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Sunday, September 30, 2001
USER ASSISTANCE: If you can help Sreve then please email him
Are you familiar with any aviation software for the Jornada 720. Jeppesen makes a flight computer, but why not have that on my 720?

Saturday, September 29, 2001
EDITORIAL: Weblogs - posted by Sammual We are just going to go off the beaten track for one minute. In light of the tragedies just over two weeks, it was very difficult to be able to access the main key news sites such as the BBC, Sky news and CNN. Many people created weblogs to capture the moment. I only discovered this site yesterday, but the photographs taken is an example, of "someone there" who managed to take photographs of what were the beautiful twin towers. Stop for one minute and read this man's account of the day, September 11th 2001. Here is the link to the photographs he took on the day.

EDITORIAL Using a messenger on your Handheld - posted by Sammual (webmaster)

Using Yahoo Messenger. Anyone who has ever used a messenger service before will know how usefull they are. I have used both MSN and Yahoo messenger services. Yahoo has a fully 720 and HPC complient messenger which can be downloaded from here. I use Yahoo messenger to stay in contact with many worldwide friends. It was also useful when trying to get in contact with friends in New York throughout the recent terriosm attacks. I often use my 720 to communicate with people using Yahoo messenger. The keyboard enables quick inputting and various sounds provide indication of an incoming message.

You can keep track of online contacts and obviously add them when you require. Yahoo messenger also lets you know when you receive new emails and asks whether you want to view them. In conclusion in todays internet world a messenger on your handheld allows you to you to stay in contact with friends and family from wherever you are, providing you have an internet connection.
Say hi or send me a message if you use Yahoo messenger my Yahoo ID is: sammualjames_mcloughlin

NEWS: Check out HPC Pro software from Boma Software - posted by Sammual (webmaster)
Well done to Boma Software with some excellent software for us handheld users which include a great looking Customer Manager (picture below)

Customer Manager, allows you to keep a full record of customer information, everything from address details through to transaction details etc.Now I can see this piece of software being a hit and it looks good. The detail and subject fields are both detailed and useful. Not only that but there is software to keep track of those daily pesty bills. Now I must admit I tend to leave my bills for a few days, claiming that I'll get around to paying them.....I think that this is called laziness. However the ideal reminder is Bills and Reminders

This easy to use PIM ensures that there is no excuse to forget to pay those bills.It will remind you on the day if needed. Boma Software has other software that can be used on HPC Pro machines. Click here to download evaluations for these products. Whilst there check out even more HPC Pro software.

NEWS: Minute taker -posted by Sammual (webmaster)

Tired of taking meeting minutes? Is it taking too long? Here is a great minute manager, which is mean't to speed the whole process of organising and taking meeting minutes.

"Spend your time capturing the important details, not trying to locate your position in a word-processor document! Distribute the agenda to all Attendees with a single button press! No need to spend an hour or more typing up paper notes, they are ready immediately on meeting completion. At a glance see what is outstanding; Automatically roll over unfinished actions from previous meetings to ensure they can't be forgotten."

Check out the Speak and byte website, to get the full rundown and download.

Wednesday, September 26, 2001
NEWS: PocketMac -posted by Sammual (webmaster) Rumour has it that Information Appliance Associates is looking at creating a synching tool between Macs and Pocket PC's. However I have sent the developer team an email asking whether they can possibly create a portal for us Handheld users. Lets see what their answer is and when I receive it I will let you all know. Check their website out

NEWS: - posted by Sammual (webmaster) I received word this morning of a new forum based website entitled PDA Forum, which is supposed to cover 99% of handleds and PDA's on the market today. I have been over to the site and there certainly sia mix of forums for all PDA, but I can't help feeling hou unpersonal this website is. here seems to be no coverage of any PDA news. However I suppose the whole being of the site means that the user is the one who contributes to each forum. Anyway check it out and see if I am wrong.

USER ASSISTANCE: If you can provide any answers please email the relevant person:

Posted by:Basim Bazyar
I am from Australia, and I cant get my hands on a Nokia Card Phone 2.0
for my Jornada 720, has anyone tried using any other ways to go
wireless without using Infra red, cable connection or modem? Your help will be
appreciated. Does any one have a Nokia Card Phone 2.0 to sell me :)"

Posted by:Keith
"I have a Jornada 430. Can I upgrade from Windows CE
2.11 to Windows CE 3.0 so I can browse the WEB.
I have been trying to get an answer to this question
with no luck. Can you HELP me.Keith"

Tuesday, September 25, 2001

WEB NEWS: Send me a Message- posted by Sammual (webmaster) I was not a happy Irish chappy this morning. I switched on my 720, connected it to my mobile to chech my Hotmail email, went into the shower while it tried to synch, I came out, got an orange juice, opened my Hotmail account and was greeted with the message, "your inbox is empty", I thought to myself (and I am not showing off here) that simply cannot be right as you can expect through this site and my job I a lot of emails per day that I resond to. The reason was that my email load had increased it's 2mb capacity, and yes I hold my hand up it's all my fault. I didn't read the email they sent me warning that my emails would be deleated if I did not reduce the content of my inbox....but still what a bummer!!!!! Anyway todays lesson read the emails that Hotmail send you, in fact you probably do, it's just me. So with that in mind I've changed back to my Yahoo email address, dont worry I've changed all the relevant links back (for the million time), so remember my email address is: sammualjames_mcloughlin@yahoo.co.uk. So send all your correspondence there. You can also message me because that enables my Yahoo messenger to work. A number of people have sent me a message and it is working fine on both my PC and my 720, my messenger name is: sammualjames_mcloughlin. As ever if I am not onlibne still send a message and when I log on and receive it I will send you a return reply :-)

NEWS: Pocket PC Awards - posted by Sammual (webmaster) OK we are going off the beaten track here, the Pocket PC Awards are upon us, and I admit we are not directly involved with the Pocket PC, but a lot of you use them with your 720. This is a reminder to let you know that if you are a Pocket PC user, your vote is needed RIGHT NOW!!! The awards are set up in conjunction with Pocket PC Magazine and Pocket PC Summit being held in October. By clicking here you will get the full details and be able to vote online. One of the nominations for best Pocket PC News/Reviews site is Jason Dunn's excellent Pocket PC Thoughts and that is where my vote has gone too, its an excellent site and although covers 90% Pocket PC, he has been known to cover the important and relevant Handheld computer news that we guys love. If you use a Pocket PC and a handheld PC, go check him out and give him your support!!!!!!


EDITORIAL: Remember September 11th - posted by Sammual (webmaster) I thought that I would take down the half cast flag which was displayed at the top left hand corner above the "email prompt" of the screen. Two weeks on I have posted in rememberence the American flag ribbon, which my site is proud to display. You can obtain the ribbon yourself from here. As many of you will know I am Irish, but as I have said previously the United Kingdom has seen it's fair share of terrorism, and I know that our country stands behind the US.

NEWS:Simcity on the handheld - posted by Sammual (webmaster) I received an email from ZIOSoft the makers of Simcity with regards to producing a version for Handheld computers such as our 720 etc........ They tell me that they have passed on my request to the relevant designers, however they can make no promises. So lets keep our fingers crossed. Don't forget you can email them. Lets wait and see shall we? Any further updates I will post here. I would have posted the full email however all my hotmail emails are gone, (see above).

Monday, September 24, 2001

NEWS: for those who use a Pocket PC and a Handheld in conjuction- posted by Sammual (webmaster) I know that many of you own and use a Pocket PC, in conjunction with your handheld, so if you are one of them this information may be of use. The Compaq Ipaq Pocket PC machines can now be upgraded to Pocket PC 2002. All you need to do is fill in the relevant form and fax it to Compaq. There is a small price for the upgrade or free if you purchased your Ipaq within a recent timespan. If your with Europe click here, and click on "terms and conditions" however if your within the US click here. When I know info for other countries I will post on the site.

Sunday, September 23, 2001

NEWS: Wouldn't it be great to have SimCity on your Handheld??? - posted by Sammual (webmaster)

The Ludipocket website has some great screenshots of the forthcoming release of Simcity for the Pocket PC platform to be released in October by ZIOSoft. Would this not look good on a Handheld? I think it would be brilliant. Pocket PC users are going to be treated to such a fab treat with the game getting as real as it's PC counterpart. So in light of this I have emailed ZIOSoft to see if they could port the game over the 720 and other HPC platforms. This would be a real Christmas treat wouldn't it? If you too want to send them a email asking if it could be adopted to the HPC platform, here is their email address

EDITORIAL Hotmail on your Handheld using AvantGo - posted by Andrew Wolstenholme If you use Hotmail you may find this of use, thanks to an email I received this should do the trick, allowing you to read and write emails, however I believe that you may run into difficulty replying, so I advise that you copy the email address of the sender that you wish to reply to and compose a new message posting their address in the relevant field. One last point, you can't have everything, this "way around" will not allow you to access your address book, but you can copy and paste from your contacts and solve the problem that way. All in all, this is a good way to access hotmail, allowing you to be able to synch either through your desktop, or through a wireless solution using Avant go where you can also use the modem to synch your account. It takes about five minutes but once ready it works almost like a dream.....so here goes:

1. Double click on Active Synch > options > mobile link > settings > properties, once there check "Connect to this server using a secure protocol", then click ok.

2. Use your PC to log onto your hotmail account however watch the address bar carefully, as soon as you have entered your password copy the address bar.

3. Log onto your Avantgo account and create a channel, paste the URL address you just copied into the web address, and call it what you want, Hotmail may be a good choice ;-)

4. Set level to 6, and memory capacity tom 350k. Click yes for images and links.

5. Synch your handheld, ensuring that it synchs your new Avantgo channel

6.You should be able to open hotmail on your device and be met with the sign in details. Fill them in accordingly. Press send, you will receive a prompt to say that it will be submitted on your next synch. Then Synch accordingly.

7.On your desktop, go into your Hotmail inbox, once in, copy the URL in the address bar

8. Log back into your Avantgo account and replace the original Hotmail address which is the one you pasted two minures ago with the new address, save this....................nearly there ;-)

9. Synch your machine once again

10. OK, with any luck you should see your inbox and be able to access your messages and compose new messages.

There are certain number of known issues. Obviously the ones that I mentioned above, secondly every now and again it may ask you to choose the junk filter limit this being the case you will have to choose and resych as you are submitting a form and it will not allow you past this point. As I mentioned I have no way of replying to an email but when I find out how to I'll post on the site. If you manage to tweak this process then email us and again we will post on site.

USER ASSISTANCE You know the drill, email the relevant person if you can offer any help

Posted by Richard Loughead
"I currently Sync my 720 through the serial port with M/S outlook 2000, I can't get my Palm vx with a usb port conversion to perform a sync on the same m/s outlook 2000 data base. Any suggestions? Thank you for taking the time to answer. Best Regards"

Posted by Carlos Mendez
"I'm going to buy a Jornada 720, I'm convinced, but,

1. Could you recommend me to wait until Windows CE launch 4.0 version.
2. Is HP ready to launch a new Jornada version? When?
3. The Jornada 720 cost $ 900 usd what do you think?

Thanks for your comments, and advice."

Posted by Michael Gordon
"I am using the basic HP backup, backing up everything and then transferring the data for storage via a flash card on to the hard disk of my desktop. Yesterday, calling the stored file for a restore, the 720 said it was the wrong file format. Its extension had changed to dba. I understand that certain file transfers can change some parameters or formats but this one is fairly fundamental. Any ideas?"

Posted by Aris
"Just discovered your site through Microsoft referral site. I am
interested in programming music programs on HPJornada 720. I have
PocketC and NSBasicCE. There is a program called Sqeak which is a
smaller version of Smalltalk; Squeak is now version 3.0 but they have
only ported it to PocketPC e.g.IPAQ. If more people were interested in
Squeak for HPC2000, maybe they would spend some time porting it for
HPJornada users. The port to PocketPC doesn't seem to run well on 720.
I'm looking for programs which might allow music composing and
playback on 720.
Any suggestions?
Aris Gredzens"

Thursday, September 20, 2001

the newton such an old classic

EDITORIAL: Remembering the old days of Handhelds - Sammual (webmaster) There are certain reasons why I purchaseda handheld over a Pocket PC. The keyboard, it's robust, the different advantages to using it, rather than a Pocket PC can go on. But many people believe the day of the HPC may be over. I believe that at them moment there is not that much support but I think we will get to see future handhelds and maybe possibly future updates to the operating system.....and no, before someone emails me, I know nothing that Microsoft so do not even think that this is the start of anything. I was talking to Sean from the Simply 720 website and we both agree that support has dwindled of late but we also believe that future handhelds will also appear on the shelves.Lets face it the handheld computer is a gem. I admit I also own a Pocket PC and look forward to the new release of it's operating system, but it does not deter me from using my 720 as many of you know, because the Pocket PC is my main PDA and my 720 is the powerhorse. So what excactly will happen to the current crop of handhelds that are out on the market? Well it seems likly now that because the 720 has been out in the market for some while, I am sure something will come along and replace it. Whether the proposed deal between Compaq and HP will delay this is just a guess. NEC have a fine handheld and I receive emails from various people praising it for what it is. But I am sure the handheld will not become of the Apple Newton. I too like many people own this fine machine, and for it's day was a classic. I still love the green screen but it was just sooo big and built like a brick.Remember earlier handhelds running earlier Windows CE operating systems? I loved them and although we have a more advanced operating system on our handhelds today they are true classics and I certainly will not be parting with mine. You never know I still may need it in case something happens to my 720. Anyway I just thought I'd ramble on and talk about my previous experiences with handhelds, and that leads me to a good question, what fond experiences have you had with previous handheld computers? Email me and let me know and I'll share them on the site.

Tuesday, September 18, 2001
NEWS: More 720 chat Sean from Simply720 has sent me a note to say that there is going to be another 720 chat session tmrw night. Specifics for the chat can be found here and the chatroom can be found at Simply 720. If this proves popular I'm sure that Raul Lucky and the guys at Simply 720 will be hosting more chat sessions in the future.


NEWS:Bitbank Software Beta Release 2.0.7 If there is a piece of software that you will always hear good remarks about its this, Bitbanks excellent picture viewer for handhelds and Pocket PC's.We've mentioned this before, but here is a reminder why it's so good.

"BBView was written from the ground up for speed and ease of use. Includes the following unique features:

The fastest JPEG image viewer available - includes options to reduce memory usage and speed up display. If you compare the performance of this code to other viewers, please note that most other viewers load reduced resolution images. Go to the configuration dialog (wrench icon) and see the options on the JPEG tab.
Image Preview Window - the file selector dialog includes an image preview window that is unparalleled in performance. On StrongARM CPUs a preview image of multi-megapixel images takes a small fraction of a second.
Screen Capture Utility - using direct screen access, BBView can capture the display of ANY program including games. Supports saving screens as BMP, PCX, GIF and JPEG
Support for monochrome devices - now you can view photos well on your monochrome CE machine.
Supports all current CE platforms (Pocket PC, HPC Pro, HPC 2000) and all CPUs (ARM,MIPS,SH3)
Supports many standard file formats including JPEG, GIF, Windows BMP (RLE too), CALS, TARGA, FLI/FLC, and FAX files
Supports multipage file formats including TIFF, DCX, AWD (MS FAX), MOD:CA/IOCA, PDF and more
Incredibly fast thumbnail view for quickly browsing tons of images
Full customizable toolbars
Context-sensitive help available from every window
Includes editing functions and color conversion.
Allows viewing of ancillary text info associated with GIF, TIFF and JPEG files
Allows saving of images in a wide variety of formats.
Perfect for viewing large bilevel images - includes scale-to-gray display option and efficient use of memory; load E+ sized drawings with very little memory usage.
Ability to view certain AVI and MOV (QuickTime) video files
Includes infrared printing"

Get the full facts and download from the Bitbank website

Sunday, September 16, 2001
NEWS – posted by Sammual (webmaster) Due to the disturbing events within the US this week resulting in a lack of posting mid-week, I am a little behind in posting several of the user assistance questions that I have received on the site. So today I will start publishing them if you can help then please email the relevant person. One last point today is Sunday, I am not a religious person but today I said a prayer for all those touched by this week’s tragedies. May I ask that everyone takes at least a minute of their time to pray for those affected. Whatever religion you may be, just time out for one minute. I am also well behind with my email and responces, so if you have sent me an email then bear with me but as always keep them coming, my email address is: sammualjames_mcloughlin@hotmail.com or use MSN Messenger to get in contact, my messenger name is: sammualjames_mcloughlin if I'm offline still send a message, I'll always respond to messages and greetings sent as soon as I login and receive them.

USER ASSISTANCE posted by Brad
”I was wondering if you could recommend a good customer relationship manager (like Act) for the Jornada 720. Thanks, Brad

USER ASSISTANCE posted by J.B.Koubek
”Are there any users groups for the 660? Thank you”

USER ASSISTANCE posted by Laurent Rivier
” I am trired of fighting against the many new virus of the Window PC platform. Now I plan to buy a Macintosh again but I don't want to get rid of my HP 720 which gives me so much satisfaction ! Before going ahead, I would like to know if the MSOffice on Mac which does include Outlook can be synchronized with the HP 720. The same can be asked for the other programmes of the MSOffice series (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). I guess Access is an other item as it does not (yet) exist on MACs. In other words, does any MAC software exist which act as the Microsoft ActiveSynch ? Thank you for your answer. Regards, Laurent Rivier”

Saturday, September 15, 2001
SITE NEWS: TWEAKS - posted by Sammual (webmaster) I've "tweaked" the site slightly, especially the left hand column. Hopefully the site should download a little faster ;-)


This looks good. It allows for better synching between PC PIMS and your handheld.

"PDAsync’s menu lets you select exactly what you want to sync based on category. For example, you can sync your e-mail based on date, file size and more. Or, you can sync your calendar for a specific time period such as the next 2 weeks. Would you like to sync individual contacts, instead of your complete contact list? With PDAsync, you can selectively sync the information that is critical to you. It’s the fastest, easiest to use and most flexible product available!"

The way you can customisethis is great, allowing you to just select one or two contacts to synch between your handheld and PC. Lotus Notes, Lotus Organizer, and ACT! As far as I am aware it supports all handhelds, if you find otherwise email me and let me know. There is a 30 day evaluation to try out. Go to their website to get the full rundown.

EDITORIAL:WHAT IMPROVEMENTS WOULD WE LIKE TO SEE? - posted by Sammual (webmaster) A new release of the Pocket PC platform is to be released. I have begun to ask myself whether Microsoft will update the HPC platform. What improvements and enhancements would I like to see? Firstly for me I use Word on my 720 daily and I really want a built in word count to be implemented within the word application itself. Secondlt the outlook application is fine but for me it needs some improvement. I would like to see a better week view rather than the basic view it currently posses at the moment. I also need to see all my tasks implemented within my agenda view. The inte net browser needs to be speeded up significantly, to allow faster browsing of pages with greater access to more secure sites such as banking resources etc. Give me proper messenger applications for services such as MSN and chat relays, IRC being such an application that I use. I'm not all that bothered with Media Player...yes, I can see others using it but for me, it's not an essential application. Oh one last improvement please, I would like a file explorer so I can search and keep track of all my files. So these are just some of my requested improvements. What improvements or enhancements would you like to see? I've started a discussion topic, contribute using the forum.

EDITORIAL: MAKING THE DECISION TO BUY A HANDHELD IS NOT THAT STRAIGHTFORWARD - posted by Andrew Wolstenholme There are several handhelds on the market at the moment, so how do you know which one is for you? Well whenever anyone asks me I always suggest writing a list. Is it the size of the keyboard? Memory capabilities? Colour and design? What software do you need? Yes, there is a selection of third party software but remember to find out what processor the handheld runs on. Are there carrying cases available for the machine in question? Once you've purchased your handhekd there's in deed a good chance that you will pay out further enhance it's productivity, software once again comes to mind. Remember buying a handheld is not as simple and straightforward as it seems but once you've made the decision to purchase there's no looking back.

Friday, September 14, 2001

IMPORTANT: In light of the recent developments in the US, I have not posted anything on the site out of respect. We will resume posting once again this weekend. I myself have friends in New York as many of you know I visit almost monthly. All my friends are fine, thank goodness. Until we commence posting again at the weekend, our thoughts are with you all in the US.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001
IMPORTANT: OUR THOUGHTS GO TO THE CITIZENS OF THE US. - posted by Sammual (Webmaster) Due to the nature of the day's events, I will not be updating the website for the next day out of respect to our American friends.We are sorry to hear the news of this terrible tragedy. As a regular visitor to New York The thoughts are with you from myself and I am sure everyone here within the UK and Ireland.

Sunday, September 09, 2001
NEWS: Join in the online chat for 720 users - posted by Sammual (webmaster)
Raul Luckys excellent website has been updated. Raul wants to get an online chat going for 720 users on the 12th September. You must have a desktop version of Yahoo messenger, sadly the HPC version will not work :-( The first online chat will be open and will be used to discuss future subjects. Check Raul's site out for all the details. I'll remind you all again as we near the date. (Unfort, I myself will not be able to attend as I'm out of the country on business and holiday - I know lame excuse but when business calls however I can't wait for the next one)

NEWS: Getting Hotmail on your 720 - posted by Lindsey Dyson

There is a very good way to retrieve your Hotmail using a handheld computer using something called "Pop3Hot". You can now use Pop3Hot as a synchronisation agent between MSN/Hotmail and your Handheld PC. According to their website the description describes the Pop3Hot as:

"Pop3Hot is a synchronization agent software, designed for being installed on your desktop PC. Pop3Hot will help synchronizing your MSN or Hotmail with your Pocket PC, similar to what Active Sync does with your Outlook/Exchange messages. Pop3Hot acts as a mini-POP3/SMTP server which can be reached by your Pocket PC when you connect to your desktop PC via ActiveSync. Pop3Hot works with all Hotmail accounts (...@hotmail.com) and those (newer) MSN mail accounts (...@msn.com) which use the HTTP protocols. As a general rule of thumb: If you can access your eMail via the Hotmail site, Pop3Hot will work for you.

When synchronization is started, your Pocket PC will send commands to Pop3Hot, which in turn fetches the messages from MSN Hotmail, translates them and delivers them to your Pocket PC. A similar process happens when messages are sent. Your Pocket PC delivers the messages from the Outbox to Pop3Hot, which in turn will translate and forward them to MSN Hotmail for further processing and delivery. When the Inbox and Pop3Hot work together, you can achieve true synchronisation of your MSN Hotmail with your Pocket PC, i.e.

All new Hotmail messages are downloaded to your Pocket PC. What you delete on the Pocket PC will automatically be removed from Hotmail.
What you delete from Hotmail will automatically be removed from your Pocket PC. A copy of all messages sent from your Pocket PC will be kept in the Hotmail Sent Items folder."

Now, it does work fine with Handheld computers and there is a trial period, because something this good cant be free......................right? Anyway Click here to get the full rundown and download.


USER ASSISTANCE: There are a number of users requiring help today, if you can assist please email them by clicking on their names :-)

Connecting to the internet- posted by Margo

"another Jornada-newbie question here : I've been trying to use the dial-up. I hear the modem call, but I keep
getting the warning:"no carrier detected, please verify phone number". The phone number itself from my ISP is correct
so I suspect I'm making a mistake in the dialing pattern.I have tried several possibilities but still nothing :( Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Margo Wening, Netherlands"

Wanting help using a Palm and a 720 together - posted by Michael

"G’day Sammual. I haven’t quite a 720 yet, however it’s on order and I can’t wait. I currently own, and am very happy with, a Palm Vx. Getting a 720 because from what I can see and talking to people who own one, there isn’t really anything it cannot do.Now, what should I do with my Palm? I’ve seen a number of comments on this and other 720 sites, which make it quite clear that a Palm (or similar) and the 720 are complementary, as opposed to being mutually exclusive.Yes I can see that there might be times when I don’t need or want to ‘lug around’ the 720 and the Palm will fit in my pocket, but apart from that, what might be the benefits of running both of these simultaneously? Also, are there any issues in synchronising both from the one desktop/Outlook (e.g. software conflicts or the like)? Thanks in advance
Michael Blair, Werrington Downs, Australia"

Colour printing from the 720 - posted by George

"Hi. I was wondering, you might know this from your experience – if there is a way to print in color from a J720? When using a Socket LAN card on my home network, I have printed documents to local printers several times. Each time I do this, I notice a ‘Print in Color’ checkbox in the print dialog box. It’s unchecked and ‘dimmed out’ so it cannot be checked. This is true whether I am printing to a color or a monochrome printer. HP’s US help line suggested their universal remedy - doing a hard reset. Great! I’ve NEVER seen this box un-dimmed. I suspect the color part of the driver was perhaps planned but never included. Do you know if there is a way to enable color printing? George Arthur"

Saturday, September 08, 2001
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If everyone can make note that I am changing my email address to: sammualjames_mcloughlin@hotmail.com the main reason is that I was have been experiencing problems using my Yahoo address and Yahoo messenger. In addition that means that I am now available using MSN Messenger, my contact name is sammualjames_mcloughlin , so as ever send me a message and even if I am not online I will send you a message just as soon as I sign back on and receive your message. I'll still be using ICQ, but not as frequent as using MSN Messenger so if you can use MSN Messenger that would be better. I will be posting this message probably on a weekly basis to remind regular visitors and newbie's, all email and messenger links should also now be updated. So to mention again:

My email address is: sammualjames_mcloughlin@hotmail.com
MSN Messenger name: sammualjames_mcloughlin

REFERENCE: More information on the 790 - posted by Andrew Wolstenholme

Want to know more information about the NEC 790? Here are some sites where you can get the rundown on what the 790 is all about.
The Official NEC, 790 webpage - A little low on full information, but certainly a good start.
NEC Product Press Release - Press Release from NEC containing more information.
Foxpop comparison - Foxpop has a excellent comparison of four handhelds including the Jornada 720 and the NEC 790, well worth a read see how it compares against the Psion range of handheld computers.

NEWS: Cool NEC Mobile Pro review- posted by Andrew Wolstenholme

Pocket PC Magazine has a great review of the NEC Mobile Pro 790. Its very good especially if your either considering it or just curious as to its features. Read the full review here.

Thursday, September 06, 2001
NEWS:Pocket PC 2002. Screenshots and inside info now available!!!!!!! - but I am still going to be using my 720 as my handheld computer.!!!!! - posted by Sammual (Webmaster)

Just before I head off to London for the day, I thought I would give you the rundown on the new OPocket PC 2002 Operating platform. I try and let you know of news that I would find on intrest and even though not directly to do with the 720, its still important enough to be posted. Many of you may know that Microsoft has been updating its Pocket PC operating platform. Well now there are screenshots galore!!! There are two sites with great inside info and screenshots for you to go and take a look at they are: Pocket PC Thoughts and PDA Buzz. I know many of you use a Pocket PC with your 720 or handheld computer. We infact have discussed this over the last couple of days. Email me with your thoughts on the updated Pocket PC operating platform and I'll post them on the site. My opinion is although the new Pocket PC OS look good and yes it may draw me away from using a Palm as the PDA I use with my 720, it's not going to stop me using my 720 as it is too valuable and productive. Anyway they are just my thoughts...........all to their own!!!!!!

NEWS:Video Communications on the 720 Thanks to Ryan for dropping me this note.

"I'm not sure if this software was submitted already, but just thought I
would drop you an email about it. I apologies if this was already submitted.

The best thing about this program is that there is a Jornada 720/710
version available!!!

"Microsoft Portrait is a video communication program working at very low
bit rates on the Internet. It runs on PCs and Pocket PCs in local area
networks, dialup networks or even wireless networks with bandwidths as low
as 9.6 kilobits per second. Microsoft Portrait delivers portrait-like
black/white video which can work in so low bandwidth that full color video
can never work. The portrait video is so small that it can even be
transmitted through an HTTP proxy as text. Microsoft Portrait provides
basic audio/video talk and chat functions almost anytime anywhere on any

I've tested it out on my PocketPC (iPaq) and desktop and it works pretty
well. I didn't have a chance to test it on my 720 yet, but I will eventually.

Here is the url: http://research.microsoft.com/~jiangli/portrait/
Hope this helps the 720 community.


Tuesday, September 04, 2001
EDITORIAL: Merger creates computer giant - posted by Sammual (webmaster) I wake up to the news this morning that there will be a merger between HP and Compaq, all I can say is ........WOW!! The mereger according to both companies will create a "global technology leader". Imagine a joint handheld computer by both companies. Imagine what this meant? A 720 that could not only be used as a handheld but had the technology to run software that runs on a Ipaq Pocket PC, nows there's a thought!!!!!! To read more about the merger, check out this from the BBC business website. Meanwhile there seems to be a lot of speculation in the PDA world about companies about to go under, who is going to win the war in the Palm PC battle, is the future over for the handheld PC community, etc, etc, etc. Well to be honest, there does seem to be a serious battle going on between the Pocket PC and the Palm, and something tells me the Pocket PC may well pull through as Palm has not released a major update to its OS for quite some while. But many people will already know this. And as many of you will know it was a sad day when Psion discontinued it's consumer handheld computer operations. I have always been fans of both Psion and Palm ad the 720 was an advanced move as it seemed to offer more than what the Psion Series 5 could offer me. I hope that we do not see the same happen to the manufacturing of handheld computers such as the 720 and the NEC model. Yes laptops are getting smaller and lighter. Is there where handhelds will run into problems? As handheld users we know the benifits of owning a handheld can be.....instant powerup's....light and easy to carry......etc, etc, etc. However I believe the laptop and especially more the Pocket PC is stealing the limelight. I actually find it hard to believe that not more people would find a handheld computer a more attractive option. However that is not the case. However as this site has shown there are many pepple who use a Pocket PC and their handheld in harmony together. In fact I frequently receive emails from people telling me so. In fact I may post more of them on the site. Anyway to finish my mursings, the point of my opinion piece is basically, enjoy using your handheld computer fr whatever reasons you use them for. If you use it in conjunction with another PDA, well great and good for you, but just remember to enjoy it. It basically was not an inexpensive purchase so ensure you use it to its full advantage.

Saturday, September 01, 2001
NEWS Quake on the 720 - posted by Sammual (webmaster) For those wanting Quake for their 720, then check out this website.

NEWS - posted by Sammual (webmaster) Just off the beaten track for a minute but Internet explorer 6 has now been released, with a wealth of new features. Click here to get the download and new features information.

USER ASSISTANCE: Considering purchasing a 720 If you can help Mitch please email him at: Robert.Mitchell@offutt.af.mil

”Hi My name is Mitch and I am seriously thinking about purchasing a
Jornada 720. However, I would like an expert to answer a few questions for me.

1. Is it easy to access the web? Do you need a particular internet provider?
2. It says it has a PCMCIA Slot and Compact Flash slot. In laymans term what do these do. Do they add extra memory so you can hold more files or what?
3. Is it easy to print directly from the 720 and how do you do it?

If you can take the time to answer these questions I would be grateful. I hope to get a Jornada 720 and increase my computer knowledge so I won't
be so illiterate.

Thanks for any help you can be.”

USER ASSISITANCE: If you can help Carl then please drop him a email.

“I recently bought a Jornada 720. I am not able to transfer Contacts (or anything) from my Compaq Aero 2110 [factory up-graded to Pocket PC os] via infra-red. Any suggestions?”

EDITORIAL: Just thought I’d tell you I was using my 720 on a plane today and I was sat next to someone who was using a laptop. It took almost two minutes for the gentleman next to me to load up his laptop and get straight into his work. It took me ten seconds. Anyway as the flight proceeded my travelling companion next to me turned around and politely asked what I was using. After discussing what a 720 was and demonstrating many of the benefits, my new friend was indeed fascinated. Turns out that he only uses his laptop to type up reports and emails them to his boss. I explained that all this was possible by simply using the 720, it was small and could easily be fitted into a pocket or briefcase. Once we arrived into London Heathrow which was my final destination, the my companion (his name is Mark) said that he was going straight into London to purchase a 720. It actually made my day. Just think of the commission I could have made from HP.

- Andrew Wolstenholme

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