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Sunday, July 29, 2001
More on AOL for the 720 Bob who originally let me know about AOL for the 720 dropped me this note tonight. Like many of you, I have been unable to access AOL, but Bob sheds more light within his note. Thanks Bob for letting us know :-)

"I've been away I didn't see your post til now.
The AOL Keyword is "ANYWHERE BETA" at least in the US as noted in one of the
However, as far as I know, you do have to be an AOL Member and you do have to
specifically sign-up for the Beta.
So far, it seems to work well..I've found one small bug.
It's not clear whether it works outside the US though, which could be why it
may not appear on International AOL sites. "

What software can you not live without on your 720? I have set up this discussion on the forum. What software do you use daily on the 720? What could you not live without? Thats the sort of thing we are looking at. It will be good to see what everyone picks. Click here to read and contribute to this discussion.

A few bugs? Food for thought............. Luke from Australia sent me this note.

"Hi Sammual,

I have been using the 720 and it has been great however I have noted a
few annoying bugs,

Firstly windows media player often wont close when pressing the X box,
often have to perform soft reset. This is despitre regular stylus
recalibration. Secondly, when checking and downloading new email, occassionally
messages already in the inbox from a previous login simply vanish.

When I log onto my service provider and inbox automatically launches,
it opens transmit port, sends any messages in outbox then updates new messages.
Often I receive no new messages yet when I then immediately go services, Send/Receive
mail via the task bar, there is in fact new mail and nit downloads!

Has anyone experienced similar probs. Regards luke"

Lemmings coming to the 720 A Jornada 720 version of Lemmings will soon be availe for the 720, screenshots and information is available from John Lomax's website. Meanwhile the site offers a 720 version of M.A.M.E., again full details and download from Johns site.

AOL for the 720 With regards to the mystery in connection to the beta of AOL for the 720. I received my copy of AOL PDA Pocket Press newsletter last week that deals with all things PDA, whether it be Palm, Pocket PC or HPC and is a good read, it arrives in my mailbox every Sunday morning. Anyway it mentions the beta for 720, and here is the exact wording:

"AOL Anywhere
The AOL Anywhere Beta Team has released a new version of the AOL software for
Windows CE/Pocket PC. The new program will run on the HP Jornada 720 as well
as on previously supported devices. Also being beta tested are new AOL Mobile
Portals for Sprint PCS Wireless Web and AT&T PocketNet subscribers. If you are
already a part of the AOL Anywhere Beta community, drop by to try out the
latest AOL offerings that are being developed. If you are not a member of the
AOL Anywhere Beta Community, we invite you to become a beta tester. Just go
to AOL Keyword: Anywhere Beta."

You can subscribe freely to receive the weekly newsletter. All you need to do is send an email to: SusanGustafson@aol.com and put the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject.

Friday, July 27, 2001
Pocket PC or a Palm? Well now for a fresh problem I have had this week. As many of you know I tend to use a palm organiser as well as my 720. In fact I recently invested in a new M505.this is a lovely organiser Slim and stylish. However it does not meet all of my needs. I started using a Pocket PC Ipaq. I have been very surprised it works great with my 720. In my opinion it seems a lot more powerful than the Palm. However I miss the slimline of the Palm, however I need the Pocket PC's essential functions to work well with my 720. Anyway in this instance the Pocket PC wins!!!!You win some, and you lose some.

The 720 was a PC substitute Again l've been rather busy this week. I’ve been writing a speech for someone this week and working from home. My PC is playing up it keeps shutting itself down and then I have to restart it again to get it going which is a real pain in the backside. I’m pleased to say my 720 has got me through the worst of it. You tend to feel that your missing something when your PC- less. It’s amazing
I managed to use the 720 as a back up. I could use the word application or browse the internet. Most important is the fact that I can retrieve my emails and respond to them when needed. So why the need for a pc? Well I synch both my 720 and Pocket PC and a whole lot more but l am thankful for the fact that my 720 was an excellent substitute.

***UPDATE*** My PC problems seem to be over, after re-installing Windows 98!!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2001
AOL for the 720 Wow well I think myself and many others have been searching for the AOL solution for the 720. I don't seem to be able to find information and I know many of you can't seem to either. So if Robert Jaques, who orignally sent me the email can shed a little more light on the matter, you would make a lot of 720 users very happy :-)


The end of Psion handheld computers - its the end of an era For those of you who are not aware Psion is ceasing all manufacturing of it’s personal handheld computers which is a great shame in itself. A Psion was the first handheld computer I invested in, and before I went out and purchased a 720 it was the key machine that I tended to use. So what went wrong? I personally feel connectivity between the machine itself and a PC was the main reason. Secondly I feel that Palm and Windows CE have evolved. There has not been a new Psion machine for many years and even though ROM updates were promised, they failed to appear. In my opinion Psion built a reliable machine with some great applications, and small enough to carry. The 720 in itself is a more powerful beast but I have a tear in my eye for the departure of what I consider an important PDA in my life.

Monday, July 23, 2001
Graphics package for the 720 If you can help Neil then please email him

"Hiya there, wonder if you can help?
Being a cheapskate I wanted a graphics package that I could use on my Jornada
to view jpegs that I created on my digital camera. I have tried quick view
plus and the viewer that came with the 'plus' package for windows CE. QVP now
does not open any files (it used to) and the plus viewer does not open my
jpegs (although it did once or twice, and then stopped). Am I doing something
very wrong? Is there a better graphics package? It would be great to view AVI
files if I could?
Any suggestions

720 Freeware for the 720 Received this email from Mario Castillo from the Philipines.

"Thank you for keeping a site that helps J720 users like me.
I have been an avid visitor of your site. (Can I say DAILY visitor ; )
I have ran across a post in Wincecity message board about some free
softwares for the J720 (and they're not Beta versions!) Please post or your site the weblink so others can also benefit.
There are four applcations that are offered as free for the J720.
HPC Dialer
HPC Notes
HPC Dice
HPC Password Generator
The website is http://www.mobilecubed.com

Also, best regards and thanks to Julio Ortiz for making softwares free
for the J720."

so we went to take a look at the site and the applications look cool and most importantly very useful, take a look at some of the screen shots. Again the website address is: http://www.mobilecubed.com

Saturday, July 21, 2001
Use Yahoo Messenger and ICQ to get in contact with me. If anyone has tried to get in contact with me using Yahoo messenger, then apologies as I have not been able to accesss them for approx a month. However the problem was down to my computer. So if you have tried to get in contact using Yahoo messenger then please try again it should be working fine now with out any problems. In the meantime you can ICQ me on: 99366330 ICQ me, say hello whatever and I'll reply back to you. Or you can get in contact with me using good old email.

Audible dictionaries for the 720 If anyone can help Rainer with this then please email her

"hello sammual,
like you i'm travelling abroad regularely. therefore i'm looking for dictionaries (eg english-french, english-german) with audible words which unfortunately i haven't found on the market yet. maybe, do you know as jornada guru? alternatively is there software available for the 720 that makes words audible in different languages? thanks anyway for your help

AOL for the 720 Wow great news, take a look, Robert Jaques sent this note, great for AOL users.

"Hello Windows CE/Pocket PC Users:

We are happy to announce the release of build 21 of the AOL 2.0 for Windows CE/Pocket PC for your beta testing pleasure. This build resolves the issue you experienced of being unable to sign onto the AOL service. Thank you all for your understanding while we resolved this issue.

Additionally, this build adds support for the HP Jornada 710, 720 and other
handhelds with StrongARM processors using the Microsoft Windows for Handheld PC 2000 operating system. Thanks to all of you who have waited patiently for the availability of this build!

You can download this latest build by going to AOL Keyword: Anywhere Beta and clicking the Windows CE/Pocket PC button in the AOL for PDAs area.

Happy bug hunting!
- AOL Anywhere Beta Team "

Thursday, July 19, 2001
Java on the 720 Preston Crawford has a excellent "step by step" guide to running Java on your 720. Not for the inexperienced but useful anyway. Click here to read the full feature.

Tuesday, July 17, 2001
Two is better than one, using the 720 and a Palm 3x together Ricardo Stephan from Paris sent me this note

"I own a 720 and a Palm 3x and I must admit I love using both. Many people wonder why I need two PDA's but the truth is they are both good for different reasons. Why lug around a laptop when you can simply use Word and Excel on the Jornada. I can then email the documents to my Palm and open them using Quickoffice. I can even edit them and send them back to my 720."

Travelling with a need to receive email. If anyone can help please email Pamela.

"Hi! I have just posted a message to the forum about trying to connect to
the internet with my 720, a siemens c35 and a Digital phone card from
Socketc.com. I am hoping you might to be able to help. I leave for France on Friday
and am travelling for 6 weeks so its vital for me to able to access my
e-mail. When I connect the phone to the 720 with the DPC and use remote
networking or the dial-up for accessing the internet the phone dials
the number, and the jornada tells me it is connected then nothing! I know
the password/username are good; and I connect using an ordinary phone
line. I have tried almost every combination I can think of - unchecking the
boxes in the modem call options, entering the IP addresses manually,
unchecking software compression boxes. etc. I've tried to ISP's -
WhichOnline (which I think uses NTL) and Telewest's Blueyonder no joy
with either. I'm not very clever with computers - so perhaps I'm doing
something really stupid! Any suggestions would be gratefully received!

The ideal travelling companion. Wow it's been such a busy week for me, I am now back to the land of normality. I have been over in New York for a couple of days and still suffering from jet lag. So whats new? Well my 720 has been working like a dream and as ever is so invaluable. I have been also using it with my new Palm M505 which I tend to use simply as a datebk although I like the additional features that it offers. Together for me they work perfectly. The 720 acts as a valauble tool when travelling because I can type editorials on it, it does not take up as mucg room as a laptop, instant power on, and in addition it turns heads because of it's cool looks. As many of you know my 720 is my main primary notebook and I source most of my editorials for both work as well as this website. I feel the keys are ideal for typing, ok not everyone agrees but for me it's the ideal travelling companion. Sad that it may seem I actually look forward to retrieving it from its case, settling down on the plane, pulling the table down and getting a good two to three hoursolid work out of it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2001
Millions Lose Access to MSN Messenger Contacts mmmm a very disturbing article I thought.Click here to read the article

Tuesday, July 10, 2001
The 720 and Compuserve If you have an answer to Neil's problem then please feel free to email him
"I'm trying to get connected via my 720 to compuserve classic but cannot find the script needed to do this. Any ideas?"

USB Cable for the 720 If you can answer Kent Long pleased email him

"Hello Sammual;
I purchased a 720 last week and let me say your website has been a Godsend! I was wondering if know of a USB cable I can get to connect my Jornada to my desktop.....the serial cable takes a long time. I thank you in advance for your consideration and I thank you again for your excellent website!
Cheers, Kent A. Long"

Wow what a busy week. Its been a real busy week for me this week. Since my return from New York I have been run off my feet. There is a couple of little projects that I want to look at over the next few weeks. We will take a closer look at cases. It seems to be the most frequent question that I get asked"What is the best case for the 720?" So if you have your own opinions please get them to me as soon as possible, ready for the review. Now if you haven't taken a look at Bills, Simply 720 website go and taken a look. There's all sorts going on, however Bills 720 is in for repair I believe, he's updating us on what happens so remind yourself to take a look.

Friday, July 06, 2001
The real reasons for using a 720Paul Goodwin's email to me yesterday really got me thinking of the real reasons for using a 720. One of the essential reasons for owning a 720 to me is the fact that I can use the internet and check my emails whilst I'm on the go. This is essential in my line of work. Most websites are accesible on the 720 it's only very rare that are not. Email is very important to me as its my direct form of communication between many people. So my mursings this week is that the 720 is an excellent machine and although, yes support may be limited it certainly is an essential tool for me and I wouldn't be half as productive without it.

Thursday, July 05, 2001
The 720 is a great alternative to a laptop Thanks to Paul for sending me this email. Emails like this remind me why I picked a 720 to use and give's great inspiration.

"Sammual, is the 720 going to prove to be a dying breed? Well for me it comes in real handy. Why carry an expensive laptop whenh you have the 720. I'm a journalist myself and like you write up all of my deadlines using this great machine. I travel by train and plane frequentkly and when its inconveninent for others to use their Laptop I can very simply, power up the 720 instantly and get to work. Can you imagine over the long term how many minutes this can actually save. I think you will find it results in hours. I can infrared using my mobile phone and synch my emails and browse the internet. Yes it's all possible on a laptop, but why carry a hefty bulk. The 720 can be carried in your pocket at a squeeze. However you try the same with a laptop!!!!!!! Is that a laptop or are you just pleased to see me!!!!!!! Long live the 720 and its loyal followers. Keep up the good work. Paul Goodwin."

Tuesday, July 03, 2001
More help needed Adrian Torres dropped me a line to tell me how many people have responded the petition to create a CD-RW for the 720. So far 46 people have sent emails, if your unsure what the petition is about see the feature further down the page. Adrian needs more support If you haven't signed yet, please do so now!!!! By clicking here

More software for the 720 Phillip Koebbe dropped me this line

"Sammual, Just thought I'd let you know that there is a new web site for 720
software. I have created an application called ForgetMeNot, which is
currently available for the 720. I will also be creating a number of
other applications as time goes by. The web site is Living Door Software and can be found at
http://www.livingdoor.net/software/. I am currently working on the web
site itself, so please forgive anything that is not complete. Phillip KoebbeLiving Door Software"

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