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Sunday, December 30, 2001
EDITORIAL: Get AOL Mail to work on your Handheld- Sammual (webmaster) & Jack Mast

Firstly Jack Mast has been in contact telling me why he loves his 720 and secondly how to access AOL Mail on your 720. Before we tell you how to, ensure that you follow the instructions caerefully, and finally we cant be liable for anything going wrong ;-) Now this has been tried and tested on the 720, we have not tested on any other handheld. We hope it works for other machines. Please do let me know. This is an excellent article. For future reference we will place the AOL Mail instructions on the left hand side of the page so you can always refer to them Now over to Jack....................

I recently purchased a Jornada 720. It is a great machine. I've shopping for a handheld device for quite a while, but I could not decide on a particular device until I read the many testimonials on the Jornada 720 and HPC user club website.First, what are my requirements? I am a software developer for the U.S. Army. I spend at least two weeks per month on the road and lots of time in airports and on airplanes. I also spend a lot of time in tactical settings (out in the woods). I need the ability to write reports and read technical manuals. I've got a laptop, but the batteries don't last long enough and just takes too long to set up the laptop and boot it up. The Jornada is a dream come true. Now that I've experienced the wonders of the HP 720 I wouldn't give it up for anything.

Now for my one complaint. I've been an AOL user for years. I was very distressed to learn (after spending a lot of money on this device) that AOL does not provide support for the HP 720. I couldn't believe this to be true so I called up the AOL support line. Alas it was true. I complained to the support rep and he record my complaint. (Please ask every one of your readers to do the same. Their number is 1-866-265-4732. One voice is small, but if every member of the Jornada 720 and HPC user club calls maybe we can get support for this great platform) The worst part is I couldn't even access AOL webmail service using the HP 720. After typing in my login data I got nothing but a blank screen.

In the meantime though, I've learned that all is not lost. There is a way to make the AOL Mail for CE currently on the AOL Anywhere website actually work on the HP 720. The steps to make it work are as follows.

1. Download the AOL for Windows CE file at http://www.aol.com/anywhere/pda/wince/
2. Double click the file on your PC and attempt to install the on your HP 720. This attempt will fail, but that is OK.
3. Next, manually transfer the AOLMailhpc.ARM.cab file from the PC to the Jornada 720. This file on my computer was found at C:\Program Files\Microsoft ActiveSynch\AOLMail.
4. On the Jornada 720, double tap the AOL Mail file. Again you will be informed that AOL Mail is not supported for your computer. This is OK. Agree to install the file anyway.
5. "You've got mail!"

Getting AOL to work on my HP 720 was a significant emotional event in my life.

EDITORIAL: Business companion - Jon Stretford
I own a manufacturing business and use my 720 to keep track of all my business details. For example I use my 720 to send and keep track of invoices. Contacts keep track of clients and new customers. I have excel spreadsheets to monitor worker's revenues, payroll, staffing hours and contract details. I keep full diary details on my 720 and it comes with me just about everywhere. I also have a PC which is used to back up all the data and details from my 720. However I find that I tend to use my 720, 70% compared to 30% with my PC. I have a beautiful case, which I purchased from Staples. All together my portable 720 is an ideal business companion.

Saturday, December 29, 2001
SOFTWARE: Pocket Organizer 2000 - Sammual (webmaster)
This is a piece of software that is essential if the built agenda is just not good enough. It allows plenty of scope and I find is more expandable that what is provided within the built in Agenda program. This is one of my favourite programs and one that I use on a daily basis. We have featured it here before but it really is an exceptional program. Price wise, well it is a little steep, ($40.00/£27.00) but it's certainly worth the money. The year view has recently been updated and it is looking as good as ever.

this is the year view

those used to using a Psion PDA will certainly recognise this view

Pocket Organizer 2000 is written by O.K Software, click here to go to their website. You can judge whether this program is best for you by downloading an evaluation, however just make note that you can only add 10 contacts, but it gives you a good idea. However Pocket Organizer 2000 receives my vote.

SOFTWARE: Bible reading on your handheld - Lindsey Dyson

PocketBible is available for handheld devices and is produced by Laridian Software there are dozens of benifits, but you can read them on Laridians website. Some of the benifits include:

"Boolean Searches - Find a passage when you remember a few words. Use AND, OR, NOT and XOR to perform searches like:
"Jesus AND Peter" to find everywhere Jesus and Peter are mentioned in the same verse.
"Paul OR Saul" when limited to the New Testament finds references to the Apostle Paul under either name.
Phrase Searches - Find any phrase ("John the Baptist") or combine phrases with words using Boolean operators.
Wildcard Searches - Find words with any ending ("bapt*"), any prefix ("*ful") or any characters in the middle ("un*ness"). Use ? to match a single character ("?aul" for "Paul" or "Saul").
Instant Find - Highlight a word or phrase you see on the screen, tap the Find icon, and you'll immediately see everywhere that word or phrase occurs. Select another Bible or reference book and search results are updated to show occurrences of the same word or phrase in the selected book.
Annotations - Add your own notes to any verse, or any passage in a reference book. Use straight text or HTML commands to add pictures, tables, image maps, more. Bible references in yhour notes are automatically linked to the Bible.
View Your Own Files - Open text and HTML files in PocketBible. Bible rerferences are automatically linked to the Bible.
Bookmarks - Add a bookmark to any passage to make it easier to find later. Categorize bookmarks using any number of user-defined categories.
Quick Lookup - If you have a dictionary-type reference book installed, just highlight a word and tap the Lookup icon to see the definition of the selected word.
Compressed Text - Two-thirds smaller than the uncompressed Bible and one-third smaller than the competition. That means you can fit more Bibles and reference books in memory or on a storage card.
Copy Passage to Word Processor - Easily copy verses or passages to clipboard to paste to your word processor or other Pocket PC applications.
Easy Entry of Bible References - Go quickly to any passage by just selecting a book from a list of all books in the Bible and typing the chapter and verse using a calculator-style keypad. Or use any handwriting recognition software you may have installed and just write out the reference for the verse you want to go to.
Context-sensitive Help - Tap the '?' icon on any dialog box or choose Help from the Start menu for concise but thorough help on all aspects of the program. "

PocketBible for HPC 2000 runs on Windows CE HPC 2000 devices and the software is compatible with all processors. Afree demo is available from their website.

NEWS: If you have AOL you can now send me a message through AOL messenger - Sammual (webmaster)

If you have AOL, you can now send me an Instant message as well as email me. All my contact details are also to the left of the page, where we have also moved the link to our busy 720 forum to the top for easier access. So as I said my AOL messenger name is: SAMMYMCLOUGHLIN and as ever you can send your user stories, update me with your news and views or simply say hello. As always I will respond just as soon as I receive your message.

EDITORIAL: Breakdown cover - Andrew Wolstenholme My 720 came in handy the other night when my car broke down on the motorway. It was my own fault it was simply a dead battery, nothng major. You see I carry all my numbers, passwords etc in a spreadsheet which is on my 720. This way I can access all my data. Now before you say anything else, I am aware there is software out there that enables me to keep scecurly my passwords but I like to keep everything to hand in my excel spreadsheet. how many times do you log onto various websites that require you to register user names and passwords. You certainly end up with quite a collection. Again the excel spreadsheet comes in very handy and allows me to record all the neccesary details. I thought I would only be entring one or two usernames and passwords. How wrong could I be. Well my car is fine now, but just another useful way my 720 comes in handy.

EDITORIAL: Doctor's Solution - Dino Ravel I'm a doctor and use my 720 to sort out my appointments by using my handheld. My secretary synches my 720 to her PC which downloads appointment details to my 720. Being a member of the medical profession council means that I often have to give presentations to fellow members. I use my 720 to refer to as a note taker through my presentations. In fact I have often refered to my 720 within the presentations and try to recomend it to fellow Doctors.

EDITORIAL: Spreadsheet calculations - Lindsey Dyson When you want to figure out your finances for the year ahead use an excel spreadsheet. OK thats what I've been up today. I took two hours out of my day today, sat down with my mug of coffee and started planning and working my expenses out. Now I know I could do with that pay rise. So why am I telling you this? Well all this was conducted on my 720, with the greatest of ease. Simple calculations deduct payments and salary credits. A column is set against targeted savings and actual savings. All can be calculated easily and referred to in a breeze. Your handheld computer can be used for so much, dont allow limitations to get in the way.

Friday, December 28, 2001
EDTORIAL: Festive season 720 story from Ireland - Sammual (webmaster) My friend owned a Pocket PC, god love her. However before I proceed she has seen the light. She's just come back from Ireland and is from the same small town that I was originally from. Now as many of my Irish readers and friends know once you are out of the large towns and cities of Ireland you hit the remote smaller locations, which pose hardly any technical knowledge at all. Let at alone know what a handheld PC is. So my friend, who I've known for at least ten years or so, comes to visit me with a grayscale pocket pc. Now, she is very pleased with it and goodness knows where she purchased it. But the moment she opened it out of the box, I knew we had hit problems. It must have been lying in the shop for goodness knows how long and then we have to contend with the age. Now it's a Nino, and I admit to owning one at least two or three years ago. I remember purchasing it, and let me see how many of you have been in this boat before; you get it home, remove it out of the box, smell it (don't say anything) and play with it for a good 20 minutes. I tend to find that I hold mine all night, giving it love and attention like it was a pet. Oh don’t get me wrong; I'm like this whenever I get a new computer (handheld that is) up to the point where it comes into the bathroom with me. (mmmh we will end that one there) So back to the story Alex who has purchased a Nino simply was bored of her computer by the next day. It's my fault we sat down and reviewed ands compared my 720 against her Nino. Unfortunately there was not much to compare. She was unbelievably cheesed off. I bet your asking why I hadn't gave her my Nino, well the truth is, I sold mine about a week after I purchases it because I was simply...bored of it. I know that’s sad, but I simply didn't like the machine and yes I know Pocket PC's have evolved since then. Anyway Alex was lucky enough to obtain a refund ore an exchange, and since for Christmas I paid the rest of the money toward a 720. Yes folks she is the power of a HP 720. Believe me she sits there inputting every part of her life into the 720. So welcome to our latest recruit, welcome Alex. I jut need to seize her away before she enters the whole population of Ireland into her outlook contacts...been there, done that.

PLEASE NOTE: Spam - Sammual (webmaster) Can I ask everyone involved who is sending me spam, i.e., money making opp's and love matching emails to STOP!!! I receive between 25 and 35 emails per day and it takes me more time to filter through the junk and I certainly don’t read them. Anyway I have a partner and money so don't bother sending me them again. I accept email from like-minded people who wish to discuss anything to do with handheld computers.

Thursday, December 27, 2001
NEWS: Pocket DOS on your handheld - Lindsey Dyson
OK, so what is Pocket DOS?

"PocketDOS is an MS-DOS 6.22 compatible DOS for your Microsoft Windows CE or Psion/Symbian EPOC32 based Pocket Computer. In addition to a full DOS, PocketDOS lets you install and run many DOS programs* on your Pocket Computer. PocketDOS also lets you access devices such as touchscreens, built-in and external modems, IR ports, flash disks, network drives and more from within DOS and DOS programs."

Pocket DOS runs on all Windows CE (2.0 and later) Handheld PC's and Handheld PC Pro platforms, the trial download is 1.7Mb and can be downloaded from the Pocket DOS website. There is also an excellent Pocket DOS forum.

NEWS: Linux based Hewlett-Packard PDA's put on hold - Sammual (webmaster)
According to Barry Park on the ICON website, HP is to put it's Linux based PDA on hold for a number of reasons. The PDA, (take a look at ICON's website to see a picture of the model), was in the final beta stages before it's launch.

EDITORIAL: HP Pocket Camera on a 720 - Aris Gredzens
I have been following the HP Pocket Camera on the Forum. I took the plunge and purchased one on www.buyit.com and it works!.
Luckily I already own a IBMMicroDrive because the camera fits in the adapter for the MicroDrive. It has to fit in the side slot, not the CompactFlash slot. I downloaded the 720 driver from HP which was listed on the Forum site to the PC and then into the 720, plugged the camera into the adapter and then into the 720. "Low and behold, it worked. I have since experimented with altering the pictures by using Pocket Artist 1.21. This is amazing. One cannot trust digital pictures if they can be altered so easily. I wonder if anyone has tried using the HP Pocket Camera for live video conferencing using Microsoft Portrait? I also have Sierra's ImageExpert which allows viewing of all images. The only hassle is that I have to take the Microdrive out in order to
run the camera. I bet HP will build in a camera for video conferencing into their next version since this works so well. By the way, you can have audio with the camera running too.

Monday, December 24, 2001
EDITORIAL: Merry Christmas - Sammual (webmaster) May I take this time to thank everyone for their contributions to the site this year. Thanks to our regular contributers and to you for sticking by and reading this site which has intended to be a result of a hobby, and I never predicted it would become so popular. Wishing you all a happy Christmas.

Sunday, December 23, 2001
NEWS: Read those newsgroups on your handheld - Andrew Wolstenholme

The 3rd November saw some improvements made to the great application InkSpot CE. Download newsgroup information before you leave for work and read the contents wherever you are. According to their website some of their features include:

"Find messages containing a word or phrase in the subject or body of an article.
Download as many or as few messages as you want. There is no pre-set limit on the number of messages you can download, or the size of individual messages.
Download full headers or discard headers to save space.
Reply off line and upload replies when you next connect. Unfinished replies can be edited later to preserve the calm, rational tone of your favorite news groups.
Filter messages by sender or subject.
Ink Spot is completely customizable. Set your news groups, fonts, signature, view settings and other cool stuff. "

Download it from here. The software is shareware and costs $25.

EDITORIAL: Introduction and how I'm using my 720 at Christmas - Lisa Skinner Hi I thought that I would introduce myself, and first of all wish you all the best for the holiday season. I'm a personal assistant with a busy schedule. I'm lucky to own a 720 and have done so for about eight month, before then I have owned both a psion and a palm both have proved their worthwhile, however none have actually hit the mark. When I first saw the Jornanda 720 i thought it to be just another palmtop. The reputation for the windows ce platform was not brilliant. However I have to admit when I tested the machine out it started to convince me. So I went for the plunge, invested my money and dived in. So far I have a case, invested in a data enabled mobile to browse the internet and obtain my emails. I have a good selection of third party software, and I'm quite adventurious so I'm always testing new programs. As my schedule is mad busy my 720 diary is the most reffered to application on my handheld, I'm actually one of those people who thinks this application is well built. However like a lot of people I'm not a great admirer of the internet browser and would love to see someone introduce an alternative browser. Handheld have an excellent browser built for the palm platform it uses a proxy server which speeds the process of extracting web pages. Anyway i'm signing off, to catch up with that last minute christmas shopping, which my list is inprinted in a word document on my 720. My 720 is used for everything.I look forward to making more contributions to the 720 and HPC user club website.

Saturday, December 22, 2001
EDITORIAL: More 720 experiences - Andrew Wolstenholme First of all Season's Greetings to you all. I hope that you are enjoying the holidays at the moment. Just because its Christmas doesn't mean our 720's or whatever handheld you use are put to any less use. Jenny Blackburn from Ohio tells us why her 720 keeps her busy at this especially busy time of the year. Whilst Sandra Dunn from Canada tells us about how her 720 helps her with teaching in a secondary school.

Jenny Blackburn writes: I'm a caterer and use a 720 to plan functions and recipes for events that i have to work on. Naturally this time of the year proves to be a busy period with plenty of events to organise and meals to cook. Normally i receive up to three months notice, before an event. Using my 720 I can plan ahead, I use a spreadsheet, which lists all the freshest fruit, and veg that are in stock at the particular time of the event. This helps me plan for the day. I design menu's especially for the day, using word on my 720. I normally save these and upload them on to my computer where I can adjust and tweak the final work that needs to be done. Using the handheld actually saves me a great deal of time because I can work on menu's wherever I am. I also keep a folder on my 720, which lists some of the recipes that I use. If I see a good recipe idea wherever I am, then I can quickly make a note of it on my 720. Once I'm home I can then make a permanent note of it on my computer. Again I can then make a search of the ingredients in my spreadsheet, which also lists the best produce stockists. For example if I'm looking for high quality spices my spreadsheet will refer to me to somewhere like my local gourmet delicatessen. Closer to the day my 720 is handy for all my client contacts, all names can be found at the touch of a button, which I love and saves me so much time, saving me from referring to my old filofax. Finally again I use an excel spreadsheet on my 720 to make notes about each of my clients and their preferences, which enables me to refer to these on future occasion. So does the 720 help me? Well lets just say without my Jornada 720 my business would not be as productive.

Sandra Dunn writes: I use my 720 as an aid for teaching. An excel spreadsheet looks after grades and marking records including teaching notes on pupils. The inbuilt agenda on my 720 is used for keeping track of my teaching schedule, this is essential and is required daily. I love playing a good game of cards in my free time this helps me to unwind after a stressful day teaching, there are numerous games available, i prefer thieves and kings package of great solitaire games. All in all the 720 is a great teaching aid which always receives a great deal of attention from the kids at school my only wish is for it to be a little smaller as it can be difficult to grasp with a handful of lecture book in one hand and your satchel in another. Never mind you cant have everything. Merry Christmas to you Sammual, your contributors and all the site readers, here's to another year ahead of heavy 720 usage.

EDITORIAL:Supporting New York this Christmas - Sammual (webmaster)

Just on another note, whilst I was in New York this week I decided to visit an exhibition which was organised in response to the World Trade Centre tragedy. The aim of the exhibition is to unite the flood of images that resulted from the day and bring them all together in one place. The pictures have been submitted by anyone and everyone and not only from top photographers and journalists. Now each picture taken has been scanned into a computer and the prints are available to purchase. All of the pictures sold are for $25. The net proceeds will be donated to the Childrens Aid Society WTC Relief Fund, for the benifit of the thousands of children who are amongst the greatest victims of this atastrophe. For further details take a look at the website set up to explain more and the process, the website address is: www.hereisnewyork.org and you can visit the site which is located in Soho, New York City, their address is 116 Prince Street, Soho New York City, telephone: (212) 334 6684, and the opening hours are Tuesday - Sunday 11am - 6pm. Help to support New York this Christmas.

Friday, December 21, 2001
EDITORIAL: Bike tour - Jack Williamson Hi, well I thought, I would fill you in with what I'm intending to do in January and what I plan to take. Well firstly I intend to take my 720 and a data enabled phone, in my case it will be a Nokia 7110. I'm travelling from edinburgh down to London, I should say i'm cycling this route. I am looking forward to the experience although maybe not the british weather. I intend to use my 720 to record my experience, vheck my emails and soley rely on it to inform me on weather conditions, news, and other vital data and information. I don't intend on relying on radio, or newspapers or any other source of media, I shall be fully dependent on my 720 and my Nokia 7110. I'm intending that this will take me three weeks to complete this trip, and as promised I intend to cover the details of the trip on this website. I'll do this by keeping a diary on my 720 and emailing Sammy by chronicals where he will then upload them on to the site. Sammy will let you know when coverage of the trip begins. I intend to start my journey from the second week of January, so stay tuned in the meantime happy holidays to you all.

EDITORIAL: What do I use my 720 for? - John Gammon I am a solutions provider within a large company.I am currently supporting 3 720 devices on the project I work with. This is including customized solutions, COTS solutions and configuration of the machine to our users, and the network backbone. In my copious "spare time", since I have little time to read news and reviews on the computer any more, I subscribe to AVANTGO.COM. Here I am able to keep up-to-date on the news and reviews of technology, science, world news, and business information. I discovered that in addition to the delivered packaged information resources, I can customize my selections. So I dropped a few channels and added in a customized one for "The 720 HPC User Club". Now every time I hook the 720 to the cradle or am synching on the network, I get the latest pages of the 720club website. This update happens every time I synch. I am now able to take and read this critical information with me anywhere I am, without having to be connected to the internet. This is a real advantage.This helps me to avoid having to shell-out the bucks for a wireless modem-network card, for now.

Thursday, December 20, 2001
EDITORIAL: User stories - Sammual (webmaster) First off happy holidays to everyone. I've just spent the last week in New York with some friends and have returned to a mountain of email messages. Bear with me while I try and get through them. Reg fielding has been in contact and tells me that his handheld is essential in not just to keep track of his diary or on top of his office applications but to keep on top of his Christmas list. He uses an excel spreadsheet and downloads his list to his handheld. He is able to carry this around with him, deleting, adding and editing as he goes along. I just thought I'd publish this story as i thought it was a good example of how our handheld computers can be used to tackle those Christmas duties. Raj Mansingh has sent an email to tell me how he uses his 720 handheld; he is a TV production manager in Germany. Raj uses his 720 to grapple with his busy production schedules. He uses spreadsheets on his 720 to monitor programme and editing lengths. He uses his diary to keep on top of deadlines and scheduling information. Raj has also built a template his pocket word document, which enables him to keep records of each programme schedule so that he can send to other producers and editors. He will also keep their notes in files on his 720 especially on programmes that he is working on. Once complete he then transfers them to his pc as to keep his memory free. He also likes to listen to mp3's on his 720 as he works. Remember to keep emailing me your user stories on how you use your handheld computers and I'll post them on the site.

Wednesday, December 12, 2001
NEWS: We're off to New York until next week - Sammual (webmaster)

Well, forgive us for the lack of updates over the forthcoming week but we are off for our winter vacation. Well until mid week next week, so thats not too long. I am off to New York. However, the gang (Andrew and Lindsey) and I have loads to add on the site from next week onwards. We have Jack's bike tour of the UK, to begin with. Some brilliant user stories have been flooding in, including a subway worker's perspective of using his HPC on the subway and the usual mix of opinion, news and other handheld computer information. We will also be welcoming a third writer to the site (Lisa Skinner) to join us other loonies who update this site outside of our daily jobs. In the meantime, continue to email me: sammualjames_mcloughlin@yahoo.co.uk or ICQ me, my number is: 99366330. So remember to come back from Wednesday/Thursday of next week onwards when the site will return back to normal just in time for the Christmas holiday.

NEWS: User Stories - Sammual (webmaster) Thanks those user stories are beginning to flood in. We will begin publishing thme towards the end of next week. Keep them coming either by email or by ICQ, my number is: 99366330.

USER ASSISTANCE: If anyone is in a postition to assist Rui then please email him at: ruicoelhodemoura@yahoo.com

"I want to connect it to a lan within windows NT. Should i connect the pcmcia directly to a pc, which is
connected to the lan, or can i connect the pcmcia directly to a cable of the lan? Thank you, Rui Moura"

Tuesday, December 11, 2001
NEWS: Arcade games on your handheld - Andrew Wolstenholme

Classic 80's games on your handheld from Pacman to Arkanoid, Asteroids, & Black Shark. The games come from C-EON Software and can be downloaded from here.

NEWS: Get ready for the 720 bike tour - Sammual (webmaster) Jack Williamson is going to give us a "prep talk" on what he is taking on his bike tour of the UK, and the many ways he proposes to use his 720 on his journey. He'll be updating us towards the end of next week, so stay tuned.(If your unsure as to who Jack is, browse down the page to the 9th December and read the news posting.)

EDITORIAL: User Stories - Sammual (webmaster) We are receiving more stories from users expressing why they enjoy using their Handheld computers which we are more than happy to post on the site. If you have a reason why you purchased a handheld or have a unique way that you use your handheld then we want to hear from you. Get your story to me by email or ICQ it to me my ICQ number is: 99366330. I'll do my best to post them all on the site over the forthcoming weeks.

NEWS:Ready or not, streaming video is coming to a PDA screen near you - Sammual (webmaster) Well not directly true but this is a good article that I noticed looking at the future of streaming video's on your handheld from ABC News. Click here to view the article

Sunday, December 09, 2001
NEWS: Image Expert - Andrew Wolstenholme Jason Sears dropped me this line to tell me that Sierra Imaging has a program that allows you to edit and view digital camera pictures rather well on Handheld computers.

Organize, Annotate, and Communicate with Your Windows CE Handheld PC! Image Expert CE is a program for viewing digital camera images on Windows CE devices, offering the first truly mobile imaging solution for professional and personal use.Image Expert CE is compatible with all Handheld PCs running Windows CE 2.0 or later. The software costs $39.95 and there is a free trial. Click here for info and the trial.

EDITORIAL: Using a 720 in my taxi - Joe Waxford I'm a taxi driver in London, and use my 720 faithfully every day. It manages my mileage, lists all of London attractions and their opening times, all within a spreadsheet which can be updated. I can also keep up to date with my emails even when I'm on the road, although at times my phone signal can be quite weak in London. I'm also studying history in the 21st century at my local University here in London. The ability to keep notes on my 720 is brilliant, it also allows me to upload them on to my computer, and print my notes out. Without my 720 I would have to write my notes and then type theminto a computer. At a quiet moment when I'm on my own I can play games and keep in contact with my friends. Ten years ago when I first become a cab driver, I would never have thought that ten years later I would be using a handheld to assist me and that I would be able to communicate with my friends worldwide. That really makes me think where we will be in ten years time? I predict that the 720 will be replaced with a handheld with a fold out keyboard which will automatically be able to access the internet, download emails and you will be able to communicate by being able to view the person that you are speaking to. It sounds like there are exciting times ahead.

NEWS: 720 on tour - Sammual (webmaster) Jack Williamson is cycling from Edinburgh to London in a charity bicycle ride, armed with his 720 and a mobile phone he will be sending us regular updates on how he is managing. But the added problem is that Jack is from New York and is not at all familiar with the UK terrain. Good luck Jack. We will be covering Jacks UK tour on the website starting from Saturday 5th January looking at the various ways that he is using his 720.

Thursday, December 06, 2001
NEWS:Latest movie trailers which can be played on the 720 using Pocket DivX Player - Sammual (webmaster)

Project Mayo offer a FREE Open Source multifunction video and audio player for the PocketPC and Jornada 720 platform that can play DivX, OpenDivX, MPEG-4, MPEG-1 videos and MP3 audio.Well now, Pocket Matrix offer some great movie trailers for you to download and play on your 720.

The Pocketmatrix site offers the downloadable trailers, so if you do not have the Pocket DivX Player obtain it from here once you have, click here and get yourself some fab trailers.

NEWS: Simply HPC is up and running - Sammual (webmaster) Well done to the guys at Simply HPC (the rebranded Simply720) the site has now launched and is looking good. The site will be updated throughout the week and is well worth bookmarking. Click here to view Simply HPC.

Wednesday, December 05, 2001
NEWS: Another new 720 website - Lindsey Dyson This website is in french but if your french is a little rusty then do not worry as most of the site is quite common sense. Sammual (webmaster of this site) and I were actually expressing pleasure that there seems to be a surge in websites dedicated to the handheld community. We await for the Simply HPC website which should be going live fairly soon, and the launch of a major handheld PC site early within the year ahead with the backing of a major big player. Claude's french Handheld site can be found here.

EDITORIAL: A means of communication - Helen Gatersby I just thought I'd share with everyone that I find it very difficult to
communicate with people through speech since I had a stroke, however my 720 allows me to communicate through the means of email. Since being homebound I have found time to write again which has been a life long hobby. My 720 has enabled me to start writing once again. Yes I know that I could have chose another handheld or a pocket pc. However the 720 allows me a little freedom and I am certainly glad grateful with that. The future looks bright, I'm three quarters of the way through my first novel that I have put together on my 720. My handheld will continue to be a one of my key assets.

Tuesday, December 04, 2001
EDITORIAL: Room for more than Pocket PC’s in the market – Lindsey Dyson I just thought I’d comment on how I use my 720. I actually use it in conjunction with my Palm M505, which we reported some time ago. The 720 is the powerhorse which travels with me all day long. It fits neatly into my briefcase and I carry it around with me all the time. It allows me to keep clients letters, spreadsheets, projects that I am working on and to log any work that I am currently working on. I can access my email from mobile resources and in addition I can fax invoices through to clients using the excellent software from KSE. On rare occasions I use the Internet explorer but because of its speed, I tend to only use it on an “every now and again” basis. On the other hand a good Internet browser such as Opera would be perfect, which is both fast and secure and allows you to turn off the graphics when necessary. I use it frequently as my main PC Internet browser. Many people ask what is the future for handheld devices? To be honest I am not too sure, however there is a good selection out there. However when Windows CE was launched in the mid 90’s every machine was a handheld, the palm pc was a small minority…. how times have changed. I believe that there is potential for the handheld community, however the difference between the applications on a pocket pc and the handheld pc is now beginning to grow wider. A handheld has great potential for enterprise users, and with the greatest respect to Pocket PC users, I believe that this room for both types of machines on the market.

Sunday, December 02, 2001
NEWS: KSE Truefax for the Jornada 720 - Andrew Wolstenholme There is always the question of whether you can fax from your Handheld PC and the answer seems to be yes with KSE Truefax, which is the best fax package that I've ever used on a mobile device.

"F E A T U R E S

Numerous functions will support you in preparing and dispatching your fax documents. This enables you to easily prepare and collect faxes and sent them via FaxOnTheJob (i.e. prepare several faxes before sending them all together in one go). The integrated document management helps you to manage all faxes, whether they are sent, deleted or prepared for the dispatch.

creating and sending faxes
sending faxes via infrared interface and mobile phone
integrated document management
sending several documents
class 1 support / group 3
uses the Pocket Outlook contact database
user-defined coverpage with company information and logo integration
fax view support via "NiceView"
sound support upon dispatch of faxes"

The KSE site allows a 15 day trial and can be downloaded from here.

EDITORIAL: Wierd problem taken care of - Diane Todd I feel like an idiot, but I can admit when I have pulled a boner. I have been going nuts lately with a problem with my 720. First of all, I call my 720 “My Brain” because I am totally lost and confused without it. I was at work a couple of weeks ago when I opened it up to see what I needed to remember for the day. It was as dead as a rock. I don’t keep the charger with me so I had to put it away and charge it when I got home. I was very upset. A couple of days later, I opened it and the power was on, the screensaver was not on, Inbox was open (I never leave it open), and the battery was down to 33%. This has happened so many times over the last couple of weeks that I had gotten really paranoid about it. I went to the web to see if it was a bug because Inbox was always open and it was always nearly dead. I tried soft resets and was about to do a hard reset prior to calling HP. I imagined all kinds of things that could have happened to it from my kids dropped it, or a magnet got on it, to the compact flash card was bad. I actually spent my lunch break watching it one day to see if it would turn itself on and open the Inbox. Last night I was using it and I turned it off and closed it and I saw the light coming out of it. I opened it and it had done it again. Well, I opened it and closed it several times before I realized what had been going on. I have a Rhino Skin case that I have been using for about six months. I really like it because it uses elastic instead of Velcro. The elastic had gotten stretched and I knew it needed to be replaced soon, but I had no idea how much trouble it could cause. It had a folded place in the elastic over the Inbox hotkey. Apparently, every so often, the elastic was settling over the power button and when it got pressed a little in the case, it would turn on and the fold would cause the Inbox to open. I was more relieved than I can describe when I realized what it was, but I felt pretty stupid also.

Saturday, December 01, 2001
USER ASSISTANCE: - Sammual (webmaster) Mike needs some help in tracking a product called TapLaunch that allows for the Jornada screen to be tapped twice and the machine starts up. If you know where to track it, send him an email, michael_gordon@btopenworld.com

NEWS: Another game for the 720, (it may also run on other handhelds) - Sammual (webmaster) Thanks to Doug for letting me know that AIM Productions have released their G-Pod game for the Jornada 720.

"G-Pod is an action-arcade game about gravity, where you have to fly thru tunnels, keeping your ship balanced, and avoiding or blasting enemies. It has more than 50 levels. The goal is to find and pick up the magic G-Pod, which is hidden somewhere in the tunnels. Then you have to find the exit again, maybe using a different escape route. This time the G-Pod is linked to your ship, making things just a bit harder for you. G-Pod is a skill game. It might take some time to get used to flying the ship, but after that you get hooked on it immediately!"

superb hi-color graphics, sound effects, and music soundtrack
53 levels and 3 worlds for longlasting gameplay. The 5 first levels are training missions.
Plenty of action: fire, shield, beam, collect fuel, register at checkpoints, blast the cannons and magnetizers, use elevators, and... pick up the G-Pod.
Enormous levels
Level selection: resume previous games or replay any completed level
Autoplay demonstration mode
Customisable control keys

The game can be played on all ARM handhelds. Get more information and purchase the game from handago

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