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Thursday, January 31, 2002
EDITORIAL : Geographic Information System Technician - John Ottini I use a NEC MobilePro H/PC everyday to help me keep track of all my projects and assignments at work. I also use it to balance my checkbook (talk about a time saver), keep track of my Investment Portfolio (losing money sure is fun!), browsing the internet (I'm now addicted to Ebay) and of course, for email correspondence. When I'm not working (at my 8 to 5 job) I enjoying writing articles and software reviews (on my MobilePro) for Pocket PC magazine checkout my latest review of Pocket Organizer 2000 in the March 2002 issue or at


My mantra is : (repeat after me)- Remember to patarnize the Software Developers and websites who support the Handheld PC platform.

THOUGHT: Where is the year going - Sammual (webmaster) OK so where is the year going???Its the end of January already and it just seems like five minutes ago that it was Christmas. Before we know it Spring will be upon us (northern hemisphere).

EDITORIAL: Developing long term memory - Andrew Wolstenholme

It's amazing to see a growing list of software that you can use on the handheld. It it great to see the various different applications and their uses now available. What is SuperMemo? Well its great as a learning aid especially to help you remember things. SuperMemo is supposed to accelerate the process of learning 10-50 times by means of spaced repetition. SuperMemo is based on scientific facts related to long-term memory There is a lot to comment on SuperMemo but you can get more information and the download from the SuperMemo website.

EDITORIAL:Reading ebooks on your handheld - Sammual (webmaster)

Oner of the greatest benifts to a handheld I think is the fact that you read books on it. Imagine and I know many of you do this anyway, but imagine being stuck at an airport and you can just remove your 720 out of your pocket, open it and read where you were up to in your book. I think that initself is brilliant enough. If you do not know about how to read books on your handheld or a little unsure of the process you need to get yourself a good pocket reader, try the Mobipocket site. You can also download books or possibly learn a new language, all from your handheld. The marvels of your handheld

Tuesday, January 29, 2002
EDITORIAL: Handwriting on your handheld - Lindsey Dyson Now I prefer to use a keyboard but if you just like to experiment or are simply a great fan of handwriting recognition then calligrapher may be for you.

being used on a Pocket PC but will full function for the Handheld PC

The latest release of Calligrapher allows for recognition for Spanish, German and French and allows for all handwriting types whether it be all handwriting styles - cursive, PRINT or MIXed. The choice is yours.

There is also a spell checker which is very handy. There is even a "pop up" keyboard, a letter shape selector and the ability to choose colours font, width etc. In fact yes there are so many features. Price wise its of $23.96. You can obtain the download and read the full facts from the PhatWare and paragraph website.

EDITORIAL: Project Manager - Sanford Barton I am majorly frustrated at the total lack of any Project Management application for HPC. Its the one app that would be the killer app for me.The Newton had several, Psion has a couple, PocketPC has one, but the best handheld computer ever manufactured doesn't have a single one.
I keep seeing references to CSI Project (Casio Soft) which apparently was a really good Project Management app. But they got bought out, and now the software is nowhere to be found???? I mean, what, is it sitting on some shelf somewhere? Did they just "forget" that they bought the ONLY PM
software for windows CE??? Do you know what company bought out Casio Soft?
Do you know anyone who still has a copy? If so, does it run on the 720? If anyone can help please email me

EDITORIAL: Doctors Aid - Yvess Chefron I am a doctor in France and for a long time tended to rely soley on a PC to collect information on patients and their medical history. Around a year ago I read with enthusiasm of a computer that was able to run a portable version of windows and this turned to be the Jornada 720. This being the case I was torn between purchasing a Psion Series 5 or the Jornada 720. After reading the 720 & HPC User Club I decided to purchase a 720 and have not looked back. It allows me to input all the neccesary information that I need and collect the data that I have to keep on my patients. As its portable I can just log the details into my 720 and back up to my my main PC when I arrive back at my home office which is often late. This saves the old process of writing notes and manually inputting into the computer which could take up to an hour. Now it is almost done instantly. It is however very important to remember to perform regular back ups of data contained on your 720. Howeve I have never experienced any problems and would recommend the 720 to anyone in the medical profession.

Monday, January 28, 2002
EDITORIAL: Flight simulator - Andrew Wolstenholme

If you are an avid flight sim fan then you will love Leo's flight simulator which can be played on your handheld. The graphics and animation are excellent and very smooth. Its amazing that such a game can be ported and played with great accuracy on such a small device.

You can get the download and more information from here.

Sunday, January 27, 2002
EDITORIAL: The missing Outlook - Andrew Wolstenholme One question that we get sent all the time is if there is an alternative to the Outlook package that is included with the 720 or whatever handheld people use. The answer is yes and it is far better, well thats my own opinion. On-Schedule v5 is available for the handheld PC and allows the user several options to configure it. Lets take a look at a couple of screenshots.

Calendar Month View 

Calendar Week View 
On-Schedule covers everything from your diary through to a contact manager, Journal notetaker through to Task manager. Now I would give this software five stars out of five. It takes a little getting used to and you will need to sit down for half an hour and train yourself to use it, but it really is a wonderful piece of software that fills the gap which the inbuilt outlook misses out. Get more information and the download from here.

Saturday, January 26, 2002
NEWS: New Palm Palm I705 hits the shelves of New York City - Sammual (webmaster)

the new wireless Palm organiser mi705....will it make an impact on the Pocket PC?

The much awaited new wireless Palm has hit shelves of computer shops in New York City. The new Palm which is wireless sells for under $500. It runs the latest Palm OS which is 4.1 and although Palm has not announced the new model officially it is available in CompUSA in New York City.

12:42:00 PM
EDITORIAL: Sinclair's Spectrum Emulator - Andrew Wolstenholme

If you not tried this then go and download it from Spectrums website. I first tried it on my Psion Series 5mx where ir ran very smoothly and is very addicting. It can now be played on handheld PC's.It allows you top play all those Spectrum games that you used to play in the 80's. There are over 6000 available to download from various sources. Games that can be played include, Tetris, Pac Man, Lemmings, Elite, Star Glider, Donkey Kong, Chess, Lemans Racing, Jet Set Willy, Manic Miner, Sabre Wulf, Boulderdash, Jet Pac. Get the download, check the resources and read more from Spectrums website.

Alternative spreadsheet application for your handheld - Andrew Wolstenholme

running on a pocket pc sized screen, however it will run fine on handheld pc's

Those looking for an alternative spreadsheet application would not go wrong with SpreadCE from Bye Design There are so many features including:

256 columns x 65536 rows x 255 sheets
supported operations: + - * / ^ % &
317 worksheet functions (see below)
45 macro functions for custom functions and commands
undo, cut, copy, paste (all/formulas/values/formats), fill (down/right/up/left/series), clear (all/formats/contents)
insert/delete cells, rows and columns
hide/unhide rows and columns
hide/show row and column headings
find text in formula or result
goto specified cell
sort selected cells, rows, columns or whole sheet with multiple keys
freeze panes
   background (pattern, color)
   protection (locked, hidden)
charts (column, bar, line, pie, scatter, area)
named ranges

For the full details and to get the download check out Bye Design's website

EDITORIAL: ICQ on your handheld using WAP – Andrew Wolstenholme Back in November I reported that you can use ICQ by using WAP. http://5390.com is a website that you access on your WAP browser. It allows several functions and at least allows you added functionality to your handheld. So if you have WAP on your handheld this is a good "go around".

EDITORIAL: Access everything from email to newsgroups - Andrew Wolstenholme A site that offers many services such as accessing all your email, newsgroups, bookmarks and again offers you the ability to access your ICQ. This service is run by GopherKing and can be found at www.gopherking.com. The unique think about this site is that everything can be accessed from the same website and you can use it through WAP or your handheld’s internet explorer.

EDITORIAL: Checker fun – Lindsey Dyson We all know how to play checkers. Well there is a great version for us handheld users. Take a look at the following larger than life screenshot.

It’s great that you can play against other people or against the computer. This really is hours of fun. With eight skill levels and smooth animation, you really cant go wrong with this game. Well recommended. Get more information and the download from here.

Friday, January 25, 2002
EDITORIAL: Arriving in Cheshire – Jack Williamson Well I’ve arrived in Chester that is a beautiful Roman city in the county of Cheshire. Although the county is in England, its western border fringes Wales. I am making up good time although the weather is pretty lousy, it has been continuously raining. However I head east now and make my way further into Cheshire and head to a village called Knutsford where it will be my next stop. I have today confirmed my accommodation in London and this was confirmed by email after booking through my 720. I will write and let you know when I progress further.

EDITORIAL: An estate agents tool - Liz Renef Looking at ways of using your 720 I thought I would share my experience. I am an estate agent. I use my 720 for a number of uses firstly; the agenda program lets me keep track of appointments and viewings. I have a contact manager that keeps track of all contacts who have viewed and it lists their preferences. I also keep this on a spreadsheet. I can update this when and, as I need to. Email is handy and allows me to keep in contact with clients. It’s handy that I can communicate wherever I am using a wireless connection. Word documents allow me to put together basic proposals that can be added with detail on my return back to the office. I can if urgent send memo’s or quick letters to potential homeowners again using word and email.

EDITORIAL: Students study – Raj Meeka I am a student and use my 720 and a Palm together. I noticed a while ago you mentioned the fact that you could use both computers together. I use my palm as my main assistant and the 720 as a fully functional computer, which is portable enough to travel with me everywhere. I would always use my 720 to write emails and check internet, put together essays and take notes in lectures. My palm is simply used as PIM and keeps into perspectives my contacts and diary. Again I use a spreadsheet on my 720 to work out finances and keep track of monthly budgets. Yes I agree that you can use two personal handheld computers together and must not be afraid to

Wednesday, January 23, 2002
NEWS: Database of applications for handheld users is now online - Sammual (webmaster) The guys at Simplyhpc have now put together a database of application for your handheld computer. Now the list is quite extensive with around 300 applications in the database. Check out the Simply HPC site for the database and more details. In addition you will find the links for relevant software links from the Simply HPC site and Rob Fearn growing software list within the left hand bar of our website.

Monday, January 21, 2002
NEWS: New 720 site with good software list - Andrew Wolstenholme Another new 720 site hits the web with a very good software list. Check out the site . It is run by Rob Fearn and Claude Mettavant. It is in french and english.....first impressions?????Very good.

EDITORIAL: Liverpool here we are - Jack Williamson Well despite the recent rain here in the UK, I have arrived into Liverpool, looking at my schedule on my 720 I have arrived early. But I am glad because it gives me a day to explore this great city. Email my best pal in the US to tell him. I know that he loves the Beatles and I myself will be taking the "magical mystery tour" and a trip on the Mersey. In fact it's good to see George Harrison is number 1 in the charts here within the UK. So whats next? Well tmrw after I have stayed here the night I will be crossing the Mersey to head due south, I think my next stop will be the roman town of Chester. For those that are new to my journals, I am travelling from Scotland down to London, by bike, for charity, using simply my mobile phone and a 720 to navigate and communicate with.....has it been difficult so far????Erm yes no thanks to me dropping my mobile phone but I am on target to reach London by the week after next. As ever I email Sammual and he posts my journals on the site.

Sunday, January 20, 2002
EDITORIAL: User Stories - Sammual (webmaster) Keep those user stories coming in, we already have quite a few to post on the site. They always provide great inspiration to new or exsisting users. Email them to me at sammualjames_mcloughlin@yahoo.co.uk

EDITORIAL: Club DJ - Mario Fuhuse I thought that I would write up my journal on how I use my Jornada 720. Firstly I must say its a versatile machine that for me can adjust to anything that I want it to do. I'm a DJ in The Block club in Berlin, Germany. Lots of people ask for requests that I simply will not be able to remember so I log them in a special to-do list that I have put together within Outlook. I normally plan want I am going to play on the Friday night before the Saturday. I set up a playlist within an excel spreadsheet. I can normally time each track, comparing and recording as I'm playing the records within the club. I play at a series of clubs not all in Germany and I can keep a track of where I'm going by using the 720. However apart from the above I really cannot afford to be without my email, and the 720 is brilliant at downloading email on the move. Yes, I browse the internet however this is very rare and I would rather do this on my PC back at home or within an internet cafe, however I have been known to check that my royalties from playing in a club has been transferred into my account. Now I am looking forward to next week where I'm playing a Winter wild event in Cyprus and yes my Jornada 720 will be coming with me.

Saturday, January 19, 2002
NEWS: AOL on your handheld - Sammual (webmaster) Well its almost slipped off the bottom of the page.....don't miss it now....only joking, there's that irish humour coming through. Anyway as promised I have put the instructions to getting AOL to work on your handheld within the left hand column of the page for future reference. Remember we can be thankful to Jack Mast for providing us with the original detail. Now it is in the left hand column for all to note.

EDITORIAL:Chefs Assistant - Jenny Thompson Being a chefs assistant is one of the hardest day jobs that I have done. I work for the "Bread and Cake" restaurant in London. I keep track of all my receipies on my 720. Work with the chef on new menus. Ingredients for new menu's are kept on my 720. All this is done via Word and Excel and can easily be managed and viewed when I need them. Just take care using your 720 in the Kitchen for the obvious reasons. But all in all the 720 is excellent as a chefs assistant.

EDITORIAL: A brain storming tool - Rufthe Jordon Putting ideas together is something that I have to do all of the time. I'm a trainin g manager for Carlott Computers in Germany and it is my job to train customer service agents to answer and speak to all of our clients to answer any queries that they may have. We need to share ideas with the customer service staff on how to improve relations. Two or three days before the session I tend to purt all my ideas into a word document, then I individually have an informal chat with all the staff and add their comments into a speadsheet labelled with each workers name. I can then refer to all their name and ideas within the meeting that normally lasts an hour and a half. We then brainstorm all the ideas and afterwards I make sure that all the ideas are inputted into the 720. Later that day I email the notes to my secretary who then types up the notes into a format all that can understand. This is then emailed back to me where I then email on to all customer service agents. I then keep a history of all thats mentioned on to my 720. In the spreasheet I can keep a monthly tracker system and ensure that at the next focus meeting I can record what we achieved. This is ongoing and I can keep track of all progress. Well to me the 720 its a perfect business companion that I would normally find hard to get on with my job if I was without it.

EDITORIAL: How to organise events on your 720 and stay in contact with delegates - Lindsey Dyson We have a large seminar being held in three weeks and my 720 has come in very handy. Firstly we have around 240 delegates turning up, each of their names are contained within a spreadsheet on my 720. Names, companies, job titles etc, are held and kept on my 720. Delegates send their responces to me by fax and I can very easily resend a confirmation by fax to the desired delegate. I can stay in communication with all delegates through the 720 whether by fax or email. I even designed the seminar invitations on my 720 and can send them out to my contact list through email on my 720. On the day I can confirm attendees through cross checking on the 720 and tick if they attended or not. I can also set up a future mailing list very simply this way to keep future delegates up to date. It is very easy to organise events on your handheld when you know how and I have been doing this for just over a year. I could never do this previously on any other handheld. Just remember when you attend the venue on the day of the event that you look after your handheld. I was putting together an event in Seattle last year and left my handheld at the hotel. I realised after only ten minutes or so after leaving, and luckily when I returned, yes I was pleased to find that my 720 was in the original place. There are still some honest people in the world. I enjoyed Seattle aznd that made the city even better. My last point is that using the 720 you can do a lot more than using it as a personal information manager. Over the next few weeks I will be letting you know all the various ways I use my 720. Believe me I have tried to use in as many situations as I can.

EDITORIAL: A 720 sports writer - Jonathan Reacher As a sports writer Im used to having take a laptop with me for my writing. However my handheld does away with all that. I have to use the word application and then save it to my 720. Within minutes I can email it back to my office especially if its a late game ready for the next dats paper. However if its arrived earlier in the day I can then transfer it to my main PC with ease and then its uploaded to the editor of the local newspaper that I work for. It's a real gem using the 720 compared to a laptop for lots of reasons. It's hard work lugging a laptop. Pictures can also be transferred to my 720, although yes they do take a while to email across to the editorial office so I prefer to transfer them on to my PC, oh I do use a small camera that can be fixed to the 720 with ease. One of my work friends showed me how to do this. It's amazing what a small handheld has the capability to do. Handhelds in their right mind should be leading ahead of the Pocket PC range of computers. With a keyboard affixed it makes more sense to use a 720 than a Pocket PC. I am very pleased and proud of my handheld and the job that it does lets hope the industry continues to recognise us users and introduces more software in the future.

SITE NEWS: Changes - Sammual (webmaster) I'm having one or two problems with posting updates on the site at the moment. So you may see this messege twice so ignore if it appears directly below this posting and I am having a spot of trouble deleating it for some strange reason. Just to let you know that I have made one or two little changes to the left hand bar.

SITE NEWS: A couple of changes - Sammual (webmaster) I've made a couple of changes to the left hand side bar that you may observe. In addition, I am using a new email address for all mail received from the site as my main inbox fills up rather fast. So you can now email me at:

5:11:00 PM
NEWS: Latest version of Microsoft Portrait is now available - Andrew Wolstenholme

The latest version of Microsoft portrait came out at the beginning of the month, in fact New Years day. So what is Microsoft portrait? Well according to the Microsoft website :

"Microsoft Portrait is very low bitrate video conferencing software supporting MSN Messenger on PCs, Pocket PCs, Handheld PCs, and Internet Locator Service (ILS) on PCs. It runs on local area networks, dialup networks and even wireless networks with bandwidths as low as 9.6 kilobits/second. Microsoft Portrait delivers portrait-like black/white video which can work in bandwidths so low that full color video could never work. The portrait video is so small that it can even be transmitted through an HTTP proxy as text. Microsoft Portrait provides basic chat/voice/video functions almost anytime, anywhere, on any device."

The latest version is 1.08 and promises better visual display. Info and download can be obtained here

Posted: 4:59:00 PM
EDITORIAL: Bike Tour from Scotland to Lancaster - Jack Williamson Travelling from Scotland to Lancaster has been a long struggle and apologies for the possible lack of updates. My mobile phone decided to give up, mainly due to it falling out of my protected phone holder, so either I placed it in there incorrectly or it simply didn't meet the requirements. After finding internet access (not from my 720 I am sorry to say) I was shipped a new infra red mobile and now I'm posting again using the 720 and my phone. The weather? Well very mild, a little wet but not so bad. I will be travelling to Preston, which I believe is a Northern England industrial town, then travelling due west to a seaside town called Blackpool. I then have to travel from Blackpool to Southport which as the crow flies is not far at all but is seperated by the mouth of a river so I have to come inland by a great number of miles to get over this estuary.

The Liverpool waterfront

From Southport it's down to Liverpool. A city which I look forward to visiting. It will be great to see the Beatles home town. I have been told of the great magical mystery tour, which is a yellow bus that tours the city and it's great Beatles attractions. I will then board the Mersey ferry and travel to the west of Liverpool to Wirral from there I need to plan. However one thing is for certain, once I have cleared Liverpool the route to the south of England should be flatter than of previous weeks. Well now that I have my 720 and phone working again I will update you later in the week. So here is to Liverpool..............

Posted: 4:43:00 PM
EDITORIAL: AOL on the 720 - Sammual (webmaster) A lot of people are emailing me about how to get AOL running on their particular handheld. Please read the forum pages and previous postings, all the information you need is contained there. If you encounter a problem, post your question on the forum. We have a wealth of expertise who respond to many of the questions and I know they will be more than happy to respond. Use the forum, thats what it is there for ;-)

Posted: 4:16:00 PM
Thursday, January 17, 2002
NEWS: Zip up on your handheld - Sammual (webmaster)

We are all looking at better ways to conserve memort. Maybe its an email that you need to send out and you have to include a large file that you know will take forever especially using a infra red mobile phone connection. Just when your getting close to that email being sent all of a sudden your line cuts and you never get to send your mail. How many times has that happened???Maybe it's just me. Anyway by zipping your files you've condensed the size.

A zip solution is handyzip from CNetx

This looks a great application, according to their website benifits include:

" Increase the storage capacity of your handheld device and memory cards.
* Create new ZIP archives while on the road.
* Save on connection costs by sending compressed attachments with your e-mail.
* View ZIP archives downloaded from the web, newsgroups, or attached to incoming e-mail.
* Use AutoUpdate to view, edit and synchronize changes to your files automatically.
* Protect your data using the embedded file encryption features.
* Copy and paste files directly from Windows CE Explorer.
* Automatically check file integrity after compression.
* Speed up synchronization with your Desktop PC by transferring ZIPped archives.
* Exchange ZIP archives with other users thanks to the fully PC-compatible ZIP compression algorithm.
* Add comments to files within your ZIP archives.
* Get handy usage tips using the embedded context sensitive help.
* Easy to use, Pocket PC & Windows CE compliant user interface.
* Small storage and memory footprint. "

Click here to get your download and to obtain further information.

6:14:00 PM
NEWS:Sharp Zaurus SL-5000D running Linux - Andrew Wolstenholme

Just a little off the beaten track, but if you want to take a look at a Palm sized handheld with an "pop out" keyboard then take a peep at the Sharp Zaurus SL-5000D. There is a good review on infosync's website. Ok, yes we know its not a proper handheld but it runs Linux, which seems a neat alternative to the normal Windows CE platform.

Posted: 1:13:00 PM
Wednesday, January 16, 2002
NEWS: Mad Busy - Sammual (webmaster) Sorry for a lack of updates this week, I have just had a mad week. I've got loads to post on the site from the regular contributers (...thanks by the way!!!) But we should be back to normal in the next few days. You know how work gets when your busy!!!!

Posted: 5:39:00 PM
NEWS: KSE Backgammon - Nick Martin

backgammon on a pocket pc, but it runs perfectly well on a handheld PC

KSE's backgammon at last provides a beautifully-executed board game program for the 720, that runs like a dream,
If you are a fairly proficient backgammon player, you'll want to select the expert level. The other two levels - beginner and advanced - are too similar
and offer no challenge whatsoever to someone who knows how to play. The expert level is just hard enough to be great fun. Cheap it ain't at EUR20, but it works without a glitch, and in an ocean of bug-ridden games software, it deserves it's premium. You can find the download and more information here.

Posted: 5:36:00 PM
Monday, January 14, 2002
NEWS:HP720 version of SonicAdmin - Sammual (webmaster) Derek Ball, CEO of Sonic Mobility has sent this email about the visage of a version for 720 users.

"Hello everyone,
I wanted to send you all an e-mail update on the status of an HP720 version
of SonicAdmin. First of all, thanks to all of you who replied with your
interest. Given the level of response, we have elected to proceed with full
development of the HP720 client.

To this point, we have a fully functional alpha prototype, and anticipate
being able to deliver a beta version to you very shortly. Many of you
indicated interest in participating in the Beta test program of the HP720
version. If you are still able to participate, please reply to this note
and confirm your interest and include your full contact information. I will
forward to you a Beta agreement form to get you enrolled in the program. I
will then follow up with the dates that the program will run.

Please note that to participate you will need your HP720 and some form of
wireless access (either through a wireless aircard/modem or an 802.11b
card). If you have any questions, please feel free to respond to me at this
address, or by telephone at 866-602-2002 in North America or 1-403-802-2002
outside of North America.

Thanks for your interest!"

You can check out their website by clicking here.

Posted: 2:49:00 PM
Sunday, January 13, 2002
EDITORIAL:Moving form a Psion to a 720 - Lisa Skinner I have been using handheld compouters for what seems to be a lifetime even though in reality it is only six or seven years. I have been a Psion Series 3, Series 5, Series 5mx, and a Revo user. I seem to change what handheld computer I use as many times as I change my underwear, but thankfully my 720 really has changed the way I view my handheld. It seemed the reason I was always using different machines was in reality to keep up with the latest trends in technmology and also the fact that not one machine could actually p[erform everything thaat I wanted it to do. In other words I wanted a machine that could access my email, offer a colour display, allow me to access my bank accounts, allow me to read newsgroups, put together my own website, become my personal assistant, view all my contact and address details easily, view my diary, allow me to review my finances and finally able to dispatch invoices to clients by using a built in template. OK the 720 is not perfect but for all of the above it is the best machine that can offer this for me.I was tempted with a Pocket PC, but hello....where is the keyboard, yes there are obvious inputting solutions but nothing can patch the touch keyboard feeling for speed. Yes the Psion range for its time I believe was the best handheld on the market. But it was a great shame when Psion announced that it was dioscontinuing its range of palmtops. But ex-Psion users could not ask for a better machine in the form of the 720, it should be fill all the gaps and if not there is a good selection of third party software available to hopefully fill the gaps.

Posted: 10:42:00 AM
Thursday, January 10, 2002
NEWS: Bike Tour - Jack Williamson Today I start the cycle route leaving Edinburgh; I have used my 720 already this morning, firstly to confirm details of my next hotel location in Glasgow, which will be my first stop. Also to check the weather forecast. The BBC website is very handy for this and as well as checking the news to obtain those essential headlines. The aim of this trip is not just to cycle from one part of the UK to another but is also to prove that you can use a handheld computer to plan the essentials of the route. I am going to try and plan my hotels, weather etc simply by using my 720. As promised expect regular updates from me as I will be emailing them straight to Sammual, who will post them on the site. In the meantime happy New Year to you all.

NEWS: One or two bugs – Sammual (webmaster) Mark Davis from Nyditot informs that there is a bug or two with the software. Now they are working on a solution and I am sure they will let us know once they have found the relevant solution. So stay tuned.

Posted: 4:41:00 PM
Tuesday, January 08, 2002
NEWS: Jabber CE - Sammual (webmaster) Wierd as it may seem but following on from my last editorial, see below "email essence" I've learnt there is a jabber run instant message tool available for us handheld users. Now its called Jabber CE and here is the website for details and a download

Jabber CE running on a Pocket PC

So what chat protocols can you use? Well actually there is a good selection, AOL, ICQ, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo! Chat users. Which is great because I myself use ICQ my number is 99366330 and my Yahoo identity is sammualjames_mcloughlin. The download version you can download is a beta, but it is brilliant how youi use this to chat with people on a cross variety of different platforms. Mov Software are the developers of the software, so download your copy from here

Posted: 8:38:00 PM
EDITORIAL: Email essence – Sammual (webmaster) So I have been away in Barcelona for a few days enjoying the milder climate compared to here within the UK. I thought for once I would leave my 720 at home and live life without the machine. It was really quite difficult because I kept wanting to check my email or my agenda. Its strange how you rely on email as an important method of communication. Will email be the way forward in the world of communication? Well on our handheld computers whether it be a 720 or whatever it must be one of the desired reasons for purchasing a handheld. Lets take a look at it another way. Since I posted the article on how to obtain AOL mail on your handheld I have received email after email with remarks, questions etc, sorry if I have not got back to you all but there has been so many responses. Never in the history of running the site has there been so much of a reaction to a subject. By the way I will post the full instructions on the left hand side of the page sometime this week. You know if we had a cross platform Instant messaging program, for example there are some excellent versions for PC’s and Macs. Trillian is an excellent instant message solution for PC’s. This allows you to communicate with all the main chat servers such as MSN, Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo, and then there is also ICQ. Now when I used a PC this was something that I used on a frequent basis. Apple Mac users, like myself can use Proteus, which pretty much does exactly the same. If anyone is listening out there I think this would work brilliantly on a handheld, lets get those chat programs working together. My visit to Barcelona made me think that I rely too much on email and instant message solutions but I count it an essential especially for my line of work. I tell you what I really did miss my email; I admit I only accessed it once but I really did miss it.

EDITORIAL: Sub editing on a 720 – Joan SumnersI’m an editorial assistant; I use my 720 to work out editorial space and proof read news stories on it. My editor sends me editorials by email and if I work from home, which I do tend to on a regular basis, I will proof read them on my handheld. This saves me time and I can then dispatch back to my editor by email. My 720 plays an essential part of my life and I think it performs the job.

Posted: 6:14:00 PM
Sunday, January 06, 2002
NEWS: Virtual display for your handheld - Andrew Wolstenholme A highly rated essential for the Pocket PC ios being ported to the handheld community. Nyditot Virtual Display (NVD) enables your device to run at virtually any resolution, including industry standard VGA, SVGA, XGA. See the screenshot below.

There are many things that you can do with this software including running programs on various orientations, compressed texts, panning on various view etc. All in all this should be a handheld essential. To check if Virtual Display can run on your machine and to download the program, check out the Nyditot website.

Posted: 4:24:00 PM
Friday, January 04, 2002
NEWS: CeyNews Explorer - Sammual (webmaster)

thread view

CEyNews Explorer is a usenet NNTP newsgroup reader for the WindowsCE Operating system from ce-Xplore.com which can be downloaded for any all HPC2000 & HPC Pro platforms.

General reader view

A rundown of the features include:

Multiple news accounts (servers) allowed.
One-Tap synchronize for all servers / selected newsgroups.
Offline news browsing.
Intuitive interface.
Offline reply & send on synchronize.
Attachements supported (reading).
Server Authentication.

You can get the full download from their website

Posted: 9:12:00 AM
EDITORIAL: AOL running on your handheld - Sammual (webmaster)
Jack has been in contact with me regarding a few questions that people have had concerning running AOL. Jack informs me of a couple of good points which hopefully should answer your questions. The only additional note I can add concerning the AOL Mail does involve the modem. I've had a number of people write me who said that AOL Mail did not recognize the built in modem in the Jornada 720. The fix for this is to connect via another ISP then select the TCP/IP connection when you initiate the AOL Mail session. Several folks have told me that they tried this and it works fine. Somebody else asked about how to manually moving the file from the PC to the Jornada 720. This seems like a simple task, but nothing is simple if you don't know how to do it. Maybe a quick note on how to transfer files between devices.

Posted: 8:56:00 AM
Thursday, January 03, 2002
EDITORIAL:SimplyHPC - Sammual (webmaster)

If your new to the world of HPC's then you may not be aware of SimplyHPC, which has been up and running for some time now. It really is an excellent reference site and covers a spectrum of great topics, software and industry news. Bill and the lads really do a good job on this site, so go give SimplyHPC a look and support what they are doing for our Handheld community.

NEWS: AOL on the 720 – Sammual (webmaster) I have been talking to the development team at AOL with regards to development with the 720. I know from my discussions with AOL they are looking and experimenting with a 720 portal. These discussions came after posting the Email access column that we published a few days ago. They are looking at ways to port AOL mail on to handheld computers and they will be coming back to me shortly. In fact I was talking with their development team for over half an hour last night. When they are ready they will want beta testers and will come back to me. So when they are ready and they want beta testers, which they suggested they would, I will let you know, just as soon as they inform me. This should be exciting for AOL and HPC users.

Posted: 6:10:00 PM
Wednesday, January 02, 2002
NEWS: Samsung IZZI-Pro Swivel Windows CE machine at a lower price - Lisa Skinner

Expansys, the UK Palmtop Computer specialists have great prices on the Samsung IZZI Windows CE machine. Retail price is now £492 compared to the old price of £656.90, the price includes VAT. Check their website for specs and details.

Posted: 10:41:00 PM
EDITORIAL: Science User - Dr Chrristopher James Best wishes for the new year! I am a Jornada 720 user. I am a research scientist and use my Jornada to keep my appointments and tasks in order and it is great to work on papers and emails on the train. I am also looking to get the VGA adapter now and use it for giving my presentations too. I am also working on developing software (using Microsoft's developer software available free from their website) to use my Jornada as an ambulatory (wearable) system monitoring human brain activity, allowing me to use my 720 as a test platform for the diagnostic and prognostic algorithms I develop in my work.   One last question I believe that their is an email client called Eudora which is available for the 720, if anyone knows where I can obtain a copy, please let me know by email

Posted: 6:40:00 PM

Handheld Addict has been a Pocket PC Magazine best site since 2000

Posted: 8:57:00 AM
Tuesday, January 01, 2002
EDITORIAL: Happy New Year - Sammual (webmaster) May I be the first or maybe not to wish you a happy new year whatever religion or belief that you have. Lets hope the world finds better peace within the next twelve months. In the meantime all the best.

SOFTWARE: Thesaurus software for your handheld - Sammual (webmaster) Good news for writers everywhere, Pocket Codeworks have a great thesaurus that you can use on your handheld.

details from their website quote:

"Thesaurus/CE is a 50,000 word English Thesaurus made especially for the needs of Windows CE users. Thesaurus CE is now available for all versions of Windows CE >= 2.0, including Pocket PC's and Palm sized PC's. The program doesn't waste your precious resources, typically taking only 20K for the executable and only 186K for its datafile. You can move the datafile to alternate storage, and Thesaurus/CE will automatically solicit and remember the new location for you. "

The Pocketcode website is http://www.pocketcodeworks.com. Phil Scott who is a user of the product says,

the thesaurus is simple and easy to use. I have installed on my 720 - all very easy. Cost is only $5 which is more than reasonable. So for those crossword lovers or writers who like to spice up the text a bit, this program is good value."

Posted: 12:34:00 AM

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