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Thursday, February 28, 2002
EDITORIAL: More handheld software - Ian Park Mobem Software have a range of software for the handheld PC, including:


mphone is an all-new powerful mobile phone management utility for Pocket PC, mPhone 2.0. With mPhone,you can now operate your PDA and mobile phone together "seamlessly", and make your mobile life easy, productive, effective and fun. It has four modules: Phonebook, SMS, Logo and Ringtone. Standard edition is $12.95 and the professional version is $25.00

screenshot on a pocket pc

mPhone supports a number of different models which are listed here.

CE-Star Suite 2.2

CE-Star is the most popular Chinese system for Pocket PC and Handheld PC. CE-Star Suite is a suite package with Chinese system, handwriting recognition, English<->Chinese bi-direction dictionary. New functions/improvements in version 2.2 include:
1¡¢ Better support for Pocket IE
2¡¢ Supports HPC 2000 now (HP 720,Sharp Telios HC-7000)
3¡¢ Improved full-screen handwriting recognition, supports colored-ink
4¡¢ Improved Pinyin and Phonetic input methods
5¡¢ Improved mapping between Simplified and Traditional Chinese
Prices and further information are available here


mbeam running on a Pocket PC, full handheld support is available

This looks to be a great piece of software especially if you use multiple platforms. mBeam is a powerful infrared transfer utility software to help Pocket/Handheld PC users to exchange PIM data (Address Book, Calendar, To Do and Notes) between Pocket/Handheld PC and Palm, mobile phones, Psion PDA via an infrared port. With mBeam, Pocket/Handheld PC users need not worry about how to exchange Business Cards or other PIM data with other users with a Palm PDA. mBeam works well with Palm devices and mobile phones via an infrared port. Furthermore, mBeam is the first infrared transfer utility to support double-byte encoded languages prevalent in East Asia (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese,Japanese, and Korean) as well as UNICODE and other western languages. mBeam supports transferring Contacts, Tasks, Calendars , Notes between Pocket/Handheld PC and Palm (or smart-phone) ; It supports transferring Contacts, Calenars between Pocket/Handheld PC and mobile phones. mbeam is available for $9.95 and info can be found here

There is more software from Mobem software. You can the full information and downloads from here.

Ian Park is a columnist for the 720 & HPC user club

Tuesday, February 26, 2002
EDITORIAL: CeyNews Explorer - Ian Park Another newsgroup program that you can use on your HPC is CeyNews Explorer from CE-xplore.com. Basically it simply is a good newsgroup reader now available on all HPC2000 & HPC Pro platforms. Features include:

Multiple news accounts (servers) allowed.
One-Tap synchronize for all servers / selected newsgroups.
Offline news browsing.
Intuitive interface.
Offline reply & send on synchronize.
Attachements supported (reading).
Server Authentication.

Although this is in beta, it is very stable and downloads are use of the program is free but donations are encouraged. To get the download and further infomation then please click here.

Ian Park is a columnist for the 720 & HPC user club

NEWS: Registry Editor released by PHM Applications - Andrew Wolstenholme

Ian was talking about tweaking your handheld at the weekend. That said a new Registry program has been released named Registry Editor. You can edit your Handheld PC's registry and allows you do carry out the following tasks:

Explore the registry to find the operating system and applications configuration.
Modify system and applications tweeks not available from the standard options screens.
Export all or parts of the registry to .reg files.
Perform search on the registry data.

Registry Editor has been released by PHM Applications and with this being the first release there are bound to be additions to this program in the future. For further information and the free download click here.

Andrew Wolstenholme is senior columnist for the 720 & HPC user club

EDITORIAL: Giveaways - Sammual (webmaster) Simply720 will be one year old soon and to celebrate Bill and the guys will be gving away a selection of great prizes for those active within their message boards. Only registered and active members of the S|HPC Message Boards can receive the gifts! One lucky winner will receive a brand spanking new handheld PC. So support the guys at SimplyHPC and help celebrate their one year birthday.

Sammual is both the webmaster and the editor of the site.

EDITORIAL: SonicAdmin - Mike Knowles


I have become increasingly reliant on what I always term "power-ware": those useful bits of software that help to reduce the amount of time I spend dealing with routine maintenance and generally organizing my working life. Unfortunately, all too often, those indispensable bits of kit become bloated and useless with the introduction of too much functionality


How refreshing, therefore, to get involved with the beta testing of SonicAdmin: a Jordana 720 port of SonicMobility's remote RMS management tool. As a busy internet developer with the responsibility of maintaining a multi-domain web server, service restarts & other mundane tasks on our web server usually involve getting to a PC and logging into the server using VNC or pcAnywhere. Ok - a fairly simple operation when you are sat at a desk on a Tuesday morning, but not quite so simple when you are out for a Balti with mates when you get an SMS message to tell you that the CPU is running 100% on your server!


My current solution is to get out my Jornada and run VNC via my Nokia. Not a bad solution, but it's amazing how quickly you can get fed up with navigating through NT on tiny screen at a painfully slow refresh rate. The solution: Telnet clients that can allow me access to a command prompt so that I can restart services etc. Ok: a bit quicker and easier than the old VNC route, but still a bit of a pain. The solution: a client program that can simplify the whole process.

Server Management

Now, I have tried a couple of CE applications that are supposed to do the job, but they either a) don't work on the Jornada 720 or b) don't really do the job in a simple & efficient way. Enter SonicAdmin - a simple, and effective tool that will allow go to monitor NT/2000 processes, services, users etc. The key to the whole process is simplicity, and SonicAdmin is just right for the job

The NT interface is especially simple and allows you to introduce users to the process who fulfill different roles. This allows you to restrict invasive access to service restarts etc. The handheld interface is equally user-friendly. A simple login process will allow access to the system and a simple menu allows you to gain access to parts of the NT system that can be administered:

Services – monitor, stop, start, restart or pause
Server – logoff, shutdown, or force reboot
Processes – monitor or kill
Users – monitor, add, edit, delete or change password
Statistics – monitor service packs, uptime, system resources etc.
Command line interface – execute and view the results of any command line instruction
Telnet interface – connect to any Telnet device
Power – control power supply to any hub, switch, server etc.
Everything is contained in an easy environment that means even the most modest of NT administrators can sort out the majority of problems without getting in the car and driving to the office.


Any Jornada 720 user needing to administer an NT web server is urged to give this product a try. It is absolutely spot on!

Usability: 9/10

Device compliance (only Jornada 720): 10/10

Support: 10/10

Customer service: 10/10

To get more information and the download point your browser to: http://www.sonicmobility.com

Mike Knowles is from Manchester UK

Sunday, February 24, 2002
EDITORIAL: Tweaking your handheld- Ian Park There's much to be said about "tweaking" your handheld, some people are happy with their HPC and some people want to mess around with them all day. So what are the options. Take a look at SmallTweak as pictured below

Firstly any tweaks you make can be "put right" again if things go a little wrong, so thats quite good news. Here is a list taken from their website on what you can do with Smalltweak:

* Items to be displayed at Desktop or Top folder. My H/PC, Recycle Bin, etc can be configured including their icons and names.
* To associate Extensions with Applications.
* Device power off time.
* Window animation.
* System fonts.
* Font cache size.
* Scrollbar settings.
* Software Input Panel settings. (CE 2.11 and higher)
* PocketIE to display 65,536 colors. (CE 2.11)
* Card battery warning.
* Clear history for 'Run' from the Start Menu.
* Clear history for 'Documents' from the Start Menu.
* Clear history for 'Address' of Explorer.

Smalltweak is quite a simple program to use and can be configured to how you want to use it. The best thing is that it is FREE. More information and the download is here.

Ian Park is a columnist for the 720 & HPC user club

THE JACK WILLIAMSON HPC COLUMN "ON YER BIKE':London & beyond - Jack Williamson

View of Windsor from the River Thames

Thats right I am almost there, almost being the word. Just when I was talking about the Spring like conditions it turnd Winter again this week. I am now in a town that many of you will have heard of called Windsor, it is roughly 20 miles to the west of London and is a lovely town. Roughly I could scycle to London from here in one day, but I have decided to expand my trip by about 50 miles and end it in a village called Dungeness on the South Coast. So that is what I intend to do. My 720 came in very handy this week. Mostly to keep abreast of the Winter Olympics over in Salt Lake City, which I sure wish I'd have had more time. I did getr to watch a couple of clips by using my 720, and although I think I am up to date with the results it would be sure nice to see them in front of my TV. Damm I miss that, however I do get to see the lovely countryside here in the UK. Sent my usual emails to friends and loved ones this week using my 720, and again using my handheld companion I have plotted my route for the South Coast which according to my pocket excel spreaddsheet will take me an extra week. So until next week, bye for now!!! Oh by the way if you ever get a chance, make sure you visit Windsor its lovely.

Jack Williamson is from the US and has been cycling from Scotland to London since the beginning of January for charity. Armed with his 720, IR mobile phone, and his credit card. Jacks aim is to navigate the length of the UK depending only on his 720. Jack, submits his experiences to the site on a weekly basis. Jack is also a 720 & HPC columnist.

EDITORIAL: Frustrating sales pitch – Jeff Jensen What’s the most frustrating element of purchasing a handheld? My answer to the question is simple…. the salesperson. When I purchased my Jornada 720 a year ago I saw it as a natural upgrade to having owned a Psion Series 5mx before then, a Psion Series 3 before that. One morning I switched on my Psion to the sound of beep, looked down at the screen to the horror that my Psion had performed a hard reset and guess what? I had failed to perform a back up. Yes it’s my own fault, after re-entering all my data I decided to take a drive to the local shopping mall to pick up the groceries where up on my return I switched my 5mx and was greeted with the same horror that I had experienced at least four hours ago. That was it I knew the time was right for a new handheld computer, but I hated the thought of having to refer to a Palm or a Pocket PC, naturally I wanted a just as good replacement. I had seen the 720 as a possible replacement in fact I had followed the antics of this website, and was curious and wanted to try a 720 and take it for a test run. So the next day, credit card in hand I went to my local computer sales store and enquired to the nature of a 720. By chance I was met by a rather in-experienced youth, no more than what seemed to be 17 or 18 at the oldest. I asked to test the 720, and to my amazement I was informed that it had been discontinued only to be replaced by a Pocket PC. After explaining that I thought he might be wrong g the chap, went to find his supervisor who looked a little more experienced. However he informed me that not only was this model discontinued, he also went on to tell me that the 720 really ran the same Pocket PC operating system and that yes the 720 was in a sale but that was because it was discontinued, and awaiting for a new model, to be delivered in August. After enquiring ng what the specs of the 720 were, the chap went on to explain that it was just the same as Pocket PC but with a keyboard. He also stated that far fetching facts that to this dayt were just sales talk. My point is that it is so frustrating, that people trained to sell us handheld computers whether they be 720’s or any other machine are not trained, or furthermore reinvent the facts. This potentially will slow sales of handhelds. If only they received the proper training, HP and the other vendors may just have sold a few more machines, enough to encourage the likes of Microsoft to faster development of the Windows CE platform for us handheld users. It’s not just sales talk. Point of sales advertising should also be stronger. Look at the advertising for Palms and Pocket PC’s, with minimal in fact rather little advertising for handheld computers. Where is the common sense in that? My point exactly.

Jeff Jensen is a systems control analyst and has been using a Jornada 720 for a year

Saturday, February 23, 2002
EDITORIAL:Sales of PDA compters will soar - Ian Park Sales of PDA handheld computers will increase by 44% over the next two years according to USA Today. In addition a MSN Portal is being put together for smaller screens. Whether this will mean an advanced production of handheld computers rather than Pocket PC's is anybody's guess. But this is quite a good article and can be read in full here.

Ian Park is a columnist for the 720 & HPC user club

EDITORIAL: Line Up - Andrew Wolstenholme

I have always been a fan of Moose Software, they their games have always been a pleasure to play and Line Up is no exception. You need to line up five or more balls of the same color to win. Sounds easy? Nope it's not, its tricky but addicting. At $12.95 this is a brilliant game. A 15 day evaluation is available. Check out Line Up from the Moose Software site.

Andrew Wolstenholme is senior columnist for the 720 & HPC user club

EDITORIAL: More great financial software this time looking at keeping stock of your shares - Ian Park Just look at the screen images for this beauty. FIS software have just introduced PortMgr

PortMgr means Portfolio Manager and what a briulliant piece of software this is. It will allow you to keep on track of all your investments including stock, bonds, transfers etc. The layout is easy on the eye and is quite quick to pick up. You can monitor all your portflios and view details such as Code, Name, Quantity, Value, P&L in amount & percent, full Transaction Costs including Stamp Transfer Fee (if any) & Commission, Price Change in percent, Previous Price, Market Price, Stop Loss in amount & percent, Trade Price, Trade Date and Change/Unwind Date for each position.

PortMgr is a user friendly portfolio management system allowing users to keep track of all their investments, including but not restricted to stocks, options, futures, bonds and funds.

Monitoring portfolios has never been easier. Open positions and unwound positions stand side by side together with all their associated trade information. The system displays the Code, Name, Quantity, Value, P&L in amount & percent, full Transaction Costs including Stamp Transfer Fee (if any) & Commission, Price Change in percent, Previous Price, Market Price, Stop Loss in amount & percent, Trade Price, Trade Date and Change/Unwind Date for each position.

This is such a good application and is priced at: $29.95 and has a free evaluation. Well done to FIS Software for bringing us another great application. Check out PortMger and FIS's great other applications for 720 and handheld users here.

Ian Park is a columnist for the 720 & HPC user club

EDITORIAL: ircCE - Ian Park ircCE allows you to chat by IRC on your handheld. Although I tend not to chat as much on IRC as I used to, this is an essential piece of software for those that do.

Features include:

Chat on any IRC compliant network.
Full DCC CHAT/SEND/GET capabilities.
Extremely easy setup and use. 
Unlimited email tech support.
Unlimited upgrades to new versions (including the Palm-Size PC port).

ircCE is priced at $14.95 and an evaluation is availble that will allow you to connect up to 15 times. Obtain further information and the download from here.

Ian Park is a columnist for the 720 & HPC user club

Friday, February 22, 2002
EDITORIAL: An ex Psion user who now uses a 720 - Richard Dove Having been formally ensconced in the Psion camp, like many others, I decided to make the spend and migrate to the Jornada 720, when I discovered that they were no longer going to make palmtops. My reasoning was that I saw no point in building up a collection of applications and equipment for a PDA without a future.

I looked about and briefly considered, buying a Pocket PC. Instinctively I've always hated palmtops. It frankly annoys me that data entry is so limited and I also dislike the Palm fashion trend, the PDA as an executive gimmick rather than a functional device, which is forcing devices with keyboards out of production.

The big draws to the Jornada were the reasonable size, the keyboard, colour screen and the built in Modem, as well as the expansion possibilities. I have since acquired an IBM microdrive and haven’t looked back.

I feel safe in saying that the Jornada has revolutionised the way I work. It is without a doubt my favourite possession, I cannot praise HP highly enough for the hardware and the software I'm pretty impressed by, even though the selection of add on software developers is somewhat limited, owing to industry focus on bloody Pocket PC's no doubt.

My five favourite applications are:

1. Pocket Word:- My primarily requirement for the Jornada is for word processing. I am writing a book so make a lot of use of Pocket Word. There are pros and cons in comparison to the epoc version, I know that there is a big gripe about not being able to insert tables but this has little impact on the work I do. I find that the outline function in Word allows me to navigate the document perfectly, though my sense of tidiness is disrupted by the lack of a means to justify text, and I am not keen on the word count being a seperate application. The book has swollen to 130 000 words so navigation on my old Psion 5 was a nightmare, the only way I could find anything was to keep it divided into seperate chapters. I then had fifty different documents floating around.

2. Mobi Pocket:- I also have Mobi Pocket installed enabling me to carry around eighty or so books and I use the e-news function as well.It more than makes up for our dear friends at Microsoft being so selfish as to leave out . I do miss Tomeraider from my old Psion, which enabled you to carry encyclopaedias and dictionaries in a searchable format . I found this invaluable for research purposes.

3. Microsoft Streets:- I travel a lot as well, so I find a good mapping program to be useful. I'm not a great fan of Microsoft Streets, having been spoiled previously with Street Finder. I find that the application is basic and clumsy. However I have to admit it is perfectly functional.

4. Media Player:- An added benefit was the media player which was not a consideration when I bought the Jornada. Since buying my IBM micro drive I am able to carry thirty or so CD's worth of songs. My walkman has now been retired and been replaced, the sound quality being of such a high standard.

NEWS: Congratulations to the 1 million visitor - Sammual (webmaster) Andrew Royton one of my friends form Regal Media, who keeps track of my visitor stats for this website called me this morning to inform me that at 2:02am GMT / 9:02pm US Esatern Time we received our 1 million visitor to the site. We had pre-warning last week that we we're getting near the 1 million barrier but was not too sure when it would happen. We know that the visitor was based in the US, using the Windows 98 environment and this visitor browsed my site for six minutes. So if thats you and I'm sure my clues have helped you determine who you are ;-) then thank you very much. But mostly I would like to thank you all, the community, for supporting what was and still is a great hobby. Many thanks to my writing team, and to the guys at SimplyHPC for their support. When I started the site it was for a hobby basis only. I had never put together a website before, I was a little frustrated at the lack of 720 & HPC websites so I decided to do something about it. That was at the end of 2000. In the February of 2001 we decided to update the site more than once a week and move the URL address. Today the site is updated almost daily and I have a small team of writers who in their own time contribute much of the editorial content. I receive so many emails from people sending me reviews, opinions, user stories etc, I would like to thank you all and apologies if your piece has not been posted but as I receive so many and I simply don't get the time to post them all but I do read all the emails and respond to them where and when I can. Once again many thanks for to you all. I am looking at a potential development to the site that will benifit the community, however I need to get to April before I can see the light with my business, end of financial year duties call!!!!!! Once again thanks to you for reading the site daily and using the forum board and congratulations to the 1 million visitor.

Sammual is both the webmaster and the editor of the site.

Thursday, February 21, 2002

EDITORIAL:Chess on your handheld - Andrew Wolstenholme

running on a normal handheld pc

Pocket Chess from Scotts software is a true example of how to spend those hours with an addictive game that you can play against a computer or in person. It is well put together and is truely excellent. Benefits include:
Play against the computer or a friend.
Choose from 8 levels of skill.
Many other features including a simple and intuitive user interface, save & load games, opening move libary, board setup, full screen mode, copy moves to clipboard, undo, hint, reverse board, switch sides, start as black, sound effects, and others!
Runs on Handheld PC Pro devices and includes support for StrongArm cpus.
I personally think this is a brilliant version of chess and is well implemented. Get the download from here.

Andrew Wolstenholme is senior columnist for the 720 & HPC user club

EDITORIAL: Rats for your handheld PC - Ian Park

This looks a fun game with a slight strange mission. You must kill all the rats before they mate and overrun the maze.If you thought that was strange you jave to kill the enemy by using bombs, toxic gases etc. An evaluation is available that allows you to play the first few levels only. To purchase the game it is $15 and you can download from here.

Ian Park is a columnist for the 720 & HPC user club

NEWS:Blocks, Blocks and more blocks - Ian Park

Nothing too fancy about this its just your run of the mill tetris game names blocks available for a free download from here.

Ian Park is a columnist for the 720 & HPC user club

NEWS: KSE Observer - Andrew Wolstenholme A 15 day trial of KSE Observer how now been released and is now available for an evaluation download. This software will allow graphics to be viewed, rotated, inverted and mirrored in the first version of KSE Observer. To display pictures as realistic as possible, a color range of of 65.000 colors is being accessed. Later depends on the used hardware. The good news is KSE Observer 1.0 is available for the Handheld PC and includes five Plug-Ins for bmp, gif, tiff, png and jpeg as well as English and German language support. The software can be purchased for a price of US$ 9.95. Interested users can download a beta version at KSE Software's website and after release of the final version a 15-day trial version will be made available as well. To get the download click here, you can get further information on the product from KSE's press release.

Ian Park is a columnist for the 720 & HPC user club

NEWS: Lextionary for the HPC - Andrew Wolstenholme A dictionary for Handheld PC's with definitions, synonyms, relational links and over 130,000 entries.This looks to be a good dictionary although support for HPC's is limited and future versions may not be available. There is a demo of the dictionary but it does not allow you to enter a search word, each time you tap the search button a random word is looked up. Price wise Lextionary is $19 and is 7.2mb and can be loaded easily onto a CF card. To get the download and read the run down then click here.

Andrew Wolstenholme is senior columnist for the 720 & HPC user club

Wednesday, February 20, 2002
EDITORIAL: Why I love using my 720 - Ian Park As I have been writing for the site for a little while, I thought that I would let you know why I enjoy using my 720. I have been using a Jornada 720 for a good eighteen months and love it, yes I adore it. Why???Not too sure but I know it comes everywhere with me. In fact come to think about I do know why I love my 720 because I use it daily to plan and organize my life and all that revolves round it. Before owning a 720 I was an avid Psion user however when I heard that they were discontinuing producing the model I was actually disapointed. I noticed on the site a few days ago that Avant Go was discussed. This is one of my favourite applications. This allows me to keep on top of whats happening in the world. An electronic version of a newspaper is nice to read when your commuting into the office on a daily basis. I tend to fly a lot of internal short flights across Europe and the US and I find that my 720 keeps me good company. It allows me the opportunity to read a good novel again there is quite a good selection if you browse the internet with many free titles. I do think the 720 could be a touch smaller in fact I have seen many older HPC's being of a smaller size. However we can't have everything. I thought that it may be of use especially for the newer handheld user to record a diary of how I use my Jornada 720. Nothing too comprehensive but just an outline. So watch out for my diary postings amongst my other journals over the forthcoming weeks.

Ian Park is a columnist for the 720 & HPC user club

Monday, February 18, 2002
FOR SALE: Sierra Wireless Aircard 300 - Phil Scott
I have a Sierra Wireless Aircard 300 for sale. it is the model for notebooks and Handhelds (works on all PDA and notebooks).
I used it when living in the USA and it was brilliant, but I am now back in Australia and it is of no use (no compatible network)
MRP is US$499 - I would sell for US$350 ono. Feel free to email me at golfops@ozemail.com.au

FEATURE: Jornada 720 helping to cut in on the small business world – Ian Park

Three employers in the telecommunications business talk to Ian Park on why using Jornada 720's helps keep sales high and helps productivity.

Jonathon Gorton runs a telecommunications company in Rugby in England, which he has done for six months. “I remember when we opened, mobile phones was slow to take off” says Gorton, “we only started selling handheld computers in 1999, everything from Psion machines through to Pocket PC’s. I only started selling the HP Jornada 720 in 2000, and it is making a good impact on sales.” Jonathon was really pleased with the sales side that he decided to invest and purchase six machines for his workforce. “I could see the potential, they are great machines. I have uploaded our stock database to the machines that can be updated on a daily basis. If someone wants to know whether we have a particular machine or phone, my sales staff can simply look it up on their 720. All machines are backed up to the main computer.” It’s not just sales, Gorton’s team also keeps up to date with the schedule because Gorton downloads their weekly schedule onto their 720’s. “Yes I could have gone for the Pocket PC or Palm machine, but my keys need to input data into and using a keyboard is the best way to do it. Additionally the 720 look great and professional; in fact I think we may have sold something like five or six 720’s from customers who have seen our sales staff use them. I think without the 720’s we would have lost business because we can always provide our clients with up to date sales information at the touch of a button.”

Paul Frieding owns Royal Communications in Fort Worth, in the US, he too has invested in 720’s for his workforce and employs 23 employees. “They love them and so do I” says Frieding “one thing I ensure is that my staff are trained up in all PDA’s whether they are palm or Windows powered”. Frieding hates the frustration of sales assistants being ignorant to the fact that they know nothing about the machines they sell. “It disappoints me and makes me mad. I try and visit other communication shops in and around the area and I am ashamed to say their knowledge base is rather limited. How can you sell the benefits of a great machine such as the 720 when you know little about the features? I think potentially 720 sales could increase if sales staff knew more about the model.”

Ruth Hill, Assistant Manager of Islington Electronics in North London, echoes Frieding’s feelings, “If you had to ask me what was the best handheld computer on sale in the market today then it would have to be the Jornada 720. I think greater public awareness especially here in the UK is needed. Many Psion users migrated over to the Jornada 720 and found it a worthwhile purchase.” Hill firmly believes what she thinks as she uses a 720 herself, “Obviously I practice what I preach so I use a Jornada myself, in fact I have done so since the day they we’re introduced.” Jonathon Gorton believes that there will be a return to handheld computers in the future, “for many years there we’re so many handhelds everything from Philips through to Hewlett Packard and then as we approached the millennium they seem to die off one by one and everyone was more interested in the Pocket PC phenomenon. I hope that Microsoft will not abandon its Windows CE for handheld’s and we return to more choice in a future handheld market.”

Ian Park is a columnist for the 720 & HPC User Club. Ian's next feature will look at three more employers and how using a Jornada 720 helps build their future business plans

BUSINESS FEATURE: Jornada 720 helping to cut in on the small business world – Ian Park

Three employers in the telecommunications business talk to Ian Park on why they use Jornada 720’s to help run their business.

Sunday, February 17, 2002
EDITORIAL: Data for Windows CE - Andrew Wolstenholme

First of all, Data for Windows CE is freeware. Secondly it's a utility software for display, amendment and the ability to create databases on your WindowsCE machine. That's all it is, nice and simple. It supports Windows CE v2.00 or upper only, and Handheld PC and Handheld PC Pro devices. Here is a list of the features available:

Create User Database& Delete Database.
Edit, Amendment, and delete data record.
Change, add and delete field labels, and type
Field type support Image, and sound
Search record by given text.
Import & Export to CSV File format - include Import and export Chinese, Japanese Text files, will will support convert Unicode from/to localized internal code (Big5/GB/SJIS).

Download your copy from here

Andrew Wolstenholme is senior columnist for the 720 & HPC User Club

THIS WEEK: Small employers and why they use Handheld PC's - Sammual (webmaster) Coming this week, Ian Park will be speaking to three entrepeneurs, two from the UK and one from the US, on why they you use Handheld PC's and how purchasing Jornada 720's for their senior management and workforce helps productivity and saves on business costs. Look out for Ian's feature this week.

Ian Park is a 720 & HPC User Club columnist

THE JACK WILLIAMSON HPC COLUMN "ON YER BIKE': South of the Midlands and on to ther Cotsworlds - Jack Williamson Well the weather in the UK this week has been Spring like and after last weeks rain's I am so glad. Equiped with my bike, Jornada 720 and my mobile phone, ( and a little money for those costly UK hotels), I have been spanning what the Brits call the Midlands. The Midlands is a rather industrial region, dominated by Birmingham which is the second largest city in the UK. Minor headache on Thursday night when I forgot to charge my 720 in the Holiday Inn hotel in Birmingham but managed to last night. Imagine a full day without email, plus I was supposed to file this entry to Sammy on Thursday night so that it could appear on the site on Friday (sorry Sammy). Anyway now that I have the city out of the way its on to the hills, I'm heading due South towards the Cotsworlds which is my target for Thursday. I anticipate arriving into London for next Sunday, so I have this last week to look forward to. I know many of you have emailed Sammy for details of why I am doing this, well for one for charity for the World AIDS Trust and secondly I will be donating some of the charity funds to the September 11th memorial charity, and secondly I hear many of you wanting to know if I'm planning any further travelling, well the good news is yes I am and look out for further news on this next week, and once again I will be armed with only money, my mobile phone and my 720.

Jack Williamson is from the US and has been cycling from Scotland to London since the beginning of January for charity. Armed with his 720, IR mobile phone, and his credit card. Jacks aim is to navigate the length of the UK depending only on his 720. Jack, submits his experiences to the site on a weekly basis. Jack is also a 720 & HPC columnist.

EDITORIAL: 720 keeps tuned to TV production - Rod Joseph I work for a local syndication television channel here in the US, and using a 720 helps me to plan production times and fit our rota schedules in place. It's my job to edit and ammend production times and we can do this simply by recording schedules into my 720 and then having it handy to refer to when re-editing. The main editor and producer of the scheduling department can refer to my notes and schedule that I have updated to my PC. By downloading the schedule and production times to my 720 it allows me to work from my home office when I need to and plan the programming. I would then input all the data into a spreadsheet on my 720 with programming details and then upload either from my remote home desk or from my office computer. In addition my 720 is great for keeping up to date with my diary and schedule information, keeping on tp of my 814 contacts, and no I'm not showing off its just the total number of people that I need to speak to with in the industry and best of all it keeps on top of my squash schedule.

Rod Joseph is from New Jersey and works for a TV Production company in New York. He has used a Jornada 720 for eight months and previously was a Pocket PC user, but became frustrated with its lack of inputting.

Saturday, February 16, 2002
SITE NEWS: Addition of setting up your 720/handheld to the internet in the left hand column - Sammual (webmaster) You will notice there have been additions to the left hand reference column. Thney include as promised, the "step by step" guide to getting your 720/handheld hooked up to the internet. A paragraph entitled "About Me" and a reference link to Active Synch.

EDITORIAL: Simply HPC a great resource - Sammual (webmaster) Make sure you guys are supporting our friends at Simply HPC. They have a great website with regular updates and are always looking for featured users on a monthly basis, with some good prizes up for grabs. Bill and his team are doing a brilliant job overthere so pop over and check their site out and make sure you simply bookmark it.

EDITORIAL: Time Tracker - Andrew Wolstenholme

For consultants out there that charge by the minute then this is a great piece of software by R&F Consulting. Windows CE TimeTTracker is an award-winning time, expense and mileage tracking application. It runs on Handheld PC, Handheld PC 2000, and Handheld PC Pro. According to R&F's website the application focuses on practical functionality and automation of repetitive data entry, quite often inconvenient on Windows CE devices. I love the many features this piece of software has to offer, lets take a look at some of them:

* configurable spreadsheet-like list view for quick overview of all records
* Windows Explorer-like tree view for organizing similar record entries
* mixed view for displaying full record information on one screen
* automatic day/week/month, etc. search tabs for quick data review
* custom time/money entry dialogs for fast data entry
* persistent data lookup pulldowns for every piece of information
* default record setup
* configurable terminology: most application elements can be renamed
* record notes with preview capability
* data invoicing, summarization and reporting
* concurrent start/stop/pause timers
* vehicle odometer readings
* multiple currency support
* automatic data calculation, validation, and completion
* support for European and American date and time formats
* pie and bar charts
* graphical time/money allocation calendars

To get the download and further information then click here.

EDITORIAL:Carrying Pouch - Ian Park

I know that Sammy covered carrying cases a while agon on the site and I thought that I would pick up on it. This looks a simple but great carrying case by the guys at The Pouch In fact it fits the Jornada 720 (illustration above) and has room for cards and batteries. A strap belt will ensure that it holds snugly on your belt and with a nice simple finish its looks nice and very functional.

illustration showing the front of the case

Price wise its certainly not bad, $19.95 for the black choice, or $21.95 in available colors and there is also a shoulder pouch option. Very reasonable. Their website can be found here.

EDITORIAL: Legally binding the 720 is great time management being a Lawyer - Hammond Rubin Legally being a lawyer is one of the most stressfull of jobs and mine is no exception. However there is one asset that help me and that is my Jornada 720. A brilliant beast who helps me organize my day, keep my client contact details and houses the great wealth of client appointments that I have. Imagine that you have half an hour spare in the morning on the way into New York City on the traincrawling towards Central Station. Most people woul;d rather just read a book and chill, well I can justify that half an hour by working on a case study for a client, this is an example of time management and is just what the my 720 was made for. My office overlooks Central Park and I remember last Summer right the way in fact through to the end of October I was able to go into the park, grab a sandwich and chill for 20 minutes and respond to friends emails through the 720. What a delight and a fabulous way to work. Most people here tend to use a Palm and I have seen a increased observance of Pocket PC machines however, yes, some people will use a handheld. I in fact adore mine and wish the selection of handhelds was larger but on the whole I am happy wioth my purchase. I have owned my 720m for over a year and have no plans or reason to purchase a Pocket PC. I see many questions of the forum asking whether they should wait for a new machine or purchase a 720 now. My advice is to purchase a 720 now. It all depends on what you your requirements are. Whatever your reason I am sure you will be pleased with your choice.

EDITORIAL: Catering for the Apple user - Lindsey Dyson Many Apple Mac users will be rather frustrated at the lack of synch software that is available to them. For example there is now software for the Pocket PC User that allows them to share files, download applications etc, but as far as Im aware and as of yet there is nothing that suffices for the handheld community such as us that use a Jornada 720. So why is? There are many people who use an Apple Mac, I myself tend to have an Apple iBook, and I know Sammy won't mind me telling you that he has recently purchased and invested in one, Tony Green from Washington uses one, in fact I have been in correspondence with her about it. Tony who also uses a 720, has specifically gone back to using a Windows powered machine just simply that she can use her 720 on a daily basis. At least Palm users are now able to useir PDA's with an Apple with the recently introduced desktop client for their machines, which I believe is very good.

So the question is are Apple users willing to revert back to a Windows powered machine simply to be able to get the best out of their handheld? Or is it simply not good enough that we have to revert to this method? So why hasn't anyone done anything about it yet? Well maybe they have but at the moment I'm ignorant to the fact so let me know, (usual email address for Sammy please) but yes us Apple users are frustrated and are desperate for someone to introduce an Apple client. So if there any budding developers out there, get your hands dirty and go for the plunge and make a lot of Apple users very happy.

Friday, February 15, 2002
SITE NEWS: Tweaking - Sammual (webmaster) Sorry if the site looks a little out of adjustment. Just changing the template of the site a touch, whilst I get time. It may look a little odd for a day or two max.

EDITORIAL: Specialist magazines - Ian Park
As Sammy and I may have told you, last week we focus on an awfull lot of Jornada 720 and other Windows CE Handheld machines on this site. I will be touching on Psion and their compatibles from time to time and just to let you know that Issue 36 of Palmtop magazine, again aimed at Psion comnputers and compatibles. Not a subscriber???? then why not go to the Palmtop website and subscribe, you can also find out whats in this months issue. Remember that Handheld Windows CE users have the great HPC Magazine, and yes although it does focus a great deal on the Pocket PC community it does touch on the Handheld community and is worth a read. There are excellent reviews, comment and tutorials.

EDITORIAL:The PC-EPhone - Ian Park

Take a look at the dimensions of this beauty, its the combination of a phone and a Windows CE handheld.....not a Pocket PC, but Windows CE. Ok ot doesn't have a keyboard but look at the screen. We've had so many emails about it, that I decided to write something up about it. Let me give you the rundown on features: Calculator/ Voice Recorder/ Phone/ SMS/ Mail Client/ Web Browser(IE4.0)/ Calendar/ Tasks, Contacts/ Memo/ Handwriting Recognition/ Mine Sweeper(Game)/ System Font Manager/ bBackup Utility/ Pocket Word/ BSPreadsheet. You can see the dimensions by the above picture. This machine was introduced last year and as far as I'm (and I may be wrong here) is only really available in the US. But I think its a read radical difference and I have expected it to make more of an impact. You can get more information on the PC-EPhone from here.

Thursday, February 14, 2002
EDITORIAL: Conquest for your handheld - Andrew Wolstenholme

image as shown on a Pocket PC, versions available for the Handheld PC

Conquest is like risk and is now availble for download on your Handheld PC. You have to fight against seven controlled opponents, whom each have their own personality which are fully editable. Its quite a difficult game to beat, but World domination is a threat and its your job to save the world. An evaluation is available for you to download however it won't allow you to change the game settings and you will always start in the same position. The full game will cost you $15 and can be downloaded from here.

EDITORIAL: Hospital reflex for my 720 – Jeff Richards I’m a day nurse here in Blackpool, England. I use my 720 on a number of ways, such as keeping track of my rota’s. My 720 also keeps me up to date with email and keeps a track of all my finances. I can also track of all my overtime, due dates etc. Again which my 720 keeps on track of all of these deadlines. I tend to write a lot of letters and again I can open a word document and put together a letter. Email is valuable and enables me to stay in contact with friends and my parents who love in Brighton, which anyone from the UK will know, is a fair distance from Blackpool. My 720 is not essential for my work it enables me to stay in contact with friends family

EDITORIAL: Using my 720 in a printing environment – Harry Southerby I am a printer for the Lacoral company here in Seattle and find that I can use my 720 in many ways that I would normally find very difficult if I was without it. Firstly we get so many job allocations that it can be difficult to keep up to date with a manual reference, so I tend to use my Jornada to log them in. This way I can keep on top of the jobs and add the progress into the 720 of where we are up to. My boss was so impressed with the 720 that he has commissioned all of the management team to purchase and use them. This way I we can liase with the rest of my colleagues. As I am in charge of over 60 workers it can be difficult to keep on top of all holidays so to enable me to keep on top of them, my 720 records all vacation dates and reminds me when they occur in advance. This way I can play ahead and pull resources when I need them from other departments. The 720 is a great machine I just wished that it could be a little smaller without compromising the usefulness and benefits, however without I know that I would be lost. Furthermore I love being able to send email from wherever I am using my ericson mobile phone. I love to send mail to my wife’s office in the middle of the day. Working in a printing establishment and I am sure that anyone else who works in the same field will know that it is hell to use the telephone in such a noisy environment. The possibility of using email really is essential and allows me to better use my time. I try not to browse the Internet on my 720, I try and save that to my computer at home. I know that it is possible to use the 720 to surf, but with a mobile phone connection it is rather slow and as discussed on this website in the past web pages take a while to load which can be rather frustrating and costs money. There really is nothing I would change about the Jornada 720 apart from possibly the size. The Internet browser is not really a problem as I hardly use it. In total both my company and myself believe that this is a fabulous machine that can meet both industrial measures and individual needs and requirements.

Wednesday, February 13, 2002
EDITORIAL: MSN Messenger Force - Ian Park

If your a MSN Messenger user like me then your probably will wondering why Microsoft have not released their MSN Messenger client for HPC users. Yes, a version has released for the Pocket PC ccommunity. Unfort the HPC community have been left out.....ah well, we look forward to the future. Anyway the great guys at Ruksun have had this product out for a while but it fills the gap for handheld users. MSN Messenger really is a great program. It's got a great wealthy of features these include the following:

Authenticated User Logon - Users log in using their unique Hotmail, MSN or Passport ID and password.
Presence information - As soon as users log-in to the MSN Messenger Service they are notified of the presence status of their contacts.
Contact List management - Users can add to or delete from their contact list using their Hotmail/MSN/Passport ID.
Online status - Users can change their online status to Busy, Away From Computer, Out To Lunch, On The Phone, Be Right Back and Invisible modes.
Asynchronous and real-time messages and notifications - If members of the users contact list sends a message to the user or change their online status, the user receives asynchronous and real-time notifications.
Access permissions - Users can configure their access permissions, to restrict the ability of other users to view their online status and send instant messages to the user.
Delivery of lightweight, real-time messages to other users - Users can invite other users in their contact list to engage in a session, where they can send instant text and scribble messages to each other.
Real-time conversation with multiple users - Users can invite other online contacts in the MSN Messenger Service to engage in a session, where they can send text and scribble instant messages to each other.
Connectivity - Supports Ethernet, Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11) card and GPRS connections. Proxy - Includes SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 support to connect through firewalls.

To get the download the click here

EDITORIAL: BNKSOFT HtmlEdit 2.12 - Ian Park

So what is BNKSOFT HtmlEdit 2.12? Well it allows you to learn, create, maintain webpages in the power of a handheld computer! Whether you're a student learning or a professional designer you'll want to use BNKSOFT HtmlEdit 2.12. So if you want to mantain or just create new webpages then this is a well recommended piece of software. Features include:

New features for HtmlEdit 2.12 includes:
Search for matching start/end tags.
Image clarity and scale factor settings in Options dialog.
Toolbars positions is saved.
Supports new processors SH4 and ARM for HPC Pro devices.
Enhanced toolbar placement for more viewble screen area for editing.

Click here to get information and the download

EDITORIAL: Avant Go - Andrew Wolstenholme

Avant Go really is a great piece of software and for new users is worth checking out. Imagine that you can synch your 720 to a host computer and download your favourite newspaper or website. This can automatically be updated daily or just whenever you want. Avant Go really is fabulous. There is a great deal of websites that you can access on a daily basis and the Avant Go website contains a comprehensive list of websites available. Or if you wish you can customise your own selection of websites and make them ready and available when you synch your PC. AvantGo is free of charge and you can get the full rundown from their website.

EDITORIAL: Trio Phone Manager - Nick Martin
The subject of lots of posting on the forum, I have been helping 720 comrades to get copies of Trio, the mobile phone and SMS messaging manager. You can now go to the Mettavant Passions site Whilst it is simple, it works really well. Click here for this software which is no longer available from HP, but which is bundled into hardware as part of the pre-installed software suite of some models. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 12, 2002
NEWS: HPC Spell 2.6 released - Andrew Wolstenholme HPC
Spell check by Phatware Corporation is a brilliant piece of software
and now a new version has been released. The spell checker has a
graphic interface which is very similar to Windows Notepad. you can check
spelling, correct any mis-spelt words, set spell checker options, and
send email using default mail service. English dictionary contains over
90,000 words. It's also good value at $17.95. Click here for
further information, screenshots and a download.

EDITORIAL: Looking for Password Protection - Andreas Sesser First why I'm using the 720: I was looking for some mobile assistant to carry all my contacts, tasks and calendar, also to surf the web and read my e-mails. But it was important for me to have a keyboard, such as the 720. So I bought it, and I'm satisfied. I'm looking for that password manager to save several user-id's, passwords, etc. I need on the run. But it should be more comfortable then a simple excel-sheet. Maybe someone can also give me a hint if there's any bluetooth pc-card fitting to the 720, because I don't want to use my compact flash slot therefor. Please email me at: andreas.sesser@auto-sesser.at

EDITORIAL: IRDAsh 1.1 - Ian Park

irdash running on a Pocket PC however it runs fine on a handheld.

So this piece of software started out as a better way to transfer files over IR between Pocket PCs, but it has evolved into a file manager and file transfer program that can send files over IR, Serial, USB and LANs. It has loads of features that include:

4-8X speed improvement over the built-in IR Send/Receive
4-10X speed improvement over ActiveSync file transfers
USB can attain speeds > 400K bytes per second (on 206Mhz StrongARM machines)
File Explorer feature is more powerful than the built-in program
Intuitive interface can easily be driven by a single finger
Allows file transfers between a Pocket PC and desktop/laptop without ActiveSync
Supports portrait and landscape mode displays
Supports Pocket PC, HPC, Win98, WinNT, and Win 2000 platforms
Usable on color or monochrome displays
Transfer up to 100 files at a time
Complete progress indication and statistics while transferring data
Auto-detection of peer on a LAN - no need to type names or IP addresses

Bitbank Software allow a 30 day evaluation of the software that can be downloaded from here Pricewise the Standard version costs $9.99 and the Deluxe version is $14.99.

EDITORIAL: Personal Assistant - Elizabeth Jordon As a receptionist here in the city I needed something to ensure that I was properly organised to deal with the amount of telephone calls and messages that I take on a daily basis. I am also a personal assistant so I need to maintain a diary of the Director that I look after. Potlook keeps on top of my appointment, and I have set up a to-do field to look after telephone messages, which I maintain and is kept up to date. So instead of using a phone message pad to input messages I use my 720. I am then able to email again from my 720 to my Director wherever this is all his messages. Simple and quick. We both have so many contacts that it is hard to know and keep up to date with everything. This being the case all our contacts are stored in my 720 and backed up to my main Outlook on my desktop PC. Out of hours the 720 is just as great and it keeps my social diary up to date especially with regards to meetings, appointments etc.


EDITORIAL: Setting up to the internet- Ian Park

Nick Martin posted this great "how to" on connecting to the internet. As it?s a great reference we will be posting it in the left hand column of the site for your future reference. Thanks again to Nick for this great ?how to?.

To Set-up your palmtop to the internet you first need to obtain an account with an ISP (internet Service Provide) for the sake of this tutorial we will use UK OnLine, Tel. 0800 053 4500

Before proceeding make sure you have the following information provided by your ISP. (This Document has been written with reference to the UK Online options but you may substitute the details as per your preferred ISP.)

Ref. Your ISP Details Details For UK Online

a. User Name/ID ______________ ?

b. Password ______________ ?

c. ISP Server Telephone No. ______________ 0845 3331121

d. POP 3 mail details ______________ pop3.ukonline.co.uk

e. SMTP mail details ______________ smtp.ukonline.co.uk

f. Email address: ______________ ?

Setting up a connection

Do Not make a connection using the HP Dialup facility but use the following method. Ensure your palmtop is NOT connected to your personal computer then?

1. Go to Start/Programs/Communication/Remote Networking
2. Double click on make a new connection
3. Select Dial-Up Connection
4. Name the connection UK Online
5. Click next and select Built in modem
6. Click on Configure
7. Ensure that the boxes on the left are all unchecked and then set the following;-

Baud rate = 115200
Data Bits = 8
Parity = None
Stop Bits = 1
Flow Control = Hardware

8. Click on OK
9. Click on Next (In most cases TCP/IP settings need not be altered (default is all server assigned )
10. Enter the telephone number of the server you are dialling (See ref. 'c' ) missing the leading zero off the area code. i.e. for UK Online the number is 0845 3331121 you would enter;-
Country = 44 Area = 845 Tel. No. = 3331121

11. Ensure Local & Long distance boxes are NOT checked.
12. Click Finish

You should now have an icon on your screen called UK Online.

13. Double click on the desktop Connection icon and enter the following information;-
username (See ref. 'a' )
password (See ref. 'b' )
14. Select save password
15. Click on Dial properties...
16. Select where you will be dialling from (Home/Work) and then enter the area code you will be dialling from (minus the leading zero i.e. for 01226 enter 1226)
17. Set the Local country code = 44
18. Click on Dialling Patterns...
19. Ensure the following fields contain the data below;-
Local calls dial = G
long distance dial = 0FG
international dial = 00,EFG
(all 3 settings are for UK and can be lower or uppercase letters)
20. Click OK
21. Click OK
22. Connect your palmtop to your Telephone point
23. Click Connect
24. After a short pause you should get a message saying connected. When this message appears open up Internet explorer and you should then be able to browse the Internet.

Monday, February 11, 2002
NEWS: Sonicadmin is on the way - Andrew Wolstenholme We received an email from Dayton Foster from Sonicmobility earlier today informing us of the beta release of Sonicadmin for the 720. Dayton informs me that a beta of the software will be released on Wednesday February 13th. We will eceive the beta by next week and Ian Park will be reviewing it for us and will be updating you later this week. The website for Sonicmobility can be found here.

Sunday, February 10, 2002
EDITORIAL: Printing to a Laser jet printer - Ian Park

I noticed Sammy receives lots of emails asking which laser jet printers can be used with a handheld computer and which cant. I just thought that I would let you all know for reference which laser jet printers will and will not work . These guidelines should be used with the following machines:

Jornada 680 (680, 680e, and 688)
Jornada 690 (690 and 690e)
Jornada 720
Jornada 820 (820e and 820)

The following laser jet printers will work without problem by infrared from your handheld.

LaserJet 5 series (5 and 5L)
LaserJet 6 series (6, 6L, and 6P)
LaserJet 1120C series (1120C, 1120Cse, and 1120Cxi)
LaserJet 4000 series (4000, 4000N, 4000T, and 4000TN)
LaserJet 4100 series (4100, 4100DTN, 4100N, and 4100TN)
LaserJet 4500 series (4500 and 4500DN)
LaserJet 5000 series (5000GN and 5000N)
LaserJet 8000 series (8000DN and 8000N)
LaserJet 8100 series (8100, 8100DN, and 8100N)
LaserJet 8500 (8500, 8500DN, and 8500N)

the following printers will not work:

HP Deskjet 710 Series (710C and 712C)
HP 720 Series (720C and 722C)
HP 820 Series (820CSE and 820CXI)

I hope that this helps HP has produced a good technical fact sheet if you want further information and you can read it here.

EDITORIAL: 720 website in both English and French - Andrew Wolstenholme

An excellent 720 site to take a look at is the Logicels pour J720 site, which is very impressive. Don't let the french language fool you as the site is in both French and English and has one of the best 720 software lists, with detailed comments and descriptions and where possible price listings and even better...screenshots. This site is bookmarked in my favourite websites and is an excellent contribution to the 720 and Handheld community. Check the site out here.

EDITORIAL: Cash organizer - Ian Park

Cash Organizer 2000/2001 is a software for corporate and private finances managing, planning, prognosis and analysis for your handheld computer. Very handy, good looking, easy to use interface and pleasing to the eye and essential for keepong track of cash and expenses. This is one of the better cash handling applications and I would strongly recommend it. Features include, Auto-completion, Multicurrency (168 currencies), Transfers, Search, Conversion, etc, allows unrestricted flexibility in day-to-day activities. Get the download from here The download price was $69.95 but has been reduced to $49.95.

EDITORIAL: ALT + F4 Program closer - Ian Park
Go to The Desktop-os website to download software that will allow you to close any running programs simply be hitting ALT+Contacts key like you would use ALT=F4 on your desktop PC. Very handy.

EDITORIAL: Watching movies, short films and trailers on your handheld - Andrew Wolstenholme

A 720 running Pocket TV

When this piece of software was released on to the market it caused much anger amongst the handheld community especially towards it s rather aggresive pricing at $49.95, but it soon became an essential application, especially considering it will allow you to play mpeg clippings and video's in any website that you are browsing. In addion Pocketmovies.net contains a large bselection of movie trailers, advertisments and short films for you top download on to your handheld. For me this is a great piece of software and stretches the barriers of using your handheld. So to conclude you can download mpeg movies from pocketmovies.net from here, whilst download and get the lowdown on Pocket TV from here.

9:14:00 AM
Saturday, February 09, 2002
EDITORIAL: Collecting chains of thought to give inspiration - Ian Park Let me introduce myself, my name is Ian Park, I'm an author of short stories and an avid user of a Jornada 720 with a fond memories of using a Psion Series 5mx, and I also believe that I have tested most handheld's. I intend to contribute my thoughts and opinions on handheld computers running Windows CE. However Sammual also tells me that many Psion users also check into the site so I will be keeping my eyes open on up to date Psion EPOC software so I hope to keep all users up to date with my thoughts on the Windows CE platform and a weekly look at EPOC thoughts. However let me tell you how I came to use a Jornada 720. For about seven years I have always owned a handheld computer, it started as a Psion Series 3a and then a Psion Siena. I then went on to purchase many Windows CE machines and a Philips Nino and then after reverting back to a Psion Series 5mx, then a Palm and then a Pocket PC until I eventually found a Jornada 720. I picked a Jornada 720 as my main handheld computer because it combined all the best advantages of using all of my previous owned machines. I remember so well that I could put together my short stories that I write on my Psion Series 5mx. However I would always have difficulty transferring to my PC, or emailing it to my sub editors. However on the 720 I welcome the fact that I can email any of my writings within a word document to wherever I need to work on it. Sometimes I like to work on my stories from a PC so I can transfer any documentation or writing from my 720 rather easily. It is very easy to type with good speeds on my 720, I can easily reach speeds of up to 40 - 50 words per minute on the keyboard. The keyboard on the 720 does take a little time to get used to, but is someone acceptablein writing up large paragraphs of text. Any trains of random thought can be jotted down at any time when using my 720. In fact how many times have you been lying in bed when a good idea enters your brain and you know that you have to catch it. I simply keep my 720 at the side of my bed and then enter the idea's. Believe me many a good idea for a story has originated from such a simple idea that has been inputted into my 720 from a random thought.

EDITORIAL: A handheld alarm clock - Lindsey Dyson

What is Alarme? Well it is a Full-Featured Alarm Clock For Windows CE. That's simply all it is but it really is a powerful alarm clock with a good number of excellent functions and features. Graphically it looks very pleasing on the eye and can stand out when in the dark as a bedside alarm clock. To me this is very functional and a well used piece of software. Well priced at $10 and with a full 30 day evaluation to give it a test run, I would recommend alarme. For more information and to download the evaluation then click here.

EDITORIAL: Virtual CE - Andrew Wolstenholme

Virtual CE is a great piece of software that allows the user to access their handheld computer from a PC. Project the screen of your handheld computer through a PC. Access speedy inputting to CE applications through your PC. Virtual CE has been created by Bitbank Software. Bitbank describe Virtual CE as:

"View and control your Pocket PC or Windows CE machine from your desktop PC. Virtual CE provides a realtime image of your Pocket PC's display in a window on your PC. All user input on your PC is also passed to your Pocket PC. V_CE has been tested with the following devices: HP 52X/54X/56X/680/690/720, Casio E200/E115/E125/EM500/BE300, PC-ePhone, Palmax PD600-C, Compaq iPAQ 3100/3600/3700/3800, Aero 1550, Vadem Clio 1050, Symbol 8100/2800 and soon others. Virtual CE serves many purposes including the ability to display the CE screen on a projector connected to a regular PC, capturing screens from 'difficult' CE programs, rapid input of data to CE applications from your PC's keyboard and mouse and many others. The best results are obtained when the PC is connected directly through USB or LAN (wired or wireless). "

A 30 day evaluation is availble and the software is priced from $9.99 whilst the pro version is priced $29.99. An evaluation copy and further information can be downloaded from here.

EDITORIAL: Handheld Users - Sammual (webmaster) Someone sent me an email and asked for how long would we profile handhald computers such such as the Jornada 720 and other handheld computers. He also asked why could we not focus on the Pocket PC world and surely the handheld computer could not develop as it has had "it's time". Yes three or four years ago there were many other handheld computers on the market as for today, just a handfull exsist. However todays handhelds are far more powerful than the first computers that we initially purchased all those years ago. I strongly believe that the handheld computer will continue to evolve maybe not at the pace of previous times but at a more moderate pace. I am pleased to announce that Ian Park joins the writing team, he uses booth a Psion Series 5mx and a Jornada 720 and will be contributing his thoughts on the site in the short term. I would like to welcome Ian's opinions on handheld computers and he will be providing us with his thoughts on software for both Windows CE and Psion users. We get many Psion users tuning in to us contributing news, comments and thoughts and Ian has been one of those people, so look out for Ian's contributions. Before anyone asks whether we will spotlight on the Pocket PC community, yes, Pocket PC's are attractive computers but they are not for me, so I can tell you that we will not be focusing on this platform. This site has always been dedicated to users of handheld computers such as the Jornada 720 and for as long as this website exsists will continue to cater for handheld computer users wherever they may be.

Friday, February 08, 2002
EDITORIAL: Collins Dictionaries English/French - Andrew Wolstenholme

The English-French Dictionary is one of the most used programs on my 720. I travel to France on a frequent basis and roughly know the basics. However to fill the gaps then this is an essential piece of software. Collins who are widely acclaimed for their excellence has introduced this excellent dictonairy. With over 100,000 translations and 70,000 references this is an excellent and essential piece of software and essential for those who travel to France on a frequent basis. Details can be found from the Collins website the download costs $34.99, yes a little expensive but worth it and you can download and purchase it from here

EDITORIAL: Hebrew Reader - Lindsey Dyson

Hebrew reader running on a Pocket PC, but it is available for Handheld's

There are many Hebrew DOC files available to read on your 720 and the good news for Hebrew readers is that theere is a Hebrew reader availble which can be used on your handheld. Here is the website to download the reader, A description on their website states:

Bookmarks for some Palm DOC files which contain HTML-like tags which specify bookmarks

NEW: Optional using Unicode fonts containing Hebrew***). The font size of the Unicode font(s) can be also individually selected.

NEW: Faster loading of the Hebrew text files

Optional starting of Palm DOC Hebrew text files from the File Explorer"

Wednesday, February 06, 2002
EDITORIAL: Psion users please note issue 36 of Palmtop magazine is released next week - Sammual (webmaster)

Psion users will be pleased to know that issue 36 of Palmtop magazine will be distributed next week. For a full rundown on whats in the forthcoming magazine, then click here.

EDITORIAL: A great MP3 Player - Lindsey Dyson

How about software that allows for a great MP3 player, wonderful graphics and sounds great, oh and offers more than twice the normal volume. Well try JPlayer for the 720. So what else does the software offer? Well according to the JPlayer website:

" jPlay features include a 16-band equalizer w/DSP 50 Hz bass boost, a linear 64-step volume control offering more than twice the normal volume level, balance & gain controls, L/R channel swap control w/enhanced stereo modes; easy-to-use file selection, play lists; plenty of stats and adjustments to make the best use of on-battery time, especially w/microdrives; VU meters; network/Wi-Fi file play, remote control of winamp; plus lots more including Load'n'Decode completion technology for quick play even w/multi-MB cache sizes. Plays MP3, PCM, and GSM-610 formats."

There is a brilliant User Guide to the player which you can browse hereand you can obtain your download from here.

NEWS:Siemens SIMpad SL4 - Sammual (webmaster)

Bill at SimplyHPC has put together a page on the site that takes a look at the new machine and provides his views and advice. For those wondering what a SIMpad actually is, well it has been devised by Siemens and runs on Windows CE, it recognises natural handwriting, and allows full view of html pages. There is no keyboard, however I'm sure add on's will be available. There are already vendors who are adopting their software to the new machine including Ilium Software.

All of Ilium Software's Handheld PC applications, including Ilium Software eWallet®, ListPro(TM), and DockWare® contain complete support for the SIMpad. Further information and downloads can be obtained from the Ilium website The official website of the Siemens SIMpad SL4 can be found here at the Siemens website, whilst the Simply 720 pages can be found here and well recommended if your wanting further information or if you are a SIMpad user.

EDITORIAL: Using a handheld as an aid for on the road ? Andrew Mann As a sales representative here in the heart of Texas I would like to mention how I use my 720 in my everyday life. At the crack of dawn my 720 alarm will signal the start of a new day. Then I awake and download the daily papers onto my Avantgo account then I check my diary again by keeping it on my 720 to see what sort of a day is in store for me. The good news is that all my appointments are local but tomorrow I need to take a flight up to Washington. The 720 remind me to check documentation and to find out if all my arrangements has been met. Five minutes later and with an email sent to my personal assistant to finalise all the necessary arrangements I then get in my car of to my first appointment. All directions are stored in my 720 using both email and word. Contact Information on all the clients that I meet is also contained within these details. It is now lunchtime and I stop for a 30 minute break at a local diner where once again I infrared to my mobile where I download all emails to my inbox. I have also made note of flight arrangements for my trip to Washington. I, and have time to play a quick game of Solitaire on my 720 before its time to hit the road fore two appointments in the afternoon. By the time we get to late afternoon I am back at my home office and transfer all the data to my home PC. On my 720 I can store all the data and details of my clients, what has been said and the outcome of the meetings concerned. This being the case it is now uploaded to my PC and electronically stored for future reference. If I go back to see the client I know that I can download the relevant information again and store it onto my 720 so I can easily refer to it. If I had to say why I love using my 720 it is because that I could not perform my job as well without it.

EDITORIAL:The martians are here - Andrew Wolstenholme

Martians is a space invader clone, you are proecting a planet which has a space invader barrier but you have to protect the aliens against invading the planet. Yes its all action, and its all hard hitting for those keys of yours but it really is an cation packed gameand if you used to play space invaders you will love this game. The game is $9.95, details and download from here.

EDITORIAL: Nursery happenings - Renef Sternof I myself, and three of my friends own a nursery here in Sweden in Europe. I'm an avid 720 user and tend to find myself using it on a daily basis to organise my life. In the mornings I take register of all the children in our care and log their names, details, ages, diet etc in an excel sheet on the 720. This can be stored easily and printed if it becomes essential. Parents name and details are also posted and stored for essential reasons. We tend to as a group plan the days sessions as we also try and teach the kids everything from language skills through to the general lessons of life suching as tying shoe laces etc. It is a great job, buit we tend to plan all modules and then input them into my 720. We can also keep an eye on progress by inputting it into the 720 this way we can report to parents and keep track of all the progress made by the kids. It keeps us upto date with progress and it is wonderful to be able to trace back a year ago and see what the children were up to and see the what exciting progress they have made since then. All of this is carefully recorded on my 720 and in fact one of my friends who also runs the nursery with me has also seen the light and is investing in a 720 of her own. She intends to deal with all of the essential "business running" of the nursery, everything from costs through to accounts. All in all, running a nursery is running a business because it is our business and without the help of a handheld computer such as the 720 then it would be much more difficult.


SITE NEWS: For Sale and Classifieds - Sammual (webmaster) Ignore the previous site news below this posting as I am having problems with my publishing software this morning and I cannot seem to delete the message below. If you have any handheld and 720 items for sale then please feel free to drop me an email: sammualjames_mcloughlin@yahoo.co.uk, or instant message me on Yahoo messenger, my messenger name is: sammualjames_mcloughlin. Conditions are that you describe fully what the product is, including any packaging and warranty, price and obviously contact details such as email address (no telephone numbers). The reason I am posting classifieds and for sales on the home page is purely by popular request. Classifieds will be removed naturally by "dropping" off the bottom of the page when new features and editorials are added to the site, and if you wish for your post to be re-published then again just drop me a line.

SITE NEWS: For Sale and Classifieds - Sammual (webmaster) If you have any 720 or handheld items that you either want to sell or are looking for, well if you drop me a

8:20:00 AM
Monday, February 04, 2002
NEWS:Beta 720 software - Andrew Wolstenholme

A beta of Sonicadmin will be made available for 720 users at the early start of next week according to Dayton Foster
Product Manager at Sonic Mobility. Sonicadmin is a Mobile Systems Administration Solution. According to their website Sonicadmin helps to:

"Now you can respond to problems from anywhere by securely connecting to your network, diagnosing the problem, and fixing it in real time, including soft, hard, and cold booting of the server, full user management, management of routers, switches, hubs, modems, and more! All of this from a hand held wireless device that you can slip easily into a pocket."

To check out the details go their website

EDITORIAL:Ideal companion - Jack Williamson Today I have managed to catch up with my email and it is nice to be able to communicate with all my friends, my wife and daughter. Today I have had a day of rest and tmrw Im back on the road heading for middle England. The one thing I will say about my 720 is that it is light and compact. I can just remove it from my Rucksack and start using it straight away and then one I have finished, it gets put back. I really enjoy using my 720 and for this bike tour it has proved how usefull it is.

Sunday, February 03, 2002
EDITORIAL: Writing from my 720 in the home of Wedgewood - Jack Williamson Well after Knutsford I have headed due South East and I am now heading towards the town of Stone which is in a part of England called Staffordshire where I believe Wedgewood pottery was originally introduced. The weather in England has been poor with heavy rain and gale force winds. On Thursday I did not even attempt to cycle anywhere due to the poor conditions. This being the case I ended up being a day late upon my arrival in the Cheshire town of Macclesfield, which is a nice country town in the Peak District, it is very hill. Thus being the case it was difficult to obtain a mobile signal and impossible to send or receive email via my 720. Today as Ii write the weather is better, it is Sunday morning, 10:33am and the sky is clear, however heavy rain is predicted for later in the day. I will make a move now. In two days hopefully by Tuesday I will end up in Brimingham, the UK'S second largest city. I will write then.

EDITORIAL: Calculate those loan and mortgage repayments - Andrew Wolstenholme
Mrtgcalc is an easy-to-use mortgage and loan calculator giving details of Loan Amount, Term (in months), Rate, Monthly Payment, Total Paid and Cost of Loan for each calculation. Its part of a full calculator package from the guys at FIS.

The software offers you the ability to alter payments and predict repayments by following a number of numerical models. Calculations can be saved and stored for future reference and is ideal and handy. All in all this is a great piece of software although in my opinion a tad expensive at $24.95 but it is very powerful and a demo is available for you test its abilities before purchase.

EDITORIAL: RPN Calculator - Andrew Wolstenholme

Tom Boldt's introduces RPN Calculator. A scientific calculator designed, easy to use and well recommended. Runs on all SH-3, MIPS, and ARM Handheld PC's including the 720 and is priced at $20. You can obtain the download and get more information from here

NEWS: Simply IRC - Sammual (webmaster)

The guys at SimplyHPC have been working on on bringing new products for the handheld platform. One of the newest products to be released to their team of beta testers will be Simply IRC. It is planned to be released to the beta group on or around the 11th of February. If you want to be a beta tester or get the low down on what handheld applications they have lined up then click here

SITE NEWS: AOL Mail on your handheld - Sammual (webmaster) The instructions for AOL Mail on your handheld are now contained within the left hand column of the site for your reference.

SITE NEWS: New look - Sammual (webmaster) Well after battling it out for six hours most of the site is running ok. All the news stories are up and running. Most links are back to normal. I like the new brighter look to the site, I meant to update the look of the site six months ago but did not get round to doing it, well now I have. It should be a little easier on the eye. I am considering big plans for the site over the forthcoming months and have been in discussion with relevant people about the project, at the moment I will not say anything, but those involved know who they are. One thing is for certain the site will continue to help and assist the handheld community and will contine to work with fellow sites to achieve this. Look out for my further plans over the forthcoming months once I have set them into stone with fellow handheld enthusiasts. Once again my team of part time writes, led by Andrew Wolstenholme (senior writer), Lindsey Dyson, Lisa Skinner, Jack Williamson and others will continue to write our opinions. Please remember this is not really a news site although over the last eight months it has turned into being this. It is a site where fellow 720 and handheld users can contribute, share and express their opinions and user stories. We look and inform you of great software. Let you know of campaigns and user stories....need I go on. This is a good time to thank you the reader for making the site a success that it is. I don't normally inform you of the amount of hits that we achieve but lets just say that month by month the figure grows by over 27% on the last month. We will soon be reaching a magical milestone in hits and I expect to achieve this in the next six months, but I'm not getting tell you the total, you will have to guess ;-) Needless to say thanks for turning what was a hobby into a success. Finally as we have revamped the site tonight there will be area's that might not quite look right. Let me give you an example. One has to remember the difference in UK English and American English. So whilst I was getting frustrated at icons not appearing in the centre of the space they were meant to be, led me to the conclusion that html on my web designer only understands American English so the spelling of "centre" would not be recognised until I spelt it "center". Get my point? So if I realised that earlier this evening I would have saved myself quite a lot of time........mmm now you know why they joke about Irish people thus me being one of them. Remember any feature that may be missing will be included and re-introduced over the forthcoming days. In the meantime hope that you are having a good weekend!!!!

Saturday, February 02, 2002
IMPORTANT NEWS: - Sammual (webmaster), Andrew Wolstenholme & Lindsey Dyson First of all we've changed things round. Why??? I hear you ask. Well firstly the site was hacked earlier today. We've lost all the links etc. But dont worry all links will be up and running over the next few days. Luckily all postings are saved and I have tons to put on the site over the next days. I've changed the apperance slightly of the site to make it look better. So forgive me for any links that don't work but we should be fine over the next few days. Remember you can email me with anything. My email address is: sammualjames_mcloughlin@yahoo.co.uk

Our 720 and HPC User Club Forum can be found HERE

EDITORIAL: University notes - Steven Ross I use a MobilePro handheld and I am a lecturer at Reinsfield University. I teach America Art and use my MobilePro to keep track on all modules along with a timetable of upcoming lectures that I an am to attend. I also keep a database of all my students, their grades and the progress. This can be updated as time passes. The reason that I like using the MobilePro is it's great keyboard size, which allows me to type the same speed as a normal laptop keyboard. When I am not at University I use my MobilePro to keep up to date with my finances. Since purchasing my handheld computer I can truthfully say I am more organized with my finances and always know where I am. I only wish that the Internet Explorer allowed me real time access to my bank details through internet banking. As I believe that this is the way ahead. In the future I would like to see better support for the handhelds and websites such as yours offer great support for users like myself.

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