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Friday, October 26, 2001
EDITORIAL:Windows XP - Sammual (webmaster)
Well three hours ago I went out and purchased the new, ever glory, Windows XP, and I must say that I actually do like it. It has a nice interface, seems to be very stable and it may be me but I have noticed a slight improvement in speed. Saying that it did take my PC just under 70 minutes to load it, but hey!! - it seems cool enough. I'll keep you updated!!! My 720 was a blessing today, I was out driving to London, when the City editor of the Sunday Telegraph, (UK newspaper) called me and wanted me to send him some editorial content for this weekend's edition. Obviously being 200 miles from both my PC and office, I happened to remember that I email my 720 all my editorial write ups and save them. Immediatly I was able to send by email the piece concerned. Every now and again, I appreciate the 720 as opposed to just taking it out of my pocket and using it without thinking.

Thursday, October 25, 2001
EDITORIAL: I'm back - Sammual (webmaster)
OK, it was my birthday earlier this week (thanks for everyone's emails by the way) and as a suprise I was taken to Ireland for a few days. I'm back home now and recovering :-) I'm back now but it's going to take me a few days to catch up with the emails so bear with me. Keep sending your updates, news, features etc to me sammualjames_mcloughlin@yahoo.co.uk or Yahoo IM message me: sammualjames_mcloughlin and I'll reply when I'm next on line.

EDITORIAL: Squeak programming on the 720 - Aris Gredzens
When visiting the forum I had asked if anyone had used Squeak3.0 (version of Smalltalk), an open-source programming language. I have gotten it to work on the HP720 putting it on my IBMMicroDrive. It is an object-oriented programming language, in color, and also runs sound, ability to record while on it too. I am not a programmer but will try to learn for fun. It seems that it would have as much potential for the HP720 as the PocketC programming language.
Below are sites connected to it:
Squeak Ports for WinCe devices

I first tried the Squeak VM for HPC2000, placing it on my MicroDrive in new folder /My Documents, and then downloaded what is called "Tiny Squeak" and placed it in the same folder. Hit Squeak icon and after slow bootup it worked. I then downloaded full version of Squeak3.0(approx. 8meg) from Squeak site and placed it in the same folder on MicroDrive and everything worked. Please download full version of Squeak3.0 and try on desktop to see potential of this programming language. Lots of programs already made by people around the world, including some educational programs for children.

Email me if this seems interesting. I started this because I was interested in getting a program which would run on HP720 for music composition. It looks like I may have found one which will work.

Saturday, October 20, 2001
NEWS: 720 chat - posted by Sammual (webmaster)
Apologies to the guys at Simply 720 for the late posting of this one, so make it up to them and ensure you join in on the chat session. Anyway Sean from Simply 720 sent me the chat info.

"Here's the information on our next chat meeting. We really want to get the opinions (good and bad) of everyone out there with a 720. Please be
sure to check our site, www.simply720.com and Raul's site,for additional information.

Day: Saturday, 20 October
Time: 2:00 pm EST, 1900 in the UK, 2000 in the Continent
Access: CLICK HERE and bookmark to access the chat server using your web browser or use your own IRC software

IRC Server: irc.simplyhpc.com
Channel/Chat Room: #jug

We look forward to seeing you there,

Sean, Simply720.com"

NEWS: Birthday treat - it was my birthday - posted by Sammual (webmaster)
It was my birthday yesterday, as a suprise a couple of my friends and my other half flew me back to Ireland for a few days where I am at the moment. I had planned to post news on the site but it was all a suprise and this has been the first chance. Anyway thanks to all, involved in my birthday suprise. Normal service will be resumed next week ;-)

Tuesday, October 16, 2001
EDITORIAL:-Sammual (webmaster) Firstly thanks to everyone who sent in emails regarding our 720 friend who sent in the email towards the end of last week. Robert Abbey has put together a nice editorial on the matter (read below). The Simply 720 guys were great to respond (thanks Sean). Keep emailing me your remarks on the matter and I'll post on the site.

USER ASSISTANCE: - Sander Levy I have repeatedly tried following the intructions in the manual to make a connection between my Jornada and MSN.com (my ISP). The closest I get is a quick connect and rapid hang up. Any suggestions? Email me

EDITORIAL:- Robert Abbey I thought I would join in the debate. I have been a user of the 680 and now the 720 but in between I was seduced by all the hype into trying the I-PAQ. What a mistake that was! The 720 is, other than in one respect streets ahead of the I-PAQ. (The reservation being the screen quality.
The 720 screen is not as clear as the I-PAQ, but in every other respect it is better!)
Try using the Pocket version of Word on the I_PAQ - it is so stripped down there isn't even a decent spell check. The best thing about the
Handheld and the 720 is that it is for the general user virtually as good as your desk PC - but with the added advantage of having "instant on!" I have added just a few extra items of software -
1 RESCO explorer that gives a file search facility and is an advanved form of file explorer
2 RESCO picture viewer so that I can view jpgs etc
3POCKET TV to view MPEGS, and
4 A book reader - to read books!
And then what else do I really need? Well not much. I have a perfectly good PIM and use the Agenda view more than the others.
For e-mails Pocket Outlook does the job efficiently and quite quickly even when downloading large attachments. All in all I simply fail to
understand why anyone would want to use a Pocket PC when it doesn't even have a keyboard!

USER ASSISTANCE:- Clinton Have a question for you and hope you can help out on it (or another reader). I'm looking for a registry hack that will permanently turn off the "Recent Files" in Pocket Word. I can go in and delete the key but once I use PW again, it recreates the key. This may indicate that there is indeed no work around and I have to live with this but I thought I would ask first. Further, I'm also looking to turn off the "Documents" off the Start menu in a similar fashion. Thanks for all your hard work! If anyone can help please email me

USER ASSISTANCE: - Chuck Guy I just found your site while doing some research. My girlfriend has a HP 660LX that has had spotty behavior. She has a nice little modem and the thing sure seems cool. But it never was able to make the modem work. Even though her modem PC card was shipped with it and documentation says it was designed for the device. I am wondering if it is worth the trouble to mess with it anymore or if it is just outdated “HP learning to do it right” or “Version 1” technology. If anyone can help please email me.

Saturday, October 13, 2001
EDITORIAL - Sammual (webmaster) One of those weeks this week. It's been so busy. Apologies for emails and Yahoo instant messages that have been sent to me (Yahoo ID - sammualjames_mcloughlin), I will get to respond in fact I'm going through all my emails today. So expect your replies. One email that touched a nerve this week, was from someone based in Germany. I won't for obvious reasons name and shame however I will try and explain the contents. Firstly to the sender who knows who he is, I appreciate your comments and you are welcome to them.

"purchasing a 720 was the biggest mistake I have ever made......"

First of all, yes support and software is a little limited, but before I ever purchase a PDA, or handheld I personally carry out a little research and homework. Read newsgroups, take a look at dedicated websites such as this and Simply 720 etc, etc......

"there is a geninune lack of games and leasure titles.............."

There are games available you just need to search the many lists of software titles, remember the 720 was not designed as a "game tool", if you wish to play games you may want to think about purchasing a Pocket PC, as there are more titles available.

It's too large to carry how on earth am I supposed to carry this thing? How am I supposed to take this seriously as a PIM?

Remember you are entitled to your opinions, but if you want a PIM, try a Pocket PC or a Palm!!!! If all of these problems within your email bother you then why did you purchase the 720? I am hoping that this email was just a "let off my opinions" email. However the last sentance really annoyed me.

"the days of the 720 and Handheld computer are numbered, it is destined for the same path as the Palm organizer......it's out of here!!!!!"

WRONG!!!!!, the 720 is not dead, look at the dedication the 720 receives from the community. The guys at Simply 720 have some great idea's that you guys can look forward to. I've been speaking to Bill and Sean from Simply 720 this week, and I know what they are planning and your going to love them for it. Raul and the guys at Simply 720 are organising online chat sessions, and they are planning times that will involve European users. (thanks guys!!) There is software in development that will take the 720 and the Handheld PC into consideration, the developers of "Regking" for the Pocket PC (tweaking the registry of Pocket PC's) looks like it may be ported over. Larry Bank makes new changes to his BBView, which has changed it's name and is developed by the excellent Larry Bank, updated this software almost weekly (see previous entry). hat is just the tip of the iceberg. The 720 is still strong, it's as strong as the community will allow it to be. The 720 is not under threat from the Pocket PC, Palm or other HPC's instead it's under threat from negative thinking individuals. Once again everyone is entitled to their oponion, however in future can I ask that the individual concerned posts their negative thoughts to the forum and allow other HPC users to voice their opinons. If anyone agrees or disagrees with me then please feel free to email me, you know the address: sammualjames_mcloughlin@yahoo.co.uk That ends my moan of the day ;-)

Wednesday, October 10, 2001
NEWS: Jornada User Group Meeting Bill from Simply 720 has sent me a quick note to say there will be a Jornada User Group meeting tonight. All welcome!!!!!

"Jornada User Group Chat Meeting tonight on Simply720.com, hosted by the S720 Staff and Raul Lucky at 9pm EST (6pmPST). Optional chatroom access via the Simply720.com website (Click Chat Link) or through 3rd Party IRC Software.

IRC Server:
User Group Chat Room: #jug"

- Sammual

NEWS: Lookout for changes to the Simply720 website, including a new name. I was talking to Bill (webmaster) and Sean and they were telling me of the relaunch and something quite cool they have planned (which I'm not allowed to tell - fingers on lips!!!). However what I can say is that we are in for a treat. So I'll let you know when the launch of the new look site will be.

- Sammual (webmaster)

USER EXPERIENCE: Mark Jones from Cardiff, Wales has sent me his user experience story. If you have a HPC story that you wish to share with us then please email me at sammualjames_mcloughlin@yahoo.co.uk

"I use my 720 on a daily basis. I am a manager of a retail department and I contol all the “whereabouts’” of my staff using the built in excel spreadsheet. My own diary is kept up to date with the built in agenda and my secretary always makes sure that it is kept up to date with my PC. My 720 is so essential, with my daily job that I could not work without it. Looking into the future I would love a HPC with faster access to the Internet. I feel that Internet Explorer on the 720 is just so slow and to be honest hardly of use. I love the fact that I can access my personal emails on my 720. I do not have direct Internet access from my work so using the 720 to access my email is perfect for me. My wife says that it is sad to see me carry my 720 with me at all times, and she thinks that I spend too much time with the machine rather than her ;-) Hopefully an updated model will see a slightly smaller machine as I still struggle to grasp the size. However this really is just a small price to pay for what is an essential and great personal and business tool for me."

Sunday, October 07, 2001
NEWS:Project Mayo launch Pocket DivX Player offering a multifunction audio and video player for the 720 - posted by Sammual (webmaster) The Pocket DivX Player is a multifunction audio and video player and can play DivX, OpenDivX, MPEG-4, MPEG-1 videos and MP3 audio. According to their website the list of features include:

"New IDCT routines to improve performance on all platforms
Added support for Jornada 720 HPC
Added GXSetViewPort for faster non-fullscreen playback on CASIO PocketPC.
Setup Kits with AVI file type registration.
MP3 File Support.
Playlist Support.
Playlist Editor.
New Logo.
MPEG-1 (Limited support, faster devices only for now).
Streaming support for MPEG-1 MP3 and AVI(Will work with PIE Proxy.
Server Config and will work through ActiveSync connection).
Dynamic File Cacheing.
Hardware button mapping.
Display Off for MP3 playing, tied to the \"record\" button on the device.
Added Volume control from up down hardware buttons.
Added Shuffle option when playing a playlist.
New IPAQ Dithering routines. "

All I can say is what a benchmark in the software development of the 720!!!! Click here for the Project Mayo website and download.

NEWS: Tekguru - posted by Sammual (webmaster) Although more orientated towards the Pocket PC, however as many of use a Pocket PC, in conjunction with a 720 then this is a good resource, this is also an excellent site for ex users of machines such as Psion. Look out for a great FAQ on the Nokia 7110 mobile phone. Lots of features on this site which kept me busy for over an hour, check out the Tekguru site. I have added a permanent link to this site within the left hand column of this page, as I feel that, although not HPC orientated, it does contain useful industry news and updates.

NEWS: On Schedule v5 - posted by Sammual (webmaster)
Those looking for a PIM replacement need to know that On Schedule can look after and fill many gaps that Microsoft have left out. It really is a feature rich program with so many views to choose from and it's very versatile in planning and organising your routine.It's also an excellent Contact Manager, allowing you to keep track of phone calls, customer details etc. Take a look at the following screenshots which should give you some idea of the kind of things you can achieve.

Calendar Week View

Contacts view

Tasks main view

You can download and trial an evaluation version of the product for 60 days. Get the rundown and download from here.

Saturday, October 06, 2001

WEBSITE NEWS:Sammual's off to the England v's Greece World Cup match, so I'm filling in - posted by Andrew Wolstenholme

NEWS:Specs and manuals for the HP Jornada range - posted by Andrew Wolstenholme

Whether it's the 720 or 690 all the manuals and spec information for all machines within the Jornada range (including the Pocket PC) are available from the HP website for you to download. I know that Sammual receives so many emails from people asking where they can obtain the manual for ther 720 and 690, well here is the link. BE WARNED, the download is over 6.5mb so it is a fairly big download. You will also need Adobe Acrobat Reader. However if you don't already, download it from here.

NEWS:Microsoft Portrait - posted by Andrew Wolstenholme

This is somthing that we reported a while ago. Microsoft Portrait is a great video communications program that actually uses and runs on very low bandwith rates. How about this it can run on a bandwidth as low as 9.6kbs. It allows audio, video and chat sessions whilst connected online, with versions for HPC's available from their site for you to download. The latest version 1.4, was released late in September. I believe there this is a very powerful program, and we shall see this as a widley used future application. Plus this program can be used on both handhelds and Pocket PC's so imagine how many people could have the potential to use this tool!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 04, 2001
NEWS: Bitbank update - posted by Sammual (webmaster) I've just realised that I never enclosed the link to the excellent BBView, see previous news slightly down the page so here is the link. Sorry Larry ;-)

NEWS:WAP BROWSER IN BETA READY FOR DOWNLOAD -posted by Sammual (webmaster)

Klondike wap browser on a Pocket PC. Download the HPC version from Klondike's website.

Thanks to Paul, for pointing this one out to me. The HPC version of the Kondike wap browser from apache software is now available for download. This is a very popular Pocket PC application for obvious reasons and works "like a treat". Click here to get the rundown and download the beta version.

NEWS: The launch of Pocket PC 2002 - posted by Sammual (webmaster) Today is the launch date of Pocket PC 2002. You can the up to date views and opinion of Jason Dunn and the Pocket PC thoughts team here at the Pocket PC Thoughts website, which is the best user group website for Pocket PC owners.

USER ASSISTANCE:If you can help please email "Will a application that is executing normally on Joranada 680 work the same way on 720 ? It is a MFC application. I mean, it is just sufficient to compile for ARM platform instead of SH3 ? Do you know of any issues which may arise from porting from 680 to 720 device ? If you can help please email me at: sohilkhoja@yahoo.com

NEWS: Bitbank update - posted by Sammual (webmaster) Larry the developer of this cool product and I have been chatting, and he tells me that he has now enhanted the product. But look at this great new feature, "tap-n-hold" functionality for HPC machines. So this is basically adding the "right click" function to BBView. Anyway, here is a checkist of new additional features:

Added button customization (not ready on HPC)
Added support for reading OS/2 bitmap files
Cleaned up much of the file support by putting it through the 478 file "torture test"
Fixed many problems with viewing Microsoft FAX (AWD) files
Added "tap-n-hold" functionality to the HPC builds
Enhanced the file open window to display the size and date column
Fixed the file association logic including adding a "quickview" when launched from a file association
Added more details to the help file about supported file formats
The product name is changing, but has not been finalized yet
BBView was written from the ground up for speed and ease of use. Includes the following unique features:

The fastest JPEG image viewer available - includes options to reduce memory usage and speed up display. If you compare the performance of this code to other viewers, please note that most other viewers load reduced resolution images. Go to the configuration dialog (wrench icon) and see the options on the JPEG tab.
Image Preview Window - the file selector dialog includes an image preview window that is unparalleled in performance. On StrongARM CPUs a preview image of multi-megapixel images takes a small fraction of a second.
Screen Capture Utility - using direct screen access, BBView can capture the display of ANY program including games. Supports saving screens as BMP, PCX, GIF and JPEG
Support for monochrome devices - now you can view photos well on your monochrome CE machine.
Supports all current CE platforms (Pocket PC, HPC Pro, HPC 2000) and all CPUs (ARM,MIPS,SH3)
Supports many standard file formats including JPEG, GIF, Windows BMP (RLE too), CALS, TARGA, FLI/FLC, and FAX files
Supports multipage file formats including TIFF, DCX, AWD (MS FAX), MOD:CA/IOCA, PDF and more
Incredibly fast thumbnail view for quickly browsing tons of images
Full customizable toolbars
Context-sensitive help available from every window
Includes editing functions and color conversion.
Allows viewing of ancillary text info associated with GIF, TIFF and JPEG files
Allows saving of images in a wide variety of formats.
Perfect for viewing large bilevel images - includes scale-to-gray display option and efficient use of memory; load E+ sized drawings with very little memory usage.
Ability to view certain AVI and MOV (QuickTime) video files
Includes infrared printing

Tuesday, October 02, 2001
NEWS:Cool merchandise from the guys at Simply 720 - posted by Sammual (webmaster)

The guys at Simply 720 have some great merchandise for sale. Everything from mugs through to mousemats all wearing the smart Simply720 emblem. The prices are modest too, and well worth a look. Take a look at the selection, click here for the Simply720 site.

NEWS: Here comes Citytime for the HPC - posted by Sammual (webmaster)

Citytime on a Pocket PC, get ready for the HPC version

Wow its such a cool product. This cheered my day up today. Citytime which I used constantly on my Palm is coming to your HPC. This is an award winning piece of software, and will certainly be an all time favourite before long. With times around the world displayed. The night and day feature is superb. Watch the night shadow engulf your part of the world. There may not be a download link yet but Kenny the developer tells me it should be sometime tonight. Check the Codecity website to get the rundown on Citytime and get the download.

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