create playlists in different ways. The user now can save their playlists in any folder they desire, and also allows users to create folders within Hum.

Key Features:

Intelligent Power Management (IPM). Hum keeps your device awake while playing music and will allow your device to sleep if the battery level is low to protect your important data. IPM can give you maximum playback time while preventing data loss from happening.
AdaptivePlay™ Technology
Lower CPU power usage
Customized color skins for all resolutions

Other Features:

Supports all resolutions
Playlist Feature
Random play
Repeat Play
AdaptivePlay™ Status Display
Large Digital Display
Intuitive LargeControl Buttons
Shortcut Taskbar Icon for easy access

This is a great alternative to the built in software and can be downloaded from here, and the best news is that it is free.

Andrew Wolstenholme is senior columnist for the 720 & HPC User Club

Thursday, March 28, 2002
NEWS: HPC Notes (update) - Andrew Wolstenholme HPC Notes is up to 4.0 with the latest version being released. You can create notes providing them with type, subject, creation and modification date, which helps to find required information quickly and easily. With HPC Notes you can search for specific text in a specific field and sort notes by type, date, or subject. You can protect notes from unauthorized access with a password and send e-mail messages directly from the Note Editor.

HPC Notes running on a Pocket PC

HPC Notes is $29.95, for further information and the download can be found here.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002
EDITORIAL: Easter Greetings - Sammual (webmaster) I'd like to share a little of why I love using my 720 to you all as I have a free day today, and the weather here in the United Kingdom is great today and so spring like. As many of you know I have a PR consultancy, based here in the UK, I am lucky because it takes me to see people....we worldwide and as I said I am lucky. My Jornada allows me to organise everyones PR and their deadlines especially if I am writing something up either for them or about them. In Outlook for deadlines and appointments, calls etc, I use a special code that allows me to just look at the screen and I know where I am up to, for example:

C:Press Call
B:Bulletin....let client know something has been published...........

OK I think you get the picture so thats how I have done it for the last five years and I know that there are better ways but to me, I like that train of thought. But an excel spreadsheet allows me the opportunity to keep on track of everyything and write more and better notes for everything. Silly as it may sound but I am totally reliant on my 720. Yes, I used to have a leather bound diary which contained everything, then came the age of Psion. I loved my Psion, it was the best thing, but I needed it to eveolve and I feel that it never really did evolve with my needs. Then I discovered the Jornada 720. Yes I think its a little large but thats not too much of a problem, but it does everything for me, and it allows me to make use of my time. Well today on what I would like to say is simply my "day off" I got to realise how lucky I am to own a 720 and certainly what it allows me to do. Without it goodness knows where I would be. In the meantime, wherever you are I hope that you all have a good Easter. Myself, I am off home to Ireland to see my folks, but their is lots to add on to the site over the Easter break so stay tuned. All the best........

Sammual is both the webmaster and editor of The 720 & HPC User Club

Monday, March 25, 2002
NEWS: SimplyHPC have a SIMpad Portal Page online - Sammual (webmaster)

The simpad page looks real good. Bill and the lads work real hard. If you have not been to SimplyHPC, or may not have been there for a while, then get yourself down there.

NEWS: Mazingo now available for your Handheld PC - Sammual (webmaster)

One of the most used programs for the Pocket PC has now be brought over to cater for the Handheld Computer. It should run on any handheld with a Web browser (Internet Explorer) and a PC with Active Synch, or a Storage Card Reader attached to the PC. Mazingo allows you to download content onto your handheld in a fashion like Avantgo, but it seems to be easier and better. Get over 500 channels of Movies, Classic TV Shows, Radio, News, Comics, New Technology and more to your handheld computer. Get the full rundown and the download from here.

Also Joparp, a regular contributer to our forum pages expresses his view:

"As an ex-AvantGo reader since the first day I started to use a Windows CE based device, I was very disappointed for its new policy of limited channel accounts. Another bad news in those days was that the only competitor, Mazingo, did not support any Windows CE based devices other than Pocket PCs. This is not the case any more. Mazingo now supports other forms of Windows CE based devices, which should also include HP Jornada 720. I have been informed by today to try this out. The link to download is http://www.mazingo.net/pc/download_wince.htm. You guys should check this out and share your experience to this websites forum page."

If you have any views on Mazingo, or if you think that it is better than Avantgo, then please leave your comments on our forum page.

EDITORIAL: Selling artwork on your handheld - Luke Jefferson I own a Jornada 720 and use it within my business. As a retailer, I sell prints and art work here in Amsterdam, I find that the 720 is an asset when it comes to keeping up to date with my stock. It allows me to predict what I need to order in advance of me selling the art. I can then email using my 720 to the supplier or the originator of the art and then re-order where and when necessary. At the moment we tend not to use a PC within the shop but instead I tend to back up when I get home to my main PC. I am looking to expand my shops and I have found that my 720 have come in very handy with this. I have been looking for shops that I am interested in, and make a note of them within an excel spreadsheet, alongside with the addresses. Once I have visited the shops in mind I tend to put a note in and add comments where I feel they are necessary. In all I have visited 16 shops; I will sit down with my partner and discuss the outcome with the help of my 720. I never thought that my handheld could be so useful but it is.

NEWS: Better access to Hotmail on your handheld – Sammual (webmaster) Roger Southern is looking to put together some beta 720 and HPC software which we will profile as soon as its completed. He is looking at the ability to send and receive hotmail from your 720 or HPC. He says that he has found the solution and is looking at developing ways to be able to send hotmail email without having to synch with a PC but by using a wireless modem. The software will allow you to compose Hotmail on your handheld and even when not online and then be able to send once you connect. The software will be able to download and read existing email. If you wish to beta test this one, and again numbers are limited then please email me. We will keep you posted on developments.

Sammual is both editor and webmaster for the 720 & HPC User Club

EDITORIAL: Teachers lessons for the handheld – Jude Wade In response to the teachers comments from Ian Park at the beginning of the week. As a teacher myself Ian’s comments really helped me. Thank you for publishing the tips from teachers it was really great information. I like to plan forthcoming lessons using individual word documents per each class, and then I break them down, term by term. This helps me greatly. It then using the calendar application to be able log all of the data week by week. Filtering into more detail by using the to-do list. This allows me to cross off where appropriate, once each module has been covered.

Jude Wage is a middle school tutor from Idaho, US

NEWS: Case testers - Andrew Wolstenholme Thank you to all those that applied to be beta testers for 720 Jake Jenson’s cases. I believe that he has now more than sufficient numbers, in fact in total 142 people emailed asking to be a beta tester. It’s down to the names in a hat process I think ;-) We will keep you posted of progress.

Andrew Wolstenholme is senior columnist for the 720 & HPC User Club

Saturday, March 23, 2002
NEWS:Microsoft tweaks Windows for non-PC devices - Lindsey Dyson This is a good read and opens up the thought of what the future is for us HPC users. Is the reason Microsoft has not yet released an update for us HPC users because they plan to re-write the platform? Your guess is as goos as mine, but in the meantime this is a good read, and may provide clues to what our future holds.

Lindsey Dyson is a columnist for the 720 & HPC User Club

EDITORIAL: 720 helps recruiting - Jeff Stewart
I manage a recruitment agency here in Harrow, London. I look after at least thirty clients and have to try and pair client to business. These is not easy but have managed it a lot easily by using my Jornada 720. The 720 allows me to build a database of clients and list their requirements. I will try and keep this up to date on a regular basis. Once I know what requirements the client needs I can then search through the database and find which workers would be best or I should say are more suited to the job. Once I know it is easy enough for me to keep on track of contract details such as hours to work, etc. All of this can be done quite simply using an excel spreadsheet. Wages and payroll can be calculated simply by setting up a formula that calculates number of hours worked by the hourly rate of pay. This information is uploaded to my PC and then forwarded to the payroll department.

Jeff Stewart is senior manager at Holme's recruitment in London UK

NEWS: Editorial and user stories to add- Sammual (webmaster) I planned to put loads on the site last night but I left my floppy disc with all the latest user stories and editorial content that you guys have been sending me, in the office which means people who sent me user stories and editorial content at the end of last week will have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to add to the site. My fault for forgetting my brain. I have stories lined up from the regulars Jack Williamson, Ian Park and many of you outthere, so bear with me for a day or so.

Sammual is both the webmaster and the editor of the 720 & HPC User Club

EDITORIAL:Gigabar- Nick Martin Wanted to share with you and 720 users a great utility that vastly improves usability of the Jornada 720, called Gigabar which makes program switching and navigation a breeze. Best of all, it's a free download. This is the single most significant productivity-enhancing program I have come across yet, a bit like turning Windows CE 3.0 into CE 2002. Get the info on Gigabar from here.

EDITORIAL: Developer Assistance - Tim Leary
If you create or help develop software for a PDA or other handheld device I have very good news. That good news is that there is a new player at the table, Split Second Software.

At Split Second Software we are all about instant gratification. On the retail side of the equation that means finding the best software for our customers and making it available to them for instant download.

On the software developer side of the equation that means working with our developers, not trying to make them work for us. We partner with developers, helping them find vital
new outlets to sell more software in less time. We value our developers, harnessing our software marketing power to achieve new market penetration, creating the results, and
income, they desire.

If you want to work with a company that will show you respect and show you the money, you want to work with Split Second Software.

To learn more, contact me directly at: tleary@SplitSecondSoftware.com or call me at 305-672-1618 in
U.S. Eastern time. Feel free to visit our site, currently under development, at http://www.splitsecondsoftware.com

Wednesday, March 20, 2002
EDITORIAL: Teachers lessons for the handheld – Jude Wade In response to the teachers comments from Ian Park at the beginning of the week. As a teacher myself Ian’s comments really helped me. Thank you for publishing the tips from teachers it was really great information. I like to plan forthcoming lessons using individual word documents per each class, and then I break them down, term by term. This helps me greatly. It then using the calendar application to be able log all of the data week by week. Filtering into more detail by using the to-do list. This allows me to cross off where appropriate, once each module has been covered.

Jude Wage is a middle school tutor from Idaho, US

EDITORIAL: Selling artwork on your handheld - Luke Jefferson I own a Jornada 720 and use it within my business. As a retailer, I sell prints and art work here in Amsterdam, I find that the 720 is an asset when it comes to keeping up to date with my stock. It allows me to predict what I need to order in advance of me selling the art. I can then email using my 720 to the supplier or the originator of the art and then re-order where and when necessary. At the moment we tend not to use a PC within the shop but instead I tend to back up when I get home to my main PC. I am looking to expand my shops and I have found that my 720 have come in very handy with this. I have been looking for shops that I am interested in, and make a note of them within an excel spreadsheet, alongside with the addresses. Once I have visited the shops in mind I tend to put a note in and add comments where I feel they are necessary. In all I have visited 16 shops; I will sit down with my partner and discuss the outcome with the help of my 720. I never thought that my handheld could be so useful but it is.

Sunday, March 17, 2002
NEWS: Emulator for Microsoft Windows CE .NET is now available - Andrew Wolstenholme Those wanting to know what Windows CE.NET is all about would do no harm in checking out the new emulator available on the Microsoft's MSDN site. Don't expect the platform to be availble for a while yet and I don't think we will be seeing an upgrade avilable for Jornada 720's but it may be cool to see what handheld computers appear with this platform. By the way expect the platform to change it's look before the final polished version is introduced. Click here to go to Microsoft's MSDN site so you can download the emulator.

Andrew Wolstenholme is the senior columnist for the 720 & HPC User Club

HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY – Sammual (webmaster) As most of you will know I am Irish so I will be celebrating today, so to you all and more especially if you are Irish, happy St Patrick’s Day.

Sammual is both the webmaster and editor of the 720 and HPC User Club

EDITORIAL: Typing speed conclusion – Sammual (webmaster) Well I have been reading through the emails and instant messages, and the forum replies in regards to the speed that people can type on their Jornada 720’s. The average speed seems to be 45 words per minute, which is actually a very good speed if you ask me. Once again if anyone can beat this then feel free to email me.

Sammual is both the webmaster and editor of the 720 and HPC User Club

EDITORIAL: Share dealing on my 720 – Peter Sinclair I operate a share club and use a Jornada 720 to keep me us up to date with how our shares are doing. Firstly we use an excel spreadsheet to log all the shares that we purchase, including the purchase price. On a weekly basis, normally on a Friday at close of play I log the closing value of the shares and apply a formula that calculates the loss or gain for each individual share purchased. Over weeks and months we get to see how the shares are doing. Our group takes a look at the shares and if they make a gain then we are all happy however at the sign of a drop we will sell if they dip 15% below the highest price. Again a formulae in the spreadsheet alerts us when there is a drop and we know when to sell. Two of us in the group own a 720 and share the information between both our machines. On the whole I love my 720 and I really enjoy keeping on top of my shares through my excel spreadsheet.

Peter Sinclair runs top gun share club in Seattle, USA

FOCUS: Handheld’s in the teaching practice – Ian Park Jenny Moxham looks after a class of 12-13 year olds in a school in New York, she uses a Jornada 720 to look after her scheduling and in fact has been featured on the site before, but she can’t help thinking what her day would be like if in fact she was not able to use a handheld computer to run and organise her teaching day. “I spend at least an hour a day out of hours going through what I need to be teaching the kids the next day. All is logged and filed in individual word documents and saved in a specific file tailor made for each class and all kept on the 720. I can refer to my notes, which are very lengthy at times throughout the class…….I must try to keep them simpler” Jenny is not alone in fact Charles Eddington, a headteacher from Coventry, close to Birmingham in England also uses a 720, like many Jornada and HPC users he was once a fanatic Psion user, “ I found the leap to 720 a smooth and easy one” says Eddington, “In many ways the 720 is better than the Psion 5mx in many ways, and even better it’s in color. For me a spreadsheet is the most used application, especially to keep on top of grades, and monitor progress. I use four columns, the first for the name, the second for up to date grades, the third and fourth for previous grades, remember to add the dates at the top of the column, the fifth column will allow you to add notes, the sixth column should show previous notes whilst the seventh column can provide aims and proposed future progress. Allow an optional eighth column to provide you with a future review and update date.” Eddington has used this same system for the last eight years, since he started using a Psion, “this has kept me going over the years and I have adopted it well to my Jornada. In fact I know of at least four other teachers who use a Jornada 720 and I have provided them with the same template that I tend to use and they all love it. Maybe I should market it and make a small fortune.” But Eddington and Moxham agree that the Jornada 720 is the best handheld on the market for teachers, “I have no doubt about it” says Moxham, “the 720 is light enough to carry around with me, and is easy to open and browse to the most important documents. It is great to keep you up to date with what lessons are coming up and where you should be and at what times. The Jornada 720 sure is a valuable aid, and in fact I can’t think of anything bad to say about it.”

Teacher’s tips from Charles Eddington and Jenny Moxham

Try not to overdue writing notes on your 720 unless you need to as you may find it time consuming and difficult to read in class especially if you are taking a class.

Adopt and create new folders for each class and remember to archive older files and notes that may not be needed at the time but can be referred to in the future.

A template spreadsheet can be a great time saving exercise and can save you lots of effort. Consider Charles’s template or create one of your own. If you know any other handheld users feel free to share them.

Ian Park is a columnist for the 720 & HPC User Club

Saturday, March 16, 2002
EDITORIAL: Slay for your handheld - Ian Park I would like to draw your attention to a great game entitled slay. Slay is one of Sean O'Connors games and is well designed, though out and a joy to play on your handheld.

Slay is a simple to learn game of strategy and cunning set in medieval times. The island is divided up between the six players, and you must try to capture your enemies' land and link up your own territories to create larger and stronger ones. You begin capturing land by attacking with your peasants. Once your territories become richer you can combine peasants to make stronger and stronger people (Spearmen, Knights and then Barons) who can kill weaker enemy troops, or knock down their castles. Just be careful that you don't create too many expensive men or the territory will go bankrupt!

We will take look at more of Sean's games for the handheld PC later this week, but if you like the sound of Slay, then the game is good value at $15 and can be pourchased from here.

Ian Park is a columnist for the 720 & HPC user club

SITE NEWS: So many emails - Andrew Wolstenholme I'm back from my trip to Berlin for a few days and wow have we "got mail", so many emails from you all, we should get round to answering them all this week. Thanks for all your user stories and again we will post as the week goes on.

Andrew Wolstenholme is senior columnist for the 720 & HPC User Club

SITE NEWS: Coming Up - Sammual (webmaster) We've not updated the site as often this week for one reason....holidays. I've just returned from Dublin this week. Andrew has just spent three days in Berlin, and Ian has just come back from Sydney. So thats were we have all been, we should be pretty much back to normal next week. Not to worry though as we have some good features lined up and coming your way. Firstly Ian has put together a feature looking at how Handheld PC' s help with the teaching environment. Lindsey Dyson returns with a great feature looking at using a Jornada 720 within the office, and Jack Williamson has returned to America, he will be telling us how he ended his journey in the UK, his future plans and he will be pointing out some great software listing's for your handheld. So as they say.......watch this space!!!!

EDITORIAL: Sock Out game is well recommended - Jan Gesber Sock Out is an excellent paddle game which I love to play during idle moments. It's quite fast and very adicting with lots of features. I am even thinking about setting up a website to record high scores and more information dedicated to the game.

Game features include:
Paddle : Moves along the bottom of the play area and is the controlled by moving the HPC's pen left and right within the play area.
Ball : Launched from the paddle by pressing the space bar or "double-tapping" the pen on the display. The ball will shoot up to hit a brick and rebound. Hitting a regular brick causes that brick to be removed and gives you 5 points.
Score Area : Shows the current score, number of lives left and the level currently being played. When all of the bricks are removed from the screen, a new level is displayed and the user gets an additional life. The first level of a new game is always the "Base" level (3 rows of bricks). Every level after the first is randomly selected.
Controls : Sound can be turned on and off by checking/unchecking the sound box. Help and information (such as the Hall of Fame Top Scores and Fun Brick identifiers) as well as setting ball-speed can be accessed by pressing the "Info & Help" button.
Standard Bricks : When the ball hits a standard brick, it is removed and the user earns 5 points.
Fun Bricks : There are 14 different Fun Bricks (see Fun Bricks Help screen below). Hitting a Fun Brick can be good or bad for the user, depending on the brick. Fun Bricks are randomly placed in the brick area (some levels have specific Fun Bricks added also).

The game is priced at $9.95 and you can download your copy from here, but I cannot be held responsible for the addicting game play.

Jan Gesber is a legal law student from Frankfurt, Germany

Tuesday, March 12, 2002
SITE NEWS: The site should be a little quicker - Sammual (webmaster) I hope the site should load quicker now, as I have restricted the number of postings displayed to five days rather than ten days. You can access previous news and views in the archives section in the left hand column of the site.

Sammual is both the editor and webmaster of The 720 and HPC User Club

NEWS: Quick Lookup for handheld devices - Andrew Wolstenholme
Quick Lookup, a reference reader, for H/PC devices. It is shareware to build and access dictionaries. It is available for Windows, PocketPC and HandheldPC. The Windows version comes with a builder to let users build their own content. Currently available on the developers website is bunch of free English, German, Spanish dictonaries. The program is useful for the HPC community, especially those who is looking for extensive linguistic dictionaries or who want to bring CHM (Windows Help) or their own content to their HPC devices.

To get further information and the download then click here.

Andrew Wolstenholme is senior columnist for the 720 & HPC User Club

FOCUS: Moving over from the Psion EPOC platform to a Jornada 720– Ian Park Jennifer Symonds has owned a Jornada 720 for three months and is enjoying using her machine she used to keep control of her students and as a senior teacher in a secondary school in the United Kingdom finds that she needs something to keep her organised, “It’s impossible to keep on track with all the students, knowing what grades they are up to, what lessons I should be attending and what progress they should be making.” In fact Jennifer is an avid user of a 720 and previously was a proud Psion Series 5mx user, “I loved my Series 5mx, but when Psion decided to stop producing handheld’s I was surprised and decided to look elsewhere. So that’s when I made the move to a Jornada 720.”

In fact Jennifer is not the only person to think that, Ryan Coughlin is from Dublin and uses a 720 to manager his team of maintenance engineers. I was an avid Series 3 user, then I upgraded to a Psion Series 5mx, I loved it, it allowed me great flexibility, and then I had decided to upgrade to a Jornada 720. To be honest it beats the Psion range of computers and I love it. I have never looked back.”

It’s great too see so many people upgrade from a Psion Series 5mx to a Jornada 720, maybe the move from Psion to discontinue the production of it’s machines was a good move for the Jornada due to the total number of people that have ported over to the Windows CE platform.

Ian Park is a colunist for the 720 & HPC User Club

720 coming in handy for a graphic designer – Aidan Jordan I am a graphic designer in an advertising organisation and used my 720 to keep on top of activities and to-dos. Also my extensive contact address bbok is also recorded on the 720 so that I can keep on top of all my contacts and I have access to all their numbers whenever I need them. I work from home most of the time but I am also travelling to see potential clients. That being the case I sketch potential ideas on my Jornada and can further work on them on my Apple Mac, I wish that there was better synchronisation between the apple mac and my Jornada but it’s just one of life’s little unfortunate glitches that we have put up with. As you can expect my diary on my Jornada is ever so jam packed with deadlines galore but I manage to keep on top of them thanks to my 720. Looking further afield, it is brilliant having access to Pocket Word were I can plot idea’s and collaborate my thoughts. This is especially useful if I am travelling domestic. One day in January I was able to plan a potential clients advertising plan whilst on a flight from Newark to Seattle. The added benefit is that it’s quicker to start up my handheld rather start a laptop. This way I can start typing straight away, allowing me to use my time better than what I would normally be able to if I was using a laptop. My only regret? That the Jornada 720 can not easily be synchronised with an Apple Mac.

Aidan Jordon is a graphic designer and is based in SoHo, Manhattan, New York City

Sunday, March 10, 2002
EDITORIAL: Making a fuss to get more developers to release HPC software - Chris Papadopoulos Wouldn't be great if Jornada 720 had lots of software to chose from? All of you HPC users should make a fuss in order to motive developers to combile their programs for HPCs too! Just send them an email! A simple one would do. Personally i am in daily touch (beta testing) of Gigabar until it will have a problem in the configuration applet fixed. Also i emailed the WinWap makers and they told me that they will port their software for J 720 too.Blah blah blah ... i am making a fuss. It's not the same when a software maker gets a single request for HPC version of his software and when the same maker gets hundreds of requests. Help the HPC community to grow up and you won't regret it if you love being mobile computing user! Do nothing and the HPC platform will become history. Am i wrong ? To add your point of view to Chris's comments, click here and your opinion will be published on the forum page alongside Chris's opinion.

Chris Papadopoulos is a regular reader and contributes idea's and thoughts to the site and forum.

EDITORIAL: Response to an email – Ian Park We receive so many emails per day and one took me by surprise this week that Sammual forwarded it on to me for my response (I get the good jobs). The email asked whether owning a Jornada 720 meant more of a toy than a practical utensil. I don’t think that it was meant to be offensive but some of the groundwork in the email did get me thinking. So I printed below some of my replies to some of the key questions our negative minded person asked.

“If you use a 720 want benefits do you get out of a machine that will be eventually discontinued?”

Well surely all machines whether it is a Pocket PC or a Jornada 720 or whatever handheld computer you use will either be discontinued or upgraded?

“A pocket PC has far more in the way of software so why do you users spend so much money on what is a useless computer?”

Incorrect again, the 720 for example has a good software base, ok, it does not have the support of say, the Pocket PC or Palm but there is a dominant community.

“Users who want to use a keyboard computer have Psion machines so why add to this?”

Obviously our friend really does not know his facts especially that Psion has decided to pull out of the handheld community for at least the time being. Many Windows CE handheld users have been at one time in the past Psion users and in fact many have taken the plunge to upgrade to a Windows CE and for many people that was a big jump.

“What support is there for Mac users?”

For once he has a point, but many people use more than the one computer and in fact have access to both Macs and a PC. So the PC has the ability to synch to their 720.

“Given the future it maybe a good idea to switch over to using a Pocket PC”

At the moment that will not be happening, the 720 will be here for a while and even if it is discontinued, there will be still plenty of people who support the machine and also a good collection of software to go with it.

Ian Park is a columnist for the 720 & HPC user club

Saturday, March 09, 2002
NEWS:Pocket Organizer has been updated - Andrew Wolstenholme For those that don't know Pocket Organizer has been updated to version 2.5.0.

New features include

- added WeekList
- added close-button to MiniCalendar
- minor changes in design

For those that dont know what Pocket Organzer is, it's a brilliant replacement for the Outlook. It has excellent week, moth, agenda views etc and is the ideal replacement. Pocket Organizer is priced at $40 which compared to moist software can be a little expensive but it is worth the money, and is one of the most popular handheld applications. To get the download and more information then click here

Andrew Wolstenholme is senior columnist for the 720 & HPC user club

EDITORIAL: Keep on top of your clients - Ian Park Keeping on top of your clients and customers can be difficult. But there is a piece of software for handheld users designed to assist. Customer Manager from Boma software lets you keep on top of all your client details.

Features include:
Easy to navigate or locate customer records.
Easy to setup "User defined fields" to fit your own needs
Multiple contact person's information of each customer.
Export customer list.

You can also add notes to each individual which allows you to keep up to date wqith all their developments. It's priced at $24.95 with a 30 day evaluation. To get the download click here.

Ian Park is a columnist for the 720 & HPC user club

NEWS: Handheld computers helping you to quit smoking???? - Andrew Wolstenholme

OK, heres a new one to add to the software list, Mastersoft Mobile Solutions who are churning software for handheld computers like anything at the moment have introduced software designed to assist those wanting to quit smoking. Very detailed and good graphics must make this a most for those passionate to quit.

Features include:
1. Running total of amount saved.
2. Projected Cravings, Lung health and Carbon Monoxide levels.
3. The increase in life expectancy you can expect.
4. A daily smoking fact to keep you motivated.
5. The number of cigarettes that you HAVEN'T SMOKED.
6. The time that you have been a NON-SMOKER.
7. and much more....

Monitor your progress or just see how you could have benefitted from packing in. Although personally I'm not a smoker I like the sound of this and it looks great. Price wise its $24.95 and there is a free trial. To get further information and the download click here.

Andrew Wolstenholme is senior columnist for the 720 & HPC user club

Thursday, March 07, 2002
NEWS: PoQuick Money Professional now available for the Jornada 720 - Andrew Wolstenholme

PoQuick from Mastersoft Mobile Solutions is the best selling personal finance manager for Pocket PC and it's now available for HPC2000 handhelds. It has lots of features including 3d graphs, charts and reports.

PoQuick Money Professional is the number one best selling personal finance manager for Pocket PC and is now available for Handheld computers including the Jornada 720. Incredibly easy to use with the look, feel, and visual simplicity of desktop Microsoft Money / Quicken. Its great and easy to use and its interface. PoQuick was designed with the emphasis placed on it's user interface. Since it's launch in August 2001 PoQuick Money has quickly established itself as the finance manager to beat. It is also the best value at less than half the price of some of it's competitors. Many of it's features are unique such as it's graphs, charts and navigation.

Features include:

Can be used as a stand alone package to run your business or personal finances; you don't need a PC anymore !
Designed to look and feel just like the desktop money application that you are used to.
Color coded to show you your cleared, uncleared etc transactions.
Supports import and export of qif transaction files from your favorite desktop program or online bank account.
Loads of different 3D graphs to choose from including account balances, net worth, income, expenses etc.
3D pie charts of income and expenditure to show you exactly where your money has gone.
Produce Profit and Loss reports and a Balance Sheet, both of which can be exported to a text file for printing off later.
High level of support from our Customer Services department.
Custom report system.

You can get the trial and further information from here. Dom from Mastersoft Mobile Solutions tells me that providing all goes well then they will provide further software for the handheld community.

Andrew Wolstenholme is senior columnist for the 720 & HPC user club

Wednesday, March 06, 2002
NEWS: Refurbished 720's for sale - Andrew Wolstenholme Expansys, the UK based computer store have a limited number of refurbished Jornada 720's up for sale. Numbers are limited and they are available on a first come, first served basis. The price was £646.00 and has now been reduced to:£500.84, which is a great saving. Oh and they all come with a one year warranty. To get more information click here.

Andrew Wolstenholme is senior columnist for the 720 & HPC user club

NEWS: Wow how busy? - Sammual (webmaster) Had a busy day yesterday so we guys didn't get a chance to update the site but we have quite a lot coming up later this week. Ian has a couple of good features lined up, and Andrew has 720 software news.

NEWS: Gigabar for Handheld computers - Sammual (webmaster) A popular program for the Pocket PC community has always been Gigabar. Well Chris from Greece has informed me that this piece of software works on the 720, however in a more limited way than its Pocket PC cousin. According to the Gigabar website:

"GigaBar now runs on HPC's, as well as their smaller cousins. It has not been verified with the new HP 720, but does seem to install and run OK on the older HPC Pro units. Try it and let us know! In fact, that's why we're calling it 1.58, rather than 1.60. There are probably still some rough edges in the HPC department. When they're smoothed off, we'll call it 1.6. "

Now I have used Gigabar and it works very well. The HPC version does have some rough edges but thankfully it is great to see more Pocket PC developers working their software to the HPC platform. To get more information and the download click here.

EDITORIAL: GPRS connectivity FIX for Jornada 720 - Chris My Jornada 720 had problems in connecting with my Ericsson T39 GPRS phone - It could dial up, do authentication but couldn't open any web pages , nor any program could use the internet. Thanks God there are individuals who develop patches. If you came across the same problem you'll have to fix that using a .dll file that has to be copy/pasted into your Jornada 720 windows directory. You can only do this by using IntelliSync (copy the file straight into the Windows directory). When you'll do this, just do a soft reset and there you go... your GPRS dial up connection will be functioning. Note that this patch meant to be for Pocket PCs with the MS 2002 OS, but happens to work with 720 as well. To refer your original .dll back just delete the ppp.dll file from your windows directory and do a soft reset.

Chris is a regular reader and contributes idea's and thoughts. Chris's tip will be posted within the left hand column of the site for future reference.

Monday, March 04, 2002
EDITORIAL:Using a Jornada in the far east - Glyn Truscott I personally use my Jornada 720 as a linguistic tool. I speak (or at least try to speak) Japanese, German and Chinese, and am now living in China. In order not to forget the former two languages, I regularly download newspapers & magazines using Avantgo & Mobipocket, and use dictionaries on the 720 for any words I do not know. Living in China, I often come across characters I do not recognize, so I use handwriting recognition to make a rough sketch of the character on my 720, the character is recognized and automatically inputed into the dictionary for its reading and meaning (this last piece of software BTW is CE-Star by MOBEM). But getting to this level of utility on my 720 has taken much pain. I have had almost endless encoding problems, which are still not fully resolved, resulting in German appearing as Japanese characters etc. If Microsoft had just included a cut-down unicode font (I am sure a low quality one could be made for 3MBs or so), some of the problems would have been solved.

Glyn Truscott works for Mobem software

NEWS: Protecting against the elements - Ian Park Received this email which I hope helps you guys:

Prevent serious damage to your expensive HP Jornada handheld PCs! Protect your keyboard from the elements! Now you can keep rain, snow, soda, coffee, tea, your morning danish and midnight rockyroad from gunking up your keyboard, frying your motherboard and ruining an expensive PDA! Made of clear silicone, these high quality keyboard skins are custom vacuum moulded to assure a fine skin-thin fit, yet allow for ease of typing. Spills just wipe off!Our HP Jornada Keyboard Skin style fits all models: 680, 690, 710 and 720 series.

Please specify which style you're ordering.

Our Keyboard Skins are affordable "accident insurance", at only $24.95, plus $2.50 shipping. We accept American Express, Discover/NOVUS, MasterCard and VISA, as well as personal and company checks. Dealer Inquiries are Welcome!

Fire-Rescue Products, International
Call Toll Free: 1-888-432-7393

400 Main Street Orwell, Vermont 05760 USA
Direct Line: (802) 948-2290
24-hour FAX: (802) 948-2015
e-mail: sales@image911.com - or - image911@aol.com

Ian Park is a columnist for the 720 & HPC user club

EDITORIAL: 720's in teaching - JackMaster Here is an interesting article concerning an effort undertaken by the University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW). UNCW is providing mathematics interns and their partnership teachers with the capability for wireless Web access using Hewlett-Packard Jornada 720 Handheld PCs via mobile digital telephones. Read more here

JackMaster is a regular advice provider in our forum pages

Saturday, March 02, 2002
NEWS: Updates to mPhone - Sammual (webmaster) Glyn has let us know (and he has posted on the forum) that Mobem has upgraded mPhone (Mobem has upgraded mPhone to version 2.0.6a, which fixes some of the early bugs that appeared in the port from PPC -> HPC. You might be interested to know that mPhone has overtaken all its competitors to become the most popular mobile phone management software according to Handango.

Also check out mBeam, which allows you to transfer information between your HPC and Palm, Psion, and smartphones.

Sammual is both the webmaster and the editor of the site.

EDITORIAL: Software for your 720 from Onhiatus Software - Ian Park

Firstly Pike is freeware and allows the users to create and edit icons for their handheld desktop. Whilst also from the same software house Launch Pad Launch Pad generates fully configurable, native, launchers with custom icon and tray support.

Also from Onhiatus software is ACT a character tool. It allows the user to select the extended characters not available from the keyboard for use in documents, email, coding, and HTML pages.

All the software can be downloaded from Onhiatus Software.

Ian Park is a columnist for the 720 & HPC user club

NEWS: More 720 cases on the way - Andrew Wolstenholme Jake Jenson has been in contact he is setting up a business "Handheld Cases" that will be making cases especially for handheld computers rather than Pocket PC's or Palms. Jake has told me that he has four Jornada 720 cases in prototype and I have seen one of them and they look fantastic. They even have room for plug and cable. Prices will be available shortly but they are leather bound. Secondly he is also designing two cases to protect the 720 from falls and shock impact. Jake will be looking for a number of users to beta test the cases before they go into full workmanship. Email Sammual if you would like to trial the prototypes. Limited numbers. Jake also tells me that he is already working on three cases for other handheld computers. We will give you more details when Jake lets us know.

Andrew Wolstenholme is senior columnist for the 720 & HPC user club

EDITORIAL: 720 in a nursing agency - Casey Jones I own a nursing agency business and must admit that my Jornada 720 comes in very handy. My morning comprises of replying to email which I can do from home. My 720 keeps me on track with the days schedule. The morning comprises of interviews and I make notes of all candidates using the Pocket Word. I can refger to my 720 whilst conducting the interviews and edit notes on it afterwards. Furthermore, I can also prepare my interview questions using my handheld. I keep an excel spreadsheet of all the nursing homes or hospitals that my business provides staff too, and this is updated daily by synching my PC and my 720 together. I am also able to keep on top of staffing hours, rotas etc again using a spreadsheet updated automatically on my 720. When I get five minutes Avant Go keeps me updated on World news and politics, and again my 720 keeps on top of all my financial situation which again I can update easily. Normally at the end of the day when I tally up expenses etc. Sometimes I think to myself that running my business would be a great deal more difficult without my 720 and I know that I am right.

Casey Jones runs Angel Nurses in New Jersey and has been using a Jornada 720 for 16 months. This is the first time she has ever used a handheld computer.

Friday, March 01, 2002
EDITORIAL: Proof reading – Kay Johnstone One of the great aspects of using a handheld is the fact that you can always carry it around with you. It’s always there and you have access it wherever you want to and update it accordingly. I sometimes wish that the 720 could be a little smaller however I am sure that this would compromise the great sized keyboard which is something that I wouldn’t want to happen. My job comprises of being a proof reader for a law consultancy, checking through their external documentation. They send it through to me by email, I check them, tweak where necessary and resend by email. I do all of this on my 720. My 720 not travels with me but it fits and looks good on my business desk. So many people enquire to it that I could become rich if I was to become a sales person. Most of the week I work from home and I don’t have a personal computer so my 720 is essential to me. Yes it performs all the standard issues such as telephone numbers, address book, diary etc, it really is a super PIM. For the future I want to develop my own line of Handheld applications, but this is when I get time. I want to introduce a greatly improved word document with a comprehensive word count, outliner etc. I am also on a part time basis a journalist and like to put together my own editorials for trade magazines and these are composed on my 720. Editing and emailing is also completed on the 720. I am very grateful for my 720 and having used a Psion in the past it was the natural upgrade for me. I still miss my Psion Series 5mx and still think it had the best word processor but unfortunately Psion discontinued production but still allows support. The 720 has filled the void nicely and I love the community and the support it offers. It’s great that us users stick together and hope that we continue to do so in the future. In the meantime I look forward to developing my own limited line of programs for handheld computers especially in the word processing arena. Has anyone ever tested how many words per minutes can be achieved on their handheld? I’m guessing that I can achieve something in the lines of 40-45 wpm which is not bad. Maybe we should start it as a topic, Sammual?

Kay Johnstone is a proof reader from Denver US, and has been using a Jornada 720 for almost a year.

EDITORIAL: Whats your best word per minute? - Sammual (webmaster) Kay Johnstone’s editorial above did make me think how many words per minute can be achieved on a small handheld keyboard. So get emailing them in to me and I will draw up a league table. How functional are the keyboards? Which handheld has the best? Lets start a discussion on the forum!! Get your responses into our great keyboard / speed debate by clicking here.

FOCUS: Is the future of handheld computing in our hands? – Ian Park What is the future for the handheld community? Will the Pocket PC dominate or will the world be taken over by smartphones running Windows CE? Well who knows the answer, but a number of handheld users are disturbed the market will become dominated by both Palm and the Pocket PC and that handheld users will be wiped out like the dinosaurs. Jeff Aniston is a 720 user from Boston and has been using his 720, for five months, “when you go to the showroom the salesperson gives you the sales spin, they know little of the technical details. One salesperson informed me that all pocket pc software would run without problems – imagine my disappointment!” Luke Saddler from the Independence Group, in Seattle, a firm that deals with Computer sales is disappointed that consumers are getting the wrong end of the coin, “we train all our sales people on each handheld model, we normally find that handheld users are the most technical minded of people and normally ask the most questions. That being the case we work our staff to the highest levels of training. I would hope that they know what they are talking about if they are faced with a HP Jornada 720 question. Unfortunately here Pocket PC enquiries are outnumbered 80:1” Richard Curtis, from PDA Exchange in Germany agrees but also says that this is the fault of the extinction of handheld computers for newer pocket pc models, “Handheld computers are a dying breed, there is not that many of them and yet there seems to be loads on the second hand market going at great prices. Microsoft should have stuck with developing both markets, both the Pocket PC and the Handheld PC market. There is, I am sure the capacity and market. People want handheld computers for a different reason than to a Pocket PC. Lower the price, better marketing and increased availability may well help the case.” So what is the future for handheld users? Jeff Aniston hope its for the best, “one hopes that we will continue to see further sales of handheld computers, but the market is being dominated by the Pocket PC, but many people want a laptop alternative. They want to stay in contact and browse the internet and a handheld such as a Jornada 720 surely offers the best solution.”

Ian Park is a columnist for the 720 & HPC user club

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