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Saturday, June 30, 2001
CD-RW Portable drive for the 720

Adrian has had a good responce but he needs lots more people to sign the petition for support for a CD-RW for the 720. Get the full facts spend a minute by signing up NOW!! by clicking here

Friday, June 29, 2001
Microsoft Handheld PC SDK 2000 Download is now available
The file is available as a download from the Microsoft website. Its a big download with estimated download time of over 5 hours. For the full information and download options visit:http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/release.asp?ReleaseID=30269

Whilst I was over in New York I decided to visit the TECHXNY PC EXPO at the Jarvits Center in Chelsea, New York. I only planned to stay an hour or two, in fact in the end I was there for the full afternoon. On display where many PDA's including the Jornada 720, Pocket PC's and Palm handhelds. I was very impressed with the Palm exhibitors there that must have engulfed at least a quarter of the space. Equallty I was very disapointed in Microsofts prescence, although their marketing tour truck for the Pocket PC was their I found that Palm had the biggest advantage with lots of exhibitors, and software partners dispaying the many ways that Palms can be used. I was so impressed that I purchased a Palm m505 to experiment using with my 720. I have for the last six months or so used a Pocket PC and although good it is I found that the exhibition had given me a new lease to try out Palm's new lean machine. I've always been a fan of Palm but felt that they had turned a little stale when the Pocket PC rolled out onto the market. I have wanted for a while a handheld to work with my 720. Now I think the Palm may be a good alternative. To me the Pocket PC was a good alternative, but the Palm 505 is not as heavy, its colour, I can carry my essential documents that I type on my 720, and I can compose, send and retrieve my email when I need to. In conclusion the PC Expo was a good experience I just wished we had seen more on the 720 front.

CD-RW Portable drive for the 720
Adrian Torees dropped me a line to tell me about a possible creation of a CD-RW for the 720 if enough people desire it.

"Hi Sammual! I've put together a form online, asking for the support of Windows CE users for a CD-RW portable drive. I've been in contact with a company that says that if they have enough of a demand, then they will support Windows CE. I've already posted the form on a couple of newsgroups, but if you could PLEASE make a link on your website...I would highly appreciate it! With enough of us loyal 720 users, we can make this happen. But if nobody knows about it, then it will fail for sure. Your website drives alot of traffic, and those people CAN make the difference on how this thing will turn out. The form is located at: http://www.angelfire.com/nm/newsfromabq/jornada720.html All the information you need, can be accessed there. Thank you for your time!"

Office XP and the Jornada 720 Thanks to Clinton for dropping me this line

"I wanted to update you on a story you had related to Office XP and the 720. Microsoft was under a lot of pressure to make sure Outlook 2K2 and Active Sync worked well given the fact that HPC and PPC sales are going so well. Having been a Beta tester and now a user on XP, I can verify your findings. Users should have no issues. Further, once Windows XP comes out in October, users shouldn't experience any problems there either. Cheers, Clinton Fitch"

I'm back
Thanks for all your emails, I'm back anyway. Spent a nice week in New York. Its good to be back I now have to sift through emails so if I have not replied back to you yet, don't worry I will get around to it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2001
I'm off to New York

I'm off to New York for the week, so I wont be updating the site until the end of next week (Thursday 28th) so I'm going to have a great few days on business and pleasure and I'll update you on my 720 experiences in New York upon my return. Still keep those emails coming, email me at: sammualjames_mcloughlin@yahoo.co.uk

View and control your 720 from your PC
This just looks like a fantastic program, imagine controlling your 720 from your 720, again BitBank allws you to do this. BitBank website quotes one of the great uses for this program:

"Virtual CE serves many purposes including the ability to display the CE
screen on a projector connected to a regular PC, capturing screens from 'difficult' CE programs, rapid input of data to CE applications from your PC's keyboard and mouse and many others."

Check out their website

Develop applications on the 720 using GAPI
GAPI Handheld allows you to design game and graphics applications on your 720. The software is designed by Bitbank, their website informs us:

"Now you can develop your game or graphics application for Handheld PCs using
GAPI.  Provides direct screen access for your HPC.  Simply compile and
link your Embedded Visual C/C++ application with this GAPI replacement library. 
Includes sample code to get you started."

Check out their website to get the full details.

Monday, June 18, 2001
Windows XP seems to work fine with the 720

Thanks to Sion (Sions 720 website) for sending me a beta copy of Office 2002 which I am pleased to say contains the usual great suite of Microsoft products such as Word, Excel and Outlook etc. I am pleased to report that the software works fine with my 720 (still early days yet) but I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, June 17, 2001
Pocket On-Schedule

Time management applications in the 720 are to say the least average but fulfill their purpose. The need to look up a contact or add an appointment in a hurry is sonewhat important for us 720 users. Odysessy Software have brought us Pocket On-Schedule and a new version is expected anyday now, The version current is Beta 3, and should make an excellent addition to the software on your 720. It has the ability to replace Contacts, Agenda and To-do lists. Check out their site to see more screenshots and download the beta version.

Ruksun and Odigo Partner to Develop Mobile Instant Messaging Applications Many of you may have already seen this story, but I am Ruksun user and its quite exciting to see future developments with Wireless IM. Click here to read the full article

Am I waiting for the next PDA on the market? I was packing my bags this morning as I'm off to spend a week in New York from this Wednesday. I was thinking to myself, which of my PDA's shall I take with me? I then began to count how many I actually own, anyway without describing them all, it turned out that I actually own 12. Ok that may not be a record but I seem to have started collecting them since 1992 when I first purchased a Sharp organiser. My most recent pocession is in fact both a 720 and a Ipaq Pocket PC, which as many of you know I tend to use together. (Yes it is possible-new visitors please refer to my earlier posts). So how many PDA's did I end up packing, well for a start my 720 will be in there, but not yet as I am not travelling until Wednesday. My Pocket PC is in there. My Psion Series 5mx will also be accompaning me as will my Psion Series 3a. Why do I need so many PDA's with me? Well it gives me time to look at them, they all have essential information contained within them, that I know I need to transfer over to the 720 or my Pocket PC, but to tell you the truth I have just not got round to transferring the information. Maybe I am lazy, but I always know what PDA contains my passwords, which machine has that editorial that I need to email to London. Which handheld has an invoice that needs to be sent out as well as deadlines. Thinking about it why do I need a PC? To be honest I'm just as fussy with the software that I have on my PC. I am always testing new internet browsers and software.

Like most people I am waiting for the next PDA around the corner. I've got my bets on a new Psion machine, but I may be suprised. Over the last few weeks there seems to have been a surge in Windows CE Handheld computers. Whatever I am pretty much guarenteed to go and buy the model...yes its expensive, but the money value is made up on the amount of time each of my machines save me. Thats where I look at the benifits. The point is it doesn't really matter what handheld you use, I am sure most of you like me will use a 720, but there is no problem in using more than one at once. Just ensure that you use them and they bring benifit to you. For me they help plan my daily business life, to others they are a form of relaxation or hobby.....it doesn't matter, just enjoy them at your own peril. Now if only I could find my American adaptors!!!!!!!

More on carrying cases John Henneberger sent me this quick note to give a little more information about the carrying case we discussed earlier in the week.

"When all else fails look at the logo. The leather notebook I wrote
about here was made by Timberland and NOT its competitor,
Timberline, as I mistakenly reported. The Timberland site reports that
it is not sold on the site but advises to call 1 800 445 5545 or local Timberland store which addresses can be found at www.timberland.com"

Saturday, June 16, 2001
More 720 Wallpapers on the way Sean Fernstrum a regular on our forum pages has put together, quite a few to say the least wallpaper images for the 720. Now I don't have enough web space to host the images so I believe from what Sean has been telling me, Bill at the Simply 720 site is going to look after them and host them at his site. So I am sure that we will keep you posted.

720 in the city. Dawn Starling has dropped me a line.

"I work for a UK financial firm in London, and my 720 is essential for my daily duties. We have to stick to the most extreme of deadlines and like any financial institution job, we can be working late into the evening. The contacts application is essential I have over 700 entries all business, (no blagging intended) and I ned to get my hands on them within an instant. The 720 has not let me down yet. The excel spreadsheet function is just brilliant I can keep a track history of client 's stocks here. I travel into the city on the underground, and although crammed in like sardines I am able to perform an hour's work or so using the 720. Anyway keep up the good work, I just thought I'd let you know how and why I love my 720"

Thursday, June 14, 2001
Office 2002, Hotmail and synching your 720
I'Il would like to hear your views on Office 2002, mainly the option that you can synch your hotmail account with Outlook 2002 and then synch down to your 720. If any of you are practising this, would you please let me know your views. As I too have a hotmail account, I'd like to know what you think. Email me your views

Wednesday, June 13, 2001
Screen protector for the 720 A quick note from Sam,

"Hi there, found a site that sell screen protector for the HP 720. Just got a few pieces from them, it work great, fit to the right size. Check it out

A 720 elegant carrying case Thanks to John Henneberger for sending me this note:

"I would like to share an elegant but expensive solution for a safe but good
looking carrying case for the 720. This will not everyone's cup of tea mainly
because of the expense. I have read about the problems with HP's soft case
where some 720s have been damaged by external forces even whilst cased in
HP's $70 case (not so cheap). I have seen that the Otter people make a hard,
waterproof case for $14 but that was not pleasing to me.

About thirteen years ago I had purchased a beautiful leather waterproof
notebook case from Timberline, the makers of those grand leather expensive
shoes and other outdoor goods. It cost over $100 then. God knows what they
charge now. I really had no use over the years for this beast until this

In one of the many pouches I put the 720. Not only did it fit, it fit snugly
as though Timberline had designed it for the 720. But ever fearful it might
shake out, I went to the local shoe repair shop and my fears were laid to
rest. Shoemaker removed the two narrow Timberline placeholder straps,
reattached them in parallel over the pouch opening and added two nice small
shoe buckles for the straps to fit. Now the Jornada rides in comfort in a
secure pouch. The modem cord is stowed inside the cylindrical paper snaps
formally used for the many holed notebook paper. Other places on the case are
available for my other needs, papers, pens, etc.

The whole thing looks very impressive to those in Corporate America as
opposed to a miniature tackle box. If you regularly meet with the big boys in
the Saville Row suits, this is it for looking good technically and stylishly.
Just hauling it out in meetings has resulted in several sales to both HP and
Timberline. The big boys don't care about the money. That is why they
frequent London's Saville Row where the cheapest suit is over $3000.00 US."

Lego makes it to the 720

Not sure how this one works but it sounds kinda cool, follow me on this one. NQC is a C-like language/compiler for the Lego RCX. NQC is written by Dave Baum.NQCEdit is a simple editor for NQC with a simple control dialog. According to their website:

"For running the IR station with the ActiveSync cable, you need another null-modem cable and some adaptors, so you use three (!) null modem cables, or build an adapter, so you do not need the standard IR cable (an old mouse cable can be used when you cut the plug a little). The ActiveSync cable is already a null-modem cable, so switching of TD/RD is not nescessary then. Using the built-in IR port is not possible."

Anyway check out the full article here

Tuesday, June 12, 2001
Windows XP

Nothing to do with the 720, I was going to talk about my thoughts on the new Windows XP, which looks cool, however I'll save that to later in the week................................

RhinoPak cases for the 720

Thanks to Sean Fernstrum for this quick note:

"When you get the time... add the RhinoPak 3000 to your list of cases. It's like a mini briefcase for your 720. I carry a PCMCIA adapter, phoneline, business cards, phonejack tester (basic but it works), two sets of earbud headphones, a couple pens and a spare standard battery in it. And I still have room! It's about 6x9x2 inches and pretty handy."

Click here to check it out. Since Sean mentioned the case, It looks quite cool actually, was not sure at first. May invest in purchasing one. I'll keep you posted with my thoughts.

Microsoft Restricting PocketPC Licenses Microsoft is restricting its Pocket PC license, however there is at least another Handheld PC on the way according to The Register website. Thanks to Sean Fernstrum, (who also I have been chatting to on Yahoo messenger today) for spotting this one. So according to the site not only is there going to be a restiction in license but there will be another handheld PC:

"Mitac won a show award for its kit; Asus had some nice models as well as WinCE handheld PCs; and Compal was showing off its range."

Details are sketch but click here to read the full story

Yahoo Messenger on the 720

Sion (as in Sions 720 site) and I have been chatting today using Yahoo messenger on our 720's. Now I think that this is just such a cool application and lets me keep up to date with all my contacts. I'm in daily conversation with journalists and business editors and this keeps me in contact when I need to with them. I sometimes have a problem logging in, sometimes it takes a while, however Sion has not so just be prepared. On the whole this is a great application and worth a 720 download. As I said last night, whether I'm online or not, send me a message and say hello Click here to go the Yahoo messenger site.

I'm now on Yahoo messenger

I'm on Yahoo messenger so the image above should tell you whether I'm online or not, either way send me a quick hello or add me to your contact book and I'll send you a reply back. Messenger seems to work great on my 720. Anyway I'm testing it out to see how useful it is. Remember also my email address which is:


Monday, June 11, 2001
Peter's Gamebox v2.5 for the Jornada 720

Peter has let us know that his gamebox of eight excellent fun games are now compatable for the 720

"My most famous game compilation, Peter's GameBox now includes not just six, but eight fun games! Apart from the new additions I've also applied a new graphical design, updated Blocks2 graphics, modified Same (more solvable levels) and added new sound effects. One thing is still unchanged - it's free, so get it now! The latest version of Peter's GameBox includes eight different games, even more sound effects, adjustable game levels, pause function, support for landscape screens (HPC/HPC Pro).The games included are Blocks, Blocks2, Snake, Smae, Cannons, Squash, Mahjongg and Mahjongg Rivers.It works on all important CE powered platforms and processors. Maybe the most important thing is that it's completely free to use."

Click here to go to his website

Sunday, June 10, 2001
We are joined by another Handheld PC, the NEC MobilePro 790.

NEC have announced their newest Handheld pc, the MobilePro 790. The official press release states:

"The MobilePro 790 H/PC provides on-the-go utility with Microsoft Windows for Handheld PC 2000, operating system version 3.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer for Handheld PC (version 4.01), Microsoft Pocket Outlook® (Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Inbox), Microsoft Pocket Word, Excel, PowerPoint®, Access, Microsoft Windows Media Player for Handheld PC, Microsoft Voice Recorder, and Microsoft Terminal Server Client. The built-in 16MB flash ROM, with 14MB of protected storage area for customer software and data, gives enterprise applications more storage and freedom from data or software loss in the event of battery depletion."

Will more software be released for the HPC2000 operating system? Now we have more handhelds on the market? Will the ARM processor be supported? The forthcoming months will tell. There is more of a need now to provide quality software for handheld PC's. To get more information on the 790, click here.

New Microbrowser will utilise the web for PDA's? Yahoo news are reporting that a new breed of Web browser will be available for PDA's. Will they ever reach the 720? We yet to see, however, the site suggests the name for the new browser will be "Thunderhawk" and it will provide a personal computer-style Web browsing experience on mobile devices. Read the full article

Instant Messenger using Jabber for the 720, beta version out now.

Instant messenging on your 720 is a great idea, and whats better is the fact that you check your AOL,ICQ,Yahoo, and MSN contacts to see who's online and communicate with them. Sounds good? Well the beta version is available to download.

How to do everything with your Pocket PC & Handheld PC, this book inspired me to purchase the 720

When I first considered purchasing a Jornada 720, this was the book that swung it for me. Many people ask me what are the benifits to using this machine. Well this book illustrates them very nicely. It is also in my opinion the best reference book that you could possibly purchase and has helped me out of a problem or two. It's not new in my opinion it must be at least a year old but its soooo simply the best book that you can possibly obtain as a reference to handheld PC's such as our beloved 720. There is a more detailed description here.

The Tablet PC

We're looking at a pen inputted slate PC, running Windows XP, with a high-resolution display. This is the description on the Microsoft website

"The Tablet PC is a new slate-like computer using the Windows XP Professional operating system, optimized for mobility and designed to be convenient, light and ergonomic. The Tablet PC technology enables Windows-based applications to take advantage of pen-based input. With software developed and optimized by Microsoft for the new platform, the Tablet PC can function as a sheet of paper. Handwriting is captured as rich digital ink for immediate or later manipulation, including reformatting and editing. The linkage between the pen input process and a wide range of Windows-based applications will give users new ways in which to collaborate, communicate and bring their PCs to bear on new tasks (such as annotating and updating a document on the fly and then wirelessly transmitting the finished version). Its high-resolution display makes it ideal for immersive reading and rich multimedia applications."

I personally think it looks kinda cool, but could not see it as an alternative to a 720 for obvious reasons such as keyboard, portability etc, and to me it looks like a giant Pocket PC. Check it out for yourself

Weekly round up of 720 sites Well apart from my site up on the move the Simply720 site has been updated this week.If you've not been over lately take a look at the intro page, its pretty groovy, and amazingly fast. Look out for the good content as well. Click here to check 720.com. Raul's excellent 720 site has also been updated , you check his site out here. Please ensure that you support the 720 community as all webmasters are providing this service to help you the user and are filling the void that Microsoft has left. out

The 720 plays a big part in my life, Louise Stratford sent me this email from Frankfurt in Germany

"Sammy the 720 has helped me stay in contact with my friends. Unlike some people I can only gain access to a PC in work,so instead I rely on my 720 as my main my computer. Each night I spend something like an hour emailing my friends, Which is so much quicker and easier than manually writing a letter. People may complain that we are Somewhat "techno-nerds" but to me my 720 plays a huge part in my life."

Saturday, June 09, 2001

We're back using a blogger server. OK so we have moved the site back to a blogger server as it is very easy for me to update the site and for you it should be quicker to upload. The 720 User Club has been running for a number of months and its thanks to you the reader we have expanded to be updated everyday. The previous server could not handle the extra pressures so we have moved it back to a new blogger server. All the old stories are here and some how I will be bringing over the 720 software list to this new site.

Scott Roberts 720 Website Scott has put together a nice site with good links and software reviews, not too messy, nice simple graphics and a tips and tricks section. Scott also has a 720 software list. Its good to see the circle of 720 sites increase. Click here to check it out

PDA Geek newsletter I cant contain my Irish excitment. The Jornada 720 User Club has been receiving a high surge of hits over the last three weeks, so I decided to investigate to see if we were posted anywhere apart from the usual links people post on their websites (by the way thanks guys). Well it was brought to my attention that we were mentioned in the Geek.com/PDAgeek newsletter back in May..................and I had no idea. Anyway here is the link....it's not major but its nice to be mentioned, so thanks to the guys at Geek.com.


AportisDoc Mobile for the 720 There's no limit to what you can read on your handheld device using AportisDoc, thats according to their website. You can how read hundreds of books on a handheld PC thanks to AportisDoc who have been famous for their Palm software over the years. The following is a description from their website describing Aportis Doc Mobile:

"AportisDoc for Palm Powered and Windows Powered handhelds is the defacto industry-standard for displaying and interchanging electronic text and books of any size. Hundreds of thousands of handheld users are using AportisDoc today. Read more about why it so popular.

Why AportisDoc?

Text consumes large amounts of your handheld's limited storage space. AportisDoc provides the solution for storing documents of unlimited size on your handheld. It lets you read, search through, and annotate documents in an efficient, compressed form, enabling you to carry larger and more documents.

Reading is Fundamental

Thousands of electronic books and useful materials are available today in AportisDoc format, including reference works, weather reports, HTML codes, the Bible, postal and country codes, bus and subway schedules, travel guides, and sports schedules. More are created every single day. Browse these and thousands of other non-fiction titles at our Aportis eBook Library. It includes a huge compendium of fictional and classic literature. Imagine being able to read a good book when you travel without lugging around the heavy paper versions.

Get Started Now

You need access to all kinds of information everyday, especially when you are mobile. We believe that the written word, whether for business or pleasure, packs a great deal of power. Get AportisDoc for your handheld now. "

The cost is $30 and there is an evaluation period, OK so check out their website here

The 720 used, in accountancy, Nic Barnes runs an Accountancy firm in Milton Keynes here in the UK informs and me that his 720 is used to keep track of his clients books:

"I use my 720 as a marketing tool putting together quotes and emailing them to potential clients. I can use the Excel spreadsheets to be able keep track of my clients accounts and I use the excel spreadsheets as a form of invoicing. So where would my business be without my 720? Well yes, there are many other handhelds but I believe the 720 is the most powerful. With a 64mb compact flash card, there is an hours worth of music to listen to as I conduct my business. Well dione to HP for producing such a great little pocket computer. Windows support may not be everything but the 720 as it is certainly does the trick for me."

Palm facing trouble? PDA websites are reporting that Palm is experiencing many problems of its own at the moment. Its a shame as the Palm was the first PDA that I ever purchased.


More on problems with Palm As I stated yesterday the Palm is experiencing troubles at the moment. However the Palm is a different class of machine as the 720, simply because we have a keyboard, larger colour display and our 720's can perform so much more. Try and put together 3 editorials consisting of 700 words in three hours, the task is quite difficult on the Palm. In addition its terribly difficult top browse the most complex of websites on the Palm, however I can access 80% of the websites that I want to using my Jornada.

Sam sent me this email on how he uses his 720

"As I am a IT Manager, I used my Jornada to keep track of all my Projects. I have installed a 340mb Microdrive and 64mb CF as backup. During my free time, I will play my mp3 songs. My 720 also loaded with FengShui software that run on PocketDOS as I am a part-time FengShui practitioner. In my office, it was connected to the web to download my daily newspaper from AvantGo. I have just place order for a 2gb PCMCIA drive to increase my storage space. Hope that alot more software that run on the PocketPC can run on the 720."

My 720 seems to be able to do everything Graham from New Jersey runs a call centre business and posted me this note about his 720. Graham has promised to keep me posted on his future 720 experiences.

"My 720 is used for everything from keeping track of employees to putting together letters and using contacts as a Contact Manager. I agree with you the 720 is far superior than the Palm I can do so much more on it. Ask yourself is it possible to run the administration of your business from a Palm? I can do an awful lot from my 720, and so far I have had no need to recruit a personal assistant (no offence). The only thing I wish my 720 would do is to chase up my late paying clients.....oh well. Keep up the good work and best wishes to you and your readers."

Graham, we look forward to your future comments......................

A good registry editor If you can help Peter Hardin then please email him,

"Can you direct me to a good registry editor that will work on the 720? The one in power toys doesn't do it for me. Only other one I've found is from Grundle Software, but it will not run on my 720. Any helpwill be greatly appreciated."

Something different, Internet Explorer Beta 6

I am using the beta version of Internet Explorer 6, I recveived it this morning. I am loving it. Its much quicker and works like a dream.It has a great media player which allows me to play my tunes as I am uploading my website. All my outlook contacts appear at the left of my screen so I can send emails instantly.

We're back using a blogger server. OK so we have moved the site back to a blogger server as it is very easy for me to update the site. The 720 User Club has been running for a number of months and has thanks to you the reader we have expanded to be updated everyday. The previous server could not handle the extra pressures so we have moved it back to a new blogger server. All the old stories are here and some how I will be bringing over the 720 software list to this new site.

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