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Friday, November 30, 2001
USER ASSISTANCE: Email here if you can help.

"I have a HP Jornada 720 Windows CE
I can get on the internet and surf around NO PROBLEM However when I go
to AOL Website (http://www.aol.com/) to get my e-mail everthing is fine until I LOG-ON and go to the screen where my mail (Inbox) should be -- PROBLEM
all I get is a Blank screen. What is the problem?"

NEWS: Handheld site updated - Sammual (webmaster)Seans Handheld PC site has been updated. If you have not done so already, go and check it out Click here to visit the site

Thursday, November 29, 2001
EDITORIAL: Portable computing - Jack Stevens I was at an awards event in London, the other night and as I represent a major newspaper it was my job to write up the event. Within minutes I was able to open up the 720, type away and get the editorial sent to the sub-editors computer. As this was a crowded event, the laptop would have been a little inconvenient, the 720 had the luxury of being portable. The editorial was written in ten minutes and emailed within seconds. That’s the luxury of portable computing and the 720 is a good example.

Sunday, November 25, 2001
EDITORIAL: My PDA can't do everything - Lindsey Dyson,
I can't always get what I want on a PDA. Whether it be a 720 or my old Psion series 5mx. In fact when I first purchased my 720, I was, yes, impressed with the machine, however there were certain elements I missed. For example the agenda software lacks compared to my old 5mx however I so much love the contacts application on my 720, it allows me much more scope. I must admit the Internet browser on the 5mx is somewhat faster and better than its Microsoft counterpart. However the colour screen on the 720 is beautiful and makes it a joy to use. More heads turn as soon I power up the 720 machine.
You can't get everything with one machine. I loved the perfect ICQ application for my Psion, however as soon as I make the swap there seems to be no counterpart application. (I least I can ICQ through WAP).

There is not one perfect PDA, close but not perfect, but they get pretty near and get us out of a few scrapes. So next time you get a little frustrated with your handheld try not to give it such a hard time.

USER ASSISTANCE - Sammual (webmaster) If you can help please email Luis.

"I'm Luis, and I'm enjoying a 'jornada' for a year now. I work as a physician in a little hospital and I'm sure the jornada it's going to be a great tool to better diagnose and treat my patients. Do you know about any medical software for the jornada? And where can I get it?"

EDITORIAL:Yet another magazine aimed at Pocket PC's? - Doug Alexander
I picked up this new magazine (PDA Essentials, I believe) last week
because it had a photo of the Joranda 720 on the cover and a CD advertising 750
programmes for "Windows CE, Pocket PC, Psion and Palm).
After reading the magazine and checking out the CD I was sorely
disappointed. There's about a 1/8 page section on the Joranda with
information so scant that you couldn't even make a decision about
whether it's worth buying or not. The CD is a waste - no programmes on it work
on the Joranda 720 - and the magazine's boasts by showing an image of the
Joranda is misleading. In the end, I gave the magazine to a friend that has a Psion. At least
there was more use in it for him.
It's disappointing to find a magazine that you think would have at
least some recognition of the HPC2000 platform, only to discover it is yet
another mag on the much-vaunted Pocket PC platform.

Saturday, November 24, 2001
NEWS: New PDA magazine for the UK - Andrew Wolstenholme Paragon Publishing has launched a new magazine aimed at UK PDA users including handheld computer users. There is mention of the Jornada 720 ;-) Although its not technically specific enough and with only 50 or so pages, this magazine does require more content, it is a welcome addition amongst the other computer and PC magazines available. The magazine is priced at £4.99 and is available from all good newsagents. This should be a magazine to watch.

NEWS: Games for your handheld - Sammual (webmaster)

Jake Sittle informs me that Moose Software has a selection of games that can be played on the 720 & handheld computers. The games include:
Line Up
Four corners
Pocket Sol
Max it
All apart from Max it are card games, Max it is a board stradegy game

which you attempt to maximize your score by selecting numbers from horizontal rows in a table while the computer is selecting numbers from the vertical columns. To get the details and download click here.

USER ASSISTANCE - Sammual (webmaster) Grant Shapps from London, could do with a spot of assistance. If you can help I'm sure a quick email to him would suffice.
"would anyone happen to know whether a regular USB to USB lead would work as a sync cable for my 720 and PC?"

Thursday, November 22, 2001


Wednesday, November 21, 2001
EDITORIAL: WAP as a solution on your handheld - Lindsey Dyson Not many people would disagree that the Internet explorer on our handhelds is a little slow and that it really should only be used where access to the internet is limited. However there are substitutes. For example we've been looking at WAP as a workaround. Messenging is not possible however with WAP you open the door to a range of messenging portals. Http://5390.com offers the ability of ICQ access, whilst others allow you the ability to compose and check hotmail. Yahoo messenger, http://wap.yahoo.com , allows you the ability to check Yahoo mail, and access you to communicate with friends who access Yahoo Messenger. Yes I admit they dont have all the sounds and graphics of their PC counterparts but at least they perform the task and with resonable speed. WAP can also be used to check news, sports, stocks etc and although its not perfect it does offer a workable solution.

Tuesday, November 20, 2001
NEWS: ICQ using WAP on your handheld - Andrew Wolstenholme

Pierre Danson, sent me an email to tell me that those who have access to WAP using their handheld can access ICQ. This comes in light of ICQ releasing a portable Alpha version for Pocke PC users. Handheld users can use the slimmed down version of ICQ by using wap access. http://5390.com is the address to link to.

Monday, November 19, 2001
NEWS: New website launch - Sammual (webmaster) This is an excellent website entitled Handheld PC that I have spent almost an hour looking through. Well though out and constructed, I hope that this site grows, Well done to Sean Murphy for this one. The site is well worth a look and can be found here. In the meantime the Simply HPC site looks set to be launched this week. Look out for further information from me when it is launched later in the week. And in the meantime there will be another large Hanheld PC website launch in January which we focussed on earlier last week. It's exciting times for Handheld PC users at the moment.

Sunday, November 18, 2001
NEWS: Webportal offers access to hotmail, newsgroups and ICQ amongst other services - Andrew Wolstenholme Thanks to John Sulivan for letting us know of this great web portal that offers amongst other things access to Hotmail, the ability to send ICQ messages, check POP emails, newsgroups etc. This should run on all handhelds provided there's internet access. The webportal is quick to load and is provided by GopherKing.

Friday, November 16, 2001
NEWS: PDF on handheld computers - Andrew Wolstenholme Those looking for a PDF reader on a Handheld computer would do no harm in checking Primer 3.1from Ansyr. Features include note adding and contains even more features for optimizing display and performance such as page rotation on device. According to Ansyr:

"The Ansyr Mobile Office Image Viewer Plug-in adds viewing of many standard image formats including: GIF, JPEG, BMP, TIFF and PNG. The Ansyr Mobile Office Open From Web Plug-in enables Primer to download PDF files directly from the Internet. Upcoming Ansyr Mobile Office plug-ins add support of PDF Forms, Digital Rights Management, Digital Signatures and more."
Primer 3.1 works on most handhelds and a Device Compatibility Chart can be found here. To get more details browse the Ansyr website.

NEWS: Make a note in your diary - Sammual (webmaster) Make a note in your diary that SimplyHPC will be launched on the 19th November. Don't worry though I'll remind you on the day.

EDITORIAL: Wireless email - Sammual (webmaster) Just spent a morning in my local Starbucks catching up on all my email, I still marvel that I can actually do all of this on a 720. If we take a look back at just a couple of years ago, there was simply no way that we could speak to friends on the other side of the wold without sending them a letter which would take so long. Yes there is the wonderful marvel of the telephone, but email is somewhat cheaper and to me allows me to emphasis the point that I amj trying to make. I have often been able to clench a deadline a lot better by using email than using a telephone. Having a mobile device that allows you to send and respond to mail is a marvel in itself which sometimes I take a step back and think how cool it really all is. Wwell thats just a thought. Sitting in Starbucks with a coffee, and surfing the net and responding to email. Well I can think of worse things to do.

Tuesday, November 13, 2001
EDITORIAL: The PC replacement - Lindsey Dyson I have this theory, I think that I can type faster on my 720 than I can on a PC. I know that sounds daft but its true. Well I think it is anyway. I can throw together a quick 400 word document quickly on my 720 without the need to power on. You see I'm one of the growing breed of people who travel and work at the same time. It is now second nature for me to travel and work at the same time. So I'm fully used to the 720 keyboard by now. In fact I rarely use my PC at all these days, simply just for the odd download or attachment. Am I getting to rely on my 720 a little too much? Yes I think I am but hey I spent a small fortune on it and I want every penny out of it. My 720 will be with me for some time to go so the next time your on a plane and you notice a mad looking woman typing madley into her aging 720...say hello to me.

Sunday, November 11, 2001
NEWS: Dominoes - Sammual (webmaster)

Thanks to John Igo for pointing out that Dominoes fans can play this excellent game which is version 2.2 from
Omega One software

"Supports all Handheld PC / Handheld PC Pro devices
Two different games to play
Customise the games for hours of fun
Four levels - from beginner to expert
Different full colour backgrounds"

Whilst I checked the website out I noticed that there is also a version of checkers available, where you can also pit your talent against the computer itself. Well done to Omega One for creating such good quality games.

EDITORIAL: My 720 and idle time - Andrew Wolstenholme Cold winter nights are drawing in within the Northern Hemisphere. There are times when the best moments are those indoors, when its too cold outside. Many people like to stay in with a book and have a good read. Myself I prefer card games....strange you may think, but I've had many an hour spent spending those hours plating thieves and kings on my 720, which by the way is available on other handhelds. Thieves and kings is more exciting and offers more options, high scores and a selection of other features. Something which our friends at Microsoft fail to provide. In fact games wise there are quite a number available fro the HPC everything from Dominoes through to a flight simulator. Everything to keep you busy on a winters night. However lets not forget our friends in the Southern Hemisphere headings towards their Summer months, I remember a debate on the site in June or so, when we were talking about keeping your 720 safe on the beach....yep these things are all important to us users. Play safe........720 wise that is. Purchase a good case to protect your handheld. It's strange 20% of the emails we received at the time questioned the morale of taking a 720 on to the beach whilst the remaining 80% stated that taking a 720 away on holiday and using it on the beach boosted productivity. I myself take my 720 on holiday wherever I go. Not only does it take hours of the flight time but I have achieved many of my "highest scores" 35,000 ft up.

USER OPINION: 720 cases continues - Val Dodge With regards to Andrew Wolstenholme's review of the Nutshell case for his 720. While Nutshell does put out nice products, my main problem with HPC cases has generally been that they don't give me anything I don't already have. When I'm mobile, my J720 usually sits in a pocket in my backpack or carry-all. Adding a leather pouch or portfolio to the equation would just make access more difficult without really adding any protection.

What I really want in a dedicated case is something that allows me to carry my 720 around without having to a) tie up my hands or b) lug around a much larger backpack or briefcase. The HPC cases from Nutshell, RhinoSkin, and Targus don't really address either requirement, so I ended up buying a Vision 10 from E&B Cases , which is a holster-style case with a belt loop. It allows me to be mobile, leave all of my other stuff at home or the office, and still have my 720 at the ready.

I've been using the Vision 10 for about 6 months now and haven't had any problems with it. It's a perfect fit for the 720, and the build quality is as fine as I've seen on any case. My only wish-list item for the case would be a small external pocket or sleeve that could accommodate a PC card -- I currently carry a wireless ethernet or Socket DPC inside the case beside the 720 or in a jacket pocket, but neither is ideal.

Saturday, November 10, 2001
OPINION: 720 Cases - Andrew Wolstenholme

I really love these cases for the 720. They look stylish and yet protective. For $75 this is a nice alternative to many of the "so called" cases for handheld computers. Check the tuff as nuts website for full details.

NEWS: Quake for the 720 - Andrew Wolstenholme The number of emails that we receive asking whether Quake can be played on the 720. Well I hope that this gives you some answers to those questions. This page tells you how to play Quake on your 720 and tells you where to obtain the files. Go forth and...play nice!!!

NEWS: 720 Lemmings - Sammual (webmaster)

John Hancock has emailed me to draw attention to what a cool game Lemmings actual is. The alpha of Lemmings for the 720 is available from John Lomax's website: whilst there take a look at M.A.M.E which again is downloadable.

NEWS: Simply HPC - Sammual (webmaster) The revamp of the Simply 720 site which is to be re-named Simply HPC, will be launched on November 19th

USER OPINION: Doctors orders - Jane Sergent I am a nurse in a residential home. My 720 is a good way to keep track of my patients stats and medical conditions. A well thought out spreadsheet is all I need for stats whilst a second sheet ties in all their conditions and history. The 720 is too useful to be called a PDA. Used right it's the best portable computer on the market and keeps me organised and helps my patients in a not so obvious way.

NEWS: The HPC community continues to increase - Sammual (webmaster) Thanks to Paul Stevens for letting me know about a new 720 & HPC site. He promises to let me know the launch date which is expected to be the week after Christmas or the first week in January.

"Myself and a group of HPC enthusiasts will be launching a 720 and HPC website with commercial support within the forthcoming weeks. The group promises the site will comprise of: downloads, a lobby group, classifieds, user profiles, how to's, chat rooms, comment, daily news and a weekly prize draw. With contributors in the US and Germany this looks set to become an additional important resource for users of handheld computers. The site will concentrate on the 720 and handheld computers, there are many resources for Pocket PC's but very little for handheld computers. The website is completing beta stage, and we have secured some great support ready for the launch in the New Year."

EDITORIAL: - Sammual (webmaster) This week has been a busy week for my 720. I write this aboard the British Airways shuttle form London to Manchester returning on a busy Friday evening. Cold and crisp. I sit back and watch my fellow passengers typing away on their laptops and yet even though this is only a thirty minute flight, I know that my productivity time will be somewhat longer than my travelling companions. The start up time on using a laptop always seems to deter me, yes, I admit I have a laptop myself simply due to the fact that I was able to receive one as a "allocated left over" when given to my employees. But to me they are large and when I'm travelling around a city such as London, I really don’t wish to carry and lug around a laptop, no matter how light they are compared to previous models. I know the 720 is not the slimmest handheld. My Psion Series 5mx was much lighter and a wee bit smaller, but it saves the extra weight that a laptop holds and it fits well into my coat pocket. As a travelling companion the beauty of the 720 is the fact that I can go and take a coffee in somewhere such as Starbucks or Bar Italia in London, take out the 720 and check my emails, reply and send them all within minutes. There seems nothing more perfect. In the times that we live in since the September 11th attacks I have found myself drawn to many of the internet news portals, not that I never was but recent events ensure that I check news portals such as CNN, BBC and the New York Times a little more frequent and the 720 allows me the opportunity when I receive the chance, again a coffee Bar is normally sufficient. Now that the 720 has an established market, even though software is lacking from developers, I find that my needs are sufficient enough. I type 70% of my editorials etc using its keyboard and I am fully used to the spacing of the keys. Yes there will be better machines in the future. If we are honest it is likely that the 720 is in its middle ages with yet another successor just around the corner. My point and this also applies to whatever HPC you happen to use, whether its the 720 or an Intermec, that reminds me, I have three emails from Psion 5m users over the last month...everyone is welcome.. Back to the point, if your HPC meets your needs why go looking for an upgrade, yes curiosity can get the better of all of us and yes we all like to evolve and by upgrading are productivity increases. However if your happy with your PDA, do not feel that you are forced into looking for an upgrade, you spent the money and if like me your HPC comes everywhere with you, it doesn't matter what age your machine is, if it suits your needs then stick with it.

Friday, November 09, 2001
NEWS: Palm CEO resigns - Sammual (webmaster) Is this a sign of the poor tidings that Palm is experiencing at the moment, with its CEO resigning? Read the full Press Release from Palm here.

NEWS: ClearVue for the 720 - Sammual (webmaster) Thanks to Paul Blake for letting us know that Westtek have made available Handheld PC 2000 versions of their ClearVue viewers. Paul informs me that they look "pretty impressive and feature rich". Take a look at http://www.westtek.com/clearvue.htm

NEWS: Sonic Administration - Sammual (webmaster) Received this email from Derek Ball.

"We were recently asked by an HP 720 user to make an HP 720 compatible version of our wireless system administration product, sonicadmin. We are interested in doing that if we can get a feel for the fact that there is more than one customer out there for the product. So we are interested in learning how many HP 720 users would be interested in a version of their wireless systems management product configured specifically for the HP 720. We have had inquiries from a handful of HP 720 users about making a version of their product that is fully compatible with the 720. This product allows you to wirelessly (and securely) connect to your network and manage your servers, routers, switches, hubs,and more (full details can be found at
www.sonicmobility.com/products_sonicadmin.htm ).

This product works on the Pocket PC Jornadas and iPAQs, but would need a little R&D effort to deploy on the 720 to allow for the different screen and slightly different OS. If there is enough interest. If you are interested, please e-mail derek.ball@sonicmobility.com."

Wednesday, November 07, 2001
NEWS: - Sammual (webmaster) Reading on the Opera Internet browser website, I noticed that Sharp will be introducing a Linux based PDA, with internet access which will use the Opera internet browser to allow it's PDA users to browse the internet. Further details can be found from the Opera website here.

EDITORIAL:- Sammual (webmaster) My 720 came in great earlier this morning when the floppy disk drive on my PC seemed not to want to work for some strange reason. I was actually attempting to download some work onto a friends PC, in fact it was just to transfer a number of word documents. My email and internet was down at the time. Luckily the work that I had typed was originally put together on my 720, and I was able to email from my handheld to the PC that I originally wanted the work to be transfered to. I have whilst I have been away from my office used my 720 probably more than usual especially to type up editorials and correspond with people by email. After my trial with a Nokia 9210 communicator I have no doubt in saying that although this is a benchmark in both wireless and mobile communication, it is far less powerful than the 720. Remember however, that this is only in my opinion ;-)

Saturday, November 03, 2001
SITE NEWS: - Sammual (webmaster) I'm receiving a lot of emails asking me I can be contacted by ICQ, the answer is yes and my ICQ number is: 99366330. If you've got any news etc, or want to say hi, then feel free to ICQ me and as usual I'll reply just as soon as I receive your message whether I'm online or not.

Thanks to those people who have sent me emails this week. Apologies I have not responded to you all but my time has been limited this week. However I will be responding to you all next week, and posting your news, views and emails etc on the site. So keep forwarding them to me.

EDITORIAL: - Sammual (webmaster)

After what has been another busy week. I was able to lay my hands on a Nokia 9210 to try out this week. I am not sure what I think so far. To give you a brief run down....it does not replace the 720. I'll be clear about that. However it does offer excellent Internet and email access. However as a PDA it lacks the tools of the 720. There does not seem to be that much software for it either which is a real shame. The screen clarity is beautiful however a little small. The phone itself is more like a "brick" which I'm sad to say, but as I mentioned I'll give you a fuller review in the week ahead and I'll give you a "head to head" with the 720 later in the week. One thing is for sure at this stage, the 720 meets my requirements the best.

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