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Wednesday, August 29, 2001
EDITORIAL: Wow it's been a busy week Yes I am having one of those mad busy weeks this week.......thanks to my 720 for keeping me sane. Firstly I have dozens of editorials to write.......(ok 9 to be precise) and I have two speeches to compose for one of my clients. Now that may not sound a lot but if only you knew the content. Can I point out that all of this is typed up on my 720. That reminds me I received an email from someone who is not obviously a 720 fanatic, which I won't even give the "time of day" to post on the site. The letter seemed to criticise handheld computers in general, and in addition to this he was dammed right rude about this website. "Why use a handheld when you can get more out of a Pocket PC?" he asked. To be honest although I do not mind Pocket PC's there is so much practical use you can get out of a handheld, especially with regards to the keyboard. I would not be able to get through my workload this week on a Pocket PC for two reasons, one, I'm constantly travelling this week, and two, my 720 has a keyboard allowing me to type quicker than manually writing data into a Pocket PC.....again I'm not knocking te Pocket PC , it's just that the 720 meets my needs in a much better way. As with regards to your words about the website. Firstly I enjoy using a handheld PC and this site was put together to express my "business hobby" as such. If the site offends Pocket PC users then apologies.....however I do not see why it does. The site is designed to be a source for handheld users It was "born out of frustration" because there was a real lack of resources from the developers of handheld computers. I'm sure that Bill who mantains the excellent Simply720 site would also agree. So this site will continue to be a resource for handheld computers and I hope that you continue to enjoy the site.

- Sammual (webmaster)


Saturday, August 25, 2001
NEWS: Keep track of all important information when working on projects - posted by: Lindsey Dyson

When working on Projects I like to keep a date track of all things associated with it. Now normally I tend to use Pocket excel, there seems nothing wrong with it. However I noticed that Ilium Software have released a program called Recordian. It allows you to keep a register of all items and important informationa associated with a project that you may be working on. All your vital information at your finger tips. Now thats something. I am going to be trying this software out and I'll keep you posted. Check Iliums website out for details and download.

NEWS: New version of MobiPocket for the Handheld computer - posted by: Sammual (webmaster)

image shows a palm or pocket pc view but works perfectly well on a handheld pc

MobiPocket have released a new version of their reader, allowing handheld pc users to read many embooks. Thinking about it this is an excellent way to use your handheld PC, I have really never gotten into reading an ebook on my 720. However now that Autumn is on the way in the UK, and the nights are drawing in, it sounds like a good idea, or especially to waste time on a long flight over the Atlantic.
This updated supports many new features including:
- optimized speed of display
- enhanced graphical user interface
- improved image rendering
Get the download here from the MobiPocket website

Friday, August 24, 2001
NEWS: Receiving and sending Hotmail using Avantgo Gemma Lees, sent me this email on how to receive and send Hotmail using AvantGo. It sounds a bit tricky but it is a possible. Check out the PocketGeeks website to get the full instructions.

EDITORIAL: Psion and Palm users have excellent magazines that keep both these users up to date with whats happening in the world of both platforms. Both magazines are called "Palmtop" and "PalmUser". Windows CE users may also be happy to know that there is a magazine dedicated to the Windows CE platform entitled "Pocket PC magazine". Ok, stop there, the magazine is just for Pocket PC users right???, (thats what I hear you asking). Well no not really, I would say yes a large percentage is however there is plenty of material especially for Handheld users. I myself have subscribed and I look forward to the day it arrives. We receive lots of emails from new users asking technical questions, opinion and reviews here at the website. Many we answer or Sammual posts on this page. Many we direct to the forum because we know you guys "know your stuff" and are able to help these guys out. However I would like to suggest that new users and anyone who use's a Handheld PC , whether it be a 720 or a MobilePro or whatever at least take a look at the "Pocket PC Magazine" homepage and take a good look at the site. You may be suprised. The "Pocket PC Magazine" website can be found here.

- Andrew Wolstenholme

NEWS: Europe Hotmail users may be able to get access to their email accounts on a mobile phone. This makes for a good read. Microsoft is allowing mobile phone portals in Europe to be to offers users the chance to access their hotmail accounts using a mobile phone. Users will also be able to read and send emails including text messages. Thne scheme is to be trialled however a date has not been released as to when this starts. I just wish I could use hotmail fully on my 720. Click here to read the full story

Thursday, August 23, 2001
SITE NEWS: Our site was down for a little while earlier yesterday due to a hardware upgrade by Blogger the template used to build the site.

EDITORIAL:The Micro PDA Rex is to be discontinued.
According to the Brighthand website, the Micro PDA, Rex is to be discontinued. I, myself was not a user of this little machine but I know from the forum that many of you were. Recently the PDA scene has been rather up and down. With the end of Psion handhelds, Palm sales turbulent and now the end of Rex PDA's it leaves one to think what is happening to the world of PDA's? In my opinion, people want more than a basic PIM, todays's lifestyle demands that little bit more. Internet browsing, roaming email access, the ability to complete that word document. All of this can be performed on a handheld computer. Reality though needs to be realised that manufacturing of the handheld PDA is slow. With less than a handfull of big names still producing handhelds compared to two or three years ago. This is mainly due to the Pocket PC. What will the future hold? That I am unsure. Yes I am sure that there will be further handheld computers in the future. I am undure if they will be based on the Windows CE platform, but I am sure there will still be a market for them. However HPC's are still being manufactured and whilst that continues the community will itself continue.

- Sammual (webmaster)

Monday, August 20, 2001
DISCUSSION: What software can you not live without on your HPC
Remember we have a discussion going at the moment encouraging you to list the software that you could not live without on your 72o. Although it mentions the 720 if you own a MobilePro or other handheld, please feel free to contribute to the discussion. All contributions welcome. Click here to read or add to the discussion.

NEWS: The excellent Bitbank software "BBView" beta release 2.0.5 has been released.

Ok good news, the new beta version of BBView from Bitbank has now been released, with full support for the 720 and MobilePro 790. According to the Bitbank website this is the latest on what's new for this version:

"BBView was written from the ground up for speed and ease of use. Includes the following unique features:

The fastest JPEG image viewer available - includes options to reduce memory usage and speed up display. If you compare the performance of this code to other viewers, please note that most other viewers load reduced resolution images. Go to the configuration dialog (wrench icon) and see the options on the JPEG tab.
Image Preview Window - the file selector dialog includes an image preview window that is unparalleled in performance. On StrongARM CPUs a preview image of multi-megapixel images takes a small fraction of a second.
Screen Capture Utility - using direct screen access, BBView can capture the display of ANY program including games. Supports saving screens as BMP, PCX, GIF and JPEG
Support for monochrome devices - now you can view photos well on your monochrome CE machine.
Supports all current CE platforms (Pocket PC, HPC Pro, HPC 2000) and all CPUs (ARM,MIPS,SH3)
Supports many standard file formats including JPEG, GIF, Windows BMP (RLE too), CALS, TARGA, FLI/FLC, and FAX files
Supports multipage file formats including TIFF, DCX, AWD (MS FAX), MOD:CA/IOCA, PDF and more
Incredibly fast thumbnail view for quickly browsing tons of images
Full customizable toolbars
Context-sensitive help available from every window
Includes editing functions and color conversion.
Allows viewing of ancillary text info associated with GIF, TIFF and JPEG files
Allows saving of images in a wide variety of formats.
Perfect for viewing large bilevel images - includes scale-to-gray display option and efficient use of memory; load E+ sized drawings with very little memory usage.
Ability to view certain AVI and MOV (QuickTime) video files
Includes infrared printing"

So to conclude this is an excellent download. Check out the BitBank website for info and download.

Saturday, August 18, 2001
USER EXPERIENCE: Jordan Philips, from Fort Worth sent me this note on how he and his fellow workers use their MobilePro handhelds.

"As a MobilePro handheld user, I use my handheld to write chronicles for our local community newsletter. Our newsletter is published by six of us, one of my fellow editors also users a 720, whilst another like me has converted from a PC to a MobilePro. My MobilePro is one of the biggest investments that I have purchased. Although the Pocket PC looks attractive, and yes there is the chance to purchase optional add on keyboards, the MobilePro is a Man's tool. A handheld computer fits in with our requirements more than what a Pocket PC could ever do. Anyway I just thought I'd let you know how we use our handhelds to write our community newsletter."

NEWS: Comparisons of Handheld computers over at Foxpop The Foxpop website this week has a good comparison of three of the most popular handheld computers. Our beloved Jornada 720, the ever popular NEC MobilePro 790 and the sadly deceased Psion Series 5mx and Series 7. This is a good comparison and needless to say with some good results. Remember whatever the result I believe that it is the handheld computer that suits your needs the most that has the ability to win. You need to investigate why you need a Handheld computer. The conditions you will be using it in etc. So remember that when you are reading the review. Click here to go to the Foxpop website.

NEWS: French 720 site can now be read in English. Non French readers can read the excellent jornada.free.fr website by using the Google translator service which translate everything into english. This is an excellent website. I spent a good hour yesterday reading through the site. To view the site using the translator service from Google, then click here.

NEWS: AOL stops development of AOL 2.0 for HPC's Received news this morning that AOL has stopped the development of its AOL 2.0 for Handheld computers (as well as the Pocket PC platform). In a statement sent to all beta users AOL stated:

"Thank you for participating in the beta test program for AOL 2.0 for Windows
CE and Pocket PC.

Due to a refocusing of our product development efforts, we will be
discontinuing the AOL 2.0 for Windows CE/Pocket PC beta test and support for
this product beginning August 17. At this time we do not have a GM date for
the product, but will keep you posted. In the meantime, the current versions
of AOL Mail for Pocket PC and Windows CE are available and can be downloaded
for free at AOL Keyword: AOL Anywhere.

We thank you for your help in testing the product and for your continued
support as we build products for this platform.

The AOL Anywhere Beta Team "

Thinking about this it is hard to figure out why AOL would do something like this. It is frustrating for us AOL users. The HPC platform and the Pocket PC platform is growing, so why cease development? Who knows, we will have to wait and see what happens.

Friday, August 17, 2001
NEWS: HPCGamer.org allows Pocket PC developers to transport their programs to HPC's such as the 720 An organisation named HPCGamer.org has released a service that allows Pocket PC developers to send in their program source codes to be ported over to the HPC platform. All this done at affrordable prices. Check out their website for the latest information. Lets hope we see more Pocket PC portals transferred over to the HPC platform.

Add your comments

Thursday, August 16, 2001

I decided to put together my own A List of what I feel to me is crucial to my 720. Remember this is my own opinion but if you would like your own personal A-List features then feel free to email Sammual.

READER: PeanutReader What do you do when you want to read ebooks on your handheld? You find an alternative. Peanut Reader is the alternative. Enter the Peanut Press website and you are greeted with many books. A simple download and within minutes your off. Backgrounds can be changed to make it easier to read. Get the reader from

MESSENGER : Yahoo messenger for the 720. Sammy mentioned this last week and I agree it is one of my favourites. If you have a Yahoo email
address then get this for your 720. It allows you to stay in contact with friends and family and I use this on a frequent basis. Obtainable from Yahoo's website.

BOOK: How to do everything with your handheld & Pocket PC.
I think this is an excellent book. As far I am aware this is a good
comprehensive book and yes it does cover the Pocket PC it equally illustrates the handheld PC. Get the book from Amazon

WEB: Avant Go, not quite real time browsing but almost there. In
the morning its straight into the shower, connect my 720, connect to Avant Go and then synchronise your favourite web pages whether that be to catch up with the latest news.
Get the latest download from AvantGo

NOTEPAD One man and his cat. What a great name for a program developer. Well this developer makes a great notepad that I use daily. It can be used for more than a notepad.
Check the website and get the latest download.

Wednesday, August 15, 2001
EDITORIAL:My handheld takes me everywhere. I'm a Marketing Director for a medium to large blue chip organization. Last week I was in Washington DC. I was attending a meeting with the head of a local Supermarket group (I won't name anyone) but the meeting was to secure quite a prosporous marketing campaign on behalf of the group. Normal meetings like this may last an hour it's normally fast paced, very diplomat. In walks the CEO. Anyway to cut a long story down an hour's meeting lasted just over 2 hours..........why? My prospect was also the proud owner of a 720. He proudly took out of his pocket, opened it and referred to it on numerous occasions. After the meeting which lasted 54 minutes (I always make a note of the length of meetings and then attatch it next to the contact details within my 720). For the remaining hour my prospet and I we're exchanging and sharing our views on the 720. All in all the experience was an education for both of us. Oh and by the way I later learnt by email received on my 720 later that day that I had clenched the deal. Do you think that was down to my presentation skills or simply down to my 720? I'll leave that to you.

- Lindsey Dyson

NEWS Microsoft releases beta 2 of Talisker
Talisker which is the code name for the next Windows CE
operating system. There will be significant
improvements and new editions. What this means for
handhelds such as the 720 and the MobilePro has yet to
be seen. Some say that this is simply an upgrade for
the Pocket PC. You can read more information and a
better description from the PDAlive

Tuesday, August 14, 2001
USER ASSISTANCE: Storage Card problems. If you can help Robert, please email him.

"Format Storage Card Pops UP Intermittently Due To 1gig IBM Microdrive
I have found that when I insert and leave a one gig IBM microdrive in the HP Jornada 720 PC/PCMCIA type II side slot that an intermittent message appears saying: "STORAGE CARD2 WARNING - Would you like the system to format the Storage Card2 folder so that the system can use it? -Warning: If You select Yes, any files in the Storage Card2 folder will be erased!" I tried several hard re-boots and soft re-boots without any cards installed and it still occurred intermittently whenever I put in the one gig microdrive. It only stopped when I left the microdrive out or put in any other PC card. I tried re-formatting the microdrive card on my PC but this still occurs. Is there any fix for this problem? I really need the space the microdrive has to offer."

USER ASSISTANCE: Screen problems. If you can help Mark please email him:

"I have a Jornada 680 (which I guess was the forerunner of the 720) and
I have a very strange problem. It's with the screen.If you will notice, when turning on the unit, there are two apparent
steps to the screen coming on. First, there is a slight brightness
which appears for a second. Then the entire colourful screen comes on.

Well, on several occasions, when the first stage came on, the unit got
stuck there and did not go to the real screen. After I let the unit
alone, just sitting there for about 12 hours or so, eventually when I
turned on the unit the entire screen came on. Any idea what is wrong with the unit? Any idea where I can get the unit serviced?
Any help will be appreciated."

EDITORIAL: Today I spent the day at home. Armed with my 720 and my Palm m505 I decided to work from home. I was able to use the 720 to answer my backlog of emails. I have been working on a new project for one of my new clients. So I spent part of the time fine tuning the plan for this and at what stages and dates I am going to carry these out by using excel on my 720. A quick email accompanies the spreadsheet and three hours work is complete. Armed with my 720 I am able to work anywhere.

A quick email from the office informs me that my diary is filling up.My Personal Assistant is able to upload my diary to me by using Yahoo Calendar. I then synch this with Outlook and then synch my 720 to Outlook.

I spent part of the afternoon sending email to friends and family. Its amazing how much time one consumes. If there is one program I would wish for on my HPC it would be a good calendar and agenda application. For me the built in application is a little basic. Pocket PC has Pocket Informant, whilst Palm has Datebk and Action names.

So did this afternoon prove? Well it proved that I could sit in my armchair loaded with a mug of tea, armed with my 720 and be just at productive as sat in front of a PC. I must do this more often.

- Sammual (webmaster)

Saturday, August 11, 2001
NEWS: Spend those hours playing Gameboy on your handheld

picture shows Pocket PC version

OK, how exciting is this. Spend those hours playing gameboy on your handheld. It runs on the 720 and the according to the developers website runs on HPC Pro machines so that should include the Mobile Pro 790. 720 users need to change the registry ever so slightly and details of this are given on the developers website. Best still there is a trial version. Check out the screenshots, and get the download from PocketGB's website. Well done PocketGB on a great product.

NEWS: Hewlett Packard is slashing prices of its handhelds in the UK. HP is reducing the prices of its handheld computers in the UK including the 720.One of the aims is to cut in on Psion users now thast Psion has said that it is holding back on creating consumer products for the time being. According to the ZDnet UK site:

"As Psion is scaling back on its PDA activity, we hope to attract some of their users,'' Jurgen Anthoni, handheld product manager at HP Europe told Bloomberg. Anthoni added that HP hoped to sell keyboard-based devices, such as the Jornada 720, to those such as salespeople and engineers who regularly work away from the office."

ZDNet UK carries the story, click here to read the full article.

SITE NEWS: We are getting more users from other handheld computers writing in so I thought that I would allow the people who have written the space to air their views on the site. Although the name suggests this site is aimed specifically at 720 users we do welcome users who use other handheld computers to write in. The aim of this site is to support handheld users especially 720 users but we are here for all users, whatever handheld computer you use. We don’t turn anyone away here!!!! We have articles, editorials and content that can be aimed at all handheld users.So thank you to those that have taken the time to write in. As ever all emails I receive I will post on the site. So if you are a Mobile Pro user or other handheld user then interact with the site and get in contact. My email is: sammualjames_mcloughlin@yahoo.co.uk or ICQ me on: 99366330

NEC MOBILE PRO, USER EXPERIENCE: Teacher uses 790 to stay ahead of the game in school. Mary Joseph from Texas US sent me in this email on how she uses her NEC Mobile Pro 790.

“I am a handheld PC user and although not a 720 user I do use a Mobile Pro 790, it’s a great machine. I am a teacher and it allows me to organise my lessons and plan my schedule with ease. I use excel to organise and keep track of student grades and results. Word allows me to keep track of what each lesson will consist of, allowing me to refer to my 790 throughout the lesson. Thieves and Kings Solitaire keeps me sane throughout. I strongly recommend the 790, it’s an excellent handheld machine and without goodness knows what I’d be like.”

NEC MOBILE PRO, USER EXPERIENCE: Jack Wheale from the US gives us his opinion on using the 790.

“I wanted to write to contribute how I use my MobilePro 790 but was a little afraid to as the site is aimed at 720 users. Well here goes anyway, as you know by now I own a 790, I am a writer and the best thing about this machine is the great keyboard. I can type with ease on it. I manage at least 40 wpm. Email is essential and it is great that I can finish a document and sent it to my publisher all from the same machine wherever I am. I would say that Internet Explorer sucks and is quite useless, it is slow and unreliable however that seems to be the only criticism that I have for the 790. Keep up the good work although Handheld computers will never win over Pocket PC’s its good to know that your site supports us handheld users.”

EDITORIAL: Yahoo messenger on the 720 or (alternative handheld)

It has to be said that communication is the key. According to a recent television commercial showing here in the UK, verbal communication makes up only 7% of how we communicate with each other on a daily basis. Whether this is true or not I do not know. With the creation of email and the internet this has opened the door to so many different means of communication. One of my favourite ways of communication is through Yahoo messenger. Up to recently I had trouble with my communicator but this was down to my PC but I now use Yahoo messenger on my 720. What are the benefits well firstly everyone in my office uses Yahoo messenger this was something I introduced almost six months ago. When I am out of the office wherever I am I can communicate with my people. Often I will need a file transferring over it is quicker than calling explaining what file you need. While using messenger I can send a message and the file can be emailed over to me straight away. Messenger is also quicker than email and I can tell if any of my friends worldwide are on line at that particular time. I can also keep in contact with friends and family all this through a small handheld such as the 720. (Versions are available for other handheld users). Even if you do not use a Yahoo email its worth considering from a business point of view, many of my editors are Yahoo users and I can communicate with them instantly or vice versa if we need to discuss deadline dates etc. So Yahoo messenger would certainly be amongst my A-List of software greats for the 720 and handheld based computers. If you are a Yahoo messenger let me know how you have gotten on. In the meantime if you want to get in contact with me, my Yahoo messenger name is: sammualjames_mcloughlin. In the meantime you can get hold of Yahoo messenger for the 720 and handheld computer by checking out Yahoo. (Yahoo messenger does work on the 720, according to Yahoo’s website it will also run on the NEC 770 & 800, but no news on the 790. As it does not list the 720, in my experience it should work on the 790, but please try at your own risk.)

- Sammual (webmaster)

EDITORIAL: Pocket Internet explorer is a poor substitute I am shamed to say it but I have given up using IE on my 720. It is slow and clumsy. It takes me over a minute to fully download a site. Yes I have tried several connections. Don’t get me wrong I do love my 720 but Internet explorer can sometimes be a joke. Palm users have something called “blazer” which is produced by Handspring the people who make Visor PDA’s. Blazer uses proxi servers to cut out all the rubbish and customise the site to the PDA. It takes just under 8 seconds to download a site. If Microsoft could do the same thing it would be on to a winner. There that’s my moan over with for today.

- Lindsey Dyson

Friday, August 10, 2001

SITE NEWS: I have updated the Active Synch information at the left hand side of the page now there has been a new release to 3.5, which as I mentioned earlier in the week I am the hoping the new release irons out previous problems such as synching etc. Click here to get the info and download.

NEWS: Ten top tips to get the most out of your PDA. ZDNet column, David Coursey writes about getting the most from your PDA. Although orientated towards the Pocket PC this is quite a good article so I tyhought that I would mention is. Andrew Wolstenholme is putting together 10 ways to get the most out of your handheld computer for us, however in the meantime check out the ZDNet article.

NEWS: HTML editor for the 720 H Bomb is a HTML editor for the 720 which has been previously available for Pocket PC's. You can preview your work in Internet explorer but you cannot save your work unless you register.

Get the details and download H Bomb from their website.

USER EXPERIENCE: Joe Mason from the US talks about using the 720 in a sales environment.

"I'm a sales Manager and part of ensuring that we perform and meet sales targets we issue 720's to all our Sales Reps. Each 720 keeps a copy of our Sales brochure. Excel has the ability to produce quotes and these can be emailed directly to the clients inbox so they have a permanent copy there and then. Since using 720's in the job which we have been using almost a year we have seen a significant increase in sales due to to how professional the sales presentation is. I would strongly recommend using 720's within a sales environment, if used correctly I am sure you will notice a somewhat increase in your results."

Thursday, August 09, 2001
EDITORIAL FROM ANDREW WOLSTENHOLME As many of you have noticed, I'm joining Sammual by additing editorial content to the site. I have been a 720 user now for what must nine months or so. Yes I have had my share of Handheld PC's and was even close to purchasing A toshiba Libretto I think they were called, I can't quite remember. Anyway why do I need a 720? I'm a HR person, who uses the 720 to keep track of personnel issues such as staffing rota's, holidays etc and use the pocket excel on a daily basis. Word allows me the ability to compose letters, memo's etc. I can listen to MP3's as I carry out my work and rely too much on Outlook agenda. Likewise to Sammual I also use a PDA however unlike Sammual I use a Pocket PC rather than a Palm. I too am here in the UK where the 720 community is not as strong as it may well be over the pond or elsewhere in the world. UK users please email in to the usual email address and prove me wrong please ;-) Although many would argue that the 720 will become a dying breed I happen to disagree and say that the 720 will evolve. Through the Jornada 720 user club website we will continue to look at developments in the HPC world and come back to you with not what is neccesaryly new but what we in our best opinion think. The website that Sammual has brilliantly put together is not to reveal the latest in the Microsoft world but it is designed to be a arm of support to many 720 users. That this site will continue to be. In fact I know that Sammual has a backlog of emails from 720 users stating how they use their machines which he is eager to post on the site. We will cover other aspects of the HPC world just so that you can be kept updated. Our priority is to allow you the 720 users to express opinion. We will as Sammual said a few days ago look at people who use an alternative PDA in conjunction with their 720 and we will be sharing this with you. So sit back and relax and I hope that you enjoy my snippets - the journey has only just begun.


Sammual - you can email Andrew at the usual email address which is: sammualjames_mcloughlin@yahoo.co.uk

USER ASSISTANCE: Smartcard assistance for the 720 If you can help Barry send him a email

Hi There, First time to contact you and I have a question. I contacted HP
regarding the smart card slot and they say there is no smart card available. Can
this be through. Where can I purchase a 512 mb compact flash card within Ireland (I live
in Dublin) or the UK.

Wednesday, August 08, 2001
USER EXPERIENCE: Joseph Indelicato from New York state tells us about his search for 720 cases.

I just bought my 720 and I was looking for a good case solution. I checked many places and I
could find nothing, www.incase.com makes a great case, but it was $40. I
wanted something less expensive. I found the perfect case. It's a hard
plastic shell, that's crushproof and waterproof to 100', plus it floats even
with the Jornada inside. (I've tried) It's called an OtterBox. It's made
by a company of the same name in the US. Their Model 3000 fits the Jornada
like it was made for it. It's less than $20, and it has a lifetime

Plus it's available in many colors, or clear, or half and half, and has
a lanyard. It also has a padded bottom and the Jornada does not slide
around (There is only .25" of space on either side) I purchased mine in a
local camping equiptment store. Not sure what availablity is in UK, but
should be easy to pick up for those people who would just like a stong case to
protect their Jornada when not in use. (Actually you can use it in the
case, the lid opens all the way back. Check it out at www.otterbox.com
It's the model 3000.

Tuesday, August 07, 2001
NEWS: Active Synch 3.5 There is now a new realese of Active Synch which is meant to iron out any synching problems. The description from the Active Synch website reads:

"Microsoft® ActiveSync® 3.5 is the latest and significantly improved synchronization software for Microsoft Windows® Powered Pocket PCs. ActiveSync 3.5 is easy to install and use and offers the best levels of reliability yet. ActiveSync 3.5 also brings you up to date with compatibility to Microsoft Office XP and Windows XP. Check out what's new! "

To get the download and read more click here.

USER ASSISTANCE: Media Player Problems Any views or assistance then please email Chew.

"Hi Sammy, this is Chew from Malaysia here. I just bought the Jornada
720 - am extremely pleased with it.
HOWEVER, I seem to be experiencing a slight problem with the Windows
Media Player and I was wondering if others are experiencing the same
thing - I have 'recorded' some music files onto the CF card using the
Windows Media Player 7 from my PC. I then used this card with a PC Card
adapter and inserted it into the PC card slot, and turned it on.
Everything seems to work fine (except that I don't know why sometimes the play
list will display the song numbers in red, and sometimes in blue).
HOWEVER, after I turned off the Jornada and turned it back no again, the
media player refuses to play the music and insisted that there was some
licensing issue with the songs, and asked me to re-record from media
player 7 again. To get around this problem, I will have to remove my
first CF card from the CF storage, did a soft reset (to make the CF card
with the music as the PRIMARY storage card), and then suspended it
before inserting my other storage card in the CF compartment and then
turning it on again. I dunno why but it appears that the music can only be
played if the CF card is the primary storage card. Did anyone else out
there experience the same thing? BTW, this only happens with music
files. Other data files work fine irrespective of where I use the CF

Will be grateful if someone can help me resolve this in a much simpler
way!! Thanks."

USER ASSISTANCE:Coverting from a Pocket PC through to a 720. If you have any views then email Sasha

"I have a few questions about the Jornada 720:
1. How do you restart Windows (where's the reset button)
2. After a soft reset, what do you see on the screen while Windows is loading?
3. Is the volume on the headphone jack weak like on the Casio E-Series? Is it really loud?
4. Is the headphone jack stereo?
5. Is the connection to the PC with the cradle USB?
6. In the open/save file dialog boxes, are you limited to the "My Documents" folder like on PocketPCs?
7. Is PC Anywhere (or equivalent application) available for it?
8. Is there an ICQ version (or equivalent) that works on the Jornada 720?
9. When using Windows media player, what functions can you do without opening the lid (with only the external buttons)?

I have a PocketPC and here are the reasons I wan't to change it for a Jornada 720:
1. Longer battery life
2. Larger screen
3. 2Built in expansion slots
4. Windows 2000 look (I don't like the PocketPC version of CE)
5. Easy multitasking
6. Built in modem
7. Built in keyboard
I am thinking of selling my E-115 with digital CF video camera & my mp3 player watch to get the Jornada 720, do you think it’s worth it?"

Monday, August 06, 2001
NEWS: The Jornada 720 User Club wants to hear from you. Do you have a product to plug or a service that will help 720 users if so, the Jornada 720 User Club wants to hear from you. Providing it is relevant to 720 users then we will give you a mention. So if you have 720 compatable software or offer an outstanding service, email me at sammualjames_mcloughlin@yahoo.co.uk or for a good chance of getting me live, ICQ me on: 99366330 (remember to include your name and email address so I know who I am talking to).


ICQ ME WITH YOUR VIEWS: Remember you can ICQ me my number is 99366330, please feel free to use this as well as by emailing me. If you do ICQ me, I would appreciate if you just mention your name and email especially if you want something adding to the site. If you have news, views comments then please feel free to ICQ me. If I'm not online I'll send you a response just as soon as I am.

EXPERIENCE: Missing Simcity Jason Saul from Hong Kong sent me this email and asks the question, where is SimCity for the 720?

"I use a 720 for my studies and love it. I can write up all my notes and store them for reference. Best still in my free time I love playing Solitare and Leo's flight sim, which must be one of the best games for the Handheld. When will they bring SimCity to the 720? Palm has it, Psion has it, when us? Keep up the good work, I just thought I'd let you know that I'm a 720 lover!!!!!!"

Sunday, August 05, 2001
NEWS: 720 and using a Palm I received at least 12 emails from people who use an additional PDA with the 720. Most people tended to use a Palm of some sort, two used Pocket PC's and one used a Psion Series 3c. Jane Ellis form Cape Town wrote:

"I use a Palm 3c in conjunction with the 720, I am a medical student. I write brief medical notes using my Palm in the hospital and when I get home I type up fully into journals using the 720. I can send them to the 720 by using email or synch with my PC"

Roy Denver from the US wrote:

"It is my understanding that many find it somewhat strange using a Palm and the Jornada together. But what people have to remember is that the Jornada is a full power machine that for me can replace a PC. I use a PC about a tenth of the time I use a Jornada. It sits on my desk within my study. Yes it's a little bulky to carry out with me so for that I take my Palm organizer with me. Many people comment that my Jornada looks magnificant. I love the relationship between the Palm and my Jornada 720."


Just getting off the 720 subject a little. Read this news story. An organisation in the US has found a way to abolish clouds. I couldn't believe it when I first read it. Here's the link from the BBC news website.

NEWS: Configuring Caligrapher to work better on the 720 Nick Martin sent me this note on how how to improve the handwriting accuracy.

"Having paid for the new release of CaliGrapher after participating in
releases 2-4 and beta RC1 of the Beta testing programme, I still found
that the recognition lacked the accuracy of release 2.

They have carried an amended feature over from RCI that allows a user
to go into the CE Registry and change one of the settings that varies the
length of the ink queue. I changed it from the default (5) to value 10, and
bingo, recognition improved. A bit? Actually dramatically! Chalk and cheese.
Now maybe it's just my writing (joined-up or what they call cursive) that
suits this new setting. It would be interesting to see what others find.

To do this you need a registry editor (one comes with MS's Powertoys
that you download free from Microsoft's handheld downloads page).

Then go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\paragaph\caligrapher\6.0 - scroll
down the list within this folder until you find SpeedQuality and change the
Reg_DWORD value from 5 to 10.

Congrats on a great site. Nick"

USER ASSISTANCE: Is the 720 serious for typing? Wayne is looking for your opinion on whether the 720 is serious for typing. Wayne in my opinion as I mentioned in my email, I have no problem in using the keyboard to type. Yes its a little smaller, but you do get used to this. Email your comments to Wayne.

"Thanks for maintaining your useful website. I'm on the verge of buying
a Jornada 720 but I would like to try out the keyboard first. The
problem is, no one carries it. I live in Columbus, Ohio. I was stunned that
local computer dealers carry all the HP Palm-types but no one has a single
Jornada 720. I called HP and they had no suggestions other than to order it
and return it if I don't like it.

I'm concerned about how useful the keyboard is. I've about given up on
my Palm because it's so laborious to write on. In your opinion, is the
720 keyboard big enough to use for serious typing? Thanks Wayne"

Saturday, August 04, 2001
NEWS: Virtual Handheld for your PC Larry Bank ICQ'd me today informing me of products compatable with the 720. First of all how cool is this piece of software? View and control your 720 from your handheld. It supports Pocket PC and HP 52X/54X/680/690/720, Casio E115/EM500, Compaq iPAQ, Aero 1500, Vadem Clio 1050 and soon others.The software is brought to you by Bit Bank Software

there is a 30 day demo on this and then the standard version can be purchased for $9.99, there is also a "pro"version with more capability this costs $29.99. For this and more of Larry's software check out the BitBank Software site


NEWS: Pocket PC Thoughts People ask me what websites do I have bookmarked and check daily? Well one of them is the excellent Pocket PC Thoughts, and I know what you are going to say, its orientated to wards the Pocket PC platform, well yes a lot of it is. However it also takes a look at the Palm PC and Handheld community at large. You can find some great stuff here. Jason Dunn is the webmaster, his site puts together a complete picture of the world of Personal Digital Assistants and is well worth a look. Updated daily. Five stars out of five for a great website.Click here to check the site out.


EXPERIENCE: Palm and the 720 do work together. Jude from Boston sent me this note yesterday, it has certainly got me thinking........................

"I use a Palm M505 with my Jornada 720, I feel that they both compliment each other. The 720 is the powerhorse to my interior design business. I can type invoices, send emails and letters to clients and look after the day to day dealings of the business. On the other hand my M505 comes with me everywhere. It contains all my personal information. I can synch both the 720 with my Palm through Yahoo's online diary. I can even emails my documents from my 720 through to my Palm using Multimail on the Palm, this can even open word attatchments. I really become angry by people who try to tell me that it's wrong to use a Palm and the 720 together. It helps me on a daily basis and that can't be wrong. There are a lot of people who usen a Palm in conjunction with a 720, but there is no resource. Would you consider offering this resource on your 720 site? The 720 is an excellent computer and this can be complimented with an addition PDA such as a Palm. Keep up the good work, Jude Riley, Boston, US"

As I said Jude's email got me thinking. I too have great affection for the Palm handheld and in fact when I was in New York last month I purchased a M505. I certainly love and it works well with my 720 which I agree is the "powerhorse". However this week I have also been using a Pocket PC to work with my 720, and although it is more powerful, and I have changed my mind a dozen times I have decided to revert back to using my Palm with my 720. Yes as I said the Pocket PC is more powerful but the Palm at the moment suits my needs better.......BUT......only just. Palm has now to catchn up with the powerful Pocket PC, and although they are still the leader in PDA's their leadership is slipping away. Yes there machines are stylish and great to use, but we have a new release of the Pocket PC due this forthcoming holiday season and I suspect Microsoft have something up their sleeve. So yes I will consider setting up a resource for Palm users who use their machines in conjunction with the 720. This may be in the form of a seperate page. On e thing is for certainly you are right Jude there are a lot of people who love their 720, like myself, and also use a Palm to compliment it. We shall certainly look at this in more depth over the forthcoming weeks. Anyone with views on this email me and I'll post on the site: sammualjames_mcloughlin@yahoo.co.uk or ICQ me on: 99366330

USER ASSISTANCE: If you can help Corey then click here to email him.

"Hi Sam,
I was wondering why my J720 automatically deletes the past months colander
entries. Although it is still available on my home pc in MS Outlook. Is
there a setting that will allow me to keep all past month entries? The main
reason is I do outside sales and need to make note of the last time I
visited the account. I find this to be more affective for me than entering
the info in the contacts notes. Maybe you have an even better solution.
Thanks for your time and all the great info I get from your site.
Take care,
Cory Davis"

USER ASISTANCE: If you can help Gareth, click here to email him.

"Here's the story - I am 15 and live in the UK. A while back I set up a web site and now I find my self being hunted down by internet companies offering me jobs (not that I'm complaining, of course!). The company I currently work part time for is amazing and everyone there is really nice - they have just bought me a Nokia 6210! I am interested in buying my first PDA but don't know which one to choose - the 720 seems perfect (apart from the slightly steep price - where would you suggest I buy from?).

A few questions?

Can I connect to the internet and check email, browse the web and sync my Nokia 6210 via infra red with this PDA?
Is there a facility to read smart cards yet?
Do you think I should invest in this PDA?

I hope you can find the time to help me out - I would very much appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,"

Friday, August 03, 2001
PERSONAL: Our hits continue to soar.Wow hits to the site seem to continue to soar. So I took a look at my web stats and found that the non other but Microsoft have listed my site as a top resource for Handheld PC's. How chuffed am I. I would like to thank you the reader for contributing great stories, opinion pieces etc as well as the great forum we have going on the site...........Remember there are other great 720 sites out there. Take a look at the links to the left of the page. Blimey it sounds like a oscar acceptance speech now!!!! Here's the link to Microsofts Handheld resources which lists our site.

NEWS: Simply 720 If you've not been along to the Simply 720 site recently, you may be suprised. The site has now been formulated to be 720 viewing friendly. Bill who is the webmaster has spent a lot of time and effort getting it right. It will be exciting to see how the site develops further. The Simply 720 site can be found here.


PDA NEWS FROM ANDREW WOLSTENHOLME: NOKIA 9210 Interactive demonstration There is an interactive demonstration of the new Nokia 9210, which I tried out this morning. Colurful, contains a lot of useful applications and very impressive, obviously is a telehone as well BUT in my opinion seems to lack the bite. See what you think here's the link, your PC needs flash to work fully.

EXPERIENCE: Rob Law tells us how he uses his 720 within a Governmental role.

"Using the 720 in a Governmental office is a life saver. For me there is no need to lug my laptop. When we have meetings it amazes me to see how long that it takes for my colleagues to boot up their machines and get into action. I can put together reports using Word and best of all I can carry all my excel spreadsheets with me. Thats true portability. I use Yahoo messenger daily to keep in contact with a mass of people and it works brilliantly."

EXPERIENCE: AOL on the 720 Bill from Oregan has sent me this email to tell me how he's getting on using AOL

"After looking at your website, I signed up as a beta tester for the AOL
Version 2.0 Build 4098 4/2.0.49 for my Jornada 720. It works fairly
well and I am able to access mail, the web, /instant messages as well as
my address book and buddy list.
It does seem to lock up on exit about one in five times, after which I
have to "reset" my Jornada. Overall, its great, giving access to my office while away, without
long distance charges."

Wednesday, August 01, 2001
NEWS: Calligrapher 6 is now available, its the final version and it's out of beta. Its excellent and I have been using the beta version. In fact I tend to use it all of the time on my Pocket PC and on my 720 it works great. Follow this link for details and download.

What software can you not live without on your 720? As I mentioned I have set up a discussion. Its good to see what software you cant live without on your 720. Post your thoughts on the discussion board.

USER OPINION: John Gammon gives his opinion on the search for 720 cases

I us a HP 720 for many things. I have a gradebook in the PExcel;
numerous standard forms in PWord; synching my email with my desktop at work and
home; notes for customizing my 1965 Ford Mustang-tracking what is done, what
is needed, and what is desired; and to keep track of my finances and
investments using PMoney. In addition, I use the Olive Tree Bible
Software for study, and in teaching my Bible class where my family attends

I have been looking at the cases in discussion and posted on your
website. I admit they are nice and some are very desirable for comfort and
keeping my machine safe. I was at Target Friday and saw a small profile BOOK GEAR
cover for paperbacks, Bibles, etc. Inside the case was a foam block to
keep the "pouch" expanded. The cover is approximately 6x4 inches and the
insert block is similar in size.

I picked that up and thought for a minute. Looking at the foam block
insert, I thought I could half it and make the padding inserts to
protect the machine while carrying, traveling, or even for using it (it opens
up very nicely and cradles the J720 for me.)

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